What do we do after we find Trump was Working with the Russians?

posted January 2017 – updated October 17, 2017

I have been saying Trump has been in bed with Russia for over 30 years. I believe the relationship began in AC and involved the billion dollars he never lost and a desire to not pay taxes on that revenue stream. I believe he laundered that billion overseas and got a taste for international crime in the 1980’s.  We are getting closer to figuring this out every day. Money leaves trails, as long as sincere people are looking.

The big question that now remains is:

Will we stop an illegal president before he goes fascist on us, starts a war, shuts down the media and turns our beautiful democracy into a mess that is not easily fixed?

We see him taking the first steps of a would-be repressive government. Firing scientists. Telling boldface lies to the press. Calling the press “fake news”. Undermining the healthcare of American citizens. Trying to give more tax breaks to the wealthy!  By now, many of his own supporters realize they made a huge mistake. 

Many, if not most Americans now believe Trump was and is compromised. We don’t have full proof yet. But the information is out there. Trump will offer huge amounts of money to hush this. He is trying this in his own way every day. Comey said no and was booted. Mueller will not bend. 

So, without being judge and jury, I have this question for all Americans to ponder and that includes our cabinet members, Trump’s GOP “friends”, CIA and FBI agents, our servicemen who put their lives on the line – and even his bodyguards!

What would you do, or want done if  you discovered Trump has been compromised by Russia and/or worked with Russia to fix his election? 

Would you still protect him, because he is president?  Would you want him treated like any other traitor?  What should we really want done as the United States?  

I created a metaphor to help you visualize this pending problem that grows larger every day and draw a proper conclusion.


Imagine if an alien species from was able to fix a US presidential election and they got their alien life force “guy” to win. Imagine that alien is now the president, and as president it inherits the presidential powers and protections. Those same protections would be used by the alien to keep us from finding out that the alien actually fixed the election- to keep us in the dark.  They could also keep us from finding out that the alien president has an agenda that does not benefit our citizens – a secret loyalty to his own species! What a tale.

Now imagine that some lowly congressperson figures out that the alien fixed the election.  Does that alien still rightly have his presidential protections or powers? If so, how does this movie end happily? It does not. Our collective answer better be no, the alien president no longer has the presidential protections and powers – or we have already lost our democracy.

My fellow US citizens. It is essential that once we discover we have an alien or criminal president, that he immediately loses the powers and protections of the presidency. The powers and protections of the presidency are only valid if the president himself is valid. Those lost protections must include the pardon power!

To not see that clearly, or to ignore this in a partisan fever, would be to miss the very real launching pad for fascism and to invite the end of our democracy to take root in the USA.

Any civil servant should immediately lose the protections and powers of their office the moment they are found guilty of the crime of trying to fix their election to attain that office.

And this is exactly why Donald Trump always insists that his presidency was won fairly, in spite of the mounting evidence. He knows he has these pardon powers, but someone must have explained to him that once they find that smoking gun the powers and protections of the presidency could go out the window. So Trump has to say Russia is fake news to save his own neck. 

Should Trump, his family, friends or staffers, be found guilty of election crimes, we must be ready to disavow Trump’s presidency, its actions and even many of its appointees. Would we allow that alien to keep his appointees? They could be aliens too, right? That’s how we have to think about this. 

Once proven, Russia-gate won’t be fake news; it will be fake president. 

So let’s figure out what exactly what we should do when the truth about the 2016 election comes out. It should not be long now. I’d like to hear more discussion about what we do after we know for sure that Trump, his family or appointees have been part of a team effort to subvert democracy in the USA.

Do we allow Pence, an appointee of the alien president to become the new president? – Or are all cabinet members guilty by association to the alien president? 

How we should handle this is a very important discussion because it impacts our approach to zeroing in on the truth. If we allow his regime to stand, have we eliminated the problem? I don’t think so. But that’s just me. What do you think?

