Standing Up to Trumpism Cannot Wait for the 2022 Midterms

I often take a walk on the beach in the early morning when parking is free here in Los Angeles. Today, a sea gull was standing on a post nearby my path as I proceeded to the ocean. I could tell it looked at me. I looked at it too. I wondered what it thought about me. And then I realized the seagull did not have to think much about me. I was one of those humans. I posed neither a danger to the gull nor opportunity. The same was true for my way of thinking about the gull. It posed neither danger nor opportunity to me. We were neither prey nor predator to each other. We could co-exist in peace.

That’s how it’s been since the dawn of time. It’s built into the DNA of all living animals. We are either prey, predator, both or neither to all living animals – and sometimes plants. Humans, being the dominant species on a planet with limited resources, have come to categorize others within their own species the same way animals do for other species – they fear some, exploit some, and some they peacefully co-exist with. But with readily available weapons that can wipe out all human life the planet – and a very real climate change problem which will need global cooperation to survive – the interspecies predator or prey meme has become a real threat to all humans.

Now look at the big picture. We have a planet divided into countries with two basic organizing methods. One way is autocracy. It’s been around for 8000 years, going back to city-states and Babylon. And then in 1776, a new way to govern evolved because a colony was sick and tired of autocracy and was willing to fight and stand up to it. It’s called democracy. It means the people rule. The people vote for representatives and those in their government take an oath to do their bidding. A lot of Americans died to protect the institution of free and fair elections. It’s both sacrilegious and treasonous for politicians to advocate that our elections are not fair without proforma indisputable evidence.

I fully realize that citizens have a right to voice their opinions. But politicians are not ordinary citizens – and neither are the media. Politicians, for example, cannot sue people for voicing opinions against them owing to the “burning in effigy” laws. But the right to cast aspersions vs our government’s institutions, should not extend to public figures and media because the size of their audiences creates a theater in which shouting fire is downright dangerous. Jan 6 was such a theater. The 14th Amendment protects us from such politicians. I will get to more of that soon. I think it should also protect us against media lies. That’s been a huge problem here in the USA for a long time now.

The Russian Influence in the 2016 Election

Why do you think the Russians were at the GOP Convention in 2016? Why do you think they supported Donald Trump? Only one basic reason makes sense. There must have been something in it for Putin’s autocracy. Putin, Trump and the GOP were obviously allied. Why else would Russia support any US candidate? This alliance with a known enemy to democracy made both Trump and the GOP traitors to democracy right there.

And we should have seen and acted on it. “Russia, if you’re listening” would have been enough for my dad’s generation. They executed the Rosenbergs for less than what Trump has done. It’s not as if Trump could not have been stopped. But Hillary and Obama thought, “let the clown have fun, he’s not going to win”. Are we still thinking that now?

Because I can’t understand why the gullible MAGA folks who rushed the Capitol are in jail, but their ringleader is free. We saw Donald Trump invite and incite a crowd to violence. Evidence hides the word video. We don’t need more evidence. If we saw a Muslim terrorist incite a crowd to attack Capitol police, would we leave him go free? Trump’s crime was way worse than the crime of a foreign terrorist because he was born here. And so are the crimes of the complicit GOP.

We should be fully aware the autocrats of the world united with the GOP in 2016 for tactical reasons. They had one thing in common. They both had motives to want to destroy democracy. The GOP knows changing demographics means they cannot win fair elections any more. Candidate Donald Trump once said aloud, “what does it matter if I don’t win?” The GOP has adapted that stance. And they have a friend in Vladimir Putin. So we have to do something about this now, as Americans – not partisans. Waiting for midterms is like saying “it was okay”. Just like Hillary and Obama did at “Russia, if you’re listening.”

It’s not as if we don’t have laws on the books to put the GOP who stand with insurrectionists out of Congress. Read the 14th Amendment, Section 3:

No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any state, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any state legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any state, to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof. But Congress may by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability.

Lawyers have told me that the offending Congressmen must be removed by a 2/3 vote of Congress, and it will never happen. But once they are out of office, like Trump is now, would you please tell me why they can run again? It is stupidity, complicity or cowardice. Maybe a little of each.

Now look Section 1 of the 14th:

No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

Does that sound like voter suppression laws that GOP states are pushing are constitutional to you? They are not! So pardon me if I think we don’t even need new laws to make sure our enemies don’t have sway in our government. I’m sorry if I offend some Democrats in office. Having good intentions is not enough. Way not enough.

If someone will simply announce that in accordance with the 14th Amendment, Donald Trump, having arranged a violent insurrection and certainly comforted those there calling them “wonderful people” can never run for any office again. it is in the constitution. And it will end Trumpism immediately. Why?

First. Trump cannot raise money to run again if he cannot be president. Second. It will force the GOP to find another candidate and that will divide the GOP. Maybe a few other GOP presidential hopefuls will agree that Trump cannot run. Maybe we can break up the “thick as thieves” alliance in the current GOP. That unholy alliance has been the real Trumpism before Trump was a politician.

And maybe that will start the dominoes falling so that those in the GOP who support the Big Lie are treated like another political party we all know that got permanently barred from holding sway in its government. The Nazi Party of Germany was officially barred from its government during the Nuremberg Trials of 1945. We should do the same. I sure hope the Jan6 Commission gets down to business soon. But we cannot even wait for that to unfold.

Let’s at least start with making sure the GOP’s fuhrer is not allowed to run again. Trump has already crossed a red line stamped into our Constitution when he called a mob to the Capitol steps and incited many a domestic terrorist to act out. If there ever was a public enemy number one, it is Donald J Trump. Can someone at least say that? We should have said it at “grab them by the p*ssy” or the free press is “the enemy of the state” or “fake news”, – but it’s still not too late.

Finally, as you see the GOP following Trump in the Big Lie everywhere, we should be reminded that this is exactly what autocrats want. They want the institution of democracy itself to fail. Saying that an election was rigged is an attack on our sacred institution of democracy. No one serving in Congress should be allowed to publicly voice that our American elections are rigged without hard evidence. And we have words in our constitution that echo that sentiment. So let’s not wait for 2022 to start protecting our democracy.

Joseph Aronesty is an e-commerce pioneer, a published linguist and songwriter. He sat in a class with Donny Trump in 1968 at Wharton. He cheated then too. He also worked in his orbit from 1986 to 2001 in New Jersey. The above map has been promoted at this blog site for three years now. Just months ago, Joe Biden started talking about democracy vs autocracy. Now take the next step.

As for ending the Big Lie, we don’t even need Congress for that. Josh Shapiro can do it. If he calls for a bipartisan televised recount of the PA vote, the GOP will refuse to take part in it because they know the outcome. Yes, it’s a bit of a carnival barker ploy, but that’s what works with the GOP hardcore base. Even they will figure out they are being lied to. When the GOP says no, they will be greatly disappointed.  Then dominoes begin to fall. Political strategy. Josh. Get it done before Christmas, so we can all feel good again..


Two Announcements Can Swiftly End Trumpism

Postulate. If the whole truth on Jan6 comes out, the GOP is dead on the arrival of that truth. And the death of this Trumped version of the GOP solves many of our country’s dysfunctional ills. The current GOP knows all this. It’s why they voted against investigating the insurrection. It’s not only suspicious, it is an abject failure on the part of Congress to protect the people of this country from all enemies foreign and domestic.

We also do not want the Jan6 investigation to turn into another long-drawn-out impeachment trial concluding with no justice. My email to Joe Biden follows. But it’s for you too. We are all in this together is not just about the virus. 

Joe. Time To Get In the War

Face the music. That is what your father’s generation would have said. The results of Pelosi’s Democratic committee investigation will not likely be acknowledged by the GOP. They voted against having an investigation because there’s nothing good that can come of it – for them.

What would be the GOP reaction if you said you wanted to swiftly expose the full truth behind Jan6 for the purpose of national security? Don’t you think fighting fascism is as important as fighting the virus? Tell me how we will tackle climate change with self-dealing autocrats in power. We won’t. And that spells the end of the word as we know it.

There is no way the GOP can sell blocking or stalling the investigation to the American people. The announcement will make you the first cyber war-time president in the minds of the vast majority of Americans. Cyber war began here in 2016. We need a president who knows who our attackers are and reacts with the clear-eyed seriousness these times deserve. And just why you want to leave this to Nancy Pelosi seems to me to be a dereliction of your duty to protect this country. Sorry to put it so bluntly to one who I know cares as much as you do. But one more impeachment-like affair, concluding with no justice, and the democratic base may give just up on their government.

We already know the GOP will try their best to deny the results of an investigation. They will say it was partisan. To choke off that strategy we need to be one step ahead of it. To that end, I suggest the FBI and DOD military intel play a role in it’s swift execution as part of your Executive Order. They are both known nonpartisans. No one can say military intel did a fake news investigation. We already know what the GOP Congressmembers cell phone records will look like. Jan6 was an act of war on our own soil. It must be treated that way.

Joe Biden, the USA has been under an ongoing attack without bombs since 2016. The recent Russian hacks to our businesses and infrastructure were part of our enemies’ war efforts. It’s cyber war – words are weapons. An executive order to expose the whole truth on the insurrection will be viewed as a welcomed shot across the bow to Americans. And it will upset the enemies of democracy – at last. You said it’s democracy vs autocracy.  It’s been that way since Russia if you’re listening. Start acting like you know it. You can say something like this:

Fellow Americans, 
The country experienced an attack on Jan. 6th, and it is my sworn duty to protect Americans from all enemies, foreign and domestic.  I am commissioning the best this country has to find out what went down on Jan 6th, down to the text messages! I am calling on the FBI and Military Intelligence, long known to be our very best non-partisan professionals, the world’s best trained investigators, to be part of the force to get to the full truth on Jan6. They will work work together with Congressional House committee on this undertaking. I am asking them to work together and try and bring me a report back with warp speed. They will have my administration’s full support and access to any resources we can offer. America needs to know what happened on Jan6. It is a matter of national security. The investigation starts now.  Full stop.

Postulate. Criminals just get more emboldened and creative when they think the coast is clear. Once they hear and see the military intelligence is getting involved, they’ll know the entire jig is up. Voter suppression may even stop. My guess is that there will be a lot of GOP scattering, disowning and retirements once they know truth is marching on.

Joe Biden: The GOP must be made to believe the full truth on Jan6 will come out in 30 to 60 days from sources that they cannot easily knock. They don’t seem to be afraid of Pelosi’s “committee”. Is she the acting commander-in-chief, sir?

Please do not be afraid of repealing the filibuster because you think the GOP will just do this to us. If we do this right, all the criminals in the GOP will be vanquished before the 2022 elections. We can make laws that keep criminals out of government. This current GOP does not come back if we do this right. And they will never leave if we don’t.

These are tactics the GOP would never expect from Democrats. How refreshing! Know that the current GOP would be happy to use these tactics on us should they regain power. And until we punish them, they will never stop.

There was an attack on our democratic process on Jan6 And it’s still going on because no one involved at the top has seen an iota of justice. Justice solves everything in this country – from racism and economic disparity to environmental issues. And this is easy to do now. By refusing to vote for an investigation the GOP have opened the door for us to do this 100% right. They made this easy for us and we don’t see that?

We have a president to make decisions in times of war. And this is war! This surprise announcement alone could even end Trumpism in the ten minutes it takes to deliver it.  And I mean all of Trumpism, down to the Cyber Ninjas.

The GOP think we will never punch back. Heck, their own voters would respect us more if we fought for democracy than if we let the autocrats roll over us. Let’s stop being wusses. It’s why the base went for Trump. Playing hardball with the insurrectionists is a win-win.

Once we do this, the GOP gang will be weakened and scared, as they should be. Once we do this, we can get everything we want for the people.  One brilliant Executive Order from our commander-in-chief does it.  It took FDR years to get into the war. But the enemy was 3000 miles away then. We don’t have that time now. The enemy is here.

Plan to get Trump’s base to abandon the GOP.

The GOP base is clamoring for recounts. OFFER THEM A RECOUNT! The appropriate state official announces one CNBC NATIONALLY TELEVISED BIPARTISAN RECOUNT in a state of the GOP’s choosing. The announcement is all we need. It likely will never happen.

We can add this rule – or not: If nothing changes the outcome, any Congressperson who thereafter promotes the Big Lie – or that Biden is not legitimate – shall surrender his office or be prosecuted to inciting violence ( there is plenty of evidence of that ) to the general public.

Of course, the GOP in Congress know Trump lost. With or without the proviso, they won’t say yes to a fair televised recount. So, just making the request becomes a trap for them. Their base still thinks Trump won! They will clamor for the recount, thinking it will re-instate Trump. When the GOP says no to any recount that is televised, the base will know at last – they are being lied to. That’s when a decent percentage of them abandon the GOP. And after that – you won’t have many problems with Republicans in Congress. It’s like we will have cut Samson’s hair. Child psychology. Easier that new laws.


Joseph Aronesty, classmate to Donny Trump. Penn 68. I did my homework. 

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Using the 14th Amendment to Protect Democracy

Why is no one speaking about the 14th Amendment? If good people heard about it on media, they would have a constitutional leg to base their grievances on. Hope is so important to keep alive.

US Constitution Amendment 14, Section 3
No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any state, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any state legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any state, to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof.

When Donald Trump asked if he could meet with the Taliban at Camp David, he certainly did not want to talk them off their radical stances. But though that meeting did not happen, Trump found other terrorists he could inspire, right here in the USA, to do his dirty work – his MAGA base. 

Now he is telling his base August is a time he will be re-instated. It’s an invitation for a summer of violence. (Should that even be legal?  I think we can make it illegal. It sort of is already. Read on. )

Trump wants his base to act out in August, and he’ll be fine if there is violence. That’s what Flynn effectively said about Myanmar too.  And let’s face it, the MAGA base is armed with many more guns and AR’s than the good people of this country who don’t define themselves by the number of guns they own. And they know that. It’s a recipe for disaster. Trumpism is no longer just a threat to democracy. Trumpism, the GOP and Donald Trump are threats to the lives of “we the people”. 

The Constitution clearly says that insurrectionists and those that support them, shall not be in public office. We are in power now. If we don’t punish the insurrectionists that stormed the Capitol and those that encouraged, or “comforted” them, we dishonor those that died to protect America.

The 14th Amendment applies to federal and state government officials, judges and even the electors who are specifically mentioned therein for good cause. There are many GOP senators who should be given one last chance to publicly announce that Joe Biden is their president, or have their desks locked up by the Sergeant-of-Arms in the House and Senate. That would at least make it so they “shall not be congressmen” after having given comfort to the enemies of democracy.

Proper strategy is to escalate the January 6th investigation to the FBI and the military intelligence and reach some conclusions before Trump’s August date. The truth should be able to find light within 60 days. In physical war, we never have that much time. We need to treat this like war.

When we finger the higher up players that aided or comforted the mob, we can punish them like traitors. We will need to march the GOP involved from their desks to the House jail. The 14th says aiding or comforting insurrection is tantamount to being in the physical mob.

The insurrection investigation will identify our domestic enemies and give the unimplicated in the GOP one more chance to jump ship. Maybe they will. They need to see our strength.

AND ITS GOOD THE GOP KNOW THE MILITARY INTELLIGENCE IS ON OUR SIDE NOW IN TH INVESTIGATION. !! That’s a big hurdle for the criminal minds within our government.  It’s why we should use some military intelligence for a Jan 6th investigation. .  The military is a real threat to criminals. They can deal with politics, judges and courts. But military? It is the ultimate strongman.  Biden should ask those with military intelligence experience to look into Jan 6th for that reason. It will scare the beJesus out of Trump’s allies. It might end Trumpism right there. I told you this was easier than we think. We just have to be smart – like Meier Lansky. 

If we are not going to use the Constitution and the full power of the presidency to unseat the insurrectionists, we are running a very high risk of losing this country to autocracy in the next election cycle or two. I don’t know what the odds are, but it’s probably more than 25% right now that the GOP regain power. And if they could throw out Liz Cheney and “hang Mike Pence”, what do you think they will do to the Democrats in Congress if they regain power?

Allowing the enemies of this democracy onto the floor of the Congress is just stupid, especially now that the Dems have more power than they have had in twenty years. And there are enough words in the 14th for us to take or fake a stand. We can learn from the GOP too. Taking a stand engages the base. 

What Dems don’t realize is this stand to unseat reps who have coddled insurrection will be popular with much of the GOP electorate. They must like rulers that seem a bit authoritarian, or they would not have supported Trump. What they respect the least is what we used to call wusses. Let’s not be wusses.

Make no mistake. If the GOP gets back in power it spells the end of this leg of the American democracy. Everything is on the line here, including the future of humanity. Time to get serious Dems. Unseat those congressmen who gave inspiration or comfort to the insurrectionists, now. Both sides of the electorate will thank you for it.

We can’t expect Congress to be the heroes here. Congress is infected. The cancer of Trumpism has metastasized to those in the Congress. Manchin won’t even protect voting rights.  

The 14th amendment was created in 1866 to protect the country against what we are seeing right now. It’s like they knew it would happen this way. This is quoted. 

The 14th Amendment, Section 1.
No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States;

Call out states that abridge citizen voting privileges for unconstitutional acts – and financially sanction those states for violating their charter. Do it without hurting the people in the states. We may have to pay them directly, so they know where its coming from and why the state is not in charge any longer. 

The pushback against Trumpism will be up to four main groups. Our military intelligence, the justice department, the media and we the people.  

Remember, the dodo bird went extinct because it could not recognize its enemies. 


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“Cyber” is the New Way to War and Putin is Cyber Warfare’s First Master We have been in a cyber civil war since Russia, if you’re listening. Putin was the aggressor. He enrolled Donald Trump, who was perhaps unwitting – but maybe not. The infighting has cost the USA trillions in lost potential. The first civil war only lasted four years. To end the war, we must first collectively see we are in a very non-productive war. Ironically, the news industry benefits from a war of words. It used to be the weapon makers.

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Police Violence and Mass Shootings Are Two Sides of the Same Coin

America has devolved into an armed war camp, a state we used regard with pity when observed in other countries. It is time to take steps the first steps to end America’s armed standoff. Please note that neither mass shootings nor police violence happen as frequently in any other first world country. We have seen forty-five mass shootings and several unnecessary police killings in the last 30 days. It begs the question: is the United States a first-world country anymore?

The way I see it, police violence and citizen’s gun violence are two sides of same coin. That coin is lethal weapons in the hands of scared and/or unhinged humans.

The cycle of violence starts with citizen vs. citizen crimes. Those crimes instruct a nation to create a force to protect its citizens. That force needed must exceed the force in the hands of the criminals.

In the United States, there are now more guns than citizens and that includes children and infants. The US is the only country on earth with that sad statistic and no large country stats are even close. And most Americans realize this is not a good problem to have. In Japan, a densely populated modern country, there is only one gun per three hundred citizens.

rankGUNS per 100 citizensrank GUNS per 100 citizens
1United States120.5 51 Russia12.3
2Falkland Islands62.1 68Colombia10.1
3 Yemen52.8 81  Brazil8.3
4New Caledonia42.5 97  Spain7.5
5 Montenegro39.1 103  Iran7.3
6 Serbia39.1 106  Ireland7.2
7 Canada34.7 107  Israel6.7
8 Uruguay34.7 108  England4.6
9 Cyprus34 127  China3.6
10Finland32.4 139 Netherlands2.6
12Iceland31.7162  Bolivia2
24Pakistan22.3174  Vietnam1.6
26France19.6180  Uganda0.8
28Germany19.6200American Samoa0.7
42Saudi Arabia16.7202  Ethiopia0.4
45Turkey16.5214  Japan0.3
51Australia14.5219  South Korea0.2

In the USA, police are rightly afraid of its citizens. So for those who say we have a police violence versus people of color problem, while I won’t disagree, the problem begins and is compounded because police don’t know what Americans have unlicensed guns any more. Yes, police are often a bit trigger happy, but it’s largely because they are rightfully afraid for their own lives. That fear is higher where police patrol people they don’t know and live among. It certainly makes the case for police looking more like the people they patrol. It is worth noting that in England, where there is one gun per 22 citizens, regular officers only carry Tasers and batons.

Police will always use the “I was scared for my life” excuse, when they cross the line that separates policing and murder, even if they were not. This is never going to change. It’s natural to fear lethal force. Reducing arms in the hands of citizens, and the mortal fear on the policing side will follow. That is natural too.

Since police are only needed because citizens pose dangers to other citizens, we must start with lowering the number of guns in the hands the free radicals in our citizenry. The chart above seems to indicate a reduction of arms by 70% would put the United States in line with countries like Germany.

We know the GOP congressmen always side with the NRA. If Sandy Hook couldn’t bend their cold souls, nothing will. But they are ignoring the will of their constituents now and their constituents know it. There are voting cycles every two years. The constituency of GOP congressmen is one target to educate.

I do not buy the “work with the other side” meme. The other side is now a criminal organization selling Americans out for profit. They don’t work for the American people. They work for themselves the way their leader, Donald Trump, did. The trick for the Biden Administration will be to not come off like they’re coming for our guns. That is just too easy a meme for the GOP to exploit

Licensing All Guns and Gun Holders

Aside from automatic weapons, which should all be bought back immediately, every other gun or rifle should only be in the hands of licensed gun holders. Every car is assigned to a licensed driver. We can certainly do the same for machines designed to kill people. We should know where very gun is. A national gun registry is a necessity now for the public’s welfare. We cannot let interpretations of the Constitution’s Second Amendment stand in the way of the public good, or we will descend further into darkness. After all, the Constitution was written to make life better for Americans.

Most of all Americans support bans on high-capacity magazines, assault-style weapon buybacks and bans, background checks, removal of loopholes and common-sense gun solutions. The resistance to common sense gun violence solutions comes primarily from gun makers, their paid lobbyists, GOP congressmen, and the few citizens who like things the way they are for their own selfish reasons. Their profits, amusements and nefarious plans are not worth more than our lives.

We license cars and drivers. Passing one’s driver’s test has become a rite of passage into adulthood these days. I suggest we follow that model for gun owners, focusing on training, mental health, and the social media posts of applicants. The idea of owning a gun as a right must be replaced with the idea that gun ownership is a privilege to be earned. Being a licensed gun owner should be something one can be proud of again. Licensing gun holders will create the method to review the stability, maturity, and the motives of gun holders. In for no other reason, focus on the innocent children that would be alive today had we taken these steps long ago.

We can and will continue the push to have them voted out in 2022. But I think we have a path to act faster than that. Brian Kemp, Governor of Georgia, arrested the black Congresswoman, Park Cannon, for knocking on his door while he was signing a voter suppression bill. Why are we not arresting GOP congressmen? We have more cause than knocking on a door. Those that support the Big Lie are in direct violation to the Constitution’s 14th Amendment. And that discussion follows here:



The 14th Amendment Protects Us from Renegade Statesmen

The 14th Amendment addresses many aspects of citizenship and the rights of citizens. But it also gives us the power to remove Senators, Representatives and even Presidents for behavior that violates certain sacred American principles. XIV contains five easy-to-understand sections. This post reviews sections one and three. They are very pertinent to our times. (Bolds for emphasis.)

Section 1.

All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

Voting is either an American citizen’s privilege or his or her right. Section one seems to say the laws passed in Georgia and other states, designed to restrict the voting rights of its citizens, are illegal and unconstitutional.

Section 3.

No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any state, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any state legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any state, to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof. But Congress may by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability.

Section three of the 14th protects American citizens from renegade government officials. It clearly says those who have engaged in insurrection shall not be Senators, Representatives or President. It does not say they cannot run for office. It says they cannot be in office. It means the Constitution instantly voids all powers of one’s governmental office the moment one takes any part in or supports an insurrection against the state. The 14th does not say one must physically be part of an insurrection either. Words certainly can be construed as being part of an insurrection. When Benedict Arnold passed secrets to our enemies, he used words.

Section three also says one cannot give aid or comfort to the enemies of the United States and remain or be in office. Can we define Donald Trump’s Capitol speech on January 6th, 2021, as offering support to insurrection? I don’t see how it is not exactly that. The same logic applies to the incendiary speeches made by Mo Brooks, Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Greene and to all the congressmen who support the Big Lie. It’s unconstitutional folks. You can be sure the GOP will oust Dems for far less, if we give them the chance again.

But Congress may by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability.

We cannot expect to get 2/3 of the Congress if 90% of the minority party has thrown in with the insurrectionists. This is where I propose that the 14th says those who have “engaged in insurrection or rebellions” or “given comfort” to an enemy of the United States, shall not be congressmen, et. al.

The word “be” is crucial. The US Constitution does not say they need to be impeached or tried. This should be taken to mean if there is clear evidence of such enumerated offending acts, the parties who have engaged in such acts immediately surrender their station and are no longer members of the US Congress by virtue of their deeds and/or words.

Once a Congressman take part in an insurrection or gives aid or comfort to insurrectionists, per the 14th, they are no longer congressmen. And they certainly cannot vote to keep themselves in office. Such congressmen should not be allowed to even show up to Congress. Special elections would rightly need to be set up as soon as possible to replace any congressmen who take part in the activities clearly denounced in the 14th Amendment.

Impeaching the Republican Party as a Group

There are plenty of Republican congressmen, in both houses, who have been seen and heard engaging in insurrection speak and giving comfort and aid to those who support The Big Lie that the election was fixed for Biden and Trump really won.

Maybe we need to use belief in The Big Lie as a bar. Any Congressman who, in light of all the evidence to the contrary, still publicly states the election was illegally fixed, is himself part of the secessionist movement by virtue of giving psychological comfort to those who want the election overturned. It may be time to give the sitting Republicans one last chance to denounce the Big Lie or be removed from office.

It’s time to use the 14th Amendment. It was put there to save our democracy.

…… Joseph Aronesty 4/14/21

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The Cancer of Trumpism has Metastasized

We Cut Out the Largest Tumor. Now Over Forty State GOP Chapters are Changing Voting Laws in an Attempt to End Democracy in the USA

The voter suppression laws being promoted by the GOP will not stop until their promoters are defeated, penalized and, in appropriate cases, jailed. There is clearly legal support in the 14th Amendment of our Constitution for removing lawmakers who support voter suppression and/or insurrection.

When Joe Biden said this was a struggle between autocracy and democracy, he was correct. And it’s about time. The struggle was evident at “Russia, if you’re listening.” The autocracy vs. democracy struggle is not unique to America. Autocrats know their own people suffer under their iron fists, and they look towards the democracies of the world for hope. That hope is a threat to the autocrats. Their ultimate goal is to end democracy everywhere and squash that hope. Look at this 2020 map and see how delicate the power balance in the world is right now. If the USA flips, democracy ends on the planet.

There are dark money alliances who fully believe they get ahead best by causing economic hardship for others. These dark forces have learned they can take power and hold it by dividing public opinion. They’ve aligned with our most ruthless American “businessmen” at the GOP Convention in 2016. They rallied behind Donald Trump, who now has the dirt on them all. They are fully committed to keeping the USA divided so their agendas advance at the expense of our collective needs.

American Democracy’s Enemies are More Domestic than Foreign Now

The American democracy’s enemies are more domestic than foreign now. Look how sick that statement reads on paper. But today, it’s 100% true. When a foreign entity attacks our lands and structures, we call it an act of war. If US citizens aid our enemies during war, we call it treason. But when citizens aid and abet enemies in cyber war, it gets treated at best like a white collar crime. What’s needed is a bill that makes attacking our institutions, like democracy and voting rights – an act of war. We can broaden the definition* of act of war to include acts of cyber war when such acts assault our institutions. That makes an attempt at voter suppression or at election fixing – an act of (cyber) war and treasonous. *The Constitution does not define what war is. It was assumed to be a military strike. Things have changed.

So we keep giving democracy’s enemies passes. Why is Louis DeJoy still Postmaster? Why are Roger Stone and Paul Manafort out walking free? These people participated in an attempt to overthrow the US government! No wonder the Governor of Georgia arrested a representative for knocking on a door. We let them get away with their crimes. They have no incentive to stop.

Start tapping phones and WhatsApp’s. Rules be damned. Our enemies certainly don’t respect our laws. Use Bush’s 911 terrorist act where the FBI could surveil phone calls.

Yes, we cut out the largest tumor, but it had already metastasized. Two hundred voter suppression laws are being discussed by local and state GOP chapters to end democracy for good in the USA. We must realize we are at war. Our enemies do. Start arresting those who attack our institutions, including those who create voter suppression laws. And for God’s sake, end the filibuster.


The dictator map is not new at this blog. I have been posting this warning for 3 years now.



Software to Save Our Democracy from Death by Voter Suppression

Imagine if all the energy we put into fighting with each other in the United States were channeled and focused on solving our collective problems.

Now look at life in Taiwan, China and New Zealand. Their schools, theaters, restaurants and parks have long been open and thriving.

There are family get-togethers. They did this without a vaccine.

How did they do this? It’s easy to know. These people don’t fight among themselves on the issues they have in common. They identify their problems and enroll scientific expertise to solve them. And I am sure they have disagreements on social issues. We all do. But they don’t let those harder-to-resolve issues stand in the way of solving the issues they agree on.

Here in the USA, we’ve allow dark money to get involved in politics. That alone gives license to our enemies, foreign and domestic, to influence our US citizens to fight among themselves. This is still the prime agenda of Fox News.

There are dark money donors (which means we don’t know who they are ) who believe they get ahead best by causing economic suffering for others. Corporate money that supports union busting do so because they like the wealth gap; it works for them just fine. This is why we must end Citizens United asap. These dark forces have learned they can take power and hold it by dividing public opinion. Those same forces aligned with our most ruthless businessmen at the GOP Convention in 2016. And they rallied behind Donald Trump who now has the dirt on them all. They are dedicated to keeping the USA divided so their agendas advance at the expense of our collective needs.

GOP voter suppression bills seek to take away our votes and end real democracy. Their dark money donors support them to vote against our interests and favor theirs.

If we had a real democracy, we would have had the Covid Relief Bill 500,000 deaths ago. We did not have to suffer so greatly here. The people of the United States are not divided on Covid relief and income equality. We are unified on the necessary core issues of healthcare, education, standard of living and infrastructure. We all want the best for our own in those departments. The USA suffering so greatly during Covid times specifically because we didn’t let our democracy work. Hundreds of new GOP voter suppression tactics are being passed in Republican states right now. This is the essence of anti-democracy. We who support real democracy must defeat these factions.

Public Web Site To Promote Real Representative Democracy

I don’t want to preach and then leave my readers with no ideas to move forward. I have been thinking about this idea for three years. I propose that we construct a social media web site that educates Americans on the existing science in the fields of healthcare, education, standard of living and infrastructure. It has moderated chat rooms where civil discussions are permitted on these topics. Scientific experts should voice their opinions and research in the chat rooms and inform us of our options and let us think collectively. At this site, we vote on issues only. We don’t vote on the people we want to represent our positions.

Then, on the first Tuesday of every month, a registered and secure mock vote on the issues is taken, resulting in a monthly pulse of what the majority of Americans want from their government. The site can be used separately for national issues, state only issues and even local municipality issues. It is just software for democracy, and it is sorely needed because democracy has enemies.

The voting stats generated by a software for democracy site can serve to demonstrate to Americans how democracy is actually supposed to work. Since we have a representative government, the big data voting stats generated the site can be used to insist that our elected reps do our bidding, not their own. We can report how they vote and hold their feet to the fire if need be.

Americans are not divided on our collective core issues.  A Pew Research poll of 12,055 U.S. adults released Tuesday showed 70% in favor of the Covid relief bill. Who among us doesn’t want better infrastructure? So if our reps don’t vote the way we want, in a representative government we can argue it is a dereliction of duty and cause for removal from an office that is supposedly dedicated to serve us. At the very least, we will have documented grounds to vote them out.

Such a site can easily be created by the voting age college and university students. Berkeley would be a good place to start a software for democracy site with nation-wide support from colleges and universities. But it could start anywhere. The technology already exists, including blockchain-encrypted voting software. It could be up in forty days. The way I see it, SM sites mostly function to sell us and divide us. I’d like to see a site that is dedicated to educate and unite us.

The site could and should open up chat rooms to discuss the issues we seem to not agree on: gun rights, abortion rights, etc. But those should be addressed fully only after the areas where we do agree are addressed and resolved by our government the way we the people want.

It’s time for academia or a socially conscious business to create the vehicle to drag us out of this political quicksand that will destroy us. Our internal bickering will not magically go away after we beat Covid. The enemies of democracy are their making moves right now. They did not waste any time. They have ramped up their efforts for voter suppression. They won’t stop until they are jailed. Why should they?

The GOP knows demographics and time are not on their side. Their voter suppression bills are the GOP’s Last Stand. And like Custer, I hope the GOP have grossly under-estimated the opposition to oligarchic fascism in the United States. We are the planet’s first major country dedicated to governing by the democratic will of the people. We’ve lost the right to shine as the exemplary functioning democracy. We’ll need to work to get our democratic shine back. We can do it. But it will take more than words.


New Year’s Resolutions for the American Democracy

From “Russia, if you’re listening” in 2016 to “the election was a fraud” in 2020, Donald Trump incessantly lied to the American people, aligned with its enemies and abused the powers the framers gave to the US president. And we permitted all this to go on, as if it were all fine and dandy.

But the attack on the Capitol on Jan 6th showed all Americans there was a dangerous cliff we were headed for. In many ways, the visible ugliness of the insurrection was a blessing. The allegory of catching a cancer before its too late to cure comes to mind.

How Do We End The Cyber Civil War?

Fellow Americans on both sides of whatever divide you think exists: the cyber civil war we have been engaged in for forty years cannot continue if this country is to survive as a democracy.

The John Lewis Voting Act

The John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act establishes a targeted process for reviewing voting changes in jurisdictions nationwide, focused on measures that have historically been used to discriminate against voters.


Less than a month into Joe Biden’s administration, it’s still clear that no matter how well Biden does vs. Covid and in matters of international relations, the GOP will not magically become a caring patriotic party. The new proposed voting restrictions in Georgia, coupled with 150 more such new anti-democratic voting laws that target people of color, reveals the GOP’s true heart. The 14th Amendment makes it clear that elected official who took part in or supported the insurrection, should not be allowed to run for office nor be a part of Congress. That’s the same basic mistake we made when we let Trump say grab ’em by the p*ssy – and still run for office. It’s terrible judgment folks.