DJ Trump seems to alienate everyone. That should not seem strange any longer. He was an alien in college; he did not connect well with others and lived in his own aristocratic bubble. In business he was heartless, ruthless and a scoundrel. And now as president his disconnect is truly dysfunctional. So if he alienates people,  well that’s what aliens actually do. They alienate.   Joseph Aronesty

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It’s Time for World Leaders to Help the USA with its Trump Problem

This is an email-letter I wrote to Prime Minister Teresa May today,
Teresa May,
Please let me know you get this communication and if you feel it has some value to you and our world. Remember, when we did not stand up to Hitler, early in his regime, the entire world suffered. 
I am one of the majority of Americans who feel we are under a joint attack in the USA.  It is a cyber attack, launched by Russian Mafia players partnering with big money corporatism here in the USA.  Their goals are to hide financial crimes and steer an evolving modern world back in time, headed towards a neo-oligarchy where money rules to the detriment of everyday citizens.
The weapons in this war are words. – To be silent is to accept defeat.

I am a 69 year old US citizen. I happened to have known Donald Trump when we were young and foolish at U of P. He is still foolish. But he is also madman at the helm of the world – in essence he is an elected, mad king. 
Donald Trump is fully willing to set the world on a path to WW3 as long as he can keep his ill-got money and stay out of jail for his crimes over the years – ​as long as he can “win” , as he often says. And if he can’t win, he will blow the whole thing up trying. That is what we are witnessing right now, not only in world affairs, but in our domestic affairs as well. 
​This statement I am asking you to make today has the goal of ​taking the world off ​the path to WW3, which we are now fully on. I think we need to hear something like what I have written below.  There are now many here in the USA who want Trump out asap, even within the GOP. You and other world leaders can help in that effort with a statement you can fashion in your own words along these lines. 

To my citizens, American citizens and all global citizens on planet Earth:
When Donald Trump became president, it soon became clear to me​, as well as most sober people that he is willing to lie to his own people, on a daily basis with no remorse.

I asked myself this: If Trump is willing to lie to his own people to “win”, as he calls it, then how can he be trusted to keep his deals and former agreements with foreigners?   

The conclusion that I, and most world leaders have now reached is that Donald Trump can not be trusted to be honorable.  The rulers of over 200 sovereign nations on this planet all know this down deep now.  This is not to say we don’t trust the good will of the American people. We do.

But North Korea and Iran are still sovereign countries​ and like all sovereign countries, they have a duty and right to defend themselves. If the USA wants foreign powers, including North Korea and Iran, to stop protecting themselves, ​that is something no sovereign country can rightly be asked to do without considerable and understandable resistance. ​

If the USA wants to negotiate about de-escalating tensions with foreign powers,  like North Korea, Iran and others, I now believe they ​first ​need to find a way to install a new president whose words can be fully trusted on the world stage. They do not have that now.

Only a fool would negotiate honestly with Donald Trump. He has proven that over and over again, first as a citizen and now as the US president.

Thank You my Dear American friends. We are here for you. 

Something like that needs to be heard from Teresa May, Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron – and other respected world leaders. That way it won’t seem like partisan politics. 

We are living in a world community now. ​ Words started this war. Words can end it. Silence can not.​

Trump counts on being the only one who is willing to make outrageous statements. ​
​Yes, I realize what I wrote seems a bit outrageous. But if one person plays dirty, and the others play according to Hoyle, the cheater will usually win. That’s all Trump has ever known – cheating to win. I learned that from his casino operations in the 1980’s. I was there. 
If you would say something sincere, along these lines, which I happen to believe is probably a fairly accurate portrayal of your stance on Trump, I do believe it will ​help us all on planet earth.​ We are mostly hoping he will soon be discharged of his duties.
We need some help from the world stage leaders, the way we helped 75​ years ago.

I will be sending emails like this to the heads of state in Germany, Australia and Iran as well. Listen to what is being said this week on the news here in the USA​.

I ask all global citizens to contact their presidents and senators. Let’s get this done. 
The timing will be perfect ​now. No time to lose.  We have a genuine mad maniac in charge here now. Hitler was such a maniac. ​He was elected as well, by a similar distraught electorate as well. 

Etymology teaches us: The MA in maniac is the same ma that is in drama. It means large – as in major, mad and magnify. The mad, maniacal drama we are witnessing since Trump took the helm is the exact opposite of the cool-handed leadership we sorely need right now. Trump is like a hot fuse in a room filled with nitroglycerin. A simple unintended accident now and the word goes boom. 