We Need a Trump Ex-President’s Law 2021 

Let me propose that a president who loses an election may ask courts to verify the accuracy of the election or contest it. However, once the vote is certified and his legal efforts have been exhausted, we need a law that a losing president can no longer decry or vocalize on the air or in media that the election was stolen,  or otherwise rigged. We must draw the line on free speech, when that free speech creates a threat to the safety of commonwealth. We must treat such rhetoric the same way we would if it had come from a Taliban recruiter. It is actually much more dangerous than Taliban lies, because lies are more contagious when they come from an American. Yes, it’s sort of like a virus. The conatagion rate is a huge factor.

Refusing to surrender a verified, court challenged and settled election must be deemed an attack on our democratic process.  Incendiary speech from an ex-president will also do much more damage than the same rhetoric coming from an average US citizen. The size of an ex-presidents audience means the punishment for incitement should be greater (not less) for an ex-president than for a person without said large base. As we are a nation of laws, incitement must be forbidden by laws with steep penalties for violation. Frankly it is treason, and treason laws and penalties should apply.

We have seen what words can do to motivate a mob, and we cannot trust that others will not do the same. Indeed, without a law to forbid incitement, it may become the norm for losing presidents. 

We have for too long permitted the letter of our laws to violate the spirit and proper functions of our laws and institutions. This is exactly what Russia and other foes of democracy want. . Listen to Putin’s revealing Sochi interview with CBS (YouTube).

Goebbels said: The biggest joke of democracy is that it lets its enemies gain access to the power needed to destroy it. This is not new . This is what Putin spoke of in that interview – “using our laws to defeat us”.  These are the real enemies of democracy – not the liberal left or the MAGA right – not any regular American people. The divide was created by democracies enemies, foreign and domestic.

Big business and despotic autocrats both want democracy to fail for their own separate reasons. Big business doesn’t want their workers to be able to be paid too well. They want to keep them needy. Sad, but true! Autocracies want their people to think no one does better anywhere in the world. So they certainly don’t want Americans focused and prepared to take on the challenges of modern life, as their people will see that and want the same.

In 2016, those two anti-democratic forces -big business and foreign autocrats – discovered they had similar goals and aligned behind candidate Trump at the GOP convention. The union of a known enemy like Putin’s Russia and an American political party must be viewed by the new administration both as an act of cyber war by Russia and an act of treason by the GOP players involved, including Donald Trump. The GOP could have stopped all this at “Russia, if you’re listening” but indeed they were in the game. It’s the only thing that makes sense.

Our Constitution and the laws of business and civil engagement recognize that criminal acts that masquerade as legal acts, are still crimes. A contract to commit a crime is not even valid. It must be this way or we lose the rule of law that supports all democracies. This is poli-sci 101. It’s not complicated.

Pardons granted for silence, favors or money are all forms of bribery are also crimes. Such pardons therefore cannot be valid. It is crucial to highlight that money is not the only way to pay for a bribe. Lying under oath to protect the pardoner is a form of payment and therefore a bribe. Both the briber and the bribee are guilty.

If we allow these crimes to go unpunished, lightly punished or forgiven the enemies of democracy will have no reason to stay away next election cycle. They only need to succeed once to end democracy. And Trump won’t even wait 24 hours to start campaigning and dividing us again. 

Trump has already allowed the Russians to hack our defenses and pay bounties to kill our sons. A majority of Americans now believe Trump has been working against American interests. And even if it is just his own ego that’s driving him, his ego is our enemy because it does not actually revere the oath of office a POTUS takes to faithfully uphold and execute the laws and Constitution of the United States.

If it were not for the cover of his title, Donald Trump would not only be Individual #1 , he would be Public Enemy #1. Trump’s uncaring incompetence has already killed 1000x more Americans than Bin Laden’s airplane bombs.

You don’t beat a cancer by getting rid of most of it. Right now, there are reasons to lay low about what we will do to investigate and charge Donald Trump and others for crimes vs our commonwealth, at least until the Democrats and Joe Biden ascend to power on Jan 20th. The USA is a tinderbox and needs a cooling off period. It’s fortunate the transfer of power occurs in the dead of winter.

But I hope right now our new administrators recognize the real and pressing need to see to it that criminals no longer view the US government as fertile ground for profiting from power and then hiding their financial crimes.  And I hope they are secretly and quietly planning how they will exact justice for the criminals that occupy the Washington DC swamp. More than anything single task, we need to get the crooks our of government.

One thing we can start talking about right now is up-to-date federal presidential candidate vetting requirements, which should include mandated financial disclosures to qualify to even campaign for POTUS.  It was the campaigning and MAGA rallies that were the root source of Trump’s power.  Trump will not willingly show his taxes. Had we demanded his taxes in 2016, he never would have run. We have paid a high price for our collective stupidity. We cannot afford to be stupid anymore.

The GOP should be okay with mandated tax disclosures. They should soon be looking for an easy way to say goodbye to Donald Trump. Yes, we see many have not figured this out yet. But they will. The insurrectionist route is untenable.

We need to make New Year’s resolutions for our government. Democracy’s enemies are counting on us letting them exploit the gaps in the letter of our laws. These are four 2021 resolutions I would like to see our government make and keep.

  1. Financial disclosures mandated for all candidates for federal office. 2. Outlaw Gerrymandering. It runs counter to the democratic principles of equal representation and one person, one vote. 3. Electoral college reform. Some sort of population-driven compromise between the electoral college system and simply counting every vote to choose our POTUS should be agreed upon. If it can’t be agreed upon, do away with the electoral college. It was rooted in racism anyway. 4. Court reform to unpack or rebalance the judicial branch to be more representative of the attitudes and wishes of the majority of Americans.

The list could be much longer. But if we start by focusing on getting rid of the crooks and cracks in our government, better days will follow soon after.

America invented modern democracy when it through off the yoke of authoritarianism in 1776. The human species is in trouble now and the best hope for long time survival is collective effort. The PERSEVERANCE MARS PROBE is a great example of the potential of collective effort.

But authoritarians are in politics for themselves and they don’t want the majority in charge. They want to be in charge – usually for self-serving reasons. There is a global struggle for which system of government -democracy or autocracy – will persevere. Right now, there is more land ruled by dictators than democracies. If the USA swings to the right, undoing its democracy, the world’s governing balance will be critically wounded, the dictators will be able to seize the remaining democracies by military means and the species’ fate will be doomed.

Relevant prior post: https://englishcode.wordpress.com/2020/11/10/why-trump-fired-esper/

Joseph Aronesty

classmate to Donny, 1967 Wharton

worked in his orbit – AC NJ 86 to 99 


How Will We Deal with Citizen Trump?

An incumbent presidential candidate has the right to stoke hatred and divide the people of the United States if he deems it’s his best path to win an election. We even permit candidates lie to the public. And an acting president is protected by the “president cannot be arrested for anything” guideline even though that was certainly not the founders’ intention. Remember, they were throwing off the yoke of a dictator king.

However, anything action, speech or plan that our FBI would deem to be grounds for arrest if done by a domestic or foreign terrorist should be handled the same way if done by an ex-president. No man is above the law must rule.

Donald Trump said he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and not lose any support. He’s done 300,000 times worse than shooting a person of Fifth Avenue. And I guess he was right. He didn’t lose that much support. Forty days after the election, 75% of his voters still think he won.

But after January 20th, will we still allow Citizen Trump to break the law? If he continues to stoke hatred and radicalize American citizens, putting us all in danger, should not those actions be prosecuted just as if they were done by Bin Laden? Remember, Bin Laden did not fly a plane into the World Trade Center; he masterminded it.

Trump’s radicalized base members planned to kill Michigan Governor, Gretchen Whitmer. It was a direct consequence of Trump’s words. We arrest and jail people when they pose an ongoing danger. If Trump continues to divide Americans after January 21st, why would we treat him differently than anyone else who put our citizens in danger?

I went to school with Donald Trump and knew him from Atlantic City for 14 years. Early in his presidency, I rooted for him to evolve. But it was not in his nature. Now, I wish Trump would wise up and get out of politics. He’s got plenty to do with hoteling and branding. He should count his blessings and turn over a new leaf. But as of today, it looks like he is intent on trying to hold on to his base. He’s found a way to monetizing grievance politics. Trump’s not going to give that up. Money is too important to him. Shame.

It’s easy to estimate the size of Trump’s support base. Trump’s base is the 75% of Republican voters who still believe him when he says he won the election. He won about 48% of the popular vote, so 36% of the voting public is still behind Donald Trump. It’s not enough to win a mandate, but it’s still a daunting majority of Republican voters. That’s going to be a problem for the GOP in 2021.

If the GOP is to survive, a different person must emerge as its leader. Who in the GOP is poised to take those those 36% of voters away from Donald Trump? The sycophants that could not stand up to Trump for four years will rightly remain cowards in the eyes of all Americans. Americans have often voted for inept presidents, but they have never once knowingly voted for a coward.

Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham, Mike Pence, Marco Rubio can all forget being then new GOP leader. Mitt Romney has lost once too often. Liz Cheney currently has the best chance to redefine and unify the GOP, but that would only be after Trump announces he is retiring from politics, the way all our ex-presidents have done. So if Trump does not get out of the way, he’ll be a threat to the survival of the Republican Party as well as to our national security.

If Donald Trump does not announce he is retiring from politics by January 20th, it’s critical that the Biden AG immediately start prosecuting him for as much as we legally can. We only allow one person to act as president at a time in America. We can and should arrest him at the first post-presidential divisive tweet or rally and charge him with the same crimes we charge terrorists who attempt to radicalize Americans. Liz Cheney should be fine with that too.

We put people behind bars because they are a danger to the public. If Donald Trump does not retire from politics on January 20th, tell me who will not be better off with Citizen Trump behind bars – except Donald Trump?


Trump Supporters Chant “Destroy the GOP”


It’s December 12th, 2020, near the end of one of the strangest and saddest years in American history. There’s an ungodly number of virus casualties and it feels more and more like too many of them are casualties of the war of words Americans have been waging on each other. It has to stop! Our government was created to make our lives better for us. But what we’ve experienced for the last forty years is the rich getting richer and the poor getting more desperate. And we all know this is not a coincidence. So I don’t want to talk about Trump or Biden or any one man. This is about us.

We’ve allowed our government to become a business and that business is destroying us all. The business model goes something like this. The American government is split into two parts that stay at war with each other. The “two sides” get fed separate and different information media so each “side” thinks the other side is out to get them. Words have become weapons. Warring words become an industry. People are glued to their TVs for news. The stations profit via advertisements. The news media is part of this war. I am not saying the institution of news is evil. But the war they perpetuate is killing us now.

The wealth gap keeps expanding while we quibble, expending our energies that could be used in more fruitful ways. Behind the widening wealth gap is a global pandemic and a uniquely incoherent American response that seemed to aim for more deaths, not less. It’s become a viscous cycle.

Chanted by MAGA Crowd at DC Rally 12/12/30

So when MAGA people chant “Destroy the GOP”, let’s see this as an opportunity -perhaps our last opportunity to bridge the divide before we crash and burn.

Yes, my MAGA brothers. I am writing this for you too. If we can have achieve unity in our government, we can both get what we want. But first we have to know what we want from our government, not who we want in government. Perhaps that’s always been our problem. But these days we have social media technology. We can bridge the divide as long as we cut the blockades out of the way and discuss what we want from our government with each other.

So I am going to ask you this: what do you want from your government? Email me at josepharonesty@gmail.com and tell me. The only thing I ask is that you discuss or request things or actions you want or need to make your personal life life better.

I am going gather up all your requests and post them by category and update this page. Then I am going to promise MAGA people that if they do vote Purdue and Loeffler out of Georgia, and we get a unified government, we’re all going to join and demand that our reps give us what the majority of us want. And when we truly unite that way, the reps and senators in Congress, many of whom are up for election in two years, are going to have to do what we want or they will lose their jobs as representatives. This is how democracy works. We just forgot.

Of course, all sides get to make requests. I am not sure what the other side is because as long as we are not talking about who is in office, and focus on the things we need and want, it’s likely we will find out we all pretty much want the same things.

Below is a list of eleven subjects our country has to deal stat. You can also add a topic and relay your ideas or needs. Write whatever you want on whatever you want from your government. The results will be listed at this page, and with a unified government we can and will get what the majority wants or those people in Washington DC are going to be re-cycled in 2 years. All of them.

This is not about what Donald Trump wants or needs. That man has so much money that if you took away everything you could find, he’d still live fine on what he has stashed in China. This is only about what you want from government to make your life, your family member’s lives or your neighborhood, better.

Covid Relief – Income and Wages – Personally Held Weapons – Healthcare – Policing – Tax Policies – Public School – College – Infrastructure – Climate Response – Crime and Punishment – Submit a Category

Email your requests, suggestions or proposed solutions for things that fall in any of those categories – or start your own category. Then let’s unify our government and get what we want from it.

I know many of you are chanting “End the GOP” because some Republicans are letting democracy work. And I guess some of you think there the Democrats fixed the election. You should know many Dems thought Jeb Bush in Florida fixed 2020 for his brother George. We just bit the bullet for eight years while all of our needs were ignored under the guise of an unnecessary war in Iraq.

And that’s also the point. None of us get what we want if we are divided. That’s exactly what big business and our foreign adversaries want. Those two forces found each other and unified at the GOP convention in 2016. That’s how a government that primarily functions like a business stays in business. And we have to end it now because we just can’t afford to fight with each other any more. Things are bad all over. But they can get much worse.

So yes. We must destroy the GOP by voting out Purdue and Loeffler. But demand that our voices be heard in the new unified America. Maybe we can start a new party. The Unified Party. Whatever ideas carry the day, those will be the foundation of this unified America. First things first.

Destroy the GOP. Unify the government. Decide what we want from our new unified government. Demand what the majority wants, not who the majority wants. See to it we get what we want or vote them out again. We’ll get it right in a few cycles.

Send your requests or ideas of things you want from your government to: josepharonesty@gmail.com


Will the Two Party System Be the Downfall of the USA?

As vaccines deploy, we can look forward to 2021 with some hope. But if the United States – and the planet – is content with just beating coronavirus, we will end up being no better than a little behind where we were when all this started. We will have learned how to beat coronavirus, but nothing more. And there are so many more challenges that humanity faces that are not going away.

This post is a plea for unity during a crisis that is larger than the pandemic. The issues of income inequality and climate change were here before the virus, and if we remain divided, they will only get worse. So why is America so divided? Could it be we have fallen prey to the forces that want us divided? Let’s analyze.

Corporations do better when we are divided. They prefer workers be constrained in their efforts to unionize for higher wages. Big business is mostly about bottom lines. Pursuant to the Trump tax breaks, corporations find themselves knee-deep in cash which they use to bribe/lobby mostly GOP members of Congress so they make laws that advance their bottom lines. it’s a viscous cycle. Working class citizens cannot match the financial power of these corporations. All they have is their votes. And big business has done its best to devalue those votes. It’s not a fair fight. But if we unite, there is nothing they can do to beat us. And they know that and seek to keep us divided.

Our foreign authoritarian enemies also prefer we stay divided. Those two forces, big business and foreign dictators, discovered hey had common goals in back rooms during the runup to the 2016 election. The Russian infiltrated the NRA for gods sake. They united behind Donald Trump. It’s not been a pretty world for most Americans.

Trump’s now on his way out. But the two forces, corporations and dictatorships are still very much alive. Now, the USA must cure its divided nation problem or the standard of living for the majority of Americans will continue to suffer. And we can’t afford to sink any lower on this slippery slope.

Authoritarian governments do not have the problem of divided government. They usually suffer from another problem. If the autocrat in charge is not benign, and they rarely are, the people in autocracies suffer from the oppressive oligarchies that inevitably evolve in these countries.

However, communist China’s president, Xi Jinping, is now very popular and deemed benign by the vast majority of Chinese. It’s known that some minorities are oppressed in China, but beyond that, China’s government has enjoyed popularity, especially after a quick unified pandemic response. It’s economy is growing again, and Xi has no rival. If we remain divided, while China is not, with it’s huge population, China will dominate the 21st century the way the USA dominated the 20th century. That’s the price we pay for not unifying.

There are strategic advantages to a unified government when a country is under attack. The USA prevailed in WW2 only because we chose to unite behind FDR. Overcoming the challenges of pandemics, climate change and income inequality will require focus and unity.

Even though 75% of GOP constituents want and need healthcare that does not exclude pre-existing conditions, the GOP just tried again to end affordable healthcare in the Supreme Court. It should be clear to Georgians that the GOP party and its members, vote for their own interests and not the needs of Georgians. America can’t afford four more years of gridlock. And miraculously, we have a chance to achieve the unity we need on January 5th. The Georgia runoffs decide the balance of power in the US Senate. Does anyone see a real reason to give the GOP another chance?

United we stand, divided we fall. That was a unifying meme for the Revolutionists that fought and died to free us from authoritarianism in 1776. They even had a song they used to sing about it. But it’s a meme that’s been around since the Ancient Greeks. Google it. There’s a whole history on that meme.

No one is asking anyone to put their lives on the line to defend democracy in 2020. Not yet anyway. We all want and need the same things on both sides now. The virus is a great equalizer. So we need to unify. We can quibble about petty details later, but if Trump has his way nothing either if us want will ever happen again. It will all be what Trump and the corporations want. Not even his base. And he’ll be fine with that.

If you are on the Trump train it’s time to get off. Maybe that’s why Trump says he’s running in 2024 again. He wants to keep his Trump train running. But we only allow one president at a time. Trump’s divisive rallies should be dealt with as dangerous violations of that rule. Trump will be a public enemy tantamount to a terrorist cell if he continues to to peddle hate and division as a citizen.

The GOP base have something to do as well. They must actively push their GOP senators stop coddling the reality TV president in the White House who is actively promoting division and tell them to state Biden will be the president for all Americans on January 20th. We need to see that from the MAGA people. It’s in their best interests and I think most of them know it.

Thousands of Americans die every day. It did not have to be this bad. And the GOP does nothing because Trump wants us to be at odds with each other. It’s disgraceful. How can we ask our soldiers to die for freedom if we are willing to let our senators sell freedom out?

If we don’t hear the GOP senators welcome Joe Biden on December 15th, the day after Biden is certified, I don’t see how one Georgian votes GOP. A GOP vote is a vote for the gang that was okay with ending democracy as long as they kept their jobs.

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The Firing of Esper Marked Trump’s Last Effort to Subvert Our Democracy


The Firing of Esper is Trump’s New Attempt to Subvert Our Democracy

Donald Trump’s first foreign trip as POTUS was to MBS, not Macron or Merkel. That was because Trump had more in common with Putin and other dictators than democratic leaders. And that’s because Trump, first and foremost, is a financial criminal as are most dictators. Now that Trump is voted out, people assume he is leaving office on Jan 20th. However, as long as Trump is in the White House we should be very suspect of Trump’s moves.

Trump’s not given up yet, and neither have his allies. Who are Trump’s allies? Besides many of our US corporations and the uber-rich, they are the authoritarians in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and South America, his cowardly sycophants in Congress and the gullible in his MAGA base, who support him even though they get shafted by GOP financial policies. That’s a lot of allies for a man whose uncaring incompetence led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans. So how did Donald Trump, a spoiled NYC business man get involved with dictators? Spoiler alert. This did not start in 2016.

Source: https://planetrulers.com/current-dictators/ Media: please amplify this image/meme/threat.

When leaders steal from their own governments, they need a foreign safe-place to hide and protect the money they have stolen. There is a sort of dictator’s fraternity on planet earth, and they all meet up where their money meets up, in the banks that protect the identity of their foreign clients and in real estate assets than generate income, like condos and golf clubs.

I knew Donny Trump first from Wharton School and then more substantially from Atlantic City. The AC culture really served as the business school for both of us. Our targets were tourists – not people our kids played with at school. Veritable others. The goal was to get their money and go back to our families and feel good about being providers. I was a jeweler in that scene. I tried not to be a scam artist, but I surely knew a lot of them and how they rolled. AC was had a “carney” ethic going back to prohibition and the Nucky Johnson days. The AC 80’s was like Boardwalk Empire II.

Trump’s casinos made one million dollars a day and he had three of them. This is easy to prove. Gambling profits are a function of volume. His casinos enjoyed the same volumes that Caesar’s and Resorts had in AC. Caesar’s didn’t declare bankruptcy. Their profits mirrored Trump’s profits. but Trump declared bankruptcy.

Trump’s declaration of bankruptcy in Atlantic City, made it clear that Trump was moving major profits out of country to skirt taxes. Trump always enjoyed scamming people. It makes him feel smart without having to be good at anything except selling and stealing. And scamming the US government was a Trump family tradition for two generations.

This is why Trump invests heavily overseas and won’t reveal his taxes. Donald Trump made the choice to be a criminal in the 1980’s. That’s when he met Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, and a host of Russian mob players who were also okay with money laundering. Those 80’s connections ultimately led him to Russia, the Miss Universe Pageants and Vladimir Putin. Financial crime is why he is aligned with Putin, Kim Jong-un and MBS and not Macron and Merkel.

There are two kinds of dictators. Some are royal. Their fathers were dictators and they inherited their station. Royals are so powerful that they don’t need to hide their funds overseas. MBS and Kim are in the category. Then there are the new dictators that gain power in a democracy and find a way to subvert their democracy so they can stay in power. Putin, Erdogan, Bolsonaro, Castro and Hitler are examples of that kind of dictator. That’s the kind of dictator Trump is trying to become. If successful, the children of these non-royal dictators become royalty. That’s how it has worked throughout human human history.

The European democracies rejoiced when Trump lost the election, but the dictators on planet earth are still rooting for him because if Trump does not stay on as president past January 20th, it bodes poorly for them. Their people are watching all this play o0ut online. They would love to see democracy fail.

Donald Trump needed dictator schooling as he was totally ignorant of world history. So, Putin has been schooling Trump via back-channeling through Kushner throughout his presidency. Jared is the only man Trump trusts enough to be the connection between himself and Putin. Trump uses a go-between because the go-between can be pardoned, if caught. In fact, Trump is going to pardon Kushner if he has to leave office. Presidential pardons must be redefined to eliminate pardons for activities that tangentially involve the pardoner. It’s a form of self pardoning.

Putin leaked his tutorial relation with Trump in gangster code in a Sochi CBS interview when playing hockey. Listen to the YouTube video if you missed it. Ask yourself why Putin would say what he did, if not to brag to the world about his knowledge of and influence over Donald Trump? Nothing else makes sense.

Trump should have known that getting into government could expose his life of financial crimes. His father warned him to stay out of politics because there was a family tradition of cheating on taxes. But the greed bug hit him just like it hit the gamblers who went broke in his casinos. Trump used the greed trap to make a fortune and ironically fell in the same trap himself. Trump now has too much to lose to stop fighting. Losing the election is not going to stop him.

These post election firings in key positions are not in the country’s best interest. But rest assured, the country’s best interest is the last thing on Trump’s mind. If he can fire enough people in key positions, and get the USA into a state of war or martial law before January 20th, he just may be able to stay on in the story he is telling himself in his mind. And Trump has always lived 100% entirely within his own mind.

I do wish someone with a large mic in media would show the dictator map. This has always been all that’s been going on since “Russia, if you’re listening.” It’s not about “politics”. It’s about thieves keeping their financial crimes hidden. If being in politics helps that goal for the criminals, they go that way. It’s up to decent people to put an end to all of this. The fate of our country and the planet is at stake. Most Americans are like Trump with regard to world politics. Ignorant. They need to see what’s going on with a picture. No one reads much any more. Georgians need to see this image. The GOP is aligned with big business and they are aligned with dictators via their worship of money.

Tap Jared Kushner’s phone. So what if it’s illegal? It’s jaywalking compared to what the Trumps are doing and people are dying while we watch and wait. Right now, Kushner is getting daily updates and schooling from Putin. Release what you hear like it’s in some spy movie. Reminds me of the film No Way Out. This is a movie in Trump’s mind. He is the villain. Who will be the hero in this film?

America is stronger than Russia was when Putin took over. But be aware: no country in all of history has been impervious to demise. 


relevant prior post: The decision to subvert democracy was made in 2019.


Joseph Aronesty is an e-commerce pioneer, songwriter, author, linguist, father of five and staunch activist for every day people. He was in a class with Trump at Wharton in 1967 and worked near him in AC in the 80’s. josepharonesty@gmail.com


Trump’s Final Push to Take Over the United States Is On

Warnings Over the Last Four Years Have Been Ignored. We Have One Last Chance to Get It Right.

This post contains links to tells, warnings and strategies going back to “Russia, if you’re listening”. I am Joseph Aronesty, a person who knew Donald Trump from Wharton and Atlantic City, where I was also steeped in the “greed is good” mantra. I got away. Knowing him as I do, I’m certain he and his cronies will play this traitorous game out to the bitter end.

We are engaged in a cyber war with Russia. It doesn’t feel like “war” because we don’t see the bombs, but we can lose as much. The United States, long admired as the paragon of democracy, is the target in the world’s first major cyber war. The focus of our enemies is to induce Americans to engage in civil war with their fellow citizens, so the USA self-destructs. Divide and defeat.

Putin masterminded this new cyber way to war. It is brilliant because the US is way too powerful to defeat militarily. The enemies of democracy know how to play the cyber war game. Do we?

The Aviator - YouTube
Howard Hughes was sued for putting profits ahead of country. This was deemed unpatriotic to the WW2 generation.

I have begun to think we don’t. I’m going to get allegorical here for a reason. Most people saw Aviator, about Howard Hughes, played by Leonardo DiCaprio. There is a scene where Howard Hughes is being tried for treason for building the Spruce Goose. The suit was fallacious. But the patriotism of those on both sides of this issue could not be denied.

Where is our patriotism today? Certainly not in the Senate. How about in industry? We’ve got people like Zuckerberg thinking of their bottom line before the country. Without patriotism we would have lost ww2. If we don’t recognize we are at war, our enemies can take us without a fight. “That’s the plan”, according to Kushner. Listen between the lines. Barr said they will “rewrite history”.

The dodo bird went extinct because it could not recognize its enemies. This cyber war does not present like a war with bombs.. So pay attention to their signals and act on them as if we are at war. We are. This craziness could not happen unless we are at war. It’s all roads lead to Putin with Donny. Sold out long ago. Russian mob fringe player since 1987.

These posts outline the motives and plans of those who want to benefit from democracy’s demise and suggests things we can do to make sure our enemies don’t succeed.

How FDR Handled His Supreme Court Issue With the passing of RGB, the makeup of the Supreme Court will be just as important as the virus, and the fight vs. authoritarianism in this election. Read up! There is a way out.

Putin Used a Trojan Horse to Gain Access to Our Government: Donald Trump If you want to know what is happening here in the USA in the run-up to the soon-to-be historical 2020 election, look to history – ancient history. Nothing is new under the sun.

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin: Partners in the Biggest Crime in World History If you don’t understand why a man with money and a cushy life would opt to risk it all for more wealth and power, this post describes the slippery slope of the greed trap that Trump fell into in the 1980’s with his casino profits. That’s where he met the Russian mob, who were busy bilking their own people. Money laundering is the oasis where dictators meet and drink.

Election Meddling by Foreigners Is an Attack on Our Commonwealth In 2018, I begged my rep, Ted Lieu to make sure that election meddling was treated just as if there was an attack on the lands, people and properties of our country. Until election meddling is considered an act of (cyber) war vs. the United States, its as if that wall Trump wants to build – is wide open on another flank.

Why Did Putin Say “Trump is Acting in Accordance with His Own Laws? -June 2017 – updated February 2019 – A CBS reporter catches Putin in his hockey game and Vlad reveals he is schooling Donald Trump in how to take over a democracy legally. But Vlad speaks in the gangster code Michael Cohen referred to and no one gets it except people who have been around that code. It goes undetected. THIS IS A SUPER IMPORTANT POST. People are just catching on now to what has been going on since 2016.

What If Trump and Key GOP Operatives Have Been Suborned? January 2018 – There is no way for Trump to have taken over the US reigns of power without corrupting and suborning others along the way. He’s always advertising for his “Roy Cohns”. If you pass his corruption test, you can stay in his administration and do all the looting you can hide, in your lane. McConnell, Barr, Pompeo, Kushner and Pence. That’s all he needs to break the USA and he has them. I advocate the House go after those five if they can’t nail Trump. Keep heat on.

Trump Trying to Destroy America Before the Election By May 2019, I had figured out that Trump knew he could not win a fair election and he was not even trying to be a good president. It meant he planned on either cheating to win again, or breaking this place so bad that there would be no definite election results. Looks like he is doing both.

“Cyber” is the New Way to War and Putin is Cyber Warfare’s First Master One of the main themes in my writing is recognizing one’s enemies. Putin, knowing he could never defeat the US with might, formed a plan to do it with a useful idiot. Trump is the malware in Vladimir Putin’s cyber war machine. This is a new form of warfare. We were not only not prepared, we let Vlad install a Trojan Horse.

A Compelling Strategy: Play Hardball with Bill Barr Now July 2020 – I go over why we should impeach Barr or at least make him be concerned about his fate should Trump lose.

Trump’s Main Problem: Cheating To Win August 2017 – I knew Trump cheated in our Penn class and that he did not pay NJ contractors who built his casinos. I was there. But cheating to win was exposed as his credo years ago. Ignored. They say, “Better late than never”, but it may actually be too late now. Hope not.

Why the GOP majority must end in 2018, or American democracy is dead. June 2017 – The first post that spoke to impeachment was about the timing of impeachment. I became an advocate to not turn impeachment over to a crooked Senate. This strategy was a huge Pelosi failing. I love Nancy still. But we need to be smarter during the run-up. Their team has teamwork, a quarterback and a coach. We need a war room too.

The Dark Hearts of Trump Republicans Will Not Deliver Light When Trump was making believe he was losing money in his casinos, I got close to Trump’s circle and worked around a lot of wannabe Trumps – as a jeweler in Atlantic City. One thing I learned in that environment is nothing good comes from a dark heart on purpose. If you don’t believe me, ask Michael Cohen.

What Can We Learn From the Pittsburgh Murders? Sad event. Trump projected the memes that drove a Pittsburgh man to attack and kill people worshiping their faith. Trump knows he is shouting fire in a crowded theater.

Indicting Trump Under the Espionage Act of 1918 – January 2017 – Explains why election meddling is an act of treason. Shared with Ted Lieu and a fundraiser. Ignored – and now we have to deal with it, don’t we?

Why We Should Not Work with Trump on Anything Until He Shows His Taxes – March 2017 – A reminder was sent that when you allow a criminal to operate as president nothing good can come of it. The fix is for the next Congress to set in motion. No public servants should be allowed to serve one day without revealing a number of years of taxes.

Preaching Jesus and Supporting Trump Will Not Square Any Longer – April 2018 – Roy Moore, a known child sex predator, runs for Senate in Alabama. It becomes clear that some Christians don’t live their lives following the teachings of Jesus. Trump throws his lot in with the rapist, who loses.


Election Meddling is an Attack on Our Commonwealth

What is our commonwealth? It is the resources we share as Americans. Our roads, our national parks - and yes - our constitutionally mandated system of one vote for every citizen in free and fair elections. 


What constitutes “WAR” is not defined in Constitution! The nature of wars change over time with technology. Today a cyber war is a real war! And we are losing this war with Trump in a dictator’s war room with all the powers of government at his command.


What is war but an effort to take something from another sovereign country? We have the Mueller Report saying Russia attacked our elections in a sweeping systematic way. That was an act of war. I have always considered “Russia if you are listening” to have been treasonous.


Our generals should immediately declare that they will treat meddling by foreigners or Americans in our 2020 election as acts of (cyber) war with severe penalties and sanctions spelled out. We don’t see the GOP senate doing their job on this. So the generals, who are in charge of protecting the US in wars, must make a statement. Even Donald Trump won’t have the nerve to countermand a carefully worded statement on election security from our top generals.

The Biden team also needs to warn would-be election meddlers that his administration will treat meddling – which means trying to affect the election by any means except speaking – as an act of treason vs. democracy.

And let’s not be afraid to use the word war when referring to election meddling. The GOP would have us believe that it’s normal or that everyone does it. They are already advancing that meme.

Most GOP base supporters will agree with this.  The GOP base won’t stand for selling out to Russia. And this is the week to make the statement. Timing. The sycophants in government are not the base.

If election meddling is perceived by Trump’s audience as an “act of war” it makes the actions of Trump, Barr, DeJoy, Mulvaney, Guiliani, Pompeo, Kushner and many other gop loyalists – treasonous.


We have to shoot first in this cyber war. Words are the weapons. DeJoy can be arrested for something as simple as tampering with infrastructure or something akin to unscrewing a parking meter. Maybe Dems can figure better charges. But regardless, DeJoy must be arrested this week, if possible. He will not be allowed to comply and testify honestly, so be prepared to jail him. We have to shoot first. Trump wins if we don’t act. We will have proven we are spineless. Big mistake was turning impeachment over to the crooked Senate. We should have left it in the house and waited for the spring thaw. A lot of this strategy is weather affected.

Until sycophants see there are penalties to pay for following Trump’s orders, why should they refuse? So yes, we have to show them we are willing to be unreasonable now. If we really understand the psychology of MAGA people, we would realize some of them will respect us for that. MAGA folk don’t respect wusses. It’s why they like Trump’s profanity.

If we just wait for the election, Trump will declare he is still counting and we have to wait. In the dead of a pandemic winter, people won’t be in the streets. He knows that now. We have to act now.

The world is watching for the USA to lead again. The planet is so disappointed in our presidency – and if we don’t do something about it soon, they will also blame the character of our people for the damage he is doing to the order and trajectory of the planet.

Bring it up in the house. Get in on the news. Talk about it. Create the meme: Election meddling by foreigners is an Act of Cyber War.

Do you think the American electorate won’t respect this? They are begging for this! Both sides will respect whoever advances this meme. And there is our national unity – at last! Americans want to believe in democracy. But how can they with what they see and hear?

The most important people to convince are Trump’s base – and they don’t mind a little bit of incendiary language. In fact, they voted for that language and against wussiness. And so far – all they see on our side are wusses – in their minds. But tell them the POTUS is allowing this country to be attacked and does not want that to stop – that is a game changer, if they believe it. And everyone wants a well run Post Office – and we don’t care if it makes a profit or not. How ridiculous that is. We go by does the job of moving parcels and letters get done.

War powers should also reside with Congress until the election is settled and power transferred peacefully. Trump is capable of starting a war for his own purposes.

Please read the following posts to see the strategies we need (and are currently lacking) to defeat Trump-ism.

Trump Involved in International Money-Laundering

A Compelling Strategy: Play Hardball with Bill Barr Now

Teamwork Is Needed to Defeat Trumpism

Cyber war is still war. We can lose just as much as with bullets.

Joseph Aronesty – 818 423 1533 josepharonesty@gmail.com Manhattan Beach CA 90266


A Compelling Strategy: Play Hardball with Bill Barr Now

Now, in the days approaching the most important election in American history, no Trump hire is more dangerous to our democracy than his Attorney General Bill Barr. Let me go over why we should impeach Barr or at least make him be concerned about his fate should Trump lose.

I am not going to cite the grounds for impeachment of Bill Barr in this post. Many legal scholars have laid out valid impeachment counts against Barr already. What I want to impress upon us all is the importance of neutering Bill Barr as a Trump asset during the last 30 days before the election – and the 30 days following the election as well. Remember, we all expect Donald Trump to cheat as best he can in this election. And if it’s vaguely close, we expect him to challenge the results. That challenge will come from Barr if he feels secure enough to be lawless for his benefactor.


Bill Barr recently said something that got airplay but not enough scrutiny. He said, “… history is written by the winners.” True. But that sort of thinking is usually reserved for major government upheavals like the fall of the Roman Empire or the defeat of the Sioux Nation. So why did Barr say that? That statement clearly means Trumpsters are intent on re-writing history by redefining American democracy and justice. If successful, America would still exist, but as if we had lost a major war to a foreign power – more the way Hong Kong exists as a Chinese satellite. I want to ask Barr what he was thinking when he said that.

 Read: Trump Trying to Destroy America Before the Election In 2019, there was evidence Trump intended to cause strife in the the USA as a method the keep his base hating their neighbors. Now he's using the virus to gin up hate as well. Now he says he won't get out if he loses. Why is he doing all this? He's certainly risking a lot. There must a huge payoff, at least in his mind.  There is. 
Is Election Meddling an Act of (Cyber) War?

The map below encapsulates the real struggle on planet Earth. The three super powers are China, USA and Russia ( for its sheer size and militia, if nothing else ). We are in effect deciding as a species whether we want to be a planet ruled autocratically or democratically. On November 3rd, we will know the choice we have made. And you had better believe the dictators are weighing in and trying to affect that decision.

This November’s election is not just for the USA this cycle. When you see the map, you realize this is democracies vs. autocracies. And they do not co-exist better than cats and dogs because the citizens in oppressed countries can learn how citizens in democracies are faring via the internet. Despotic rulers want all the democracies gone. For that reason we want them gone. Tinderbox.

This is why I have been advocating that tampering with our vote be considered an act of (cyber) war with financial and personal penalties that are so high no one would consider even trying. If election meddling were considered an act of war or cyber war, then it would be treason – as it should be.

            We should guard our institutions just as fervently as we guard our lands and bases.

So if the Trump Train is going to start going full dictator’s handbook here in these last 100 days, it will be Bill Barr that starts those motions, investigations, arrests – etc. We already see what he is doing to the prosecutors who don’t sell out to Trump-ism. What makes us think Joe and Hinter Biden, Obama and Comey are not on some Barr list to be prosecuted in the days before the election? That would be re-writing history.

Why would Barr say this if he had not pondered it? Barr’s leak of re-writing history informs us that a nefarious plot is afoot and Bill Barr will be the instrument of that plot. Donald will be calling the shots, but from afar.

At a Rose Garden event, Feb. 15th 2019, right after Trump hired Bill Barr, he said God speed and have a great life” . We all heard that. That’s a major tell. That’s the code Michael Cohen spoke of. Trump only says that if he had a private discussion with Barr, in which he makes it clear his only goal in life has been to have a great life for himself. If Bill is on board with that goal for himself and agrees to stay loyal, Trump can make that great life happen for Barr with much more money than the paltry $145,000 that the AG position is paid. That also means if we look for foreign bank accounts opened between Feb 1 and 14 in 2019, and find something that ends with Barr – we have him. Barr is hiding something. At least, make him afraid with an inquiry. Put Barr on defense.

Barr’s loyalty had to be bought with money placed in a foreign bank account. These days, bitcoin would also suffice. No one sells out for free. That’s why they call it “selling out”. So I am advising people, if we can’t get Trump’s taxes now, let’s get Barr’s taxes. There may be a link. And just by requesting them, it could spook Barr enough to get him to walk back his pledged loyalty in the days before the election. It might even spook any other GOP sycophants on the take. Mission accomplished then.

Then there is the election itself and what happens after the results are in. Bill Barr will be there to state the election is too close to call regardless of the outcome, or cite coronavirus affected Trump voters inordinately or some other made up reason to hold the results in abeyance until they can sort it out. Or Trump can say “his people” are getting different numbers. He may even start a war thinking that will force us to keep him in office.

The potential for mayhem here is huge as long as Bill Barr is AG. And conversely, mayhem potential is greatly reduced if Bill Barr is tied up in impeachment hearings. Plus, the GOP can’t say we’re messing with the election by violating some unwritten 90 days out rule. That rule is reserved for releasing dirt or initiating an action on the actual candidates. Bill Barr is not a candidate for POTUS and he works for us – not the president. It’s not a foul play to impeach him. It’s a very smart play. And maybe it will undo the harm done when we turned the impeachment of Donald J Trump over to a crooked GOP Senate before seeing the whites of their eyes. They were not afraid in February. But things are changing. Let’s give the GOP a chance to abandon Trump before their convention and make life easy on everyone.

This post, written May of 2019, predicted that Trump would attempt to destroy the American experiment and bring it to its knees before the election. Pandemonium over the pandemic is a good thing for Trump now. He’s living up to his oath – to Vladimir Putin. That’s all he can afford to think about now.

PS. We should have our convention after theirs. Strategize. The date is sort of pliable due to the pandemic. Take advantage of every little thing. That’s how Trump won.

Read and prepare:




Time To Prepare for a Contested Election

We have about 100 days left until what will likely be remembered as the most significant election in US history. I want to lay out how crucial this decision is for the USA to get right, not only for its democracy but for the entire planet.

One question that looms is, will the people of the United States continue to allow its government to shield the criminals within its upper echelon like crooked police precincts shield their bad actor cops. Accountability is trending as a meme after George Floyd’s murder, but accountability is not just about cops any more. We must insist our elected reps be fully vetted and held accountable just as well as our police. The “frat boy” cronyism has to end – everywhere.

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence …

The Preamble to the Declaration of Independence

I have also been asking myself this for four years: If a president works against “domestic Tranquility” and obstructs “Justice”, does he not betray the founding principles of this government laid out in the Declaration? And is not “betrayal” a cognate of the word “traitor”?

Looking back, the Trump presidency has essentially been one long four year war on the concept of equal justice for all. Trump is fighting for cronyism to prevail, so he routinely goes after his ( not ours, he’s fine with Putin) enemies and pardons his friends.

Why must he do this? Only one thing makes sense. Organized criminals depend on cronyism. It’s always been that way. And now, since impeachment failed, the ballot box is the battlefield upon which this final war will soon be waged.

Trump is aware he is way down in the polls. He had been banking on creating false enemies and scapegoats for his fans to hate, but the pandemic quickly became a mortal threat to the health and welfare of all Americans – which now especially includes his own base. Made up causes like Build That Wall, Lock Her Up, Make America Great Again are not resonating. People have real problems to navigate now.

Trump is even trying to blame his world’s worst virus response on China. But then, why are Korea and New Zealand doing so well versus the virus? Did they blame China? No. The reacted to science decisively and early. Our numbers of cases, deaths and tests reveal we can rightly blame Trump for about 80% of our deaths. The USA averages five times worse than the average country to Covid. So far, that’s about 100,000 more dead Americans owing to Trump’s uncaring incompetence.

Since Trump knows he is hopelessly behind in an honest election, he has already messaged that he plans to contest the election results. We should be preparing for that challenge now. Are we? Are we just hoping “it will all go away” the way Trump said of the coronavirus?

Neither the Virus Nor Trump-ism Can Be Wished Away

In order to beat the virus, we study science. In order to beat Trump-ism we need to study some political science. And that starts by knowing our enemies. Trump and his allies ( here and abroad) are performing as enemies to the founding principles of the Constitution. Why is that? Who are his allies?

Financial Criminals are the Masterminds Behind Autocracies

Americans can all agree we don’t want a dictatorship here in the USA. Yet there seems to be no facility or viable process to challenge our POTUS even after we hear his words siding with dictators over our allies – and even over our own intelligence. It is madness for us to permit this kind of behavior from anyone, let alone our military commander. How powerful is this cabal of global dictators that Trump seems to belong to? To understand that, this map is instructive:

The Dictatorship vs Democracy Map*

As you can see, Russia, China, and most of the Middle East and Africa are dictatorships. I’ve made the Trump USA orange, and dubbed it a dysfunctional democracy. You can see right away that the United States is the tie breaker for land area and financial clout in the struggle between democracies and dictatorships. Without the United States, democracies would control about 35% of the world’s financial resources, making it easy for the dictatorships to take it all in a short time. That is precisely what is at stake here. The entire world order is on the US ballot in November.

Dictators are not Trumpism’s only allies. There are also the sold-out large corporations, such as Facebook. many are beholden only to their bottom line and would prefer a world where there is no competition and people are just needy consumers. The unbridled capitalism paradigm also leads to large wealth gaps just as a dictatorship does. So yes, we need to stand up to the billionaires, as Bernie and Warren have said, but first things first.

The remaining allies of the authoritarians are the poorly educated. They are usually sold on “religious” and phony “personal value” talking points. That’s why state-run media is so important to a successful dictatorship. That’s also why Putin took Pravda early in his regime.

Protect The Vote

Trump seems to be losing the election badly as of today. But he has powerful allies and they are more than willing to cheat again. Today I went online and Googled “VOTE AGAIN” at GoDaddy. I think we should create a site where people can vote again or at least register their votes again. I realize that it will never be their official vote. But the site I envision takes ID, and secures the voter’s ID and votes with blockchain encryption. It’s rather easy to do these days. That way, when Trump challenges the election results, as he will certainly do if he is still a force to reckon with in November, we are armed to fight back.

When people argue we would only get Democrats to vote at this pretend vote site, I counter with, “if our numbers are a majority of all votes in any county or state, we won’t need the GOP votes to be counted”. This would be a site created primarily to count Democrat votes because we fully expect the GOP to cheat wherever they can.

We need Democrat votes to be registered somewhere else besides then current state run voting machines, which are known to be subject to hacking. We still don’t know if Hemp won in Georgia. Trump and his allies know the ballot box is the battlefield upon which the war to decide his fate and the fate of the planet will be fought on November 3rd 2020.


Why are not the three super billionaires – Bezos, Gates and Bloomberg ( I have given up on Zuck ) – announced a financial pact to save the post office and vote by mail? Don’t they realize that dictators seize media businesses first to stay in power? it feels like we are sleeping, partying and just hoping all with go smoothly on 11/3. It’s 120 days out; we should be firing on all cylinders. It’s also 30 days out from the supposed cutoff date to announce bad news on candidates. Trump will not honor that convention. He expects the Dems to however. I hope we prove him wrong on that. The gloves are off. This is a war. Maybe it’s a cyber war, but we can lose our democracy in this war. Isn’t that what WW2 was about?

*I fully believe Putin showed Trump this above map in Helsinki and explained to him that together they could rule the planet. I found this map with a simple Google search “dictator vs democracy map”. Putin knows Trump has no sense of history, but also that Trump needs to stay in power or possibly be exposed for all the crimes he has committed. Putin knew Trump would see the world like a RISK board once he showed it to him that way.

Democracies and dictatorships are like cats and dogs. They are natural born enemies because their philosophies are diametrically opposed. Nearly all dictators steal from their own people to amass power and wealth. That’s why you see such large wealth gaps in most dictatorships. Since dictators are essentially thieves, they all need to continue to hide their deepest secrets.

If dictators could align, they could wipe out the democracies and protect their secrets for the foreseeable future. So that’s why they think this US election is important in Russia, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Their existence as dictators depends on the world not viewing democracy as the better way to go. Since its hard to have an Iron Curtain in today’s internet/social media world – their best hope is for Trumpism to prevail here.

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America. It’s Time To Go All In to Save Democracy

Dear Person with a voice,

This post is about the plight of US countrymen and the fate of democracy there and on the planet. You know how they say “we’re all in this together” about Covid. Well, it’s the same with this oligarchic, “Trump-crony” coupe of the US 250 year-old representative government. It will all go down if Trump stays on as POTUS. It will mean the US democracy is over – and soon after on the planet. Here’s a link to the democracy vs. autocracy map, the root of the struggle.


If a country does worse by population percentage than other countries, it will also suffer economically relative to the more efficient countries. Its currency will fall relative to other currencies. 

Fellow Americans. European nations are currently thinking about banning travel from the US. The final nail in the coffin will be demoting the US dollar’s status as the world’s currency. So handling the virus better than we have from tomorrow on, is part and parcel of the survival of the United States. #TrumpDepression

There are crosses upon which great nation-states crumble and die. We are at such a crossroad right now. Our primary goal must be to stop what happened here in 1919, when then the second winter with the Spanish Flu was three times worse than the first winter. And that means we need to act now. We can’t wait until November 3 to unify against the virus. Or it it January 20th?

Act Boldly Now While Protesters Are in the Streets

If we act boldly while the people are in the streets for racial justice, we can get those same people to protest for financial justice and medical justice as well. There is a correlation between racial and financial justice anyway. American racism evolved from its guilt over the institution of slavery, which largely imposes financial hardships on a select group. Autocratic cronyism makes us all financial targets – all slaves on some levels.

But more have to understand that Trumpism seeks to enslave us all. BLM protesters can just add some new memes, speakers and banners at their rallies. The Resistance is what Trump wishes he had – a true populist movement. Shape it. Transform it. Mature it. Address it. Enroll it. We are own our allies. 

If we act outrageously now, The Resistance and the BLM protesters will have our backs. In fact, the crowd is more likely to stay calm if they see we can act boldly. They know what we are about to lose here. That’s why you see a rainbow coalition out there. Our kids know they are prime targets too – all colors.

If mishandling the pandemic is not a reason to ask Donald Trump to step down now as POTUS, then we are truly fools. There is no other way to think about this. This is science, biology and medicine. When you have cancer you go to an oncologist, you don’t take advice from a witch doctor.  

Why is Trump doing this ugliness show? He knows it doesn’t look good. We know Donny can be cordial and smooth if he needs to be. He learned that in the casino business. I remember watching him smooth talk high rollers like Mike Tyson in his Plaza casino. Donny knows when the POTUS gig is up, the jig is up. He’s not stupid that way. Still, he seems to want to blow this place up. Right now, Trump has every reason to evolve, but he won’t. So why?

Donny is very worried about his taxes and dirt coming out of the SDNY. We all know his first crimes were financial. His finances only make sense if he has large undeclared reserves of money in foreign accounts. Monies he leverages to borrow from DeutscheBanke. His taxes will reveal that path.

We Are Running Out of Time – Impeach Barr

People generally hate Barr for what he did in DC. Barr has no charisma as well. I know Bill Barr has taken undeclared money into foreign banks accounts like Donny. When Donny said at the Rose Garden “God Speed, have a great life” this was the reiteration of their agreement. That’s the code Michael Cohen spoke about. if I don’t carry enough credence for you to believe me, ask Michael Cohen. he might be happy to weigh in on the Berman firing. Barr has an agreement. And for upholding his end of the bargain, he is paid off the books. He certainly can’t be paid on the books for this work. So Barr’s in too deep to get out. Bill Barr enables Trump’s obstruction. Trump needs Barr. So impeach Bill Barr ASAP.

140 days to Election Means 50 days to Be Outrageous Because of the Pre-Election 90 Days of Silence “Rule“!

The United States needs a single science-oriented commander to be totally in charge of the virus – yesterday. We cannot afford to wait for the election and then January 20th. Trump must at least step aside with respect to the pandemic and put all the power behind a leading epidemiologist, one he does not choose.

Speaking of Pence, why don’t we ( Chuck and Nancy) ask him if he wants to be president for these last six months? The GOP might go for it, now or soon. There’s the easy way out for everyone. Let Pence pardon Trump if he’ll step down now. Build it in on the QT. The states and private people can still come after him. Donny might even might go for it. All problems solved. Democrats in office have to think a little more like gangsters. They’re up against gangsters.

140 days to election means 50 days to be outrageous because of that pre-election 90 days of silence rule that Dems will adhere to, but Trump won’t. If we are outrageous in that period, Donny will have Barr declare our candidate illegal for breaking that rule. He’s hinting at that now. We have to think one step ahead of Donny*. Being a gangster is not easy. Staying POTUS all he is consumed with now. He thinks the next term will be a jail term. Going after his protector, Bill Barr, is brilliant, but do it all the way this time. We don’t want Barr in there between November 3rd and January 20th! 

*I use Donny often, as it was his Penn or child name. He’s not grown spiritually in all those years. Donald is too mature a name for him. I wish more would call him Donny. Some of his best friends, if you can call them that, still do.


We must make all efforts – legal and back room – to get those taxes out into the public. Ask Bloomberg how to do this. He knows information. It can be done. Just the way Donny does it. It may take money. It’s just paper. We don’t have a war room – but we sure need one. So please, someone grab that mantle- this week. Or partner in the back rooms. It does not matter who does it. Keep Biden out of it. Leak them, if need be.


Bloomberg should be asked to spearhead and announce a union of the billionaires – Gates and Bezos – the way the athletes unionized for BLM. – That would be like a lion roaring. Coordinate now. Don’t they know the autocrats take the businesses next? And don’t discount the advantage of having one leader during a war. The “I alone can do it” does not work for governing, but it can in a war.It’s in their interest to save the post office. They should each throw a billion at it. It won’t hurt them a bit.

Sorry to use this metaphor but we’ve got to begin to act as if this is World War II and Trump-ism is “the Nazis”. It really is that now, just 75 years later. The USA can lose to a German autocrat and Russian spymaster without a bullet or bomb. If we don’t start acting like we are at war, this place is going to suffer beyond words. The ends do justify the means to save democracy on the planet. That is what is at stake here. I asked Ted Lieu to make election meddling an act of (cyber) war so treason is a potential outcome for those who go that route.

Trump fully knows he can’t win being ugly. But he does ugly anyway. It must be part of his mission, perhaps sworn to Putin, to destroy the US democracy before the election, if he can. It’s before the election because he might lose, and Putin won’t have any say here after that. Donny’s negotiating with Vlad right now. The VOA grab will be help Putin run over some countries. It all comes comes down to autocracies vs. democracies. They do not co-exist well. Each system does better if they are the only system. The destiny of the planet is at stake.

Financial Criminals Are the Masterminds Behind Autocracies This post reveals the delicate balance of power in the world today. I don’t think enough people have seen the map and understand this struggle. Donny is working for and with the original 1980’s Russian Mob, the same players Kushner back-channels.


We all saw Donny on his cell phone during the economic crisis meeting. He cared about what was on his cell phone more than the meeting. It was urgent, I guess. It could even have been Putin on the phone with him. Putin would have loved to taunt his puppet during a meeting, the way Anthony Hopkins did at the end of Silence of the Lambs with Jodie Foster at a police meeting. So …

The VOA grab should have those in the telephone business worried they are next. Taking Pravda was an essential step in Putin’s coupe of the Russian democracy. So, whatever cell phone company Trump uses, we should find a way to tap into that phone and get the last 30 days of talks. And then leak the right stuff out. If this sounds ignorant or illegal, I remind you we are at war and should act that way. War is just an attempt to steal from a sovereign country. In the old days, people used bombs. Putin could never do it with bombs here. But with his Trojan horse, we can just give it all away. And we are.

We are running out of time to act boldly. Soon we will hit 90 days out. Donny will violate that for sure. It’s not even a law. Comey did last time. But if we violate it, he will claim an unfair election. That’s where this is going in his mind. So any bold steps, leaks, moves, indictments, or impeachments should be announced in June. Let that sink in.

Subpoena Bolton

This is the time of year we should have impeached Trump the first time. The spring and summer are better times because the public can get out on the streets easier. I always remind people Occupy Wall Street died in the cold winter. Plus, with the virus having so many out of work, and with our youth the most resilient to the virus, there has never been a better climate in our history for a populist movement to galvanize.

So call John Bolton the the House to testify ASAP. The protesters will be there with you. America will be there with you.

It was not smart to turn impeachment over to the corrupted Senate. We could have waited for the Spring. I begged Pelosi to wait till she sees the sites of the GOP’s eyes. In this current environment, the impeachment outcome could have gone differently. Many GOP sycophants are looking for safe exit ramps – all but those in on the stealing with Donny. Too much PC in our party. Where is the bold brilliance? It’s time to be bold and brilliant. .

So let’s stop treating Donny Trump like a president with public support. He is a common blue-collar criminal. You know that. Act that way. Break some eggs. Unify the gripes of the anti-racists and the anti financial cronyism (Trumpism) people. You can be sure the protesters and the majority of Americans will have our backs. And do some bold secret back room stuff.

Hold this image in your minds as you ponder our planet’s future. This happened. Donny does not know political science. He’s being advised because is suborned. We could see that in Helsinki. Donny could have done a little better job. He’s just not allowed to.

about me

Joseph Aronesty. I’m a 72 year old family man, e-commerce pioneer and Penn grad who knew Donny from Wharton School (67) and AC as well. 


The Dawning of the Age of Government Accountability

When police do bad things and are allowed to continue their policing work, they are not being held accountable for their “crimes”. If they are given a slap on the wrist, it’s that tiny slap that perpetuates a culture which allows our worse people to repeat the same crimes, over and over again. That’s how we got Derek Chauvin. (On a different level, that’s also how we got Donald Trump.)

Would-be autocrats like Trump ( and Nixon) love the power of the presidency more than the duties attached to it. They think they need only paint themselves as “law and order” icons. But when push comes to shove, that law and order they want is for others. They want neither the law nor order to apply to them.

Most Americans now believe, as I do, that Donald Trump must continue to try to stay president so he never has to pay for his many financial crimes vs. the American commonwealth. That’s why he does not want to show his taxes. We can see that is all he cares about. He’s not fooling people so easily in 2020.

Trump also knows he is way down in the polls. He has seen the resistance now. It is in the House, the streets, online and on the airwaves. The George Floyd murder made it apparent to Americans of all stripes and ages that something was seriously wrong here. The resistance is not only about BLM now. The protesters serve as the new hippies. They know it’s their turn to shape their fate or surrender to subservience.

Peeps like Donald Trump will always be around – new, young sold-out, talentless, wannabe rich types like Kushner, Kayleigh and Steven Miller. The smarter countries don’t allow such opportunists and grifters access to their governments. That can only be done when transparency and accountability for one’s past record is part of the candidacy process.

Does anyone think Trump would have even run for office if he had to show his taxes to get on ballots? Of course not. When Trump said “Russia if you are listening”, it should have been legally disqualifying for candidacy right there. But it wasn’t and it still is not here in the USA. In the USA, the smartest place for a financial crook to aspire to work is the government. That has to change.

Like Any Smart Boss We Must Watch Our Employees

There’s an easy way to stop all this nonsense: make sure would-be criminals who seek government posts know what they have done will be under scrutiny by “we the people” before they are allowed to be candidates and then again while they are in public service. Like any smart boss, we must watch our employees. Only then, will those with bad intentions steer clear of public service positions in the US government. They will steer clear because criminals have an inferiority complex. They don’t think they can make it in life without cheating.

Etymology: The word CANDIDATE hides the word candid, which means honest. As I see it, can-did is comprised of two smaller words – can (ken, know) and did ( diety, god). Someone knew that honesty in government was important a long time ago. We have forgotten what we once knew – again.

Deciphering the English Code, Joseph Aronesty

Today Kasey Hunt was saying #DEFUNDTHEPOLICE meant REFORM THE POLICE. She was asking what that reform was going to look like. Why do we send an armed policeman to wake up a guy in his car and check him out? And that’s when it hit me. Big changes are not happening here so fast. They will trim the hedges for sure. But something else has to change before we have big changes. And it’s not just the president.

In the USA there are more guns than peoplE

There are about one billion guns in the hands of civilians worldwide. About 40% of them are in the hands of Americans. Civilian gun ownership is eight times larger in the USA than in the average country. On top of that, the pandemic created a huge gun buying rush. So yes, it would be nice if a social worker could tap someone’s car window and check him out. But in Atlanta, would he want to do that? I don’t think so. That one example shows the magnitude of our problem here in the USA. It’s racial, yes. But it’s also our ingrained culture of violence and that goes to the Sandy Hook and the NRA. The USA is a powder keg. Why should we be surprised when police are violent?

Al Sharpton said it right. Talk is cheap. We will know we are sincere about the changes we need, and talk about so loudly lately, when people start paying for their transgressions. But big changes will require new gun laws. And that is something we should not discuss until after the election. That’s why I write this new age is a dawning. The work has just begun.

The Floyd protests have gained traction because, on many levels, we are all demanding accountability now. There is a nearly universal resentment: people in key positions enjoy different standards of justice. It’s not right, and we all resent it now. People want these double standards to be gone not only for policing and race, but status and wealth as well. A democracy means all people are treated equally. At least, we seem to know that collectively, at last.

There’s a new generation taking over the stewardship of this earth we share. They have their hands full, but they can handle this. They are armed with the historically unique ability to communicate instantly with everyone in their “base” quickly through social media. They have cameras on their cell phones and they are not afraid to use them. And to quote George Floyd’s brother, “There’s a lot of us”.

Strange to write, but true: I feel more hopeful today that change is coming than I did on the day Obama was elected.


Trump Making Life More Dangerous for All Americans

What is more dangerous to our survival – the coronavirus or the Trump-ism virus?

The United States already leads the world in Covid deaths. US Deaths per capita is five times the world’s average. When Donald Trump flaunts not wearing a mask in public like its a personal fashion statement, he encourages others to do the same. Doctors who study pandemics tell us that masks lower the risk of spread by 50%. There will be more disease and death in the US, not only because Trump waited five weeks to take any actions, while he praised China and said it would “go away”, but also because he publicly flaunts the medical experts and encourages reckless behavior in our citizenry.

Donny is focused on his re-election, not American lives. The reason he does this is that he fears his presidential term may be followed by a jail term. It was a huge mistake to allow anyone to run for president without showing his taxes. It’s still that same big mistake in 2020. Donald Trump has long been involved in financial crimes versus the US Treasury. He has illegal foreign bank accounts. He misrepresents the value of his assets and profits. He learned that from his father Fred Trump. Reports say he owes the US Treasury 500 million in taxes.

Americans. We do need this virus thing to go away, the way Trump said. But wishing won’t make anything happen. Smart actions are our best chance to vanquish the virus. Contact tracing and testing is how the counties that have the lowest death rates have done it. Are they smarter than Americans? Not really. They just have governments that care more about them than our president does. America has not had that government cares thing in a long while. But it’s never been more apparent than it is now.

When Trump fails to set a good social pandemic example, our brave front line workers experience increased risk of mortal danger. This would be the same if George Bush had strewn IED’s in the path of our soldiers in the Iraq wars. He’s making it harder for our bravest to survive the pandemic. To me, that’s disqualifying for him to serve another hour as president. Need I remind us all that Donny Trump feigned a foot injury to get out of service to his country? When it comes to service to humanity or courage, Donny Trump does not hold a candle to a single front line nurse or doctor. Donald Trump only knows how to pose as a president.

There are so many reasons Donald Trump is not fit to serve as president. Top on the list is that he does not care about “America” as a concept. Regardless of your personal opinion on Trump’s patriotism, this pandemic has fully exposed that Trump does not care about people. He refers to them as numbers. “Our numbers would have been much worse”. Sure they could have been worse. But the math is still – USA is doing five times worse than the average country. I guess we could have been doing 20 times worse than the average country.

The fact is we could have have 80% less death here – 20,000 dead not 100,000- and then Trump would have been doing an average job on the pandemic. His claim that it could have been worse it like a football coach that gets blown away saying “We did score a few field goals, it could have been worse”. You get the point.

This fall, America will have two viruses to contend with. We’re on our way to figuring out how to control the coronavirus. It’s just a matter of time – a year or two. But if we don’t rid ourselves of the Trump-ism virus in this election cycle, it’s going to take even longer and be even harder to vanquish than coronavirus.

Donald Trump has no allegiance to anyone except the man he imagines himself to be. And with climate change needing urgent global care, and a pandemic that doctors say may come back with a vengeance this fall, four more years of Trump will also endanger the lives of all humans on earth.

I sat in a class with Donny Trump at Penn in 1967. He cheated then too.

If you want to know why all of this is happening – now in 2020 – read this post:



USA Must Defeat Trump-ism in 2020 to Retain Liberty


I wrote a book on etymology and published it more or less on the day Trump got elected. I hope my four years of resisting is coming to an end soon and I can get back to my real life goals. I am surely not alone with that hope.

With less than 1/2 a year left for our democracy to wrench itself free of the coupe which is Trump-ism, I’d like to present a glimpse at my way of deciphering the roots a few relevant words in this year of choice.

LIBERTY. We all know what it means: freedom. It is one of the three founding principles of the United States. Life. Liberty. Pursuit of Happiness. We are entitled to those things. They are the reason this country was formed. They are why we pay taxes.

The closest word to LIBERTY in the English language is LIBRARY. Why is that? In my book, Deciphering the English Code, I break words down to their factors, just as we can do with numbers. (7+2=9) LI+BER+TY is how I see LIBERTY. Then I look to root meanings for LI and BER and usually that gives you the original meaning of a word in the mind of the creator of the word.

LI is a root word for LIGHT, but also prominent in words like LIBRARY and LITERATURE. Is there a relationship between light and words? There surely is. The physical relationship is that they both travel at a speed no animal can achieve. This may seem trivial to us modern people, but to the Stone Age hunters that created spoken language, this was a big deal. If you think of them more like the American Indians, you can imagine how they were deeply into their physical worlds.

In my book, I explained that the LI sound was assigned to describe light because now and back then, we lift our tongues to say LI – and EL. Before we spoke, we communicated with our eyes more than our ears. We employed a body sign language. And so we were literally looking for visual signals in our first words. LIFT LEVER ELEVATE HELIUM evolved in various languages from that simple principle. Light comes from above. Same as it ever was/

The ancients also equated LIGHT and WORDS. You’ve heard the phrase “spread the light”. It means “spread the word”. LIGHT equals WORD. It’s why LIBRARY, LITERATURE, LIGHT, LIFE and LIBERTY all contain the LI root word for light.

LIBERTY also has the BER. There is a known and very prominent link between B and V words in the ancient languages. The written B is identical to the V in Hebrew and other Middle Eastern languages. In Germany the AutoBahn is really an AutoVan. It’s about vanning not banning. The BER is a morph from VER. VER means TRUTH as in VERIFY. ( veritas, Latin. )

LIBERTY literally means WORD TRUTH. The ancients knew truth in government is essential to liberty. Or maybe they knew that the absent of truth spells the end of liberty for citizens. Why have we forgotten that simple principle? The New York Times advertises “Democracy Dies in Darkness”. We also hear, “the truth will set you free“.

Americans. These are ancient principles. We need to learn from them. It’s important to understand that as Donald Trump destroys the meaning of our words, attacking and concealing truth, and calling facts “fake news” – he is also attacking our liberty and freedom.

Donald Trump has operated from day one by concealing the truth and spreading lies. He entered the political arena with the lie that Obama was a Kenyan. There have been 18,000 lies since he took office.

Why does he lie so much? I think I know why. It is so ingrained in him, so natural – that it figures to be something he learned at home. And I think there is an audible tell as to why that is true.

They Only Know What You Tell Them

On the campaign trail Donny once said “they only know what you tell them”. I wish I could find that sound clip. I believe it was said in Iowa. It was said in-between his sentences. I remember Chris Matthews used to say “pay attention to what politicians say when they don’t think you are listening” . I remember that blurb from Donald, because I heard that meme once before in my entire life. And I knew right away that Donny heard it from the same source as I did: our fathers. Have you ever heard “they only know what you tell them” before? Probably not. It’s a meme particularly used by those afoul of the law when referring to things not to say to police.

“They only know what you tell them” is not something anyone with a normal upbringing hears from parents. It’s literally saying “it’s okay to lie”. But my father told me this when we were Atlantic City boardwalk merchants in the 1970’s. We sold estate jewelry. Being a young man fresh out of college, I just did not have that make up stories about jewelry to enhance it’s value thing in me. It’s also known as “romancing the stone”. I was a stick in the mud compared to my father – a true Great Depression survivor businessman. But I was not brought up in the Depression and neither was Donny Trump.

As a shop owner, I employed many experienced “con man” jewelry salesman who used “they only know what you tell them” while selling people jewelry in a tourist town. Many were remnants from the Nucky Thomson days in “AC”. I heard things like “this necklace belonged to the Duchess or York” or “this figurine was rescued from the fire in Dresden”.

It’s not so much that the shoppers were being robbed either. They just were being told a fairy tale to endear them to the object d’art they were admiring. In the end, they usually paid a fair price based on cost. But the story is what drove them to want to own it at the moment. And they were all fairly wealthy people, ogling jewelry. There was not great harm being done.

Donald Trump clearly heard “they only know what you tell them” from his father, just as I did. It certainly was not taught at Penn. Fred Trump however did not have a jewelry shop on the AC boardwalk. He told this to his young son because Fred was lying to government officials about the values of things the Trump’s owned. Maybe young Donny, like I did, questioned his father as to why he was lying. He was cooking the books. And that’s when Donny would have heard that meme. But now Trump has taken that meme on as his a way of life. It even goes to women and personal relationships.

Donny has been running his entire life on they only know what you tell them. The truth must never get out about Trump’s business dealings or suddenly they, which is really us, will have a tangible, recorded version of the truth. People only hide truth when truth reveals criminality. This meme is why we don’t see Trump’s taxes or notes from meetings with Putin. This is also why Trump is firing inspectors!