All it will take to win this war of words, is words. No bombs, no bullets, no troops. How nice, right? We need influential people to deliver some thoughtful heartfelt words to the world stage. GOP politicians here will soon realize they will mostly be voted out of power in 2018. And to the GOP I say, it’s not for “not repealing Obama-care that you will fall. It is because you stand with the mad king, Donald Trump, in spite of what you know to be true: Donald Trump is a dunce, a sell-out and a traitor. 

We can do this world. Thank you for your careful consideration to this plan and for circulating it. We are all global citizens. We all have a stake in peace. I am just trying to do what I can as a citizen. I hope that is appreciated. JA



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A Cancer Survivor’s View on Gun Sense, Politics and Nonsense

A good barometer of the viability of a society is its system of values. When values erode, the society either falls apart or is overtaken. This is exactly what happened in Rome. It’s not that “it can happen here”. It is happening here … right now.

A. I fought Hodgkin’s Lymphoma holistically for five years holistically and then two more years with Western medicine which finally got rid of all the bad cells.  Lymphoma is a systemic disease. You cannot cut it out. You need to eliminate them all, or they slowly come back. And you can’t get rid of them all in one fell swoop. Your organs can’t handle that much toxicity. And yet each single bad cell is not enough to kill a flea. So doctors try to kill them at a pace your elimination organs can handle.

B. The word CELL resembles the word SELF for a reason. It refers to one. And what we experienced in Las Vegas was ONE GUY. Even if we had Minority Report pre-crime detection bots and took him out ahead of the crime, it would not change the fact the we have a systemic disease here in the USA. And like a cancer, it’s going to kill the host body if we don’t start the healing soon.

But what is the nature of the American disease we are witnessing every day? Is it the lack of gun laws, promoted by the NRA to favor the profits of gun makers over the lives of our citizens? No. Gun love is just one place in our body that has disease.

We see its symptoms in the way the GOP undermines healthcare for our citizens in exchange for kickbacks from insurance companies. GOP healthcare, if ever implemented, would kill far more people than the LV massacre or 911. 

We also hear its symptoms reflected in the words of our heartless president who offered lukewarm support for Puerto Ricans with memes like “you are messing with our budget” or “there are a lot of business-people who support the Jones Act”. I hear it is gangsta rap, where the lyrics often refer to being rich as being as the be all end all goal in life. I see it in the way people adore big stars, and then ignore the stars in their own communities. 

The underlying disease is all one: greed. This cancer, like mine was, is now metastatic. It’s everywhere. Cutting out one infected organ will not cure us.

GREED starts with GR because it refers to a GROWTH that is out of control – which is exactly what a cancer is. 

Greed will always exist. It’s been witnessed and documented for 5000 years.  But healthy societies put checks and balances into place so that greed does not overrun their governments.  It’s popular to say “get the money our of politics”, but Citizen’s United gives money a larger voice than the citizens of our country.  Citizen’s United gives greed a platform to operate and grow here.  That’s not right or democratic. CU must go.

It’s a strange irony that the word AMERICA contains two word-parts, AMORE and RICH.  America literally means “loves riches”: Ame-rica. Maybe it’s a self-perpetuating meme. Maybe we should start using the memes “United States” and “US citizens” more than “America” and “Americans”. At least they reinforce the idea of a people united.

So, I am not that interested in this single-cell Las Vegas sicko. The coverage will go on for a while, but it is just a distraction. We should strive to cure our sickness the same way we fight a systemic cancer. It starts with recognizing the nature of our actual disease: we permit greed to govern our decisions to the detriment of our citizens.

The word GOVERN originally referred to steering used in navigating at sea: from Greek kybernan “to steer or pilot a ship”. We must steer our US governing ship with navigators who are not sold out to self-interest – or we are doomed to die as a nation. Cyber comes from that same Greek root word. Strange irony? Or something the Russians know that we don’t?

Even if we got rid of every gun in the USA, it would not end our systemic greed disease. That would be like cutting off the arm of a person with lymphoma. Sure, it would kill the bad cells in that arm – but the entire body has the disease. 

Donald Trump is a brand that symbolizes greed disease. His first campaign words were “of course you love me, I’m rich”. He learned most people have some level of greed disease from his casino-owner days. 

And as the gap between the wealthy and the poor grows here, there will be more and more bad cells acting out – out of desperation. It’s just a matter of time. It’s sort of like a negative lottery. Given time, it’s bound to happen. And it’s going to keep happening until we get money out politics or we succumb. 

Gordon Gecko said “greed is good” and somehow we embraced that mantra as a nation. That was the moment I knew we had greed disease here in the USA.  Actors like Bernie Madoff, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, climate change deniers, Martin Shkreli, the Koch Brothers – and countless others all embody and live by that sick mantra.  Even terrorists are inspired by the greed in their societies. Terrorists would not be as easy to recruit if they had paths to meaningful comfortable lives.

It was not always that way, here in the USA. After WW11 the rich were taxed at a much higher rate than the poor so that stored capital naturally flowed into infrastructure and education, helping us all and making us naturally proud to be Americans – or US citizens. 

The next congressional agenda is tax reform.  This Trump/GOP tax plan is purely motivated by greed. Don’t believe a word our president says about this being for the middle-class.  He is a natural born liar. He just cares about his own. His is not to be trusted as a leader. Ask yourself why their estate tax starts at six million dollars. It it were good for everyone, it would start at six hundred dollars. Fair is fair. Nothing is fair about what Trump has in mind for us. 

We must start our healing process now – but proceed slowly. If we try to do too much at one time, it can also kill us. And while kindness and prayers are fine for moral support, if they do not lead to actions, they function like a placebos. 

Disclaimer: Prayer alone does not diagnose, treat or cure any disease.

We need thoughtful caring actions to be taken. I myself see no reason why anyone should be allowed to own an automatic weapon, or more than a few firearms. But as long as greed governs in America, this is not going to change.

So I say, skip the discussion on gun rights for now and focus on voting out the greedy ones and the NRA influence in government in 2018.  

The best thing we have here in the US is national elections every two years. The next one is November 2018. We can’t afford to get distracted. We have no time to waste either. I sincerely believe 2018 is our last chance to save the ailing American society.

If for no other reason than to send out the messages that US citizens will no longer be governed by greed and that we realize greed in government is our national disease here in America, we must vote out infected ruling party members – at every level. 

We can do this. The citizens who voted for Donald Trump wanted to vote out the system. They just were so blinded by their desire for change that they did not see that Trump was a charlatan. I have forgiven them. They mostly know they made a mistake by now. So those same voters can be enrolled to do that same thing again – to vote out a diseased system. 

We must assure that greed has no place in our government. When Citizen’s United falls apart under a new regime, it will begin to turn the tide of our systemic greed disease. 

And then maybe, slowly, the way you kill a cancer, we can return to the kind America I remember as a child. It was not perfect. No society is. But it was much more inclusive than what we have now. We had a visible path to a good life here, and many of us seized that path and have enjoyed that good life. I was lucky that way.

Now, our kids don’t even see the on-ramp to that path. We have let them down terribly. I am not a big D Democrat. Don’t paint me with that broad brush. I don’t care about parties. I care about the actual people who we elect. I wish there were no parties at all. Parties are part of the greed disease problem. I am a global citizen living in America. My homeland that I love is now governed by greed. It is killing us all and we all know it down deep. All I want is better for my kids. I’d like to the healing begin in my lifetime. 

A spiritual disease is being transmitted to Americans by man a who has been  infected all his life. And its very contagious. 2018 may be the last chance to save us from greed/envy disease. It is usually fatal to societies. 


This is the campaign to win the country back in 2018. People really want to vote out politicians. Not vote in. That’s why Hillary lost, or a big part of it. Trump knew that much. Policies are important but this raw emotion must be harnessed. We use that same meme, and take the ball right back in a year.  Easy really. 

I wrote Song For Healing when I was on chemo. It helped me a lot. My way of praying I guess. It’s not all I did however. Have a listen: 


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Why Would Putin Want To Instigate Americans Against Immigrants?

The Daily Beast has confirmed with Facebook that the Russian spies, who run every move by their president, Vladimir Putin, did place ads under the name “Secured Borders” inviting people to go to anti-immigrant rallies in middle America.

I have been predicting and characterizing Trump’s “moves” for over a year now. Because I am from his generation, went to the same school and had a similar family education, I can sort of know whats going on in his mind. 