Being a natural-born liar is never an ideal trait in a person, but it can be relatively harmless when it occurs in someone involved in the peripheral and trivial arenas of life. You don’t want your doctor or even your plumber lying to you. We certainly don’t want our US president living by the philosophy of “it’s okay to lie” during a pandemic.

Blatant repeated lying by people in high places should be illegal. But it’s not. It should at least result in a loss of position, just the way a doctor loses his license to practice for malpractice. But it does not. Trump knows this cold. Be prepared for more lies, especially in the last two weeks before the election. super salesmen always believe they can close a deal in the final hours.

Be prepared for dirty tricks. Nothing is off the table for Donny. Biden should guard himself well. He has to be careful about his VP pick as well.

American democracy is nearly broken now. People who understand the threat it is under are mostly pinning their hopes on a blue wave in November. They hope it will take out the GOP Congress majority and a clearly corrupt president. They know America will break if we continue to allow fake news and lies to have the same status as facts. What a shame that would be.

What We can Do To Preserve American Democracy

Vote, of course. But be aware we need all of us to be able to vote. Demand from your reps that you see and hear them advocating for vote-by-mail in every state. This is up to the states, so get organized and raise our voices for vote-by-mail this summer. Representative government works when all voices are heard. There is such a thing as collective wisdom – especially when it comes to a pandemic.

Mail ballots are physical ballots. They are impossible to hack by computers. Their authenticity can be verified. They can be made safer than any other form of voting. And no one can contest the results of a vote-by-mail ballot system if it’s done right. Recounts are easy.

Our US Post Office needs to be bailed out. It is in the red several billions. We should ask for help from the multi-billionaires who stand to lose a lot if this democracy dies in November: Bezos, Gates and Bloomberg.

Who can help me do that asking?

Joseph Aronesty




Donald Trump Using Virus to Solidify Power

wants it to last until the election

Donald Trump is presiding over life or death for millions of people. And still, at his new conferences, Donny always finds a way to reveal his deeply troubled soul. He talks ratings, fake news, phony impeachments, calls Adam Schiff crooked, picks on governors and campaigns – as thousands of Americans die – who did not have to – because Trump did not care enough to prepare. Trump was warned by our medical experts this was coming and Donny still did not prepare. He threw a ban Chinese travel at it, but our medical experts told us that was not going to be enough. Now, who knows how many will die?

And still, Trump keeps smiling at these conferences. He’s striking poses for his fans – playing doctor/authoritarian. And this has to stop or even more will die. Because there is no good excuse for any potus ignoring our experts when he has other people’s lives at stake, we must seriously consider that Trump may be viewing this pandemic as a potential ally in his quest to win 2020.  That takes a real sociopath, but doctors tell us he’s got all the markings of one. And we can see it with our own eyes too. He just does not seem to like people unless they praise him. What on earth is that about except the machinations of the mind of a would-be criminal dictator?

Donald Trump seems not to care how many people die -as long as he is not blamed for any deaths. He is preoccupied with his re-election chances. He refers to people as numbers. “One-hundred thousand would be a great job” because more could have died had he did nothing. As we mostly see it, many less would have died had Trump cared about American lives more than his political survival. A responsible president would have listened to the medical experts warnings and reacted stat back in January.

If this were a war, we wouldn’t stick with the general who let the war cause the death of thousands of Americans, would we? – So just why is Donald Trump in charge of our health and lives now? You can’t believe his words. He lies a lot. In a mortal crisis, one lie is too much. And forgetting the rhetoric, Trump’s actions, or lack thereof, reveal his true thought processes.

Trump simply does not care about us because we are not him. Donald Trump is the only person Donald Trump has ever been seen to actually care for. What a mistake we have made folks. This is madness. The National Defense Act was created to defend our nation’s people. It must be used with or without him to expand testing. That being our best path forward, the Senate must abrogate his presidential powers asap and use our National Defense Act without a presidential approval, if the potus won’t do his job.

There is also an emerging pattern of city contagion versus country contagion. Since Trump is all about his political survival, he can see that in November, it would be to his advantage if people in cities could not vote as easily as people in rural areas. This only favors Donald Trump, his sycophants and the traitorous corporatists that pull their strings. It spells disaster for the American people.

The Bad Math of Re-opening Too Soon

Coronavirus began in Wuhan China by a transmission from bats to humans, with the possibility of an intermediate animal. This was first noticed in the province of Wuhan in November 2019 . Coronavirus disease began with a single patient zero or perhaps a handful of patient zeroes. In under six months, there are now about one million people who are known to have Covid Disease on planet earth today. The actual number is certainly much higher, as one can only be counted as having covid-19 after they are seen to have the disease or have tested positive. And we are simply not testing very much. Why is that?

In less than six months, the virus has expanded by a factor of, at the very least, 10 to 1,000,000. That’s a factor of 100,000 times in under 6 months.

If we re-open now, we are stating not with a one to ten carriers, but potentially 1,000,000 carriers. If you multiply even 10% of those carriers by the same 6-month expansion we have just witnessed, it’s 100,000 times 10,000. Nine zeroes. 1,000,000,000. That’s one billion with the disease and no cure or vaccine in six months. That’s also when our critical election is. One out of eight people on planet earth. That’s an eve of destruction type of a number. Donald Trump knows this and he does not care. This is madness. It must stop today.

The politicization of the coordinated scientific response necessary to avoid a world disaster must stop today. Our county and the world cannot afford to have politics influence our pandemic response in any way. It must now be a purely scientific and logistically strategic response if we are to do our best to fight this virus and avoid a total catastrophe.

Donald Trump has shown his ineptitude as a team builder for the country from day one when he put his son-in-law in charge of way too many important government functions. He has fired our best minds and installed sycophants who have their own dirty secrets to hide. This is all about keeping a sociopath;s secrets from seeing the light of day. This is madness.

People are only valuable to a sociopath/narcissist if they serve the imaginary stories they tell themselves. So I ask why is Trump in charge of our pandemic at all? Why are the doctors not fully in charge? Why does a non-doctor have any say on our pandemic response? Would you let a plumber be in charge of your heart operation? Numbers don’t lie. Look. April 4th, 2020.

The math for the USA will be the worst on the planet, and we’re supposed to be thankful. I don’t feel thankful. As of this April 15, China had 3500 deaths and we have 17000. Our Covid deaths have now equaled the published number of Trump’s daily lies. An American has now died for every lie President Trump has told. And it gets worse. China, a country 3 times larger in population, (which means its 3 times as crowded) – is experiencing a much better per capita outcome than we are expected to have. Sometimes I think we deserve this, sad to say, for leaving a known criminal in office for 3 years.

USA is expected to lose 100,000 souls, if we keep our social distancing in place through summer. China will likely have 5000 deaths when we have out 100, 000. Basically we will have done 60 times worse than China per capita, and Trump tells us he did a great job? Since when is doing 2% as good a China, a country that had no corona warning, a great job?

Donald Trump’s uncaring ineptitude at the helm of our virus response is an ongoing threat to all of us. He threw out a meme that “impeachment may have distracted him” – a little. He straddled that idea to put it in our heads for a reason. He’s going to make it illegal to challenge him very soon. We can’t have this now! There will be other critical life and death decisions.

We need doctors fully in charge of our pandemic response. No Trumps. No Kushners. No sycophants. Since doctors and nurses lives are also at stake, I think they should insist on being in charge or just not show up. That would not last ten minutes. Trump would have to put Fauci fully in charge.

Donald Trump Did Not Prepare for a Pandemic Because Trump Never Plans Ahead for Anything

They call it “prepared” because you have to do something before the bad thing happens to be “pre-pared”. But Donald just does not care enough about anything to prepare. He wings everything. And we are paying a heavy price for his failure to prepare the USA for what we will now endure.

It did not have to be this way. If China lost 5000, and they were first to experience the pandemic, countries with wise rulers should have done better than China, not 100 times worse. This also means if we just ended up doing as good as the Chinese, who had no warning, we would only have lost 2000, not 200,000. Donald Trump’s way of steering our ship may cost us American 198,000 souls. I’m sorry, but this is reckless driving.

We are all watching in horror in these corona press conferences while a mad king struggles with his psyche pretending to care about “America” in the midst of the largest pandemic in 100 years. And our mad king will never stop playing the imaginary game he repeats in his own head and really fight for our causes. Trump wouldn’t know how to even begin that process.

Instead, if he does not like a Governor, he doesn’t call them. He actually said that. He said, “it really doesn’t make any difference”. That’s a quote. Trump said, he doesn’t stop Pence from calling them. This man should not be in charge of our fate any longer in any realm. But if we leave Trump in charge of our virus response we will get what we deserve.

Fellow Americans, this is madness. And this really is the way empires collapse. I have no idea why people on “both sides” here in the USA don’t unite tomorrow to serve our common need to survive this pandemic with as little loss of loved ones as possible.

Fellow Americans. There is only one reason our loved ones are dying in these numbers. There are corporate forces that wanted us divided and Trump did a great job at that. Do not be swayed by the scapegoating and firings of real patriots that will now begin from the Trump administration. That is the dictator’s handbook play now. Divide, weaken and conquer. We must not waiver from our mantra: We are all in this together now. People say “stay safe”. I say “get smart”. I’d say stay smart, but we have not been smart have we?

This war to keep Americans divided did not begin with Trump, but Donald Trump is in charge now of that war now. It’s not a war for Americans’ interests – it is a war against Americans’ interests. I don’t know if it was jealousy for what we had here, or just the plucking of ripe fruit by criminals pretending to be statesmen, but we let it happen here. The goal of that war force is to keep us divided and keep us needy. Big business has intersected with a greedy king to keep everyday Americans powerless and establish a permanent ruling class. That’s the story behind the poor virus response. They like it this way!

April 5th 2020 : What we can expect now from Donald Trump is the following. This week coming up will be really bad and terribly sad for America, which was and is highly unprepared to fight this contagion. He has anointed himself as the head general in this “war” – with his “invisible enemy”. This is not a war. This is a medical crisis brought on by years of neglect by the GOP which Trump now heads up. The own this. But Donny views this pandemic as his “treasure trove”. That’s phrase he used But instead, they will look to change the “chain of command”. That’s why the Navy captain was fired. Trump will seek to make it “dangerous” or “illegal” and punishable by immediate imprisonment ( or worse ) to challenge his as commandeer of the virus response in any way. He can say it’s distracting him and he is needed for the virus fight. This is why he is on the stage every day, – to play “war room”. But Donny Trump is not fighting the virus beyond making sure all that make his presence are tested. He is still fighting for one thing: to stay in power so he is not prosecuted for his crimes, against the American people. That’s you and me. And we have to speak up now.

Fellow Americans. Fake News is dead if we want that now. Coronavirus response requires we be scientific and empathetic if we are to survive this pandemic and remain the United States of America. Donny Trump has neither of these characteristics and we all know that.

This virus will kill a lot people, much more than it had to here due to a mad king’s uncaring ineptitude, but coronavirus will also kill many of our pre-corona ways of being. The age of fake news can be one welcome casualty of the pandemic. We must welcome that death. Respect for science and expertise must rule now. If coronavirus can do that much for us, it can perhaps save the species. People will need the real facts now so they can arm themselves. Something dies. Something is born. That’s the way of nature. We must make sure something good is born from all the “death” we will experience due to a mad king;s ineptitude.

Wouldn’t it be nice if our best and brightest were solely in charge when we had health emergencies? Wouldn’t it be nice if all Americans knew that this country was doing its level best to keep us safe so our children grow up healthy?

We must all stay home. This will hit those without savings hardest. Those with money will emerge poorer as well but they will get through. People will try to game the system. War profiteering is the standard in Trump’s criminal presidency. We can’t let that be okay. Watch the GOP politicians. They are notorious during these bailout cycles.

People’s appetites for big gatherings have gone away, and probably for a few years. Live sports? It’s going to be made-for-TV only for a long while. I have no appetite to watch a basketball game during this pandemic. Do you? Trump talks like we have to get back to work, but something tells me our appetites have changed permanently, and many business models that worked pre-virus, will become permanent casualties of our changed appetites.

This is madness. Trump loves to say “nobody could see this coming”. What on earth does that mean? There were plenty of people who saw this coming. The doctors in the World Health Organization warned him In January and the first reports were in December. A grocery chain in Texas has prepared for this since January, and they are doing pretty well with it. Google it.

Donald Trump knew this virus was coming to kill us and did not think for one second about American lives. He though political games. He thought “treasure trove.” Our elected president used his criminal survivalist gut about a virus. He was in trouble with Russia. Impeachment was on the front page. He asked himself, “maybe this virus can help me?” Trump tells himself, ”I’m going down for my crimes if I’m not re-elected.” That’s what this is all about now anyway. It’s about keeping Donald Trump out of jail. And we all are suffering and our loved ones dying for this.  How crazy this is? Put Pence in charge today.

This virus does not have a soul. Like all living things, it seeks to stay alive. Coronavirus grows inside the bodies of other life forms. It originated in bats. Bats like to hang together in the dark and in large numbers. So this virus was designed to spread from bodies that hang close and it does not particularly light sunlight. Coronavirus’s shape is like a weapon. It’s a ball with spikes emanating like spokes in all directions. It sticks to cells like a sticker you pick up in the brush. Coronavirus injects its dna into other cells through the ends of its spikes. That’s how it takes over another body – cell by cell. Coronavirus deploys like a quick cancer.

If the virus stays within one person, it either kills that person or that person wins the fight and the virus is vanquished by one’s antibodies. Coronavirus is a very formidable and clever little enemy. It knows not to kill the young. They will be old in due time. It waits. It acts as a herd thinner for the weak. But that’s not perfect math. It can take anyone. That’s the singular way of our common enemy and we now have to out-think it. We’ve got the brains over this virus. We can beat anything we set our minds to. And we need a leader who really cares and is not distracted or distract-able. I’d say we deserve such a leader, but that’s not true. We have the leader we deserve now. Maybe we will deserve better soon.

Since coronavirus spreads by touching from one animal to another, if we just stay apart – especially through the summer with its light – we can outwit this pandemic and it can be almost gone before next winter. But we have a president who knows that staying apart will slow the economy and that’s not what he is there for. Trump is there to make money for the forces that want Americans to be divided and weak.

The actual job of being president requires he delegate our most serious tasks to our most serious experts. We do have those in the USA. Serious and knowledgeable experts. They saw this coming and told our president, and now he owns this.

Why is a potus like Trump so dangerous during a pandemic? Trump needs to be surrounded by people who are criminal enough to keep his crimes secrets. These inner circle associates are even allowed to do their own crimes, as long as they keep it fairly quiet and keep the others’ crimes secret. And what kind of real expert works this way?

Donald Trump wakes up every morning and remembers he needs to win another election. He knows he may have to face the music when his reign in over. Fight. Fight on. That is who he is. Like the virus he has a single purpose.

We can’t have this now. We are fighting a totally different war than Trump is fighting. We are fighting a war for our lives and the lives of our family members and Donald Trump is fighting a war to stay in power.

I am hereby calling for a bill in Congress to be advanced banning Donald Trump from officiating in any way in our war with the virus. Pence will do fine for now. Pence seems to be taking it seriously. At least he is not a disturbed man-child.

It’s time to save ourselves. We’ll need both sides unified to demand this now. The lovers and fighters. And right now. This week or many more will die than need to. Maybe someone you know and will miss. And then you won’t even forgive yourself. We have our common enemy now. Its name is coronavirus. Let’s unify to defeat the virus – left and right. And lets unify to insist on a caring empathetic president. Honestly, anyone of us could do a better job handling this crisis. Anyone of us would just let the experts handle it all and give the experts of our full support. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to do that. Just a caring soul.

Let’s insist Pence finish this job. He may even do a half decent job. Trump should not be allowed to talk to Pence about this in any way either. Trump and the virus must be quarantined from each other. And neither can a Kushner or any other Trump be involved with the virus response. I hear Kushner has a hand in the respirator business. Enough!

Trump can stay on as president and preside over other affairs and even run for president again. We don’t care. But we can’t have him playing a game in his mind, while running this country in a deadly serious war with a virus.

If millions die for Trump to stay on as president – you know – the way he spoke about his “good friend” Chairman Chi – president for life, – so be it for Donny. That is the character of the man holding the most important job on planet earth, at least to Americans.

This is madness. Trump is orchestrating our virus response by playing it by ear and with no regard for the lives of others. Just let Fauci make all decisions and let Pence finish the virus response.

If need be, use the 25th Amendment, but in a slightly altered way. Use it to get Trump off this virus response project. He can even stay on as president as long as he stays away from the response with no financial interest, investment or profit on anything coronavirus. Pence and Fauci can be in charge. Trump can go back and play golf. No rallies. Watch the Kushners too.

Joseph Aronesty


These Four Prior Posts Reveal Why This is Happening





And this is advice for Uncle Joe Biden – “Run as a Team!” – and asap


Why the GOP Does Not Want Good Healthcare for Americans



In WW2 we let FDR have a 3rd term because we knew we were at war and could not afford to be divided. We can’t afford this inner division today either – but we don’t seem to know that. Dems must show the American people they can unite their party if they expect the country to believe they can unite the country. Both sides will respect that. After all, if they can’t unite the “left” how can they unite the country?

We are at war in the USA. We are at war with foreign enemies that want to exploit our riches. We are at war with Trump’s GOP party selling our rights and assets to the highest bidders. We are at war with Mother Nature, who seems to want to get rid of us for our polluting ways.  And at the same time, we are at war with each other, which makes it difficult for Americans to prevail at any effort.

I am old enough to remember first-hand the spirit of the WW2 generation. They were not the greed is good generation nor the it’s all about me generation. The greatest generation citizens resigned to do their parts to defeat German Nationalism with a spirit of teamwork and without ego. Now we have a combination of corporatism and American Nationalism to defeat. And they are about to shut the door on democracy. The moment the Senate acquitted – it was really over. Praying for votes in this rigged environment is not a plan. Hoping there will be a fair election is not a plan. It is a hope or a prayer.

Trump knows exactly how long he has to completely take this government over – from the justice department installations to the election fixing with our enemies. Trump is working every day to have our democracy be gone before the 2020 election. Why? Trump knows the term that follows his presidential term may be a prison term.

Love like a Democrat. Fight like a Republican.

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 Putin: Partners in the Biggest Crime in World History

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Reduce National Maximum Interest Rate to 1% During Crisis

Solving our virus problem hinges on social distancing to reduce contagion. But an economic depression that hits us like a tsunami will tax our economic system so hard it will tax our ability to maintain social distancing and optimize our healthcare response. It’s a Catch 22 – or more appropriately – a Sophie’s Choice. Let the economy go on as it was and millions will die. We’ve heard as high as ten million in the USA alone. There’s a delicate balance that has to be struck. We have to help people weather this storm. Where do we start?

There is one easy to effect and sure way to help people and companies at the same time: reduce maximum interest rates to 1% – 2% nationally by decree. That simple act would give “companies” the time they need to wait it out. That interest break would also give a lot of “people” the time they need to wait this out. Not all people for sure. But this will actually help all Americans regardless of financial status. Interest rates create financial pressure. It’s totally ridiculous for anyone to be able to collect interest above 1% and profiteer in this crisis when the Fed Rate is .25%.

This simple, charitable and wise action would set in motion the domino effect needed to help relax tension a bit for everyone at the same time. And we desperately need this relaxation.

Let me cite one example. I own a business in Los Angeles and I rent an office. My landlord, a true gem by the way, just told me not to pay the rent for April. I was going to ask, but I did not have to. Very human of him.

But he has a mortgage to pay too. If his bank rate went down to 1% that’s going to make it easier for him to continue to pass that break on to me. Every obligation, from mortgages to leases to accounts payable, revolves around interest rates. If interest rates were suddenly gone or minimized, it gives us all the time we need to wrap our heads around our virus issue and our economic depression that is inevitable if we are to keep the contagion rate down.

I did go to Wharton School and shared a class with Donald Trump. He paid absolutely no attention to what was being taught. I was no honor student, but I did learn a bit about how this all works. Interest rates are key. Mortgage rates should immediately go down to 1% across the board. It solves a lot.

I’m going to leave this here, keep it short and spend my time circulating this memo, hoping it finds its way up to people who can make this happen. Lowering our collective financial temperature will solve many of our imminent problems – medical, social and financial – in one fell swoop.


PS. I am also 99% sure that the Kushners and Trumps of the world won’t like this solution. They are landlords. They love foreclosures. It’s how they acquired a lot of their properties, on the backs of others. And they can afford to stay home and not catch the virus. They even know if they do get the bug, they will get the best medical attention. So watch as they don’t quite do the right things in the days ahead.

Get this circulating. It is very doable. Trump’s talking about “companies” because the right companies will pay him off in his foreign bank accounts for slush funds sent their way. And that is also why he has not used the National Defense Act yet. He has not found a way to get paid off for the contracts yet. He’s working on it. You can be sure of that. 


Corona Virus May Fast-Track Bernie’s Socio-Financial Revolution

The corona virus pandemic is even more dangerous to Americans and the American economy because so many Americans don’t have funds to survive for six months without income. It’s been reported that four hundred dollars is the average American’s savings. That is not accurate. But these are accurate stats.

The top 1% of households in the U.S. by income have a median savings of a whopping $1.1 million across a variety of saving accounts. They will be fine financially and they don’t need a handout. The bottom 20% by income have no savings and the second lowest 20% of income earners have just $26,450 saved. This is the same group that are losing their jobs now. It was never a great economy for 40% of all Americans. That’s been a GOP lie all along.

Great financial disparities exaggerate the dangers of this pandemic. If 90% of Americans could afford to stay home for six months, the virus would not spread as much – and the impact of this pandemic on life, finances and quality of life would be minimized. So the finances of the average America affects the health and well-being of all Americans, rich, middle-class or poor.

My father used to counsel me about taking shortcuts with an old Russian proverb: When the snow melts, the sh*t will show. That’s exactly what has happened with the corona virus pandemic. The snow has melted, the curtains have been pulled back – and the frailty of an economy that never worked very for about half of Americans has been exposed.

The virus does not know or care how much money you have. So those who get sick in the lower 40% of the economy will spread it to the top 60% – and vice-versa. We are fighting a virus – not each other. We are all in that fight together.

It’s clear that the financial fortunes of the top 60%, and particularly the top 1%, have been built of the backs of those in the middle and lower financial classes. That has all come crashing down in just a few days as we adjust to an economy with no large gatherings or close contacts and which now includes shutting down many workplaces. The gig economy, which was never very secure to begin with, will be hit hard – though food delivery may pick up. So what do we expect those who are hurt the most to learn from this pandemic?

This much should be clear. The grievances with the status quo among those hurt the most by the pandemic with be greatly magnified when compared to the grievances of the financially secure. I don’t think it will take long for the working class to conclude that Bernie’s social-financial revolution is the medicine they need most.

There may soon come a time that the working class collectively figures out that those who have been taking the greatest advantage of their work have always been a danger to their lives and the lives of their families. They sort of know that anyway, down deep. – But if their situation gets truly dire, that’s when a more violent revolution becomes a very real possibility. That’s also why we see gun sales going up.

It’s becoming clearer every day that the Trumps will not willingly be left to control this country’s destiny. My sense is that Trump family will soon be categorized much like Marie Antoinette and Louis 14th were during the French Revolution – as a danger to the commonwealth. But Trump will try to take credit for any recovery we make as a society, even though his efforts came at least 30 days too late, largely due to his ego being his most important consideration. We must be careful not to be cast as being uncooperative to the corona virus relief effort, which Trump will try to do. Though we should and will work with him on corona virus relief acts, that does not give him a pass for his past crimes, nor for anything his will do – and predators like Trump will try to take advantage of the crisis and the disadvantaged – as he as always done.

The more it becomes clear that Trump will not win re-election, the more it bodes well for Bernie Sanders’ ideas. We all know Joe Biden cares, but also that he is not a revolutionary thinker. Joe is there to be a Trump slayer. If a Trump slayer is not needed, Bernie’s messages that promote more financial parity among American classes is going to gain traction. Watch this space.

PS. Yes. I know it’s coronavirus. I just think that’s a weird long word. I prefer to use corona virus as two words. That’s how most people think about it anyway.


Why Joe Biden Is Winning Over the Hearts of Americans

If Donald Trump were not president I would have spent the last 3.5 years doing much more of what I wanted to do before I realized this country was in big trouble. How about you?

Joseph Aronesty @EnglishCodeWord

Joe Biden essentially won the Democratic Party’s nomination in one unbelievable turn of events that occurred on March 2nd between 4 and 5 PM PST. When Pete Buttigieg announced he was pulling out of the race to endorse Joe, he made a truly touching speech. Pete’s speech was followed by Joe’s speech, wherein he he said Pete reminded him of departed son Beau. It choked me up. I am sure I was not alone. And that’s the moment I knew Joe was going to win the nomination. And I knew why: Joe has heart.

“Heart” is what Donald Trump is so glaringly lacking. And we all – on both sides – suddenly realized that undeniable truth and how important having heart is during an emergency. For the record, Hillary also seemed to lack heart. That’s really why she lost. Great speeches and ideas don’t mean as much as sincerity, because we all know how easy it is to lie or make claims that won’t get done when stumping to win votes. I also felt Elizabeth Warren, when she attacked Bloomberg, a man willing to bankroll the entire Democratic Party just to get rid of Donald Trump, showed a lack of heart in the way she attacked him on the debate stage. And I love Warren’s ideas.

I know Clyburn’s endorsement set the pendulum in motion days before Pete’s endorsement. But it was Joe’s heartfelt manner which suddenly felt like the thing we have been missing for 4 years since Trump-ism took hold on the airwaves. And it was so welcome that it changed everything. Joe shined that light without even trying. He was being sincere. And we miss sincerity here in the USA on both sides. Don’t we?

When I entered the business world in 1972 I still recall my father telling me people will give you a chance to win them over as long as you come off with sincerity. And since this blog was originally intended to be about etymology – or wordology – as I like to call it – let me break down the word SINCERE for you in my own unique wordology way.

SIN and SINE are known old Latin words for “without”. CERE is the root of the word CEREBRAL or HEAD. SINCERE means without thought ( for one’s self).

And on that standard Donald Trump has failed miserably to come off as sincere. In fact, Trump seems to do everything with only thought’s for his own self. Donald Trump exudes the polar opposite of sincerity. That’s why he is known as a narcissist. He has always been that way too. Even in college, where I knew him (Penn 67) , he was the original “it’s all about me” guy. He threw a rushing sophomore out of a mixer for dancing the mashed potatoes better than he could and getting all the girl attention.

Trump’s badly botched coronavirus speech reminded us all he is not the right person to manage a health crisis. Since he has surrounded himself with self-serving sycophants, Trump does not have anyone close to him who can really be trusted to lead us out of this mess. His heartless GOP just tried to knock down a House bill to provide sick leave for people affected by corona. I think they realize how bad that sounded and are back-tracking to fund a deal. But it’s more out of financial necessity than from heart. Their dark hearts have already been exposed. And yes, November seems like an eternity to wait for new leadership. The stock market seemed to know that too.

On the other hand, Joe Biden will surround himself with real, time-tested experts – the way our government used to function under Obama, Bush, Clinton, Reagan and before. Why am I sure of this? Because Joe Biden actually cares about others and he cares about his legacy as a public servant. The idea of serving the public is totally foreign to Donald Trump and his GOP sycophants.

There will be a lot of work needed to undo the damage done in four years by an inept, uncaring, heartless man who cheated to win an election and then ran the US government like a piggy bank for his own family interests. But right now, we have a country to save.

When you come down to it, Trump is just a pin-up doll for the Citizens United folks who wants big business to have more power than people. Those days are coming to an end. We have a unifying principle now – surviving a pandemic.

Practice social distancing. Vote Blue up and down.

That map looks suspiciously like the online dictatorship vs. democracy map. Same exact colors too. Find it at planetrulers.com I still think that’s what’s been driving Trump since Helsinki. Putin showed him “very powerfully” how close he was to taking over the world with a few dictators in control of it all. Read about that delicate balance in world power and see that map original HERE. https://englishcode.wordpress.com/2019/03/30/dictator-map/
www.planetrulers.com – use a google search –
Why does Donald Trump have that map in those exact colors?

I have just now written to planetrulers.com to see if they created this map and its colors or got it from somewhere else. I will report their reply, if they reply. This is what I wrote:

I was make an educated guess based on his body language, having known him. But now I think Trump is indeed working on global domination with Putin’s help. Why else would he have your map – if it is your map?



We Need That WW2 Teamwork Spirit Again Right Now

America Only Won WW2 Because We Worked Together as a Team.

In WW2 we let FDR have a 3rd term because we knew we were at war and could not afford to be divided. We can’t afford this inner division today either – but we don’t seem to know that. Dems must show the American people they can unite their party if they expect the country to believe they can unite the country. Both sides will respect that. After all, if they can’t unite the “left” how can they unite the country?

We are at war in the USA. We are at war with foreign enemies that want to exploit our riches. We are at war with Trump’s GOP party selling our rights and assets to the highest bidders. We are at war with Mother Nature, who seems to want to get rid of us for our polluting ways.  And at the same time, we are at war with each other, which makes it difficult for Americans to prevail at any effort.

I am old enough to remember first-hand the spirit of the WW2 generation. They were not the greed is good generation nor the it’s all about me generation. The greatest generation citizens resigned to do their parts to defeat German Nationalism with a spirit of teamwork and without ego. Now we have a combination of corporatism and American Nationalism to defeat. And they are about to shut the door on democracy. The moment the Senate acquits – it’s really over. Praying for votes in this rigged environment is not a plan. Hoping there will be a fair election is not a plan. It is a hope or a prayer.

Trump knows exactly how long he has to completely take this government over – from the justice department installations to the election fixing with our enemies. Trump is working every day to have our democracy be gone before the 2020 election. Why? Trump knows the term that follows his presidential term may be a prison term.


The two remaining viable candidates can meet in a room after the next debate and let’s settle on who will be the Democratic candidates for president, vice president, chief of staff and district attorney. There is a place for all the candidates in a new administration if they want it. If Biden prevails, Warren and Bernie’s message must not be ignored. They must set aside their egos. There is no place for someone who just “wants” to be president. We have that guy now. Mike Bloomberg has already signed on to being a team player to defeat Trump-ism. Thank you Mike!

MAGA people know they are being lied to. They still don’t know who will be there for them on our side because right now – we don’t even know. I used to think that was a bad thing. With Mike’s money, maybe it’s not so bad. Trump can’t attack both candidates at the same time quite so easily. But expect this to get real ugly in the last two weeks. That’s when he beat Hillary – and mainly in the last three days – just the way Biden surged. People have short memories for politics. Trump knows this. So expect shenanigans galore in October.

Each Team America player has a special purpose within this total teamwork concept. Biden – for his compassionate, people-person unifying style, but also for his experience in “being there”. Warren – for her progressive ideas on healthcare etc., and to keep Bernie’s grassroots energy in the game. Pete – for his brilliant, eloquent speaking, youth and appeal to servicemen. Kamala – to go after the crooks when this is all over – which will be crucial to making sure this does not happen again in our lifetimes.

Love like a Democrat. Fight like a Republican.

The following posts explain how we got here and show the way out:
Trump and
 Putin: Partners in the Biggest Crime in World History

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Election Meddling by Foreigners is an Attack on Our Commonwealth

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Trump’s Main Problem – Cheating To Win


We Are Now at War with the Entire GOP

The GOP is clearly allied with Vladimir Putin

If we think back to the 2016 campaign, there were strange sightings of Russians at the GOP Convention and trails of Russian money mixed with the NRC treasury. Now, in the rear view mirror, it all begins to make sense.

Putin realized that the GOP controlled the gateway to promote a 2016 presidential candidate. So first he had to form an alliance with the GOP and sell them on the idea of running Donald Trump. Reince Prebus didn’t go along with the Russian scheme, so he was the first to go.

McConnell, the most transactional US Senator in history, proved he would do anything to further his party’s interests when he held up Obama’s SCOTUS choice for one year. Mitch knows how essential he is for the GOP’s survival, so he leveraged a lucrative post for his wife Elaine Chao, who has many business ties to China, – Secretary of Transportation. So the McConnells are all in with the sellout.

The metastasis of the GOP sellout has spread to other positions of power within the US government. They are actively ousting anyone not 100% board and replacing them with lockstep loyalists. Comey, Tillerson and Mattis did not pass the loyalty test and were ousted for no good cause other than a president deserves to surround himself with whomever he wants. And yes, that is how the law reads.

Listen to what Putin said at a hockey game he plays in to a CBS reporter. “Trump is acting in accordance with ( the laws of ) his own government”.

Autocrats and criminals often leak out what’s on their minds when they think people are not paying attention. In Putin’s case, his power is so secure he could shoot someone in Red Square and not lose any power. He prefers poison these days. But view this interview, which you can listen to by clicking here, as a leaked statement of Putin’s state of information with respect to Trump’s actions to oust Comey. Putin was either in the loop, or more likely – calling the shots. Putin is a democracy takeover expert. Trump is taking orders, spreading lies – and golfing.

The GOP is and clearly has been aligned with Putin, and together they are trying to take over the United States by using the existing laws on the books. In a country of laws, there is really no other way to do it. That’s why they start with court appointees. That is Putin’s genius. Over time, they hope there will be less laws to fight.

The GOP is operating like a mob crime family, ignoring the will and interests of the American people they swear to serve. They focus on the steps needed to retain power for their uppermost members. They all have foreign entanglements and bank accounts where they can enrich themselves on the quiet.

The GOP is the process of forming a ruling oligarchy here in the USA, that will compare with what Putin has in Russia. That has become their primary goal now because once a faction has committed crimes, they must create and sustain an environment that keeps the crimes hidden forever. Hence the trial with no witnesses was necessary for the GOP. They are complicit with all or trump’s crimes, past and future now.

The vindication of Donald Trump in a Soviet-styled sham trial was an essential step in keeping the GOP’s crimes secret. Donald Trump knows that McConnell and the top GOP members are complicit in the crimes they have jointly committed. Trump has that dirt on the key members, so it was really impossible for the GOP senators to vote for witnesses and documents.

Really, they all need to be impeached. But Barr, Pompeo and McConnell for sure.

As for Trump, I say, IMPEACH HIM AGAIN in the People’s House. Get witnesses, documents and let the 75% of Americans see the truth during the election year. And I don’t care if there is an election coming – because they don’t care. The will call anyone who opposes this tyrant a criminal right up to the election day. And since people – here there and everywhere – are mostly meek and decent – enough of them will buy his lies to make it close and the cheating may get him over the line. But only if Russia is on the front page in October.

Let me end this short warning with math that should be very telling. Trump and his GOP party have just totally ignored the will of 75% of the American people who wanted to at least see the witness and documents in his impeachment trial. They are 75% along the way to a complete totalitarian rule here in the USA. After all, if 100% of Americans wanted to see a real trial and could not make it happen – that would mark the total surrender of democracy, which by definition means the people’s majority should prevail.

There two steps that remain for complete takeover of the US democracy: shutting down information media and rigging the election. PS. This is why Trump fears Bloomberg most. Mike owns a huge media outlet. This is why I am beginning to think Mike Bloomberg is our front man – but he should select and delegate positions to candidates like Bernie, Pete, Klobuchar and even Booker and Harris. If Bloomberg runs an inclusive campaign, that’s all we will really need. We can’t unit the country if we can’t unite our party. Whoever figures this out first, should be our man.

If I were in Schiff’s shoes, I would make a public plea for open-source encrypted voting software with paper trails for this year’s elections. Absent of that – which will never happen – the Dems must keep the investigation ongoing in the House, write new articles of impeachment for Trump and impeach McConnell, Barr and Pompeo – this time with a trial done in the House with witnesses and documents.

The primary meme that drives Putin and Trump is still “greed is good”. Don’t view these “statesmen” as politicians. View them and treat them for what they are – criminals with the titles of statesmen. They will view truth tellers in media and government as rats and leakers. That is the struggle we find ourselves in now –statesmen vs. criminals.

Will we allow criminals to keep the controls of our once democratic government and use our own laws to maintain their power and negate majority rule for all of us? What kind of world will we be living in when majority rule no longer applies in the USA at all? Ask the citizens of Russia and Venezuela how their authoritarian government is working for them.

These are links to my most relevant posts on Trump-ism. I sat in a class with Donald trump in ’67 at Penn and worked close enough to him in AC to see he was buying into a crooked lifestyle. I made a choice to get away from that meme. It just did not sit well with me. It still does not.

Trump and
 Putin: Partners in the Biggest Crime in World History

We Need That WW2 Teamwork Spirit Again Right Now

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Financial Criminals: the Masterminds Behind Most of the World’s Problems

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Trump’s Main Problem – Cheating To Win


The Next Few Weeks Will Decide the Fate of American Democracy

Waiting for November is a Fool’s Game

The Senate trial of Donald Trump begins January 21. 2020. The GOP Senators control the balance of power. Although 23 of them are up for election, November is a long way off. Whatever happens in the next 30 days, during the trial, will not be the pressing issues when November rolls around.

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, clearly partners in crime, are focused on stealing and holding the mantle of US government and democracy. If Trump is acquitted, they will spend the next six months sowing confusion and discord so this trial, which they hope to turn into a sham with no facts and witnesses, will be nearly forgotten by then. They know what all con men know. A voting public that is is struggling to keep ends met, has a very short attention span.

So it is up to we the people, those who want to conserve the US democracy, Constitution and rule of law, to treat the next thirty days as if our democracy depends on it. I’m sorry to use the “cancer” meme – being a rogue cell disease survivor myself – but it is appropriate. Trump-ism is metastatic now. It has its own enforcer – Bill Barr. The refusal of senators to even recognize the disease of Trump-ism resembles the way cancers fool the immune system. Waiting for November is a gamble that poses a high risk of death for the US democracy.

These are the states that house the senators that need to be targeted by their constituents. Sadly, they represent only 34% of the US population. But take heart. There are only 24 senators to petition, and they have shown us all they care about is staying in office. And if that is all they care about, that presents a path forward. And one of them, Doug Jones in Alabama, is a Democrat.

So in the next two weeks, we only need to show 23 people they have no chance of being re-elected if they will not allow witnesses, and documents and then, if the evidence is clear, vote to remove what all Americans know down-deep is a traitorous, uncaring, inept, greed-oriented, criminal POTUS, who is suborned by his past crimes and aligned with dictators, oligarchs and corporatism.

I am asking that the focus of groups like Indivisible, the Lincoln Group and others – start today. All focus should be on reaching the constituents in the states on this list. The rest of the country already wants the full truth to come out. No sense preaching to the choir.

Thank You

Below are links to my most relevant posts over the last three years of Trump-ism. They explain how we got here – and how we can get out this dark place. It begins with we the people. What are we going to do to preserve American democracy? Right now, our focus needs to be on 24 state senators.

Trump and Putin: Partners in the Biggest Crime in World History

We Need That WW2 Teamwork Spirit Again Right Now

What Does 2020 Look Like After the Senate Acquits?

Financial Criminals: the Masterminds Behind Most of the World’s Problems

Election Meddling by Foreigners is an Attack on Our Commonwealth

“Cyber” is the New “War” and Putin is Cyber Warfare’s First Master

Trump’s Main Problem – Cheating To Win


Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin: Partners in the Biggest Crime in World History

How they plan to end the American Democracy in 2020

Donald Trump first made his marks as a con man in NYC real estate, following in his father’s footsteps. If you had any doubt about that, consider the kind of man that opens a university touting it can help people be rich like him, but then proceeds to bilk his “students” out of their last savings -and without even teaching them anything of financial value. That’s a con man’s game. A pretty good con too, as who’s to say what an education is? And even at that, he settled for 25 million to dismiss the class-action suit.

Do you know what these con men do behind the scenes? They laugh about it all and exchange tales of who did the biggest con. How do I know this? I was brought up in Atlantic City and my first businesses were sort of Wharton School* versions of Nucky Thompson auction houses. I was a jeweler and art dealer on the boardwalk in the 70’s and 80’s. This is exactly what con men and even their employees talk about among themselves when they are not selling.

It’s as if they are all jealous of the guy making the biggest con. Even at family gatherings – weddings and funerals too – the men got together to talk about who made the biggest con like football players talk about great plays.

This is our president now. He is a con man and a crook – and everyone who ever did business with him knows that. An when he cons you – and lies and wins – he laughs with his friends and family and gets off on that. They laugh back too. Now as president, he has been allowed to surround himself with protectors within the structure of our body politic. So we are in real trouble here folks.

We need to start thinking how con men think. And because I was there once – at least close enough to witness real con men at work. I never bought into that world and got away when I could but I am very well-suited to tell the world what con man Trump will do next – and how to beat him at his own game.

There should be no doubt that Donald Trump has some sort of mutually profitable business partnership with Vladimir Putin . Everyone can see the Russians are hackers – here, there and everywhere. Candidate Trump openly welcomed Russian election help. It should also be clear that Donald Trump owes Putin for election help in 2016 and Putin fully expects to be paid back for his efforts.

I spoke to Ted Lieu about declaring election meddling to be an Act of War vs. the US Commonwealth. I explained to him that cyber war is still war – because the goals are the same as weapon war. The goal of war is to take something from another sovereign power. Affecting our free and fair elections takes more from us than any physical war could. It takes away our ability to steer the ship we call government for our own benefit. Ted told me that calling election meddling “war” – even “cyber war” was “incendiary”. It felt like he dismissed the idea. But categorizing election tampering as “Acts of Cyber War” would make what Trump, Guiliani and others are doing for Trump treasonous – which is what it is. And the punishments for treason are super high.

This is what I presented to Ted Lieu. It worth a quick read. https://englishcode.wordpress.com/2019/10/07/act-of-war/

Donald Trump is a Trojan Horse president. We essentially welcomed a criminal to be POTUS. He owes the world’s most dangerous person for his help in the 2016 election – and that help has begun for the 2020 election. These guys know they can’t win an honest election. They don’t want 2020 to be a fair election.

No one can say exactly what those two have promised to each other, but one thing is sure. If Putin leaks the details of their conversations, Trump would be arrested. But if Trump leaked to the Russian press, Putin would just laugh it off because no one can do anything to him. Putin has the upper hand in the Putin-Trump partnership – and that should worry all Americans. Putin also has total control of the Russian armed forces, police, press and it’s biggest businesses. Trump needs to get to that same place to avoid the justice that will certainly come his way when and if he becomes a citizen again.

Trump’s first recorded words, when Hillary called to concede were, “This should be interesting” – as if talking to himself. For weeks after, he went around saying “Can you believe it? I am president!” He did not prepare to be president at all. He was surprised, caught flat-footed – and a bit scared from the onset.

The moment Hillary conceded, Donald Trump knew he became the dog that caught the bus. That’s why he said “this should be interesting”. His thoughts turned to realizing that as president, his life of crimes and cons would be harder to keep out of the public domain. That’s why we’ve never see his taxes. He knows they will certainly incriminate him.

And now, Trump’s past crimes problem have become our problem. As much as Trump might seem to revel in this impeachment, he knows the term that follows his presidency may be a prison term. At the every least, Trump can’t be sure he won’t do jail time for what he has done – and must now continue to do.

So if you asked me, if Trump be willing to surrender to Putin in order to be president for life here – I’d tell you straight out – the answer is yes. He is already surrendering because he is letting Russians hack our elections again. In 2016, he was not yet president when he worked with Putin to rig the election. Obama should have shut Trump down when he could have, but he thought Trump would lose, so he let it go. That was Obama’s big mistake. It has become our nightmare.

Trump is now stuck trying to legally become the first dictator of the USA. But know that Donny is just a con man. He does not think six moves ahead like his poli-sci teacher, Vladimir Putin, who is not only Trump’s business partner in these crimes, but clearly the senior partner in the relationship.


Listen to what Putin said at a hockey game he plays in to a CBS reporter. He said with an undeniable smirk “Trump is acting in accordance with ( the laws of ) his own government”.

It’s as if Putin said whatever Trump does – he does legally – in accordance with US laws. Why would he say that? When Trump asked Putin, in their private meetings in Helsinki, how he took over Russia – which is “such a big country” Putin told him how he did it. I am sure it sounded something like this. “Donny. You can’t use force at first. First, I used existing Russian laws to grab more power. When I had enough power, I changed the laws. Then I shut down the free press, took the businesses and become president for life. You can do this too. I will teach you. ”

Putin informed Trump how to take over the USA the way he took Russia. And he leaked it to the CBS reporter with a smirk. These con men all like to leak-brag a bit. Remember when Trump told Bill Barr at the Rose Garden something to the effect of ” God speed – have a great life”? That was Trump leak/bragging about his job interview with Barr – wherein he got a promise of loyalty in return for payments in foreign bank accounts. That’s how these criminals operate – each and every time. Thick as thieves.

Why did Trump grab the interpreter’s notes in Helsinki? Those conversations were the height of treason. Watch Trump’s body language as he follows Putin to the stage and says “Putin very powerfully told me he didn’t do it”. It’s as if he had just been read the riot act moments before they took the stage. The words “very powerfully” were a leak. They leaked that Trump had just seen a powerful presentation of Putin’s entire game plan for world dominance – and also how he had the goods on Trump if he was not going along with it.

Now as to why Putin cares so much about getting more powerful – when he already has Russia – you have to understand why autocracies and democracies are natural born enemies. The autocrats are criminals that have ascended to power and they don’t want their citizens to find out that there are places where citizens enjoy free and fair elections. And it’s hard today, with the internet, to keep citizens from finding out how the other side lives. There’s no Iron Curtain any more – though the Chinese sure try at this – don’t they? This post explains that we are fighting criminals – not statesmen. The map in this post is a must see. https://englishcode.wordpress.com/2019/03/30/dictator-map/

Trump only has the brains and patience to handle the “big stuff”. He is not a detail person – never was – never will be. He is a con man. I worked with these guys for 20 years. They are all the same on many levels.

I want to end this post with links to a few more posts and this news that just came across. On Monday, January 13th, Bill Barr told reporters that any counterintelligence investigations into presidential campaigns will require his approval. In this post from months ago, I explained what the post-Senate acquittal world will look like. It’s going to start resembling Putin’s Russia around here and fast. It has to in order for Trump to follow in Putin’s footsteps.

The silencing of the Free Press will begin within a few days after his acquittal. They will say he is acquitted – and that any attempt to go after him again is presidential harassment – a term they have leaked before. Barr will make it illegal to go after Trump any more – as long as he is president. He will try to make it illegal for the house to bring new charges as well.

This is why I do not support Pelosi turning this over to Mitch until she knows exactly what the rules are and it is agreed that there will be witnesses, documents and – most importantly – Trump’s taxes.

Simply put, you can’t have a trial for obstructing justice and allow the indicted to obstruct justice within that trial. It just does not add up. I believe even if they do allow witnesses, the sold out GOP will not vote against Trump regardless of what they hear – as many are complicit in his criminality. We won’t like the post senate acquittal world at all. So why go there?

Love like a democrat, fight like a Republican. That is my battle cry. McConnell held up a SCOTUS nominee for ten months. We can hold this fake impeachment up for two or three months or at least until we get witnesses and documents – which should include taxes. We won’t get another chance to do this right.

When the weather breaks, the public can put the pressure on the 22 GOP senators that are up for election this cycle. This is all moving too fast – and the GOP likes it. That alone should inform Nancy to hold off and blame Trump and the GOP to wait for all three things – witnesses, documents and taxes. – Just blame the delay on the indicted president’s obstruction. Then walk and chew gum for a few months.

*And yes, I sat in a class with Donny Trump in 1967 – and he cheated then too. He paid a classmate to do his work. That’s cheating.


The First Crisis of the Decade

POTUS Must Be Transparent Now


Dear Nancy: This is the most important trial in American history. Do not allow justice to be obstructed within this trial. – Remember, this is also a trial for Trump’s obstruction of justice. The Senate trial should not proceed until it allows witnesses and documents – like any other trial. Full stop.

Wait for Mitch to see the light. He is up for election and his popularity is waning in Kentucky. Public pressure will increase after the Spring thaw. That’s just how the world works. Occupy Wall Street ended in the winter. Weather is a factor and hope is renewed and energized every spring. Don’t fight nature.

This delay is not hurting Democratic candidates. Just blame the delay on one word: OBSTRUCTION. Just say you are not going to allow Donald J Trump and his cult to conduct a sham trial in the US Senate. If Mitch has not budged by February, respond with if we have to wait for the election, then the voters in the USA and in Kentucky can have the final say on the fairness, witnesses, and documents in what is the most important trial in American history.

If the Senate trial begins and proceeds without those rules in place, we are saying uncovering the truth in Trump’s Senate trial, arguably the most important trial in American history – and maybe in world history – is less important to us than any mundane trial. It’s ridiculous.


The Soleimani assassination was an act of war done without consulting Congress. It’s clear the Iranians will look at this assassination as an act of war and will respond that way. What would we think if the Iranian Government sent a drone here and assassinated a general? People are the same everywhere.

Trump certainly stepped on Congress’s constitutionally ordained right to declare war, keeping them out of the loop. Angus King just said, Congress abdicated it’s right during the Reagan era and must now reclaim it. Congress. Do so and now. Nothing else will tell the Middle East we recognize the need to reign in our loose cannon POTUS like taking the steps to do so.

The man in the WH would blow the entire world up to save his small empire. We have been warned. Next time we won’t be so lucky.

To this observer’s eye, we have an inept, ill-prepared dolt in charge of our international affairs. American are losing with him at the helm in all arenas except the stock market which only measures how the top 10% of Americans are doing.

The president’s powers – including his war and pardon powers – are ceded to him by the people of the United States and they are his powers to use if and only if he is acting in the interest of the American Commonwealth. A president has no right to use those powers for his own self. Nixon made that error. So did Benedict Arnold.

It’s clear Trump no longer has the full trust of the majority of Americans. Once a POTUS violates his oath of office and is indicted and impeached should he still have those war and pardon powers? I don’t think so. It is certainly not in the interest of the Americans to allow a president to continue to serve if he is using his granted powers for his own self – which at every turn of events – seems to be the case with Donald J Trump.

Sequestering Trump’s pardon powers are just as important as overseeing his war powers. Why? Because Trump enrolls loyalists and entices them to break laws with the promise he will pardon them if they remain loyal.

Our biggest mistake in 2016 was allowing a man to run for president while concealing his taxes. Trump still won’t show his taxes. Trump’s taxes will not only reveal the nature of his financial dealings with Russia but also any other forms of cheating or gaming the system. He is already suspected of tax evasion to the tune of 500 million dollars, starting as far back as the 1980’s. His taxes would answer questions we need to be certain that Trump is not engaging in corruption, tax evasion, self-dealing and/or traitorous behavior. There’s so much we don’t know – and won’t know – until we have Trump’s taxes

  • Did Trump directly or indirectly pay Russians to hack our election?
  • Does he owe Russians money?
  • Is he trying to square a debt?
  • Does Trump have dealings with any foreign countries that hold sway over our national security decisions?
  • Why did we sell Saudi Arabia our nuclear secrets?
  • Why does his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, have security clearance in spite of warnings from seasoned security experts?
  • Why did he order Soleimani assassinated?

This is now way past the point of a crisis. Most Americans now deem the Trump presidency is our #1 national security emergency. Globally, Trump is now ranked to be the world’s most dangerous person – ranking more dangerous than Chairman Kim and Putin.

One thing is certain. Trump has not done all he can to be truthful, cooperative and helpful to the American people. Has Trump engaged in activities which, if done by any other citizen except the POTUS, would be indictable criminal behavior. If Trump was innocent of crimes, he would happily allow witnesses, docs, and show his taxes to put all the suspicion behind him. So his refusal to cooperate only adds to our collective suspicion.

And it is also certain that Congress has the right and the duty to be a check on presidential power. In order to do that task, the POTUS must be transparent and cooperative. IF POTUS will not be transparent – and this one won’t – that increases both the risk and the power of Congress to seize things like taxes and translator’s notes, etc. 

Only 35% of Americans think Trump is honest according to a Quinnipiac poll. All Americans participated in that poll – both sides.

Quinniac Poll link

Remember these two things: Destroying the USA is a Putin Goal – Trump likes putin

And it gets worse. Every day Trump is in office, we are spending countless millions of taxpayer dollars – not to make healthcare better, not to make infrastructure better and not dealing with our real issues. Every day he has been in office – since day one – we have been wasting our energies and taxpayer dollars guarding his many homes, paying for his golf, paying our congressmen to squabble, fighting among ourselves and addressing the many indicted criminals and spies in his orbit. The endless discussions proceed ad nauseum for all Americans. Except for Trump. Trump loves watching others suffer and rigging his created fights.

So what do we do about our situation? These no cost steps will prevent a crisis.

Two Presidential Powers Must Be Taken Away from Trump

In the interest of national security and in lieu of the long process of impeachment – until Donald Trump allows witnesses to testify openly and shows his taxes our elected representatives should remove two of his presidential powers: 

  1. The power to declare war, shall reside solely with the Congress until we know “what the heck is going on” ( as Trump would say). Our current Congress may actually like this idea. They get war powers. And they are supposed to have that power anyway. Why should it reside with one man who is under so much traitorous suspicion?   
  2. The power to pardon anyone connected to Trump, the Trump Organization or campaign.  It’s ridiculous to allow anyone to pardon the accomplices in one’s own crimes. He can pardon anyone not in his circle, that’s fine.

Trump asks our sons to risk dying for our country. What will he risk? So far nothing. Our presidents owe us transparency. If he won’t do these small things – show his taxes and allow transparency -to save us all time, money, energy and trouble, then it will be clear to nearly everyone that Trump has no loyalty except to himself. And that is not the role of the POTUS.

Trump has already shown us that creating an international crisis or suspending the constitution– is not out of his playbook. Like a cornered rat fighting for his life, Trump will stop at nothing to save his ill-gotten fortune. We don’t want to wait and find out how far he will go. Trump will go all the way – to the guns!

That’s really why we must take away his power to make war and pardon his friends. Trump must be forced to be open and honest for the first time in his life – to keep Americans safe!

We got Trump because we allowed someone to run for president without being transparent about his taxes. A smart option is for new Congress would be to create a law that says no one can run or serve as POTUS (or in Congress) without showing 6 years of taxes. This would help most get rid of the criminal elements in our government. If Trump had to show his taxes to run in 2020, he would not run. That’s why he works so hard not to show them.

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Trump is One of Many Corrupt Rulers Who Launder Money Internationally

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Joseph Aronesty

Joseph Aronesty graduated from University of Pennsylvania in 1971. He earned a merit scholarship to Wharton School but transferred to liberal arts in his junior year to focus on history, literature and music theory. He was in a class at Wharton with Donald Trump in 1967: International Finance. Trump paid for his homework to get done in that class.

When the internet became viable in 1995, Mr. Aronesty created what is arguably is the world’s first click and buy e-commerce website.

Joseph is also a published songwriter, with hundreds of songs in his catalog. He now writes with musicians in Los Angeles, where he makes his home. He is an activist and his songs often reflect his political point of view.


What Does 2020 Look Like After the Senate Acquits?

Imagine America’s future was riding on a football game. The election of 2020 is that game in this analogy. One team has a captain and coach and the other team has 20 could-be quarterbacks and coaches, all sparring with each other. I think the favorite would the team with the strategic advantages. There is only one way to take away those strategic advantages. – We need a quarterback and head coach and now – while the game is on. When the Senate votes to end nullify the impeachment that will put us on defense for the rest of the game. Not smart.

I have explained that there is no rush to vote on impeachment. The big vote is 300 days away and most Americans don’t focus on elections until the last few weeks. That’s when Trump won 2016. And that’s when Trump will be trying to cheat to win again in 2020. A vote in Spring is a wiser strategy. It provides a time for public to digest what they are witnessing. The Spring ushers in renewed spirits and the weather is better for protesting too. We keep pushing for testimony from Bolton etc – and for Trump’s taxes. It also gives Trump time to self-destruct – which is a real possibility.

A few days ago, I figured Trump would wait for the Senate acquittal before coming after the FBI, the Free Press and his enemies in general. But just like his call to Zelensky followed the Mueller Report, Trump’s criminal mind tells him not to wait even one day.

And so now Trump and Barr are coming after the FBI. Why not? Imagine if Al Capone had been able to fire Elliot Ness. Getting rid of the cops that come after criminals is ideal … for the criminals. Donald Trump has created a portal to the world we saw in Back to the Future II when Biff takes over the world by … cheating to win. Life is imitating art.

So this is what we expect if the House lets the Senate acquit. Trump and Barr are partners in crime now. They have access to all the best criminal minds on the planet. But 52% of Americans are dug in against this Dystopian version of the United States. They won’t back down. But neither will Trump. He knows there is a good chance the term that follows his presidential term is a jail term. How does this not end like a Tarantino movie?

So 2020 will soon resemble a Civil War – a Cyber Civil War at first. Trump will continue to paint his opponents as “human scum”. They will bring out a phrase they have used very lightly so far: presidential harassment. They will state that coming after the president after he has been acquitted in the Senate is presidential harassment and is hurting the nation. Barr will arrest or indict some of his opponents and some reporters.

The fever pitch will rise as we approach the summer and the Democratic Convention. Security at the convention should be overly prepared because Trump and the Russians will have all their adversaries in one place for a week. This would be an ideal place for “an incident”. Those who cannot stomach Trump’s vile language and culture of hate will be in the streets protesting.

An incident at a Democratic street protest would also be ideal to break up the resistance. This is what Trump and Barr will be focused on during the run-up to the election. They will be focused on making decent citizens who want a better place for their children look like the bad guys. They will also focus on making Democrats look like the criminals. Lock them up may be their battle cry. We know it’s been Trump Barr and the GOP that are the bad guys. They have joined the criminals on the planet – like Putin – in an effort to subjugate the lives of everyday American and global citizens.

So yes. It was necessary to write and release Articles of Impeachment. Dems have done a great job. But they should not vote on them right away. Let it all sink in a few months. Set a date in late February or the early Spring, when the weather breaks. You never know when given time how Trump will shoot himself in the foot so bad that even his own base won’t like what they see. That is what we really need to happen, and it can – given time. Keep asking for his taxes and for the testimony he has obstructed. And then walk and chew gum for a few months.

In the gap between impeachment and voting for it, we totally change our strategy for the election of 2020!

America Won WW2 Because We Worked Together as a Team


We are at war in the USA. We are at war with foreign enemies that want to exploit our riches. We are at war with Trump’s GOP party that sells our rights and assets to the highest bidders. And at the same time, we are at war with each other – which will make it very difficult to prevail in any effort.

I am old enough to remember first-hand the spirit of the WW2 generation. They were not the greed is good generation nor the it’s all about me generation. The greatest generation citizens resigned to do their parts to defeat German Nationalism without ego and with a spirit of teamwork. Now we have American Nationalism to defeat. And it’s not across the pond.


The viable candidates and those who really want to work to save this country should meet in a room and settle on who will be the Democratic candidates for president, vice president, chief of staff and district attorney. No one has to storm a beach. Then that team pools resources and gets to work – not only to beat Trump – but to show the American people on both sides what they can do for the citizens of the USA.

The above is where Amy can seal this all up with one or two calls. First Biden – who may say no. Then Bloomberg who should see its brilliance.

The optics are spectacular. Instead of 20 candidates telling undecided American voters why they are best for the top job – we present one well-prepared team, ready on day one to get the actual jobs done for all Americans. Even MAGA people will go for that. They know they are being lied to. They just don’t know who will be there for them on our side because we don’t know. Maybe they won’t like who we choose, so they stay with what they know – Trump. They will remain tuned out to our overtures until we decide. Till next July? Really?

We need the MAGA people to put pressure on their reps to break from Trump and Trumpism. The GOP reps are spineless. They will fold to pressure. The GOP will get smart and remove Trump from consideration. Romney will run. We’ll clean up the elections. The Russians won’t have a dog in the fight and won’t bother meddling. And democracy is saved!

Think ahead. This plan can’t lose. An election that includes Donald Trump is way too risky. And no plan can’t win.

About the author: Joseph Aronesty was a classmate to Donald Trump in 1967 at Penn and worked close to his casinos in Atlantic City from 86 to 99. He created one of the world’s first e-commerce web sites in 1996, which he still operates. Joseph is a dedicated father of five and plays at songwriting and tournament poker. His book “Deciphering the English Code” describes how spoken language evolved from body-sign language in Stone Age Africa and how all the world’s languages are related in very tangible accessible ways. He hopes to do a book tour after Trump is no longer POTUS and wonders if that will be 2021 or 2025.

About the author:

Joseph Aronesty was a classmate to Donald Trump in 1967 at Penn and worked close to his casinos in Atlantic City from 86 to 99. He created one of the world’s first e-commerce web sites in 1996, which he still operates. Joseph is a dedicated father of five and plays at songwriting and tournament poker. His book “Deciphering the English Code” describes how spoken language evolved from body-sign language in Stone Age Africa and how all the world’s languages are related in very tangible accessible ways.


What Happens After Senate Acquits Donald Trump?

If there is going to be a death knell for the US democracy, it will ring on the day the Senate votes to effectively nullify Trump’s impeachment in the House. *

We all know Pelosi was wary that impeachment wouldn’t change the hardened hearts of the GOP in the Senate. She was 100% right about that. After truly stunning, undeniable evidence poured out over the airwaves during the televised impeachment, we can see the GOP just ignore anything that is untoward to their agenda. 

What Trump wants now is for impeachment to get to the Senate as soon as possible  so McConnell can shut it down! 

Word is the House will vote on impeachment about Christmas time. That’s about as bad of timing as Bugsy Segal had when he opened the Flamingo Hotel on Christmas Day. Trump is welcoming it. In his mind, he’s got this. He’s following a path paved by tutor Vladimir Putin who has done this all before. They even send emissaries to the White House for secret meetings so Donny doesn’t screw up. They have a payoff for all this too. And that comes from our pockets and our souls fellow Americans.

Strategically, there could not be a worse time than the Christmas season to vote on Impeachment. The public will need Christmas, especially this year, to chill with their families. The Evangelists certainly won’t appreciate it.

And the fact-finding part of the investigation is doing a great job. But facts need to register with people when they have the time to focus and let it seep in. Democrats will seem like the bad guys for muddying up Christmas. This is sort of the logic that Professor Turley presented at the trial. He did not say impeachment was invalid, he just said give it time to register with the public.

So why should that fact-revealing process end before Nancy thinks she has the Senate votes? The notion that we need to concentrate on the people’s issues and get this impeachment off our chests is ridiculous. People’s issues, like climate change and health care will not be addressed if Trump remains president. He couldn’t care less about other people and both sides know that.

The big plus of the impeachment process is the drip drip of damning evidence. Once there is Senate acquittal – the drip drip is over.  In baseball terms, Trump will own the late innings – as we approach election day. Not smart.

Let’s imagine we don’t vote on impeachment until we are sure we have the Senate votes we need. What happens then? 

Trump never gets the Senate acquittal he wants. The GOP accuses the Dems of playing games.  Big deal. The GOP are not afraid to play political games. Comey. Gorsuch. Barr. We’d better not be afraid either. 

And yes, we may never sense we have those GOP Senate votes, but this strategy at least provides a mechanism to put pressure on the GOP who are running in 2020. And it keeps Russia on the airwaves which is key. Because no to Russia” is the one thing both sides agree on down deep

So when the GOP says hurry up – we just say “we’d be happy to hurry up but the President is obstructing justice”. We need to speak with Bolton, Pompeo, Mulvaney, Kushner, Guiliane and Pence. And we want Trump’s taxes. And if Trump wants this all to happen fast (so it’s old news by election time), so do we! All Trump has to do is stop obstructing justice, let people testify and give up his taxes, like an honest person would. His honesty is not really the question here. Even his supporters know he is not honest.

Any of the Dem candidates can beat Trump if the election is fair and maybe none can win if it’s fixed again. Think on that, because Trump is. If Trump is still in office, the 2020 election is not going to be clean and fair. It’s how Putin wins in Russia. Trump and Putin will do anything to win. They even say it.

Ideally, democracy needs Trump OUT of office before the 2020 election. But the GOP won’t abandon him precisely because Trump will do anything to win. They get to ride his coattails without being in on the anything – which includes actual crimes. It’s like having someone steal for you. The GOP are okay with that.

The Vote in Spring Strategy puts impeachment in the Senate while GOP candidates are busy trying to get re-elected. Public pressure can sink in then. Public pressure is the ONLY thing that will get the GOP to turn. Public pressure is what got Nixon out. Public resistance takes time. Public resistance is easier to deploy in the Spring than at Christmas or in the dead of winter. Weather is a factor. Occupy Wall Street was put to rest in the dead of winter. When winter breaks there is a sense of renewal in the people. Be smart. Play with nature – not against it. There is no huge rush here. The election is far away. People have short memories for politics. Trump will do all the worse things in the last 2 weeks – knowing that. He won 2016 in the last 2 weeks.


There is another important thing to consider when you are 99% certain the Senate will turn this impeachment show off. What does our world look like post-Trump Senate acquittal? And now I want you to think about two words Barr and Trump have floated out there: presidential harassment.

I picture Barr declaring: the impeachment hoax has been put to rest and if the Democrats can’t accept that and continue to divide the country and engage in presidential harassment, they are hurting America. And it should be illegal to hurt America any more now that its all settled. When he starts arresting dissenting voices this place will start resembling Putin’s Russia. They will create an incident. That scenario is a very real possibility and it is also the way Putin got to be POTUS for life. Trump is in Putin’s dictator school now. We know he’s not that smart or strategic. But this is where this country is headed in early 2020 if we let him be acquitted in the Senate before Spring.

This vote later strategy will result in the GOP candidates starting to feel the heat late in their games. -It has the best shot of moving them back into the realm of doing the right thing – even if it’s only to save their own hides. And that is optimal for the Dem cause – which is the cause of truth and democracy. 

When and if Nancy senses she has the votes in the Senate, the Dems vote in the House – and not until. Don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes rings true here. There is no reason vote to impeach only to lose the game in the Senate. Dems should just add time to the clock. Don’t let all the wind out of our sails.


There is one other smart way to gamble with our democracy’s future. At Karen Bass’s open house, there was mention that if they got four GOP senators, the House could stipulate the Senate vote would be done by Secret Ballot. If they can get this assured, maybe they give the GOP Senators space to secretly vote their consciousnesses. Without that assured, the fast vote is a fool’s game. And McCarthy just now, as I type this, has begun the exact talking points I mentioned above. They are damning those who demand an honest president.

A loss in the Senate is way worse than a win in the House. And this was Nancy’s original instinct anyway! She had this thought through. What she may not have figured is that she can have it both ways. The impeachment is dredging up facts and witnesses. The process is working. Let it continue as long as we can or until a real opportunity opens up.

The ONE THING that could allow GOP to vote their conscious – and not vote to save their own hides – is a SECRET BALLOT in the SENATE. So now I am amending my request to wait ONLY if you SECURE the 4 GOP Senators to agree to SECRET BALLOT. Then I would sleep comfortably knowing that this impeachment will probably work out okay. 

There is still NO SENSE in VOTING TO IMPEACH if you KNOW it will be shut down in the SENATE. 

I want to warn you again about BARR. If TRUMP is acquitted in the SENATE, they have already put out the meme PRESIDENTIAL HARASSMENT. BARR can try to make it illegal to HARASS the president. He can arrest some dissidents. And then this place begins to look like PUTIN ( and Stalin’s ) RUSSIA.

Thank You for your serious considerations.

These next three posts outline strategies to win back control of our country and begin to undo the loss we experienced in the Cyber War of 2016. Ignore at the peril of democracy. If you are a businessman, your biz and your way of life eventually go too. Putin now owns all the big businesses in Russia. He’s not been there so long either. How did that happen? Get it yet?




All Love

Joseph Aronesty – my name at gmail

I was a classmate to Trump at Penn in 67 and worked close enough to him in AC from 86 to 99.

This is the GOP party now.

read on: https://englishcode.wordpress.com/2019/03/30/dictator-map/


The Trump Reality TV Show Presidency is Ending

But How Does the Trump Era Not End like a Tarantino Movie?

Trump is a gangster extraordinaire and America knows that now. That makes him too dangerous to be trusted with running our nation’s affairs, domestic or foreign. We gave him a fair shot. We see him as incompetent, divisive, dishonest and incapable of being a president for all Americans. The Trump Era is coming to an end.

The problem now is, how does this reality TV show presidency end? And to me it looks more and more like it ends like a violent Tarantino movie.