Use the search button in my blog for keywords like Russia, taxes, Putin, Korea, and HealthCare. – You will see I have pretty much been on top of Trump’s moves since he entered the race.

But what reasons would Putin have to pay for rallies against American immigrants? What’s in that for him? Only two things make sense.

#1 The Facebook rally ads were done at Trump’s request. It was Trump asking Putin to demonstrate Russia’s amazing new cyber-war machine. Trump wanted to see if and how it worked. So the Facebook propaganda effort was supported by a hope that there would be violence and press coverage at the events they were instigating. (That’s true criminal espionage folks. Worse that the Rosenberg’s who were both executed for being spies.) The Facebook events would help create support for Trump’s nationalist message.  And Putin realized that Trump could not deliver on promises to Putin ( to reduce sanctions ) unless he actually won office. 

And while that makes sense, it still does not quite feel like a really good business investment for Russia. There’s yet another reason Trump and possibly even Putin would want anti-immigrant feelings in the USA to foment: # The Wall. 

#2 Trump is a builder of large projects by trade. There are all sorts of ways to make a buck on large projects and Trump knows them all. I was a builder of homes in the 1980’s, so I know how the honest side of the building business works. One estimates a project and keeps one’s cost to about 85% of that estimate, making a 15% profit as a goal.

But Trump knows all the other ways to make a buck on a project. One can also stiff the builders, something Trump is actually famous for. One can feign bankruptcy, something Trump has also done many times before. And one can get kickbacks from contractors and have them deposited in one’s offshore accounts. One can hide profits with offshore accounts as well. That’s why it is so important that we see Trump’s taxes.

And that’s also why I think Trump wanted that wall. He knew damn well Mexico would not pay for it. He got caught on the phone with the Mexican president saying it was not that important that Mexico pay for it and that he just essentially wanted him to play along. He even invited him in on the deal with code words. Mexico has an honest president. Good and glad for Mexicans. We don’t. Bad for us Americans. 

The Wall was intended as yet another source of profit for Trump and his family. It was an 8 billion-dollar project. Even the honest 15% markup is a cool billion. And I’ll bet right now, once we follow the money trail of the wall, the way Mueller seems to be doing now,  we’ll find Russians were part of that intended profit stream. 

That desired back-channel to Russia makes more sense now, does it not? These are the kind of things that can be done best with a back channel. 

And then the Russians, paying for Facebook ads to instigate anti-immigrant sentiment, finally makes good business sense. Perhaps Putin was in on the wall. That would be a good business reason to foment anti-immigrant hatred here in the USA.

When is it going to dawn on enough US citizens that we have effectively a Russian operative serving as our president! We have an Espionage Act. It was enacted in 1919 to prevent exactly what we are witnessing. Google it. Then let’s do something about it.

What do I think? I think the president and his entire appointed staff should temporarily be placed under house arrest until the truth is discovered. We must stop the cover-ups and lies and open up their books. They should all be relieved of their posts and duties and on put standby until the truth is exposed.

We can operate just fine in the USA with just a senate, house, judiciary and generals. We don’t really need a president at the helm. And certainly not a president who has offshore accounts and Russian connections that go back 30 years. 

Trump swore the presidential oath. He has broken that oath. 

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

Faithfully is the key word. Faith is a form of fidelity. In this case, it means one is beholden or obliged to none other but the United States. Fellow Americans. We know this in our hearts and by the reports that are leaking out every day. Trump is not faithful to the USA, to Americans nor to you. And that should also disqualify him because it contradicts his sworn presidential oath.

faithThe Marines’ semper fi means always faithful, and two hands clasped in prayer is the symbol for faith. There is a reason for the two hands in the faith symbol: two clasped hands are self-bound, hence disarmed. This logic is also the source of the nearly universal custom of shaking hands to signify an agreement.

Trump can say he is working to the best of his ability. I believe that. He was never a very smart or thoughtful person. He was lazy in many ways ( He paid for his homework to get done at Penn.)  and he has a short attention span. So how good could he really be as president without those key personal qualities? He can say he is preserving the constitution, because that’s a long document that can be interpreted many ways.