Trump has no quit in him. He has too much to lose now if he wanted to quit. He has said, “What does it all matter if I don’t win?”. In his dealings as a NYC real estate man, there was a lower level of scrutiny. He should have known getting into government would expose his past crimes. But the greed bug hit him just like it hit the gamblers who frequented his casinos. He used the greed trap to make a fortune and then fell in the same trap he had been setting all his life.

Dear US citizens “on both sides”,

  1. Trump has been caught trying to shake down the president of Ukraine, who is battling Vladimir Putin in a hot war, by threatening to withhold 400 million in military aid dollars which the US Congress had approved, unless he provided dirt on Trump’s main rival in the next election, Joe Biden.
  2. Trump’s reaction to getting caught was to threaten the lives of Americans who are conducting the Constitutionally approved oversight into his conduct in the Ukrainian affair.
  3. Trump has told us who he is. We may not have known when he was a candidate, but both sides know who he is now. Both sides see he should’t be trusted with the serious responsibilities of the POTUS job any longer. Every day poses a risk for all of us. He is capable of anything and has said so.
  4. Trump’s finances and his Russian ties both involve laundered money . It’s clear someone who engages in money laundering must keep that truth from ever coming out. We need to see Trump’s taxes asap.
  5. Trump’s feigned loyalty to the American citizenry was never sincere, but the crime in Ukraine made that clear to both sides. The polls are closing in on Donald Trump. And he knows better than most, it’s all about ratings.
  6. If left in power, Trump must and will continue to engage in more crimes, like what happened in the Ukraine, to cover up his past crimes and stay in power. He must hope the truth never catches up with him. 
  7. Trump has a lot to lose and clearly is not thinking in a stable enough manner to steer the US Government in a safe secure manner.
  8. Trump should step aside while the investigation is ongoing or step down and make a deal – or just cooperate – which he will never do. He’d rather plead the fifth. If he won’t step down, the clauses that seem to protect him should be waived for national security reasons and his pardon and war powers should be revoked.

Behind all this crime and pretending-to-govern presidency there is one main back story. It has nothing to do with serving or protecting the commonwealth. This map shows us: 50% of planet Earth is ruled by dictators. The USA is a tie-breaker. Read on:

https://englishcode.wordpress.com/2019/03/30/dictator-map/ Trump is a Corrupt Ruler Involved in International Money-Laundering

Trump Knew He Was Caught. Fired Dan Coates Three Days After the Call

The timing of three events this summer makes it clear Donald Trump knew he had been caught doing something very wrong.

Mueller testified July 24. It went over largely like a lead balloon. Feeling emboldened, Trump called the Ukrainian President on July 25th – they very next day – to ask him to collect dirt on the Bidens. He’s not wasting any time. He essentially reenacted the same crime he committed in 2016, enrolling foreign help to fix a national election, but this time he got caught red-handed. This was like OJ going back to reclaim his memorabilia after he got away with murder.

Three days later on July 28th, Dan Coates was fired. That is not a coincidence. Coates was the head of US Intelligence and not a Trump stooge. He should have known about the call made the the Ukraine. If he brought this to Trump and Trump asked him to keep it quiet – that would have resulted in his firing. And Trump likely was informed that the head of DNI needed to be someone he could get an allegiance pledge from. Joe McGuire may be a Trump stooge who has been bribed with funds placed in a foreign bank account – and he will not willingly let this dirt get out. He looks clean, but his actions are suspect.


Listen to what Putin said to a CBS reporter at a hockey game he plays in. Putin said with an undeniable smirk “Trump is acting in accordance with ( the laws of ) his own government”. And by acting, he meant taking action. “Trump is taking action in accordance with the laws of his own government”.

That is the only way to take over a country that is ruled by laws. You can use the loopholes and oversights in the current laws along with the many powers of the presidency to take over a country. Putin is Trump’s mentor, benefactor and his boss in international matters. This is also why we did not get the Helsinki meeting notes. Putin back-channels his autocrat lessons.

We have ourselves to blame for all this. When Trump fires a patriot to hire stooges – all I hear is the malarkey that “Trump deserves the cabinet he can work with”. Maybe an honest president does. But at some point we have to realize – like Putin says – we are letting a crook use our laws to drown this great country. Trumpism is like an auto-immune disease. We don’t recognize the threats because they masquerade as legal. 

We gave him Barr without reserve. We’ve let Trump put whomever he wants into key positions. And of course that is all working to Trump’s benefit. Where is Trump getting this strategy? It all points to Vladimir Putin, the man who successfully turned a free Russia into his own privately owned kingdom in a very short time. Trump can’t plan ahead. He is too busy watching TV and golfing to be brilliant at anything – except crime. Enough!

Why The Time To Impeach is Now

Impeachment is a strange fruit. The process was made intentionally long and difficult. Both houses must be on board but more importantly both sides of the America electorate must be on board.

We’ve all seen the pressure come and go with Donald Trump with all his many scandals. From “Russia, if you’re listening” to Access Hollywood to Helsinki, from Charlottesville to sh*thole countries and much more.

But the scandals that stick on both sides are the ones the seem to put our country in jeopardy. Both sides did not like Helsinki because we all sensed Trump could be compromised to Russia when he said “Putin was very powerful”. Both sides know that Russia does not have American interests at heart. This gaff still sticks in our throats because it affects our sense of national security.

And now it appears that one day after Mueller* did his feeble national appearance, Trump took a victory lap and felt secure enough to start enrolling foreign powers to affect our national elections again. He felt he had totally gotten away with whatever he did in 2016 and he was on to doing the same thing 2020.

I put the asterisk next to Mueller’s name because he testifies Monday and maybe he knows that the reason Trump tried to bribe Ukraine was because he failed to reach the American public with his performance. He’s got another chance now – and Mueller now sees how his lukewarm performance emboldened Trump to do more of the same exact crimes he was investigating. I’m not holding my breath for Mueller, but he was once a warrior – and maybe that instinct will resurface.

#WhistleBlowerGate is a clear abuse of power by Donald Trump. But it’s also an abuse that compromises our national security by bugging our free election process. Both sides see that clearly now. And that is super important because public support on both sides is needed to ride the impeachment wave to the safety of the shore.

The time to impeach is now while both sides are united and feeling betrayed. And I mean this week. Timing is everything. Stalling will be Trump’s plan with this Ukraine thing. If we also stall it will just fizzle the necessary public support to conduct impeachment. This window will not stay open long. We should have learned that by now.

There is also this. MAGA folk do not respect sissies. And maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe it’s good that a portion of our electorate respects the traditional icon of a warrior leader. Maybe it’s built in to them for a reason. Maybe to protect us. So it has occurred to me that at least some MAGA folk are looking for a reason to dump Trump and just has not seen it yet from the left side. Show them strength and this movement can gather steam. Show them weakness and deliberation – and it will fizzle out. Biden seemed to know that today. Good work Joe.

I think we all are longing for that great American feeling of national unity and pride again. If we impeach now it might be closer than we think.


America Won WW2 Because We Worked Together as a Team

We Need WW2 Teamwork Again Now

Let’s show the American people we can unite our party. Both sides will respect that. After all, if we cant unite the “left” how can we unite the country?

May 2019

We are at war in the USA. We are at war with foreign enemies that want to exploit our riches. We are at war with Trump’s GOP party that sells our rights and assets to the highest bidders. And at the same time, we are at war with each other – which will make it very difficult for any side to prevail in any effort.

I am old enough to remember first-hand the spirit of the WW2 generation. They were not the greed is good generation nor the it’s all about me generation. The greatest generation citizens resigned to do their parts to defeat German Nationalism with a spirit of teamwork and without ego. Now we have a combination of corporatism and American Nationalism to defeat.

We all know there’s an election in 2020. Trump knows exactly how long he has to completely take this government over – from the justice department installations to the election fixing with our enemies. Trump is working every day to have our democracy be gone before the 2020 election. Why? Trump knows the term that follows his presidential term may be a prison term.

I still see a way to get the current GOP Senate to vote to impeach Trump, but only after the Dems change the way they are running their campaigns . Some GOP senators are now whispering privately they want to abandon Trump. Let’s show those same GOP senators if they keep Trump as their figurehead they’ll have no shot in 2020. That’s the big idea here.


The viable candidates and those who really want to work to save this country should meet in a room and settle on who will be the Democratic candidates for president, vice president, chief of staff and district attorney. Then our Team America pools resources and gets to work – not only to beat Trump – but to show the American people what they can do for the citizens of the USA.

Will this surprise tactic of running for president with a VP and cabinet in place – work? How can it not work?

The optics are spectacular. Instead of 20 candidates telling undecided American voters why they are best for the top job – we present one well-prepared team, ready on day one to get the actual jobs done for all Americans.

Even MAGA people will go for that. They know they are being lied to. They just don’t know who will be there for them on our side because right now we don’t even know. They will remain tuned out to our overtures until we decide. Till next July? Really? It will be too late by then.

The big idea is to not preach to the choir and get GOP constituents in red states liking what they are seeing and hearing. Imagine a team energetic candidates all campaigning simultaneously for the ideas we need to transform this country. That's never been seen here before. It's like Trump that way - powerful out-of-the-box strategy. (You got to give him that.)

Now imagine the same-old, same-old – what we have now. More debates after-which we neither learn much nor convert voters to our common causes. More circular firing squads. And all the while, Trump team – from Kelly Anne to Bill Barr – speaks in unison. We are strategically handicapped because we play by rules, conventions and traditions while Trump does not. If we had fought WW2 this way, we’d all be speaking German here today.

I realize not every candidate will want to leave their current position to work in the 2021 cabinet that leads America into a modern future. But they can be offered posts. I sense a job for Michele Obama in Team America too.

There’s no room for it’s all about me now.

Other important posts for strategy to prevail as a democracy are below:

https://englishcode.wordpress.com/2019/03/30/dictator-map/ explains how we got here

https://englishcode.wordpress.com/2019/11/23/impeachment-2020/ a better path to impeaching – a tad of patience – not too much – but the Spring is always a better time to engage the public. Not Christmas for sure.

Joseph Aronesty is an e-commerce pioneer, online since 1996. He is a family man, published etymologist and songwriter. He lives outside Los Angeles.

He can be reached at josepharonesty@gmail.com

752 14th Street, Manhattan Beach CA 90266 818 423 1533


Our Democracy is Under Attack and Dems Are in Summer Recess. Really?

Why Dems will Deserve to Lose 2020 If They Don’t Impeach

Have we gone from waiting for Mueller to waiting for Pelosi?
July 28th, 2019 - With the firing of Dan Coats, Trump's war on the truth about his Russian allies escalates to a new level. This is now a full on war on all Americans. We can no longer trust Trump's people to protect us. We never could. But everyone who cares about preserving a free America knows this now. 

This post outlines a strategy to get Trump out ... by Christmas. Please read and think this through. There is not a day to waste. The attitude of all Americans must be: Teamwork. No egos. The Democratic Convention is not until July 2020. That is way too long of a wait to show the MAGA people what we will do for them. Once they see a better way forward, they will peel off supporting a party that takes advantage of people.

MAGA people, this is for you too. No harsh feelings. We were both fooled by the election shenanigans of 2016.

It's okay. Water under the bridge. Let's work together for a few months and we both can get what we want. There's still plenty of money to share and invest into infrastructure, education & healthcare  - making all our lives better.

People know when they are being ignored. And that’s exactly how Democrat leaning citizens will feel while Dems take a summer break now when we need to focus most. We are under attack and our sitting president is doing less than ignoring it – he is denying it! We are under attack and the Dems are enjoying recess. What is the difference? People will either feel ignored or that the threat must not be so dangerous.

Right now, 70% of Democratic constituents want impeachment. The one thing that really needs to be understood is why on Earth MAGA people are not also up in arms against Trump. He’s not doing much for them. His party wants to take away their pre-existing conditions. Trump tariffed farmers and told them to stick it out. His national debt is skyrocketing. He’s ignoring our environment. This is not good for either “side”.

There are many theories about why MAGA folk stick with Trump. It’s too easy to say that Trump’s base are all racists so they stay with him for that. But farmers aren’t usually racist haters. They are nature people. That does not seem right. MAGA people truly don’t want a swampy administration, filled with graft and with ties to Russia. They just need to see someone on the Dem side that appeals to their sense of what a leader is.

MAGA folk don’t like sissies. They prefer the part of the Bible that says “an eye for an eye” over “turn the other cheek”. What the Pelosi Dems miss is we will gain MAGA support if we act with seeming strength- as that is what they liked in Trump in the first place over Hillary! Everyone is missing that. The classic, age-old image of a warrior is what some people look for in a president. A group that can;t even decide to out a traitor is not going to be respected by the MAGA folk OR the Dems long run. How do we miss this?


Put ourselves in the shoes of Trump supporters. MAGA folk mostly know something’s not right with Donald Trump. He’s certainly not like them. But what choices are the Dems offering them now? Trump is all about photo-ops and sound bites. Dems don’t have one man’s man at the top of a platform to win over the disaffected MAGA people. They are not going to switch for Pelosi – top Dem now – face it. She was the original misogynist target before Hillary. They won’t switch for 20 assorted candidates. Why should they? We still might end up nominating someone they can’t tolerate. (Thinking in MAGA shoes.)

And therein lies the reason we are not getting on to removal of Donald Trump from office. Timing! It’s not Trump’s stonewalling as much as we currently have neither a coordinated ticket, agenda, platform nor war room. Trump has all of this. Putin has this. But we have 20 candidates who are about to fight with each other in debates.

During WW2 we all worked as a team to defeat a known enemy.  We have a known enemy now. We need that WW2 teamwork and no-egos mentality back.  

MAGA people won’t support Pelosi (or likely any woman) who does not seem to know her place aside a man. It’s how they view things. Set that aside. We can’t afford idealism now. Next cycle it should be fine. But we are about to lose our democracy over this guy. We cannot afford to ignore the misogyny and racial predispositions within the general population.

And even some of the men on the Dem side seem to have a feminine side. MAGA people also won’t switch for a Chuck Schumer. MAGA people just want a man who does not seem to have much of a feminine side. I know it’s weird. But it’s why they tolerate Trump even though they know he went into high school girls locker rooms – just to get off on it.

It’s also why they like Biden, Bernie and weirdly Mayor Pete – who, even though he is gay, speaks with undeniable masculine authority.

So the big idea is to get to Biden or Bernie to officially be our candidate sooner – and not later. And let’s not forget how Hillary disconnected from her supporters and did not choose Bernie as VP, squandering all that heartfelt support. We should agree to choose our candidate and VP from the 20 candidates in September. That is actually the simple and full fix for the Trump problem. This post aims to make that clear.

I know it's not the way things are usually done here. But they let Roosevelt be POTUS for 4 terms because the times demanded it. 

Our candidate should select his VP immediately upon confirmation. And it’s probably smart if the VP is a woman. MAGA people are okay with a man’s man working with a woman aside him – like a family. Remember. It’s about appearances for the MAGA people. They have their reasons. It’s why they broke for Trump. Respect that.

MAGA people will begin to drift from Trump as soon as they see another man’s man running who seems to care about them. And we have a few of them right now. And when MAGA folk begin to abandon Trump, what do you think the GOP politicians will do? That’s right! They are going to drop him and fast.

And when they do that Trump won’t even make it to the end of his term. Impeachment can be confirmed in the Senate and Trump can be removed from office within a few months – by Christmas. Done.

But it can only happen a few months after we first show MAGA people who we are running and what we can do for them. If we wait too long, there will be too much damage. Trump is the most expensive president we’ve ever had – primarily because he needs to tear us apart (Putin’s orders) to stay in power.

Another year of tearing us apart and there is bound to be an incident that Trump says – and Barr confirms – requires martial law here. They will set it up if need be. That will slowly become Trump’s goal. A trapped rat will bite.

Also note: This is how Putin took over his democracy in Russia. Trump is getting back-channel schooling in becoming a dictator. It’s why he loves Kim too. He loves the way these guys screw everybody and get away with it. It’s cool to him. I use cool because I know this guy. From Penn and AC. He is my peer - my generation. And you can’t fool your peers. Can your peers fool you? 

Getting Trump out by Christmas will also curtail what we are going to have to endure whether Trump loses – or wins. Michael Cohen was not kidding. Trump is not going to go for a smooth transition of power. Trump knows the term that follow his presidential term is a prison term.

When the Dems go on vacation, Trump will have the mic to himself. This cancer has spread folks. And the doctors want to go on vacation? It makes no sense. I don’t think there is a day to waste until we choose a candidate – develop our own war room and get Trump indicted.

Trump worked with the Russians to win a election. We now have no election protection because the guy who stole the last election controls the election machinery and justice department. Wake up!

Biden has the iconic face we need to promote the policies we all want and need. Others can formulate policies to benefit all Americans. Warren has detailed many great plans. Harris should be offered DA. She can be the one that puts all the crooks in the past administration in jail. Poetic justice. Why not Inslee for EPA? There is a job for all these candidates, if indeed they want to help their fellow Americans.

And if all they wanted to do is be president – they will say no – and that’s fine too. I suspect a few of them are in that boat. I call this Team America. We don’t just need one president. We need real WW2 style teamwork. Is that so hard? It isn’t! What we are doing is much harder and may fail. This cannot fail. No egos. Teamwork.

This should happen soon! This way all American citizens that want to preserve our democracy have a team to support right now. There are plenty of MAGA people that would like to abandon Trump, but we are taking way too long to show them an alternate plan and president. Why spread the money and support around? It’s weakening us right now – when we need strength. 

We now have 20 assorted candidates struggling for power – all with the same basic message. Trump has Barr, Pence McConnell, Graham, Nunez, Miller, Kushner and plenty of other sycophants all on one coordinated team. I know this is the system we have, but it’s really stupid to stick with something that is not working when you are in a war. – And we are definitely in a war now – with Russia and our own sold out swamp creatures.  All because you don’t hear the bombs dropping does not mean we are not under attack. We are in a cyber war and we have everything to lose. Let that sink in.

And we have no idea how or when Russia will strike next. Will they hit the electric grid? Will they hit our banking or voting systems? We can only play defense because we have no offense. – This is also why Pelosi has been wrong about not starting impeachment ASAP.  We are gambling with everything – every day Trump is in power. It’s like we’re willing to risk a negative lottery. We really don’t know if the sirens will start blaring tonight – do we?

Like Trump, Putin also has no quit button. They are ruthless, money laundering criminals with the power of their donors, judicial systems, media machines – and they have the guns! We know what we are up against.

We really can’t afford to wait until 2020 to have a candidate. We need to get to one candidate with a pre-selected VP and DA – asap. If we choose right the MAGA people will peel off, then the GOP reps will follow – and Donald Trump will swiftly get what he deserves. Then we can begin to take our government back from the money laundering swamp creatures that have it now.

To find out why Trump and Putin are aligned visit this previous post.


Trump is One of Many Corrupt Rulers Involved in International Money-Laundering Enterprises


Trump Plans to Destroy the American Democracy in 2019 – Not 2020

The Dems Should Run as a Team – Team America – Justice League 2020


Author: josephsword JosephAronesty@gmail.com –

Joseph Aronesty attended University of Pennsylvania 1967-1971. Published songwriter and father of 5 sons. Discovered that English letters are hieroglyphs for a Stone Age language code that began about 100,000 years ago in Africa, derived from the body/sign language we used as hunters. His book “Deciphering the English Code” conveys this in a way one can understand. He is also one of the world’s ground level e-commerce pioneers.


Trump Trying to Destroy America Before the Election


  • Is Donald Trump Intentionally Destroying America?
  • Has He Been Sent Here by Putin To Do That?

The post below, written May 2019, predicted that Donald Trump needed to destroy the American experiment before the election. With all the attacks on core American institutions and assets such as affordable healthcare, voting rights, the right to peacefully assemble, our environment, the right to stay healthy and happy, the free press and our standing in the democratic world community – I have begun to think he is doing this intentionally – as if this is a mission. Am I alone with that worry?

MAY 2019

Trump Planning to Destroy American Democracy Before the Election

The ICE RAIDS of 2019 marked the beginning of a new active phase in Trump’s attempted coupe of the American democracy. The main goal of this coupe is to deny the citizens of America the ability to run their own government – or even elect the people they want to run their government – so that the current coupe stays in power, regardless of what the people want or vote for.

Trump needs this coupe to remain in power specifically because he cheated with Russian help to win the presidency. If the truth on his election meddling ever gets through to a majority of Americans, and Trump can’t rig the 2020 election to win again, the new president will be forced, by public pressure, to move against the Trumps in a very big way. Trump knows this.

So Donny now needs to show how he handles public pressure. Trump needs to instill fear in the mainstream resistance and democrats in general. In short, Trump needs to show all Americans that he has the guns and will use them on people here – if they appear to be in the resistance to him.

That is what everyone is missing. It’s not about red meat for his base. It’s not even about protesters or immigrants. Trump does not care about the protesters and immigrants have always been nothing but cheap labor for his golf courses and hotels. It’s all about taking over America with a few key people ( whose fidelity he has purchased ) and squashing out the resistance, whether it comes from George Floyd protesters, “Indivisibles” or bona fide election results.


We must never forget that Putin assisted Trump and publicly celebrated his win. But it was not a win for winning’s sake. There were specific things that Putin wanted from America – things he could never have got from a legitimate president. So Vladimir Putin is now coaching Donald Trump on how to take over a large country using the existing laws within a country – and bribery of course. After all, Putin did this himself. No one knows espionage and fascist politics on this planet better than Vladimir Putin. And where there is bribery, there are secret bank accounts. So read on.

Donald Trump has never studied history. But soon after Trump cheated enough to win the 2016 election, the crime boss in him realized he just might need to actually become a dictator to cover up the crimes he committed to become POTUS. He also discovered that having experienced caring public servants in his administration was not going to work for him because good people are always loyal to country, heritage and laws. Trump knows he has always been a white-collar criminal, and if the truth ever comes out about election 2016 or his past crimes, he would be widely regarded as a modern day Benedict Arnold – or perhaps like the Rosenbergs, executed to giving up military secrets.  So what did Donald do? He immediately began cover-up and disinformation campaigns.


To keep his secrets safe, and having no particular affinity for the USA per se, Trump effectively surrendered the presidency to the mentors and allies that helped him win the election – big business, donors, Evangelists, Putin, Kushner, Bannon, etc.

One day one, he invited the very same Russians who helped put him in office to The White House to celebrate their victory. And at that meeting – he was told very strongly for the help he was given he was now beholden to Russia and Vladimir Putin, who is a student of history with hands-on experience in taking over a large country. They both made it clear the US/Russia relationship was a partnership now, and Putin would be giving him the step-by-step instructions on how to become a president for life – so the full truth about 2016 would never come out. 

What followed was a process that is tantamount to the process of a metastatic cancer. Thousands of small metastases take place with no seeming harm to the body. Some of those metastases are the loyalty-tested justices that Trump has been installing almost daily as POTUS. He installs self-serving people with the clear understanding that if they stick with Trump they are taken care of. – “Have a great life William Barr” comes to mind.


At some point, the justices are all called to rule in his favor. At first, it may be on insignificant things that are not crucial to the survival of the body. But that is just the training and testing period. The Nazis that worked for Hitler did not start out gassing Jews. It takes time to get all the right loyalists in place. This test of the abortion issue that we are witnessing in almost half of our states, is such a test. 

The appointments of Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and Barr were crucial in this disease process – which is actually an attempted coupe of the United States, all to keep one man out of jail.  

Since Trump knows he is finished if full truth comes out while he is still alive, Trump will be trying to stay in power, or keep his allies in the GOP in power for another 20 years by any and every means possible. That is what Trump’s entire presidency is now about – and will be about – as long as Donald Trump is allowed to remain president of the USA. It’s not about fulfilling his oath to serve and protect the American people. It’s not about making these better for every day Americans. 

There is no happy ending to the Trump presidency. There is this old song sung by Frank Sinatra – Something’s Got To Give. It’s either him or all of us. Either the USA succumbs to the Trump disease and is no more – or Trump is removed from office in 2021 – or sooner. I hope that is clear to everyone now.

If we wait for the 2020 election to treat this cancer, we have waited way too long. They will try to fix that election and if that fails they will say it was not legitimate. 

There’s one more thing. Treason is defined as an act of betrayal during a war. But just what constitutes a war is not defined in our constitution. – And the nature of war changes over time with the technologies. I believe today, cyber war – is war. We can take down a country by attacking a country’s internet today. No need for bullets. War has always been an effort to take something from a sovereign country by force. Election fraud does that just fine too.

I believe causes to prosecute Trump for espionage and treason have been present since June 2016 and “Russia, if you’re listening” – when he was just a citizen! Trump’s always one step ahead of us on this treason thing. Barr is talking about going after Comey and the FBI for treason. We’ll never beat this if Trump is allowed to play by different rules than the rest of us are. Wake up!

I have been writing for three years about the danger my former classmate from Penn poses for America and Americans. I’m not on TV or radio. I have only 1700 Twitter followers, about six politically aligned friends, my words and songs –  and that’s it. I have created my own system for family survival if Americans don’t get rid of Trump by 2021. We’ll be moving out of country – renting out our house – until this craziness is over. I don’t think I’ll be alone in that.

One other post to absorb below. This post explains WHY Trump has affinity for dictators. The WHY will not go away. It actually can’t. Trump is in way too deep to get out. It’s one of those “if i tell you i have to kill you” things. Think about what happened to Scarface. Anyone can go too far.




Defining “Traitor” and “Patriot” in our Cyber Era. Slow-walked Impeachment

“Patriot” and “Traitor” are totally opposite concepts.
patriot – a person who loves, supports and defends his or her country and its interests with devotion.
traitor – a person who betrays a country, tradition, principle or friend.
In 1776, thirteen English colonies threw off the yoke of being governed by a king and created a unique document to govern themselves.  Our founding fathers replaced royalty with elected officials. Free and fair elections are still the main concept that differentiates the USA from banana republics and kingdoms. But now, in a cyber age, American elections must be safeguarded if we are to remain that uniquely free country. Therefore those who violate election laws should be considered traitors to our democracy and be punished as traitors. It’s that simple. 
Rudy Guiliani just said, it’s okay to knowingly use stolen hacked information to aid one’s political campaign. Trump said long ago “it all doesn’t matter if I don’t win.” Apparently, some people think it’s okay to do anything to win. To them, the ends justify the means. 
But the vast majority of actual American citizens still believe our elections are sacred and their sanctity should never be violated regardless of reasons. After all, one can always make up reasons and justifications to cheat or break the laws which govern us. All criminals their actions when they decide to break, disregard or claim they don’t know – the law.  
russia-listeningThe dictionary’s definition of “traitor” ( a person who betrays a friend, country, tradition or principle) fits Donald Trump on all four counts. The “Benedict Arnold” definition of traitor –  leaking military strategies to an enemy combatant – is not the only definition of “traitor”.
Since Trump won’t  release the interpreter’s notes of his meetings with Vladimir Putin, we can’t even be sure he has not already leaked military secrets to the Russians. Further, attacking our elections should be considered an act of war. Wars are about taking something from another country by force. there can be wars without killing. So in this cyber age, maybe we have to redefine war. The Trumps – and only the Trumps – have benefited from the traitorous activity in his campaign. Those who carried out his criminal orders, his campaign manager, national security adviser, associates and lawyers are in jail or indicted for crimes. So I see Trump as a person who went to war with our US elections – and enrolled help from our biggest enemy on the world stage. To me, that’s cyber treason. We just released a domestic terrorist after 17 years for less than what Trump did. 
Almost daily, Trump betrays our American institutions, principles and traditions. 
  • Trump betrays a very necessary American institution, the FBI,  when he says their agents are somehow evil or “bad cops” because they are doing their jobs and duly investigating the Trump Organization’s many crimes.                                                                
  • Trump and the GOP were traitors to the founding American principle of a level paying field for all citizens when they tilted the tax system to favor their wealthy donors over average and lower income Americans.                                                                                                         
  • Trump remains a traitor to the American principle of equal justice under the law. He refuses to be open or transparent with his taxes and business finances even though Congress has the constitutional right and duty to have these documents.                            
  • When Trump Jr. responded to a Russian letter offering election help with “If it’s what you said, I love it” that was traitorous activity.  A founding principle of this nation is free and fair elections. Anyone who tries to fix or tilt an election via help from foreign entities who have no natural allegiance to the USA is engaged in traitorous activity.                                                                                                                                   
  • When Trump asked Russians to hack Hillary’s emails, he was being traitorous to the American principle of keeping foreign influence out of our elections, which is obviously the smart and right thing to strive for. It is illegal to take foreign money or assistance in national elections. Why? Because this is our home not theirs.                                                                                             
  • Money laundering and stashing one’s funds in undeclared foreign bank accounts to cheat one’s government out of 500 million dollars in taxes are traitorous activities.    
  • When Trump took Putin’s word about not meddling in our elections over the word of our own National Security Agency (NSA)  that was a betrayal of our national security. It was pretty clear he did this to protect his business relations with Putin.
Patriot is defined as: a person who loves, supports, and defends his country and its interests with devotion. Trump certainly likes to make believe he is is a patriot and loves photo ops with military people. But Donald Trump was a draft dodger and is a tax evader as well. One who skirts his tax and service obligations is clearly not devoted to one’s country but to one’s own self-interests. And we all know this describes Donald Trump to a tee. ( pardon the pun) 
That last word “devotion” is important because anyone who pays taxes is financially is “supporting one’s country”. But paying taxes is a legal obligation to one’s country. paying taxes does not make you a patriot. And even there, Trump tries to skirt his tax obligations. The key word in the definition of patriot is “devoted”.  Trump has only ever been devoted to his own – not country.
America was once world-renown as the land of the free. Is America just its land and assets? Or is America also its people and their issues? A free country is comprised of  “people living on a land area within set borders, bound by laws and joined by history.”
Trump has no problem calling anyone who does not like or support him “his enemy and an enemy of the state“. He uses that term for the free press, for justices that do not rule his way, but also for those who won’t vote for or support him. When a POTUS deems more than half the citizens he presides over to be his enemies – how can he be thought of as being patriotic to his country? It makes no sense. 
One defends one’s country by defending the people that live in that country – not just its land, assets and resources. Not just half the people. Not only one’s wealthy supporters. Anyone – citizen or president – who systematically alienates about 55% of the citizens of his country – cannot possibly be defending his countrymen. Actually, Trump’s incompetence and lack of care or discipline is endangering our country and its citizens. 
So by all reasonable standards we have a traitorous, unpatriotic, uncaring, narcissistic and ego-maniacal president. And every day he is in office presents a serious risk we should not willingly be accepting.  
It’s time to put Americans first – and that means protecting Americans against what Trump still might do to keep his stolen fortune. And he will do anything for that. Remember Trump said, “it all doesn’t matter if I don’t win.”  That means World War is not off the table for Trump if it distracts us from prosecuting him. Letting Russia hack our grid so there is no election at all in November – is not off the table! Nothing is off the table for Trump. Trump is the definition of a loose cannon. 
There’s one more thing. I hear some Dems saying don’t start impeachment because it won’t help our 2020 election chances. That school of thought just gives Trump more time in office. And that means those who are okay with Trump staying POTUS for two more years are okay with taking the very same risks they fear with him in office now. It’s like they said, yeah well, he’s not really that dangerous. And that koshers Trump for 2020.
Trump and his GOP stooges must be stained forever for what they have done and for what they are doing to America – the land of the free.  That stain should be ingrained into our history books so this can never happen again.  We will need the full truth to be exposed. It’s time for hearings. It’s time for Mueller to testify. We don’t need to call it impeachment yet. But hearings will function as a slow-walked impeachment. That is what we will need to save or restore our American democracy.
And for those that worry that it won’t result in the removal of the president because 54 GOP senators may continue to defend the president, even if the majority of Americans want the truth, well at least we will have them on record for defending Trump’s criminal deeds. And maybe the GOP base will get sickened at last about what their sold out party stands for. Because they don’t stand for Americans. When the base starts to be uneasy they will pressure the 54 and then Trump is either done or he escalates our danger.
Finally, we are not the only country trending towards oligarchy. The entire world is watching to see if Americans can save their democracy. If we fail, God only knows where this world is headed. 
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This post describes why the world is trending towards oligarchy. 
This post describes why we must see Trump’s taxes.

About the Author:

A cyber war is a war of words. Our writers, reporters, techs and artists become our warriors in a cyber war. Raise Our Voices! 

Joseph Aronesty graduated from University of Pennsylvania in 1971. He earned a merit scholarship to Wharton School but transferred to liberal arts in his junior year to focus on history, literature and music theory. He was in a class at Wharton with Donald Trump in 1967: International Finance. Trump paid for his homework to get done in that class.

When the internet became viable in 1995, Mr. Aronesty created what is arguably is the world’s first click and buy e-commerce website.

Joseph is also a published songwriter, with hundreds of songs in his catalog. He now writes with musicians in Los Angeles, where he makes his home. He is an activist and some of his songs reflect a political point of view.


The Dems Should Run as a Team – A Team America – A Justice League 2020

We’ve got to give Trump one thing. He’s not afraid to think outside-the-box. However, because his motivations are self-promotion and self-survival – not what’s good for everyday Americans – his thought processes are circular and always point to “what’s in it for me”.  Trump’s stated motto is “what does it matter if I don’t win?”  That means Trump is willing to do anything to stay in power. And that is the danger of the Trump presidency. 

So maybe we have to think outside the box this next go ’round. We all see the multiple candidates signing up to beat Trump. It reminds me of the GI’s signing up in WW2 to save the world. But so far, only three candidates have a real shot to beat Trump – Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

Bernie – Polls told us he did much better vs. Trump than Hillary did. He actually got a lot of Trump supporters who sincerely wanted and needed change. Bernie’s sincerity was and still is his biggest attribute. Many Trump supporters now know they were fooled by a con man. They’d be willing to give Bernie a shot to help them. Strange. But the Trump supporters need the help Bernie offers most. 

Joe Biden – Because Joe’s been there before. He’s more of a centrist –  and polls well in the Midwest. But his sincerity – seeing as he has not even entered the race – pales to Bernie’s.

Elizabeth Warren – Because she is feisty, energetic, smart and has more than just talk. She has plans.

Bernie has the young and the left. Biden had the older Democrats and the center. And we will need all of these people to beat our many formidable enemies in the Trump organization. I think if either can -pre-enroll Warren as VP the ticket could not lose. But I am aware that if Trump is impeached, maybe Warren would be okay as nominee because there wont be Trump to run against. 

The way a primary usually works is: many run and those who lose just go home and continue in their current jobs. But what does that say for all the others with good messages, energies and talents in this struggle we are going through? Are their energies to be set aside? I keep thinking if Hillary had chosen Bernie as veep Trump would never had happened. That energy loss of not enrolling Bernie begat Trump. We can’t repeat that mistake. And it would be so easy to make sure it cannot happen again – right now.

Trump has undone so many of our institutions. Winning back control of our government back will just step one. Change is going to take extensive teamwork – the kind of teamwork that became second nature for the WW2 generation because they too had formidable enemies. Change will not be a one man job. Trump’s “I alone can fix this” is not going to work.  It’s been exposed as folly. Both sides can see that now.

So let’s exploit Trump’s egocentric and narcissistic weaknesses. WWII was all about teamwork.  It was our teamwork that prevailed. Had we been divided then – we might all be speaking German here now. We need that team spirit now.


Why make the primary a winner-takes-all race? Why not make this a winner-enrolls-all primary? Can you imagine the strength of that commitment? It would be a truly unbeatable union. Trump couldn’t begin to match it. What’s he going to do? Is he going to run proudly with his team of Pence, Ross, Nielsen, Barr and Kushner? Just picture that. His team is ludicrous.

So let’s announce we are all running as a team. Whoever wins will offer the others an open option to assume a suitable post in the new administration. Perhaps this has to get to Pelosi or Perez first. I will try. But if you have a bigger mic – you try too. The team starts with us anyway. I call it “Justice League 2020” – for social media promotion anyway. After all, we are also struggling for justice as well. 


So here’s an image and an outside-the-box strategy to match Trump’s resolve – which will include election fixing, ad hoc crises, cyber attacks, Russian bots and potentially last minute make-shift war efforts. 

Help me get this to all the candidates. The struggle to gain the presidency should not run the risk of dividing the democratic electorate.

Share this forward and upwards. Thank You. 


What’s the Difference Between Russian Bots on Social Media and Fox News?

Almost no average Americans like the idea of Russian bots infiltrating our social media. There is overwhelming bilateral agreement on that – and for good reasons. 

First and foremost there is the idea that foreigners might not be loyal to the United States and their messages might be tainted and favor another nation-state. That’s why you have to be born here to be president. Granted that many foreigners respect the people and institutions of the US and I am sure there are many US citizens that don’t. Still there is something to be said for investigating the motives and influences of foreign contributors to the media stream. We can’t let ISIS run ads on our media. We all get that. So there should be standards for disseminating information. The new congress has work to do. 

There will be those who say freedom of speech is something that cannot be challenged in any way, under any circumstances. I remind them you can’t shout fire in a crowded theater if there is no fire. Why is that? Because it can hurt people! When freedom of speech can hurt the people or institutions of the US, it can and should be restricted, censored or edited – so it does no harm to the actual people that live here.

This may seem strange – but caring about outcomes for ordinary Americans was built into the constitution from its very first sentence! There is an enabling clause in the Declaration of Independence. ( bolded below) Let’s look it over. 

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

I guess they could have left out all those bolded words and it would just say “we the people … do establish this Constitution”. – But the founding fathers told us why they were doing this. And the whys are the largest part of their enabling clause. Let’s not lose sight of the six reasons they set forth to substantiate the creation of the USA. 

  1. in Order to form a more perfect Union – There was a loose union in 18th century America – and the founding fathers wanted to define that union more precisely. 
  2. Establish Justice – They knew justice needed to be defined and established. This was true then and it is true now. This also speaks to no man is above the law
  3. Insure Domestic Tranquility – And here we get to those media bots and Trump’s divisive messages. There is no way Trump cares about domestic tranquility. He had even said he would not surrender if he lost to Hillary. We’ve heard from him there would be a revolt from his base if he was impeached. Trump’s attitude is inconsistent with the spirit of the constitution and many see that attitude as a disqualify-er for the job of president. But I also see this as a reason to question the right of Fox News – which is not owned by an American – to hinder domestic tranquility with dis-information – just the way most think of the Russian bots. 
  4. Provide for the common defense – I don’t see how what Trump is doing with Russia, Saudi Arabia and North Korea as being helpful to our defense. I say leave this to the generals and the experts. Winning a popularity contest – which is what the 2016 election was – does not  qualify anyone as a military expert. 
  5. Promote the General Welfare – If there is one thing Trump has convinced people he has done right it is promoting welfare. My position is that he has allowed big companies to grab as much as they can through lower taxes and less regulation, and there will be a clean-up cost down the road. I see the phrase “general welfare” as more inclusive than favoring the rich or connected. General welfare was the 18th century way of saying “the 99%”. – Trump’s policies overly favor “the 1%”. People are beginning to catch on to that now – two years into his presidency, 
  6. Secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity – I’d like shine a light on that Posterity word. Caring about the next generation is built into the constitution. How thoughtful of the founders. And how thoughtless and unconstitutional it is to ignore the dangers we are leaving to our children. That word “posterity” in our constitution should inform our climate science policy. The founders had that vision – why have we lost it? Not smart. Not caring. Selfish. But very Trumpian. 

Fox News was created by Australian-born media mogul Rupert Murdoch in October of 1996. Fox News quickly grew to become a dominant subscription news network in the US. As of February 2015, approximately 95,000,000 US households (80% of them)  received Fox News. Murdoch is the current executive chairman of Fox News.

We are currently looking into ways make sure Russian bots don’t spread dis-information over the public airways and on social media. Why then do we allow a foreign-born person – Rupert Murdoch – to spread non-factual information over our airways to our American citizens? That is not consistent thinking. 

I remember when news used to be just news. But now there is something called spin. On the night before Charlottesville I recall Janine Pierrot rallying her listeners to go to Virginia and stand up to defend democracy. She had fire in her voice. The haters that went to Charlottesville felt they were called on a mission. Some said it was their duty to be there.  And Trump said ” I could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and my supporters would not leave me.” These are examples of dog whistling for haters to act out. This is shouting fire in a crowded theater. There must be standards. 

Reporters just go to the places where news happens – and with video and audio media they re-port ( literally re-carry) what they see and hear. However, if the news presented is not truthful or it’s spun to distort the truth, then how is that in keeping with what our founders wanted when they created the 6 reasons to form this beautiful country? 

Media is a big deal these days. It’s certainly bigger than it was in 1776 or even 1976. If we are trying to make sure our media are free of Russian bots, it’s because of the divisiveness they cause – not just because they are Russian or bots. And so, if Fox News is not reporting truth and their agenda is dividing or polarizing the country – which seems to be the case – why do they get the blessings of the FCC? There has to be standards for media. We’ve got  plenty of examples of how media can affect our every day lives. Plenty. 

fox-nowThere could be standards set for media before they can call a produced show “news”. There is precedent for that. Many supplements can’t be called vitamins and are sold with this disclaimer. This product is not intended to treat, cure, diagnose or prevent any disease. That’s there to protect the public from false expectations. It’s also consistent with the spirit of the Constitution.

So I can imagine a TV show – which is also a product or something that is produced – might also need a disclaimer. We don’t want people to have false expectations about the information they are about to receive. That’s also not how the founders wanted it. Media regulation should be part of the Green New Deal. Get on it. Thank You. 


Joseph Aronesty is an e-commerce pioneer, author, songwriter, etymologist and father to five sons. He went to Penn on scholarship and was in a class with Donald Trump in 1967.  He has been writing about Trump since he entered the race.

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And if all else fails, we can use technology to replace politicians. 

The Way Back to Political Sanity Could Also Involve Facebook, Google, CNN















Dem Presidential Hopefuls Should Unite Into a Team: Justice League 2020

Written Jan 12 – updated 7/11/19

1-justiceI’ve got to give Trump one thing. He’s not afraid to think outside the box. I rarely agree with his thinking because his prime motivations are self-promotion and self-survival – not what’s good for you and I. Trump is willing to do anything to stay in power. His stated motto is “what does it matter if I don’t win?” 

So maybe we have to think outside the box this next go ’round. We see all the multiple candidates signing up to beat Trump. it reminds me of the GI’s signing up in WW2. But so far, very few have a real shot to beat Trump. Biden, Bernie and Warren stack up best. 

In 2016, Bernie actually got a lot of the Trump supporters who wanted sincere change. Bernie’s sincerity was and still is his biggest attribute. Many Trump supporters now know they were fooled by a con man. 

Joe Biden because he’s been there before, he’s more of a centrist –  and also polls well in the Midwest. And we’ll need all of these people to beat the formidable enemies in the Trump organization. 

The way a primary usually works is many run and those who lose just go home and continue in their current jobs. But what does that say for all the others with good messages and talents in this struggle we are going through? Are their energies and dedications to be cast aside?

We need to overcome so much in 2020 . Winning will just the step one. Trump has undone so many of our institutions. Change will not be a one man job.  Trump’s “I alone can fix this” philosophy is not going to work.  Change is going to take extensive teamwork – the kind of teamwork that became second nature for the WW2 generation because they too had formidable enemies. We need that team USA spirit now.

So why make the primary a winner-take-all race? Why not make it a winner-enrolls-all primary? Can you imagine the strength of that commitment? It would be truly unbeatable. Trump can’t begin to match it. What’s he going to do? Is he going to run with his team of Pence, Ross, Barr and Kushner? His team is ludicrous. So let’s announce we are running as a team. Perhaps this has to get to Pelosi or Perez first. I will try. But if you have a bigger mic – you try too. The team starts with us anyway. 

So here’s an image and an outside-the-box strategy to match Trump’s resolve – which will include election fixing – ad hoc crises – cyber attacks – Russian bots – and potentially a make-shift war effort. 

I hope we get this to the candidates – all of them. Because the struggle to gain the presidency should not run the risk of dividing the democrat’s electorate. And it does. 

I’d like to see Harris as DA. I think Bernie and Biden should announce that their first VP choice will be one of the female candidates running right now.

Share this forward and upwards. Thank You. 





The last widely accepted sighting of a dodo bird was in 1662. 
Like many animals that evolved in isolation from significant predators, the dodo was fearless of humans. Their fearlessness, coupled with its inability to fly, made the dodo easy prey for sailors.

(Now change a few words.)

The last widely accepted sighting of the American Democracy was in 2020.
Like many people that live ignorant of history, most Americans trusted their leaders. This trust, coupled with the Americans’ inability to deal swiftly with their internal predators, made the American democracy easy prey for takeover.

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And if all else fails, we can use technology to replace politicians.

The Way Back to Political Sanity Could Also Involve Facebook, Google, CNN














Donald Trump is Drunk-Driving Our Governmental Institutions

GOVERN (v.): late 13c., “to rule with authority,” from Old French governer “steer, be at the helm of; govern, rule, command, direct”. Originally “to steer, to pilot,” a nautical word borrowed from Greek kybernan “to steer or pilot a ship, (also the root of cyber – interesting huh?). 

We elect officials into our government to effectively STEER our institutions for the common good. How is our current government doing at that task?


Ask yourself these questions: If a train engineer gets drunk and derails a train is he responsible? If a car driver gets distracted by texting and accidentally kills a pedestrian, is that driver responsible?

The answer to those questions is clearly “yes” – both morally and legally. In these cases, the bad actors would be found temporarily incompetent and fully responsible for the damages done due their incompetence. After all, when we board a train we expect the engineer to be competent. – And we expect licensed drivers also to be safe drivers.

So why then is it okay to violate one’s oath of office and stay in power? Why is it okay to head the institution of Environmental Protection and use that power to derail its commissioned mission to protect the environment? Why are the players in the Flint Michigan water crisis not responsible for the Flint deaths and misery?

And yes – why do we allow Trump to stay on as president? Should not lying over 8000 times in office be enough evidence for us to deem him unfit to act as our president? Why is lying to citizens while in office not illegal? It is a violation of the presidential oath. It seems to you can lose your driver’s license easier than lose your license to act as president. It makes zero sense.

I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

Is not the word “faithfully” diametrically opposed to “dishonestly”? So lying to the public is not faithful execution any more than lying to one’s spouse would be a faithful act. 

When you take a job that can effect the lives of others, there is an inherit obligation to function in a manner that is sober, honest and competent. Donald Trump had repeatedly shown that he is okay with lying. There have already been over forty criminal indictments so far in the Mueller probe – and they involve people that works for Donald Trump one way or another. That pressure is substantial. If every moment of every day he has to worry about his family and business being dragged into a criminal status, like his associates and accomplices are right now  –  how can he soberly steer this gigantic ship called the USA? How could anyone in that situation be trusted to steer our ship?

Donald Trump is steering our government – but more like a drunk driver speeding away from a hit and run. His judgment at the helm has been effectively impaired by a combination of narcissism, greed, criminal activity – and a total lack of empathy. Further, Trump is constantly shouting “fake news” to divert his base from believing their own eyes about the committed crimes with Russians to get elected. Election meddling is the actual hit-and-run crime he is speeding away from.

Nothing is off the table for Trump in his effort to avoid that prosecution. We must be careful – and even more careful over time.  – As judgment day approaches his only escape routes are war escalation – national emergencies – and pardoning his accomplices. 

All these incessant diversionary efforts would be exhausting for anyone, let alone the 72-year-old, out-of-shape Trump.  They compound daily and serve to cloud his judgement in steering all our government affairs – domestic are foreign.  How can we feel safe with Donald Trump at the helm of our government? We can’t and we don’t.

Do you feel safe with Donald Trump at the helm of our nation? Are we just getting used to feeling unsafe, the way we got used to the Cold War? Take a poll if you want to – but most people don’t feel safer today than they did 3 years ago. When in the past Presidents have let us down, we always thought at least they cared about Americans. There has been no evidence that Donald Trump is capable of caring about us – or anyone – in his first two years in office. That is more troubling than his bumbling incompetence. Even his base only gets lip service. He’s not doing much for them either. Ask red state citizens if they are really doing better under Trump’s new tax policy that favors the wealthy or if they like his tariffs. They don’t!

People who did not know Donald Trump before he burst into politics often thought he was just another rich business-owner and likely competent for the job of POTUS. But even if he was competent at one time,  after two years of scandals and indictments, Trump has become totally incompetent to soberly steer our country! He is functioning like a drunk driver – carelessly veering from point to point – all to escape justice, with neither direction nor respect for history and tradition.

There are steps we can and must take to safeguard our democracy until the full truth comes to light about Donald Trump. Cornered criminals do not give up easily. Trump is like a cancer in our body politic. Treating Trump with a wait it out strategy, like one does for a common cold, is a huge tactical error – and is totally irresponsible on our part.

So we must immediately limit his powers to pardon anyone in the Mueller cross-hairs (including himself)  and limit his war powers until the investigation into his criminality is finished and published.

Pass this post and your ideas forward and upward. United We Stand.

Joseph Aronesty: Author, Linguist, Songwriter, E-commerce pioneer, Activist   @EnglishCodeWord 


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Trump is One of Many Corrupt Rulers Who Launder Money Internationally

Can Restricting Two of Trump’s Presidential Powers Save Our Democracy?

What If Trump and the Entire Executive Branch Has Been Suborned?



Can Restricting Two of Trump’s Presidential Powers Save Our Democracy?

The walls that protected Donald Trump from scrutiny are beginning to tumble down. Talk of impeachment is gathering some momentum. Still there is the caveat that 2/3 of the Senate would not likely vote to impeach a sitting president.

Well that’s not good enough in these dire circumstances. We have our democracy and way of life to save. We cannot allow loopholes in our own laws, many of which violate the spirit of our democracy, to destroy the American way of life. And yet that is exactly what Trump (and Putin) are counting on. 

Nearly everyone who ran the Trump campaign for presidency has now been indicted and/or has pleaded guilty – which means they are criminals! Are we supposed to believe that Trump surrounded himself with criminals but is himself an innocent angel who just has poor judgment in choosing associates? There are even known and documented entanglements with the Kremlin. But the two parties have split over Trump and until he is either found guilty or innocent this fissure will not heal. We are at a genuine crossroads in American history. 

The USA is now effectively in a state of civil war – left vs. right. The fight is over what kind of country we want to be. We thought that was decided long ago. We thought we were a representative democracy with a government by the people and for the people. Right?  “The people” means the majority of people – not the billionaires.  Our sitting president speaks about Democrats and reporters as if they were the enemy.  Something is not right with this and we all know it. 

It now appears that Roger Stone is going to stonewall the FBI and hope for a pardon.  Are we really okay with Trump pardoning his political operatives even if they are found guilty of collusion with the Russian state to fix an American election? Do you realize that if we are okay with allowing foreign states influence over our elections we are already a conquered state?

Our presidents are given absolute pardon power on paper, but it seems ridiculous in a situation where a president can effectively pardon himself.  It seems dangerous as well.  How would pardoning one’s political allies and targeting one’s political enemies not be abusing power? That is what Putin and Stalin did. How would that keep America safe? How would that be good for you?

So we are proposing that we not allow our country’s laws to destroy the America we grew up in. We’ll need to restrict just two of our sitting president’s powers while we make 100% sure his is not compromised. Bring this up on the house floor. 

#1. Trump cannot declare war until we are certain he is not compromised.

Until then, the Generals and Congress must inherit and share the responsibility of commanding our military. There is no loss therein. Most presidents listen to their generals anyway. We are not comfortable with Donald Trump having war powers in his current state of mind. We know we are not alone. He’s under a lot of pressure now too. If starting a war and letting people die can relieve some of that pressure, Trump is okay with that. He can tune out the suffering of others because he has very little empathy. 

We want to hear more about restricting Trump’s war powers on social media in the coming days. So get the buzz going. We can not sit idly by and let our own laws spell our demise. 

#2. Trump cannot be allowed to pardon anyone indicted and found guilty by Robert Mueller. 

This is just common sense. If witnesses believe they can lie for the president and get a pardon, they will lie for the president. Witnesses should know ahead of time that Trump is not allowed to pardon Mueller’s indictees. Allowing a pardon to undo the penalties for lying to the FBI, renders the FBI powerless. Clearly this was not the intent of the pardon power. This is why pardoning people found guilty in cases in which one is involved cannot be allowed for this or any president. It is abuse of power.  It is a clear case of the letter of the law violating its spirit. 

These two simple and  logical restrictions on Trump’s powers would go a long way to insuring that the whole truth about Trump and the Russians gets out. And that truth will go a long way towards healing the divide in this country.

This bill is also strategically very clever. This is not impeachment. The president stays in office and retains all his powers except the two that could be used to derail the truth from getting out. Burying the truth will destroy the fabric of our country in very short order. So I suspect most Dems and our majority constituency will like the idea of checking Trump’s powers while he is being investigated – potentially as a traitor. This is not a bill the president needs to sign either. 

If Dems can get 90% of their own in the house to agree on this idea, they can publish the names of the Republicans who do not agree to restrict Trump’s war and pardon powers while the jury is out on Russian collusion.  How is that going to play for career politicians? It’s damning as all heck and it should be. Those who would say no to this can only be suborned themselves, because no part of allowing Donald Trump to declare war or pardon his friends sounds right to any of us.

Who among us – on the left or right – thinks it okay for a POTUS to selectively pardon his friends for crimes they are found guilty of doing? What kind of justice would that be? 

So can we please get this post to: Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Ted Lieu, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Elizabeth Warren, Eric Swalwell, Amy Klobuchar and AOC? And yes, maybe Mitt Romney and Mitch McConnell. Pass this forward please – for the sake of us all. I have started in my own way. But I need help to get this to the top. 

#1. Trump cannot declare war until we are 100% certain he is not compromised.

#2. Trump cannot be allowed to pardon anyone indicted and found guilty by Robert Mueller. 

I welcome feedback: josepharonesty@gmail.com


Job One for New Congress: Restrict Individual One’s Powers

Proposition 2019: A bill that protects Mueller while it checks Trump’s military powers until he is found innocent.

compromisedOn December 19th,  Trump took two steps that clearly benefited the state of Russia and Russians connected to Putin. Trump removed financial sanctions placed by our elected Congress against a nefarious Russian oligarch who was involved in the influence campaign of the 2016 election. Trump ordered our troops to leave Syria, leaving Russia and Iran more in control in the Middle East. Let’s analyze what this really means. 

I have been writing about my Penn classmate and AC associate for over two years now. It’s hard to miss his motives, as they are always about him. These actions Trump took today were his way of testing to see what power he actually has. 

Trump is not a student of history and really did not know a thing about being a US president when he took office. Ask yourself why he pardoned of Sheriff Joe. Trump did something borderline and when it stuck he learned that this was something he could get away with. That’s how Trump is learning the presidency. It’s really stupid that we allow this. Whatever rules keep him in office in spite of the chaos, lies, deceit and incompetence, they are not currently working towards our common welfare. And that common welfare is what the Constitution is all about!

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

The “in order to” clause establishes the reason for all that follows! When actions are taken by a public official that does not sync with or works against that clause, they are at the very least, spiritually unconstitutional. Domestic tranquility and promoting the general welfare of our citizens is every public servant’s duty – even the president. And Trump just does not do that at all, does he? 

Trump also tested his ability to make and end war today. Trump gave an order to pull our troops out of Syria and the military brass did not disobey it. So Trump just learned that, at least, he still has commander-in-chief status with the military. The military brass hold immense power in this country regardless of who is president. He knows that much. If they had said no to him, he would have learned the brass deemed Trump to be potentially dangerous or to reckless to command troops. It would mean perhaps the generals knew the dirt that General Flynn shared with Mueller. It would also mean Trump could not trust the military brass to sell out to him the way his GOP has been doing.  So Trump learned he still was in control of the military today. That alone makes our world much more dangerous.  There was some outrage from career generals – but no one in power said “no sir, we will not do this.” And Mattis resigned over this. 

And since Putin still has his military in Syria there is a real question as to who put this idea into Trump’s impulsive head. If Trump has been compromised by the Russians, the Syria pull out order likely originated with Putin – whom it benefits greatly. If that is the case, since it involves war and not an election, removing troops from Syria to benefit an enemy state is the actual legal definition of treason. Look this up. Espionage and Sedition Act of 1929.

Trump also tested his ability to favor his Russian business friends charged with crimes with his removal of sanctions against Derepaska. And no person or group had the backbone to say, “no, you can’t do that sir. Derepaska is an enemy to the USA. His was sanctioned for good cause. Since Derepaska is a Russian living in Russia, there was no real way for the USA to punish him for his crimes except financially. Today, Derepaska, a Russian oligarch aligned with Putin,  was effectively pardoned by Trump for his crimes against the USA today. He will pay no price for his crimes. That is a pardon. 


Trump is now individual one in the investigation into Russian influence in the 2016 presidential campaign. That means Trump is now suspected in crimes against our country. It now seems critical to our survival as a sovereign country that Trump’s powers be temporarily restricted for the safety of our American homeland.

We all know he never says one bad thing about Vladimir Putin. Imagine how stupid we will feel if we discover that Trump actually has been suborned and is taking military and financial orders from Putin. Actually, that is how criminal money launders operate. They do for each other and cover for each other. 

We must soon decide. Is it really worth it to leave our 240 heritage here up to a spoiled, incompetent liar and thief like Donald Trump? To think we are allowing Trump to have the nuclear codes while he is under investigation for what could be treason – is way beyond crazy and stupid. Who really knows what Putin will ask for next? How sold out are our government officials? That all has to change in the new Congress.

But first things first. 

I am proposing that job one of the new Congress when they resume on January 3rd is to create a bill that secures two things to keep our democracy safe:

  1. It must protect Mueller and his investigation until the truth about Individual One is a known quantity and he is found innocent of any crimes against our state.  
  2. It must restrict the war powers of Donald Trump until Mueller’s investigation reaches a conclusion. In the meantime, it relegates those powers to Congress, where there is more balance – at least until the investigation ends with Trump not found guilty of any crimes against the state. This will also give Congress a chance to repair its terrible reputation with the American people. They should like that on both sides of the proverbial aisle. 

For the remainder of the investigation, Congress should take over some of the other absolute powers bestowed on a president in good standing. Trump does not have to be impeached for the Congress to do this.  Trump just needs to be checked until we are sure he is working for us and not the enemy.  A bill can do that. This bill could also serve as incentive for Trump to be more helpful to Mueller investigation if indeed he is innocent.

However, it certainly does not look like Trump is innocent. I am sure Mueller, if left to discover the truth, will prove that Trump and his family were both aware of and complicit in the foreign attempt to influence the election of 2016. And that is both traitorous and treasonous. 

P.S. As I edited this post there was Breaking News that Sec. of Defense, General James Mattis was stepping down end of February. That only makes the two above requests even more crucial to our survival. For God’s sake children, don’t let this madness go on one more day beyond the end of February. Imagine the wacka-doodle Secretary of Defense Trump will want in his cabinet. Someone with no real experience. A loyalist. That spells death. It’s going to feel like that apocalyptic movie from the 1960’s – Dr. Strangelove – ’round here. 

Joseph Aronesty is an e-commerce pioneer, author, linguist, songwriter and political activist living in Los Angeles. He was in a class with Trump in 1967 at Penn and worked close to him in AC in the 1980’s. 

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And if all else fails, we can use technology to replace politicians’ functions.

The Way Back to Political Sanity Could Also Involve Facebook, Google, CNN


Trump Threatens to Leak On His Enemies as Mueller Turns Up Heat

mueller-trumpDonald Trump just threatened to release classified information on his opponents – largely Democrats –  but also outspoken civil servants like James Comey, who is about to go through a phony inquiry. The intent of the GOP’s Comey investigation is to scare Democrats from acting against Trump and the GOP. It’s sole message is “you come after Trump he will come after you”. This is one of the last desperate cards individual one can play in his attempt to obfuscate truth and obstruct justice.  But do not underestimate it’s value. Targeting Congress members has historically been a very effective of getting one’s own way. But why is this? Consider the following:

To our collective shame, the American citizenry has allowed politicians to enjoy the fruits of bribes and graft with little recourse. We’ve not been very politically active as a group. We elect politicians but then let them do their thing. We just hope they live up to their promises, but they rarely do. Lying to the public is not even illegal and the criminal type of politician knows that. We give them uncheck-able legal power and they run with it for self-aggrandizement. Therein lies the main problem with our current democracy. 

There’s a heck of a lot of old dirt hiding in the skeletons of both GOP and DEM Congressmen these days. That dirt is the real swamp. And it exists on both sides of the aisle. That dirt, which we permit to exist, consistently stops Americans from enjoying a robust democratic government that really could work for them. That dirt is the real enemy and we have to clean it up. Maybe we know this at last. Maybe. We will see. 

Why do you think Donald Trump said “I like Nancy Pelosi”? Yes, Pelosi is red meat for his base which includes plenty of misogynists who believe women belong in the kitchen, etc. But is it possible Trump already has some palpable dirt on Pelosi? She has been in politics for a long time. That brings experience, but it also means she has a history of business deals. I don’t know the details on how Pelosi got to be worth 29 million in real estate. And that’s not so much in California. I assume she is an honest player having not heard to the contrary. However I also know how Trump thinks. He figures he can paint her black because she has money. All the people in his circle who have money have dirt – he practically insists on it. So when Trump says he likes Nancy Pelosi, he’s saying he likes her as an opponent or enemy – not as a fellow politician to engage in an effort to help Americans live better lives. You can count on that.

For too long, a dis-engaged American electorate has permitted the criminal type to not only infiltrate its politics but steep in it with little consequence. Many of these self-serving politicians exist in both parties. Yes, it feels like the GOP has more of them but that may be because they have the power now. The only congressional group that might not yet have skeletons in their closets is the young freshman class that contains folks like Alex Cortez. So I am specially reaching out to them because it may come down to them to clean up the dirt and make self-serving politicians a thing of the past. 

What this all means becomes more apparent when you consider what happened to the idealistic Barack Obama after he entered the presidency. Barack made an effort to create “change we can believe in”. But,  beyond healthcare it seemed to many that he did not try that hard. Many Americans felt ignored. And that gave the GOP palpable traction to their success in 2016. It seemed like Obama sold out, but we couldn’t quite see it. With Trump – we know 100% he is selling out. We do see and hear about it every day. And it’s finally bugging Americans on both sides of the aisle. That’s what the Blue Wave was all about. And that may turn out to be a good thing. 

When the Democrats take power it will come down to why politicians sell out and why we permit it? Trump has already learned that there are skeletons in closets of his allies and enemies. He is collecting the dirt and he will play that game. It has begun!

So all this means when the DEMS come to power with Pelosi in charge, we the people will have to  keep an eye open for signs they start going soft on Trump. I hope that is not the case unless it’s to have Trump step down and I have written about that. ( see below)

But one thing for sure. Obama’s idealism hit the swamp/wall and he backed down. That wall still exists and the new House members will learn about it soon. Do they buckle? Do they start seeing paths to self dealing and join the swamp? Do they start complicated motions that ultimately go nowhere? We will know soon. 

And what is that swamp/wall anyway? It is the same military-industrial complex that Eisenhower made note of when he passed the baton on to JFK. It’s the Kochs, the Mercers, the Zuckerbergs, plenty of congress members, Boeing, GE, Saudi Arabia’s MBS. Putin, etc.  That’s a heck of an obstinate wall. And when it’s structure is challenged that wall fires back with back room deals and bullets. 

That’s why I sort of wanted the small band of 25 idealistic freshmen who opposed Pelosi to have their way. It’s not going to happen. I’m apprehensively okay with it. The freshman class is among the few in Congress that are not yet suborned by that wall. And yes, we recognize there are plenty of good, decent Congresspeople. But time spent in Congress turns many good people into cynical jaded operatives of the establishment. 

If we are going to make change that really restores America’s position of authority as a beacon of hope for the world to behold, we’re going to have to go “all the way”. That Frank Sinatra song comes to mind. When somebody loves you, it’s no good unless they love you all the way. ( One of my favorites.) We need to love our American democracy all the way this time folks. 

Citizens. If there is one good thing Trump has done for America it may be that his inexperience in government has resulted in exposing political corruption and dirt. And  it is now abhorrent to us all. But it’s only going to be a blessing of we go all the way and root out corruption at all levels of government – city, state and national. We’re going to have to vet our public servants to the core and have them reveal all their financial dealings if they want to work for us. We need to think of political appointments more like we think of doctors with licenses to uphold.  We’re going to have to instantly retire any public servant who does not want to put their books on the record. That’s how graft starts. 

Of course, there would be resistance to this kind of scrutiny from both sides of the aisle precisely because there are crooks in both parties. They have votes and they stick will together to protect their personal interests. So if we don’t go all the way, getting rid of Trump won’t mean that much. We’ll just get a new smoother Trump in time.

Anand Giridharadas, bright young author of “Winners Takes All”, said that maybe it would be a good idea to have a personal wealth ceiling for those seeking office. it’s idealistic, but that won’t happen. There are good people who have money too. So it’s the vetting that has to be done. Laws have to set up that disqualify people to serve immediately if they are found to be corrupt by standards we will have to create. We’re going to have to fix what’s broken in the US government system. 

Now that Cohen is revealing the truth, Trump has admitted he was indeed trying to build a Tower in Putin’s Russia while a candidate. I guess he figured he would not win and he could come back to the Moscow Tower after the election. When he won, he scrapped the tower project for the time being. But once he is not POTUS again in two years ( we presume – or less ) he can and will go back to that or other Russian projects. And so his not-so-far-into-the-future hope INFORMS his decisions today as president. And that we cannot not abide! We can all agree that a US president cannot have present, past, or soon-to-be financial interests in countries that are enemies of the USA and democracy.

Last thing. We’ve learning from Trump that the current rules that might constrain a rogue president are not sufficient to protect our democracy and nation.  Just why we permit the office of president to pardon people who are convicted of crimes is suspicious. We know it’s in the constitution. But it’s such a bad idea for modern times. Pardon power and other absolute powers given to the POTUS since 1776 have to be re-examined and updated to reflect 21st century technology. Maybe we should allow a president to suggest a review for pardoning. But giving one man all the power in a democracy of 300 million is not going to work out for us. They will pardon their criminal friends and how is that good for us?

The Constitution was written when the population of the entire country was 2.5 million. There’s that many people in Brooklyn today.

We’ve got to fix our democracy now and go all the way.

Joseph Aronesty is a father of five, e-commerce pioneer, songwriter, author, creator of etymology by ear, activist since 2015. @EnglishCodeWord

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And if all else fails, we can use technology to replace politicians.

The Way Back to Political Sanity Could Also Involve Facebook, Google, CNN







How to Entice Trump to Step Down in 60 Days or Less

whitacreWith DEMS taking the house in January, we believe there is a quick strategy to get Donald Trump to step down as POTUS.  Trump’s corruption is now a national emergency. We should think of it that way. 
Background: Trump hates governmental scrutiny. He always has – even in business. Trump should be approached like a criminal trying to escape indictment. He will understand that. That is mainly what he has always been – and down deep he knows he is a criminal on the run. 
Plan of action: 
Mueller has plenty on Trump and his family. Potus Trump can be cornered by that evidence and be made to realize choosing to step down may be his best option.
If Trump sees there is no hope of not being exposed for his many crimes – and his family’s crimes – and it becomes clear his taxes will be releasedhe will look seriously at a quiet, private, back-room deal – as long as we go a little easy on him and his family. It does not have to be a “no” cost deal. – Just less cost. He’s going to want to stay free. He’s going to want to feel smart. We’ll have to be the bigger man – so to speak. What is said to the public may have to be tamped down. Maybe we let him cite a medical excuse. It does not matter. We all know the truth.
We think Trump can’t wait for all this to be over. Its not fun for him any more. No rallies for 500 days. Just endless investigations. He sees the handwriting on the wall. For now, he will continue to fight back. Until he sees another way, what else can he really do but fight? 
But what if we offered Trump another path? He’s looking tired. If he senses that the GOP is done in 2020 (which is true ) and they won’t have the power or will to protect him, and it becomes clear the majority of the country is against him – or even that 70% of the USA wants to protect Mueller – Trump goes back into draft dodger mode again. “Serve no one but yourself.” It is part of his family ethos to keep a distance from government scrutiny – precisely because they are cheats. 
So why even bother with “impeachment” and long processes? This is a war and we need it to end ASAP. Right now we just need to make it crystal clear to Trump that he is not going to get away with this – and that the show is over in two months anyway.
That’s why we favor keeping public pressure up with Indivisible and the #ProtectMueller meme. We need that meme to go viral and stay that way.  Then when the Dems take the house in January we offer him “the art of the deal”. 
We know some want vengeance and Trump deserves it. Our parents generation just executed traitors. But, if we want this over fast for our own good and the good of the planet we can just give Trump a get out of jail free card and ask him to step down immediately in exchange for it.  It’s a peace deal with an internal enemy. Terms of surrender, etc. We take the house and give Trump one week to surrender and step down, or all bets for immunity are off. 
We hate letting him off and are sure many other will hate that too. And the immunity deal does not have to be Scott-free. But this crisis is going to go on and on if we dont short circuit it. The founders did not imagine Donald Trump as POTUS. How could  they? We can hardly do so today! Their impeachment process did not consider what to do if an election was coordinated with a foreign enemy. Afterall, its a fair election that endows the president his powers. If a fair election did not even occur, is Trump really entitled to presidential protection? If he coordinated with Russia to win, why is he not a traitor? What does at traitorous president deserve? 
Plus we have REAL PROBLEMS to deal with here in the USA – problems that are NOT about TrumpClimate change seems number one.  Addressing climate change can’t wait two years! Science says if we delay now the planet will shortly be in a death spiral. How ridiculous we will be to our kids when they realize we let this happen over internal bickering over one sick maniac.  There is Healthcare, Border Security, College Tuition, Gun Laws. etc. So we really can’t afford to wait two years. Trump has that much on his side. We think he knows this and is acting wildly so that we actually do ask him to step down and he can ask for immunity. 
Yes, if he takes a deal, we get Pence. But Pence only Pence is not also implicated.  If Pence is “in the know” or “involved”  – we can make him the same offer. 
And then we would get the Speaker of the House and this nightmare is  all over – in January or 2020. ( Pence has no real shot to win in 2020. Actually no GOP POTUS candidate should win in 2020.) 
The price is cheap enough. Trump will take it if it can be done. We think he is signaling that he wants out and a deal. We think that is why he is stepping up the attacks on the judiciary. He wants out. He is trolling us with extra bad behavior so we are disgusted by it all and ask him to step down for some degree of immunity.
#1 We make sure Trump sees and believes the handwriting on the wall. 
The public can help with this with social media. Newscasters can help too. They have been great. Keep it up. There is real power in WORDS. Putin knew that much. We just use these new cyber methods to our benefit now. STAY VOCAL THROUGH THE CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS. Do not be lulled into a feel-good haze. 
#2 We offer him a private back-room deal to step down in one week. He cant wait. He will even think he is smart for it. Fine. 
Then in January of ’19 or ’21 we can make sure this never happens again!
This is an old school practical solution to our Trump problem.
He is waiting for the offer.  Let’s get him in a room and offer it. 
Trump wants to see what Mueller has in him to negotiate that deal.  That is why Whitacre is there now. So maybe he should find out how hopeless it is for him.
Americans are not the only citizens that must RID THEMSELVES their CORRUPT RULERS for their own welfare. BUT IF WE FAIL TO DO SO HERE, THE DICTATORS WIN … EVERYWHERE! Giving Thanks for our collective resolve to save Democracy … and the planet.
As to why we have such a dictator problem on planet earth, this post explains a bit of it.

How Citizens Can Help Protect Mueller in a Cyber Age

Joseph Aronesty, chairman – the Manhattan Beach Political Thinktank

E-commerce pioneer, songwriter, etymologist, author, Trump classmate 1967. 


How Citizens Can Help Protect Mueller in a Cyber Age

In August 2018, a poll of registered voters published by Fox News showed approval of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of Russian intervention in the 2016 U.S. presidential election was almost 60%, up 12 points from July. Those numbers are most certainly much higher today – after the firing of Jeff Sessions. The vast majority of Americans now want to protect the Mueller investigation.

In numbers there is strength. We must document our numbers. It’s so easy today, in this age of social media, to count our numbers. So the first part of this post is a simple request to Americans to do the following if they agree that Mueller should be protected. 

Pass this on to your like-minded friends and associates thru email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or your favorite social media platform. 

………………………… copy/paste

The vast majority of Americans want to protect the Mueller investigation. If you agree, pass this hashtag & meme forward to your friends & associates thru email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or your favorite social media platform. Let our voices be counted.

……………………………. end/paste

This is how we fight back in a cyber war  – with unity and words. Fortunately, social media programs will measure the strength of our determination for free. Politicians cannot ignore numbers this large. That’s the big idea. 

No donations can be requested or accepted. This does not take money! We want money out of politics. Just pass it on. Thank you. The future of American democracy is on trial and you can do your share today. Just pass the meme on and/or post it. 




What Can We Learn From the Pittsburgh Murders?

When Heather Heyer was killed in Charlottesville, I had listened the night before to Janine Pirro’s hate rant on her Fox News show. What she delivered was effectively a call to arms directed at the haters among Fox’s diverse audience. And the next day, as the Fox haters assembled in Charlottesville, we all realized there was a good chance that some people might die that day. Heather Heyer was one of three Americans to die as a direct consequence of the propaganda put out by Donald Trump and Fox News. One neo-Nazi plowed his car into a crowd and two National Guard pilots were killed in a helicopter crash. They were trying to keep people safe. 

pittsburgIt’s important to know that NAZI and NATIONALIST share the same root: NATAL – having to do with birth. A simple enough word on its face. However, the original German Nazis were sold on that same meme that Donald Trump is peddling now: being born “here” not only makes you better than foreigners, it instructs you that foreigners are dangerous and may be considered like vermin to be disposed of.  

And now I ask you this – and I am sorry to use the metaphor, but I find it appropriate. How many Jews did Hitler kill? This is a trick question, but the right answer is actually zero. Hitler did not personally kill any Jews that we know of. However what Adolf Hitler did was make German Nationalists hate Jewish people with propaganda that stereotyped Jews as outsiders, invaders and the source of their financial problems – all the same things that Donald Trump says about “immigrants”, “caravans” and the “brown-skinned invaders”. That transferred hate was enough to allow enough of the German Nationalist party members to justify killing six million Jews and many other European minorities as well. – Many felt good or right about doing it. Hitler effectively killed Jews with his words. He was quite the rally speaker. I’m sure  you have seen excerpts. Robert Bowers felt he was doing his duty killing as many Jews as possible – just like the Nazis. 

Adolf Hitler killed 6 million Jews. It’s a long established meme – uncontested by all bona fide historians. So why don’t we dare say Donald Trump killed Heather Heyer and eleven totally innocent, elderly Jewish people in Pittsburgh? 

But we don’t. And by not calling the president out and holding him and Fox responsible for these murders, we are giving the minority haters both the cover and the time to regroup and re-strategize.  And it’s very dangerous. If we don’t stand up now, the Pittsburgh killings may well be the canary in the coal mine of a new wave of American violence directed against many minorities – and not just Jewish people. Native Americans, Mexicans, blacks and browns, the elderly and sick – are all on the hate radar screens of White Nationalists, which is what most so-called Nationalists are today.

​Trump will continue to spread hate as long as he is in power. Why must he do this? Why won’t he evolve? ​It could just be that he wants to keep the money he has stolen over the years, both as a businessman and during his presidency. ​Are his hateful words simply motivated to obstruct justice​ for the crimes he and his family have ​perhaps ​committed to win the presidency​?​

One thing for sure, nothing about what Trump is doing and saying is about any commitment to some deeply held conviction. So yes, Trump does not hate Jews. However, Trump needs the votes of the Jew haters to stay in power and keep his money. If people die for this, so be it.  The same logic applies to blacks, Mexicans, immigrants, LGBT, the sick and even women. Trump only needs the votes of those that hate these minority groups plus the votes of the uber-greedy to win again. He’s now working hard on getting those votes.

Vote as if your life depends on it. It could. 


Why Donald Trump Is Responsible for All These Shootings

The threat to domestic tranquility will remain very high until we remove Donald Trump from office. Caring historians warned us Heather Heyer in Charlottesville marked the beginning of deaths from hate that could spiral out of control like it did in Nazi Germany. So let’s be clear.

Donald Trump is not really the president of the USA because he is not acting or serving as our president. Trump acts like who he is – an uncaring inept criminal thug who cooperated with our enemies to steal the 2016 election and now occupies the White House by virtue of that theft. The manipulation of the 2016 election was the biggest theft in the history of our country. He now needs to stay in power so he is not tried for his crimes against humanity. The same can be said for Putin, Kim and MBS. They all need to stay in power for life so they are not tried for their crimes. Ad they work at that. Trump is taking lessons from the dictators. They may have him compromised as well.

I have outlined the way to get Trump out of office by this CHRISTMAS. It is not rocket science. We don’t even need to protest in the streets. The Democrat Party candidates should surrender their egos and collectively decide by this September who will be the face of the movement to reset our country back on the path of hope and excellence we began when Obama took office. That will give all Americans who have been siding with Trump a chance to see and choose another path. As they peel away from Trump, it will force the GOP in the Senate to abandon their blind support for the nightmare president we have now.

Another original and fresh idea would be to make all political rallies illegal except during the last six months before an election. Canada and many other countries have laws like this. (Link) Trump rallies are riling up the haters in our country. And a president is supposed to be working for us, not campaigning while office anyway. And I guess, sorry for Bernie and the others – but press conferences will do the job of messaging better anyway. I’m not saying to stop protests or marches, just none with a candidate headliner until the last six months. These days, politicians start campaigning immediately after taking office. It’s ridiculous. It’s not governing. It’s divisive.

But now there is another way to get Trump out quickly. We need to get Congress back in session immediately and to legislate for gun licensing and a buy-back program for automatic weapons. That is what the vast majority American people want anyway. That will send a message to Trump that he and his GOP party will be paying a price for Trump’s uncaring, un-presidential behavior. And I can’t imagine the public outrage if the GOP still try to block gun law reform – or try to mitigate its importance.

When the GOP sees that price being exacted- they may drop Trump altogether. Many would like to abandon Trump now, but don’t see a another way forward. They are mostly spineless and many are in on Trump’s money deals. I am certain Barr was paid for this loyalty. When Trump declared at the Rose Garden that he wished Barr a wonderful life, that was his Mafia don way of confirming his unwritten two-way loyalty agreement with Barr.

But we can get to the swamp cleaning after 2020. If we swiftly legislate and pass the gun laws Americans want – it will impact the GOP support for Donald Trump. And our Trump problem may fade away sooner rather than later. And that changes everything. I see no reason Trump should be allowed to run again in 2020. States can make it illegal to be on the ballot without showing taxes. He won’t even run that way.

There are many ways to get Trump out of office and insure he is not part of the 2020 election in any way. That would be smart. Let’s see if America is capable of being smart again.

The rest was written after the Pittsburgh shooting.

When Heather Heyer was killed in Charlottesville, I had listened the night before to Jamine Pirro’s hate rant on her Fox News show. What she delivered was effectively a call to arms directed at the haters among Fox’s diverse audience. And the next day when the Fox haters assembled in Charlottesville we all realized there was a good chance that some people might die that day. Heather Heyer was one of three Americans to die that day as a direct consequence of the propaganda put out by Donald Trump and Fox News. One neo-Nazi plowed his car into a crowd and two National Guard pilots were killed in a helicopter crash. They were trying to keep people safe. 


It’s important to know that NAZI and NATIONALIST share the same root: NATAL – having to do with birth. A simple enough word on its face. However, the original German Nazis were sold on that same meme that Donald Trump is peddling now: being born “here” makes you better than foreigners. It instructs you that foreigners are dangerous and may be considered like vermin to be disposed of.  

And now I ask you this – and I am sorry to use the metaphor, but I find it appropriate. How many Jews did Hitler kill? The right answer is actually zero. Hitler did not personally kill any Jews that we know of. However what Adolf Hitler did was make German Nationalists hate Jewish people with propaganda that stereotyped Jews as outsiders, invaders and the source of their financial problems – all the same things that Donald Trump says about “immigrants”, “caravans” and the “brown-skinned invaders”.

That transferred hate was enough to allow enough of the German Nationalist party members to justify killing six million Jews and many other European minorities as well. – Many felt good or right about doing it. Hitler effectively killed Jews with his words. He was quite the rally speaker. I’m sure  you have seen excerpts. Robert Bowers felt he was doing his duty killing as many Jews as possible – just like the Nazis. 

Adolf Hitler killed 6 million Jews. It’s a long established meme – uncontested by all bona fide historians. So why don’t we dare say Donald Trump killed Heather Heyer and eleven totally innocent, elderly Jewish people in Pittsburgh? Why don’t we say Trump is responsible for all these murders?

But we don’t. And by not calling the president out and holding him and the Fox noise machine responsible for these murders, we are giving the minority haters both the cover and the time to regroup and re-strategize. 

And it’s very dangerous. If we don’t stand up now, the Pittsburgh killings may well be the canary in the coal mine of a new wave of American violence directed against many minorities – and not just Jewish people. Native Americans, Mexicans, blacks and browns, the elderly and sick – are all on the hate radar screens of White Nationalists, which is where most so-called Nationalists are at today.

​Trump will continue to spread hate as long as he is in power. Why won’t Trump evolve? ​He knows he stole the election with Russian help. Trump wants to keep the money he has stolen over the years as a businessman, candidate and president. ​He does these rallies to show the GOP that he has public support and keep them from turning in him. If people die, so be it. He has protection. His family has protection. No one else matters to Donald Trump.

Trump does not hate Jews. Trump needs the votes of the Jew haters to stay in power and keep his money.  And any Jew who votes for Trump is voting for Jew haters to be empowered. The same can be said of blacks, Mexicans, immigrants, the sick and even women. Trump just needs the votes of haters and the uber-greedy in government to stay in power. Their strategy will include cheating at the  polls. 

The GOP clings to Donald Trump because he does their dirtiest work for them. He lies for them. They are getting their tax breaks for billionaires and judicial appointees for now – and whatever kickbacks they can arrange for those perks.  When they are done with Trump, which may be soon after the election, they will cast him out stating they were fooled by Trump and were not complicit. That will be all lies, but I wonder if Trump knows that it’s coming. Trump will have his et tu Brute moment as soon as he is deemed to be no longer valuable to the GOP and their billionaire donors. 

All the above embodies how important the vote is next Tuesday. They now say the Blue Wave should carry the House. Count on Trump’s GOP to try and fix that.  Those who want the country to turn in a better direction should please turn out in records numbers on 11/6. Vote as if they are coming for you. This election should not  even be close. Remember: Donald Trump always tries to cheat to win. Winning is more important to him than playing by any rules. Any close races he will find a way to win. 

What I really don’t get is why any GOP senator up for re-election holds his or hers seat next Tuesday. A vote for any GOP candidate at any level – is a vote for more of what we have witnessed this week. And the only one who really benefits from all this is the billionaire class and Putin, who is laughing at us this week in the Kremlin. He even said, “America is no longer a super power”. 

The Presidential Oath: I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

There is one more thing we have to start holding Trump responsible for – lying. People don’t know that the presidential oath is part of the constitution.  (Article II, Section One, Clause 8.) By not being honest and reliable with one’s words and inciting hate with words like “enemies of the people” and “invaders”, by dividing the nation into two armed camps – he is not doing his best to defend America. He may be doing his best to destroy it as we know it.  And even if he says this is his best, its no longer good enough for people who love this country.

I am sure it will never be illegal to lie in general. But one who has taken an oath of office should not be allowed to lie over and over again. We need to fix that. There’s a lot we have to fix, but if we allow our representatives to lie, we will always have criminals running our government. It just is not good enough any more.

Donald Trump should not be good enough for a person who believe in a righteous god as well. So this weekend, I am asking clergymen in all religions to find their own way of asking their congregations to pay their respects for the people murdered in Pittsburgh – and vote with good conscious for those who represent the goodness in all our Bibles. We all know the Golden Rule. It does not say immigrants are invaders,  Mexicans are rapists, or Africans are from sh*thole countries. 

Vote as if your life depends on it. 

Thank You.


Has Bret Kavanaugh’s Loyalty Been Purchased by Donald Trump?

To understand Donald Trump is easy. Think “what does Trump want?” That is always his motive. Trump never has a thought to pay or be kind to others unless it can benefit the Trumps by at least 3 to 20 times the amount paid.* Right now, all Trump wants is to keep the money he has illegally made by selling favors and access to the US president. This is the ultimate swamp master president in action. So what’s really going on here? Consider that there may be more to Kavanaugh’s nomination than meets the eye and gets airtime on Fox News. 

kavanaugh.jpg#1 Senator Richard Blumenthal’s lawsuit against Trump alleging Trump’s private business is violating the Constitution got traction from our current justice system and will proceed against him. The Trump’s stand to lose a billion dollars if the Supreme Court rules for the American people. ( That’s you and me by the way, regardless of what side you say you are on.) Trump will happily find a way to pay 5% of that to Kavanaugh to be the swing vote to overrule any such actions against him. A 5% commission is a low standard in the world of bribes. That’s 50 million dollars. And they know how to pay Kavanaugh so it does not show up as a bribe because we don’t carefully observe Trump’s foreign bank accounts. That’s what he has Wilbur Ross for as well. ( And yes, that’s fodder for another article. But we have to start policing foreign bank accounts in all politicians or there will always be these types of crimes. ) 

I am sure Kavanaugh knows if he benefits Trump there will be a payoff somewhere,  somehow. It may be an unspoken tacit understanding. “Loyalty has its rewards” is all that needs to be conveyed. That can be said legally, even to an aspiring judge.

The problems for the American people with this sort of thing go beyond just being robbed by those at the top. It also means that justice can now be bought for certain parties, but not all. It means there is no equal protection under the law. It means there is no justice here in the USA. I can’t think of anything more swampy and less democratic than that. It’s how oligarchies operate, not democracies

Kavanaugh appointment would also make justice appear to be skewed or fixed. Please take a look at  this albeit sarcastic post by Andy Borowitz: Nation’s Criminals Ask for F.B.I. Investigation Kavanaugh Just Got


The FBI investigation was intentionally limited by our president. That is plain truth by now. I don’t think the reason we don’t want Kavanaugh to ascend to a SCOTUS chair is his drinking problem as a young man. I find it more compelling that Kavanaugh does not admit he once had that problem and says “I still like beer”. Apparently he thinks everyone likes beer or should. So yes, maybe he did this thing while he was drunk and can’t remember. And maybe Kavanaugh still has that drinking problem. It sure looked that way to me. Did it look that way to you? (Pardon the pun.) 

#2 There are other highly suspicious reasons that Trump chose Kavanaugh. Natasha Bertrand of the Atlantic has written about a case called “Gamble vs. the United States”. It will be soon be referred to the Supreme Court. 

Terance Martez Gamble was convicted of robbery in Alabama in 2008. Found guilty, he could not legally own a firearm.  Seven years later, police found a gun in his car after pulling him over for a broken taillight. Both state and federal prosecutors charged Gamble with the same offense. He was a criminal in possession of a firearm, which automatically resulted in an extension of his prison sentence. He has repeatedly appealed, arguing that the dual convictions, state and federal, violate the double-jeopardy clause.

If Gamble prevails, it means that Trump’s pardons of cronies for federal crimes can extend to pardon the his cronies for state crimes. And that means that Trump can pardon Manafort and Cohen for all their crimes, and the states can’t do anything about it. And that is a real problem for justice. And Kavanaugh is admittedly in bed with Trump. He certainly has angst against the Democrats. He said so. So do the math. These players already have. 

#3 Then there is the fact that Kavanaugh has already stated that he believes a president should not be challenged for any crimes while he is president. And then we know that the Trump’s have been implicated in tax fraud schemes. So Trump has a lot of reasons to want Kavanaugh on his bench, which brings me to the point on this article. 

If a SCOTUS judge is chosen by Trump, a president who is now officially under investigation for potential crimes against the United States, that same SCOTUS judge should recuse himself from weighing in on any decisions that can reasonably be construed to benefit Trump. He should do that for the obvious reasons that justice must at least look like justice to the people or they will not accept it. And we should insist on this because absolutely no one can be allowed to choose and potentially pay off his own judge. No one can be above the law in a democracy. 

There’s a lot to consider here. And all this leads me to believe the FBI report, while it was a needed pause to calm a hot situation, was done to give the GOP cover to vote for Kavanaugh.  It also served as a distraction from the real reasons Americans should not want Kavanaugh to become a Supreme Court Justice.

Kavanaugh could convince me his loyalty was not promised to Trump by simply recusing himself from all things Russia, Mueller and Trump. He has not done this. Therein lies the real issue with Bret Kavanaugh’s nomination. A president under investigation should not be allowed to choose a SCOTUS judge. It feels like the fix is in and that is exactly what Trump’s base wanted to avoid when they voted against Hillary. Right?

Is The Fix Is In?putin-hockey

Listen to what Putin said at a USSR hockey game to our CBS reporter. He said with an undeniable smirk “Trump is acting in accordance with his own government”.

 It’s as if he said “whatever you see Trump do for himself, it’s legal – like it or not”. 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T1NKWYepioA   May 10th, 2017. Putin speaks about the firing of James Comey.  Please watch this. 

If you read between the lines, Putin’s statement seems to be about Comey’s firing but the undercurrent is about some sort of struggle Trump is having with his own government. Putin is saying, in effect, that Trump would prefer not to have an adversarial US government to deal with – (the way Putin has it in Russia as an elected dictator), but that he is not breaking any US laws. He is in accordance. So it’s all OK. This is exactly how Putin took control of his government! The logical conclusion is: they are both trying to use our laws, to make Trump/Putin the czars of planet earth. And Putin is coaching Donald Trump for sure. 

*Why that 3 to 20 times number?  I heard similar numbers from my father as a young man. It’s an old school New York City depression survivor businessman’s philosophy. My dad called it “make and take” which meant if someone made money for you, you paid them from 5% to 33% of the money they made for you and they will do it again for you. 











In order to stay in power, authoritarians need power concentrated into the hands of a small plutocracy. As long as there is a middle class in a free society, there will be always be challenges to an authoritarian.  So ending healthcare is another way to make the middle class weaker, which is the authoritarian’s goal. Trump’s friends don’t worry about paying for their own healthcare.  The super-rich can pay and Congress has its own policy.

If we, the middle-class and lower class Americans,  get sick and die -that’s a win for Trump and his GOP.  If we are too busy staying alive to summon the energy challenge him, that’s also a win for Trump and the GOP. The demise of a healthy middle class is their main goal! Why?  Without a middle class, the ruling class can stay in power. That’s also what they have in Russia, North Korea and China!

Trump wants to stay in power for life. He has even said so. Trump wants to stay in power for life because he knows he stole the election and has been stiffing the US government of taxes all his life. If he must see justice, the Trump Organization and the Trumps will be broken. It’s that simple. 

What is healthcare? The way we usually refer to healthcare, we don’t speak of actually taking care of anyone’s health. We speak about how to pay for doctors.

But there is no such thing as a free lunch. It’s a metaphor. Let’s go over that. 


Doctors and hospitals have expenses and must make a living. People get sick and need their services.

Ideally, if people paid doctors directly, there would be no need for insurance. But, costs are so high for many treatments, and very few can afford to pay for some of these treatments directly.

So, healthy people and younger people pay monthly into a pool, so when and if they are sick, there will be funds there for them. That is insurance. The only things that can affect the costs of the services are these.

#1 – The profit percentage and actual cost of the administration, whether it be by a private company or a government agency, is the real cost to consumers

Private insurers have an obligation to make profits to share with their investors. Private insurance company profits tend to be unregulated and hence we, as consumers, pay more for private insurance.

The GOP likes to cite administrative waste as the bad issue with government run insurance. But in the end, this is simple math. People must be paid to “administrate” claims – and there is no reason to believe a private company can do it for less than a government agency.

#2. Bring down costs of the actual care. Note that a private company has no incentive to bring down costs. They are only interested in their bottom line, which goes up as things become more expensive. I’d like a private insurer to explain how they have, in the past, brought down the cost of health care. They have not. It’s quite the opposite.

#3. Incentives for people to get healthier. Yes, that works. But again, what incentive does a private company have for that? None. And do they do it? Not at all. Yes, people are often responsible for their own health, but not always.

#4 Change what is not covered. By covering less diseases and by excluding pre-existing conditions, one can get costs down for healthier people, but the cost is that many are left to stay sick or die. This is not compassionate. This is not Christian. This is not what America is all about. Americans know this.

And this is what the GOP is pushing right now. The GOP pushes it because they are sold out to the insurance companies and big pharma. They do not represent out interests as Americans. This is why they want to repeal before they replace.

The GOP knows very well they have no interest in doing anything better for Americans. They know the diagram. They are hoping Americans are that stupid. What did Trump say? “How stupid are Iowans? If they cared about anyone but their own selves, they would create a replacement before they repeal the ACA.

It’s OK. They won’t last 2 years if they repeal the ACA. In fact, I don’t think they will last 2 years anyway. They have shown their true colors. Trump is being exposed for the scoundrel he has always been.

#5. Lobbying for big pharma and insurance companies results in bribing government officials to protect company profits.  This results in them getting what they want for their bottom lines, while people get the short end of the stick. Lobbying must end.

Conclusion: There are no reasons that private companies can administer a risk pool for less than another body of people called a government agency. Private companies have a duty to make large profits for shareholders. There is no evidence that private companies have in the past, been effective at getting doctors and big phama to ask for less for their services.

Evidence in world markets show that Americans pay more for health care and are also less healthy than folks in many other countries that use a single payer method of administration.

The ACA was not perfect but it was better than what we had before.

We can make it better.

There are only two reasons that the GOP wants to end the ACA.

#1 The GOP is sold out to big pharma and insurance companies. They cannot change the costs of actual treatments.

#2 Donald Trump said he would end Obamacare. He wants to get it done so he looks like less of a liar to his base. He’s always been a liar. His base is catching on. Hopefully, Americans are not quite as dumb as Donny thinks they are.

Why Trump’s August Re-Instatement Meme Is So Dangerous

When Donald Trump asked if he could meet with the Taliban at Camp David, he certainly did not want to talk them off their radical stances. He was looking to enroll them to do some violence for his own causes. That’s how he rolls. But though that meeting did not happen, Donald found other terrorists he could inspire right here in the USA to do his dirty work – his MAGA base. Now he is telling his base August is a time he will be re-instated.

Trump is clearly signaling his base to act out in August and if some heads roll that will be fine with him too. We have to ask ourselves how we would react if in Laden had said these words. Flynn said the base should overthrow the government as in Myanmar too. These words cannot go unpunished. Note that Trump’s base is armed with many more AR’s than the good people of this country who don’t define themselves by the number of guns they own. Trump is no longer just a threat to democracy. Trumpism, the GOP and Donald Trump are threats to the lives of “we the people”.

My father and many others offered their lives up in WW2 to protect this country from would-be dictators. If we don’t act now, while we have the power, what was that sacrifice for? The proper strategy is to escalate the January 6th investigation to the FBI and the military intelligence and reach some conclusions before August. The truth should find light in 60 days.

When we find the the higher up players that aided or comforted the mob, we must treat this like a foreign attack. We will need to march the GOP involved from their desks to the House jail.

We can be on the losing end or the winning end of this war. But please don’t expect Congress to be the heroes. Congress is infected. The cancer of Trumpism has metastasized to those in the Congress. The 14th amendment was created in 1866 to protect the country against what we are seeing right now. It’s like they knew it would happen this way.

The pushback against Trumpism will be up to four main groups. Our military intelligence, justice department, the media and we the people. Trump just leaked the plan, just as he hid when he said “Russia, if you’re listening”. But we did not consider than a form of treason, as we should have. Remember, the dodo bird went extinct because it could not recognize its enemies.


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Only Science Can Steer Humanity Clear of the Shipwreck Ahead

We the living all know we are on the Titanic and sooner or later we are going down and fading into obscurity. Such is life. But now, it’s not only ourselves that are on the Titanic -it’s the entire human species as well. The young feel this most. It’s wrong. It’s terribly sad. And it’s avoidable.

The other day I read where Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are seriously considering getting off the planet and living their lives in outer space. Why is it that these two wealthy, worldly men are entertaining an escape from the planet plan? It’s certainly not because they see mankind on a path to paradise.

Science Demands Separation of Church and State

It’s going to take science and a unified planet to get ourselves off the route to oblivion as a species. And that brings me to the founder’s wisdom on separation of church and state. We have strayed from that principle. So let me address MAGA people first. To those who believe birth control used by others is their business, the question I have is: when you have been sick before did you go to a doctor?

if you did, you knew that doctors are scientists. They didn’t give you leeches or practice the medicine that was used 5000 years ago, did they? You relied on them for their science when you were in need. So what makes you think that people who are not scientists should be relied upon to create laws for things like, pandemic response, climate change, pollution regulation, healthcare for our citizens, and birth control, etc?

Our bibles were written 2000 to 5000 years ago when very few even read. Why are biblical decrees even considered when looking for the science we need to survive as a species? I believe that those who choose to believe in the philosophies of 2000 and 5000 years ago, must leave those philosophies home when they come to work in our government.

And I know this is not PC to say, but that goes for all. The Evangelists and Ilhan Omar with her “never take it off” hijab too. Don’t get me wrong. It’s fine with me for her to wear her hijab at home or at mosque, or any time she is not at work in our government. But what does the hijab say when she is working in the House? It says one thing. It says there is part of her that has a loyalty to something larger than working for the American people. It also says there is part of her that is not scientific at all.

It’s touching and beautiful to see Joe Biden cross himself at moments when he is inner praying. But he’s not wearing a large visible cross that says “Christ first, then the American people”. Biden has not subjugated himself that way. How can Omar negate the Evangelists desire to protect the unborn fetuses of unwanted babies, which they say is part of their religion, if she will not set aside her visible subjugation to a power that is not the US Constitution or our commonwealth -even for one moment? Have you ever seen a photo of Ilhan without a hijab? I have not. It’s as wrong as Evangelists saying they want to end abortion. I don’t want to dwell on this. I know it’s not PC to air this. But we have a serious “church vs. state” impasse and we need to deal with it on both sides if we expect to trend towards logic.

Are Trump’s Tax Cuts For the Rich Staying or Going Away?

I do want to ask Joe Biden if he will be revoking Trump’s tax cuts for the rich anytime soon. I get that it has to wait for the Covid relief bill to pass. But after that, I can think of nothing that is working harder to widen the wealth gap than tax cuts for the rich. If Joe ignores this, the more progressive amongst the Dems will begin to think this is the old Dem party again, more like Bill Clinton’s than Bernie’s “tax the billionaires” party – which is the right idea of course.

It is estimated that President Trump’s tax handout will cost $1.9 trillion between 2018 and 2027, according to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). As a result of the law, large corporations are receiving a massive tax cuts—even bigger than what was originally expected. And while the law is still actively running up federal deficits, it is having little or no positive effect on the U.S. economy, according to new research from the Congressional Research Service. (from the Center For American Progress. ) This 1.9 trillion is ironically the exact amount of Joe Biden’s Covid relief bill. It could have been paid for by the richest among us without even taxing the general public. The GOP cries of we can’t afford it makes no sense until those tax cuts are reversed – especially because the GOP created the tax cuts for the rich. And yes, we all know down deep they found a way to get paid off for those cuts –pay for play corruption.

It is obscene that any one man is allowed to attain wealth like 100 billion dollars, without having been taxed so heavily that his wealth only attained 10 billion. One billion is hard to spend over a lifetime. And even if it can be spent, all its says is greedy people should be allowed to be as gluttonous as they want and take as much as they can from society without giving back. Don’t we realize that these ideas were the spirit behind the slavery institution for thousands of years? Why pay people enough to live happily when we can force them to work for little or nothing to further our agendas? That’s what drove racism, and it still does. If there was no profit in slavery, it never would have gotten its historical legs.

It’s no wonder the two richest people on earth want to take the wealth we have afforded them and get off the planet.

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China and Putin: The Winners of the Trump Years

One of the easiest ways to destroy a democracy is to make it too expensive to operate efficiently. Campaigning every two years coupled with the endless infighting are the GOP and Trump’s brand, and they have resulted in a bitterly divided democracy that is no longer a smooth-running machine. It’s no wonder we rank so poorly in handling the deadly pandemic. Democracy, the way the USA is doing it today, is a model that is destined to fail, especially in hard times. Inefficiency is what drives out the old and invites in the new. Survival of the fittest is real for governing too.

The winners of this long 2016-2020 election cycle were Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, the Jeff Bezos’s of the world, the enemies of democracy and bitcoin. With the results in the Georgia runoffs handing the Senate over to the Dems, the Trump years are effectively over as of today. If we want to make sure Trumpism never happens here again, we’ve got more work to do. We should collectively think hard on why Donald Trump was allowed to perform as a Putin sycophant in the office of the presidency. I have always felt “Russia, if you’re listening” was a disqualifying statement. We let that statement slip by and the result was we lost 300,000 extra American souls. Connect those dots.

It’s January 5th 2020. I really hope the Dems sweep the three branches of government tonight. ( They did!) The actual people of this country are not as far apart on what they want and need as Trump and the GOP instigators in Congress would have us believe. When we compete with nations that don’t have this divisive infighting, we will always come up short, just like we have done with the pandemic. The difficult days ahead will demand the focus that only a unified government can provide. Did you know China, with its unified communist government enjoyed a great economic 2020 while we were busy bickering about nonsense, masks and conspiracy theories? We used to be better than this. I remember.

The only people that like this American divisiveness are the authoritarians and the super greedy in business. Those two forces realized they had common goals and unified behind Donald Trump at the 2016 GOP Convention. I see that as an act of treason in a cyber war. These crimes must be prosecuted or they will happen again. Looking the other way enables cops to keep needlessly killing young black men. It’s the same way for corruption and abuse of power. Criminals are criminals. If there is no deterrence, they try again.

Calls for treason charges are just warming up. That’s how we roll here when we align and get focused. We’ve been here before. Watch this space.


The map on the page below explains the personal motive behind Trump’s rise to power .Donald sure seems to have been working for his own and Putin’s interests and not the American people. Anyway, it’s over. January 6th, 2020. Mark the date. But we’ve got to make sure this never happens again. They only need to succeed once to end the American democracy.

Dictatorships vs. Democracies Global Domination Map