But Donald J Trump cannot honestly say he has been faithful to the USA and its people! He knows this and, by now, so do we all.

So why is he still there?

We will continue suffer, emotionally and financially, every day – as a country, as citizens, as parents and as individuals –  for as long as we let this very expensive mistake we made, continue. 



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Cyber-Warfare Is the New “Cold War” and Putin Is Its First Grand Master

noun: cyber-warfare
  1. the use of computer technology to disrupt the activities of a state or organization, especially the deliberate attacking of information systems for strategic or military purposes.

cyberwarAfter World War II was over, a new world order was established and The United States assumed the dominant position in that new world order for having won the war and for having the biggest shiny new weapon, the A-bomb. Russia never fully accepted subservience to the USA. And so the Cold War era – with wars waged without bullets – was born. The main weapon of the cold war was espionage, in other words – spies. 

That 50’s-60’s cold war era cooled down with time, but it never fully went away. Since the advent of the internet in 1996, the main weapons of that cold war – have increasingly become electronic. It’s now called cyber-warfare. But until now, it always seemed to refer to something that was going to happen in the near future. Cyber-warfare summons up visions like electric grids gone down, banks hacked and drained of cash reserves, and even cars that drive off cliffs. 

But cyber-warfare is no longer a thing of the future. The hacking of the US 2016 presidential election will be remembered as the first major attack in “the cyber warfare era” and Vladimir Putin will be dubbed its first master. 

Ask yourself this. What are the objectives of any entity that initiates an offensive war? If war is not launched to stop foreign aggression or for defensive reasons, it’s done to obtain things, resources or territories that do not properly belong to the attacker. It’s done for booty. The same reasoning pirates use to rationalize raid ships, right? 

And so, the evidence and consensus is now that Putin/Russia attacked the United States in 2016 via acts of cyber-warfare – in order to get their chosen candidate elected as the president of the United States. We have already lost that war. It’s over. Putin has won that war. But the war was not initiated for fun. Cyber war is expensive. The cyber-war players expected payoffs. 

However, these two questions still remain.  

Now that the Russian cyber-warfare is getting exposed, will Putin still get what he wanted from his horse in the race, so to speak? Putin used his mastery of cyber warfare to help put Trump in as POTUS for concrete reasons. Those reasons are agendas, lifting of sanctions, resources, money and territories – the very same objectives desired in an offensive war waged with bullets and bombs.  


Will the laws, traditions, citizen backbone of the USA resist with such solidarity that Putin’s man in office, Donald Trump, is rendered powerless to give Putin what he bargained for? Will we resist this Russian coupe of our executive branch so that Putin’s preferred candidate, Donald Trump, is exposed for espionage, indicted, and at least impeached? 

It should be clear to all of us, if we don’t expose and indict the perpetrators of this cyber warfare attack, we are giving those same players a green pass to do this over and over again.  And if we swiftly don’t make 100% sure this cannot happen again, it will be the same as if we had lost a war waged with bullets and signed terms of surrender. Yes, less bodies. That’s a technology perk, I guess. Cool. But maybe not for us.

It occurs to me that cyber warfare has come of age because our modern, high-tech nuclear and biological weapons are now so lethal that they really cannot be used. A need for warfare without death evolved – a way to get what you want from war, without the fallout from actual war. 

2018 is a year away. We immediately need open-sourced hack-proof voting systems. These are not expensive. The technology already exists.

GOP!  Congress! Stop bickering about walls, gays, and what is not important. This infighting is exactly what Putin wants.  Or are you fully surrendering to Putin? 

The hacking of the US 2016 presidential election will be remembered as the first major attack in “the cyber warfare era” and Vladimir Putin will be dubbed its first grand master. 

About the Author:
Joseph Aronesty graduated from University of Pennsylvania in 1971. He first met Donald Trump at International Finance class in 1968. He also worked close to Trump in Atlantic City in the 1980’s. In 1995, Joseph created what is arguably the world’s first e-commerce web site with modern click and pay technology.
Joseph is a published songwriter, with hundreds of songs in his catalog. One can find them at SoundCloud from the link above. He is also the author of a singularly unique book on etymology, Deciphering the English Code.  (Amazon) It’s central theme is that English, and most widely-spoken languages evolved in the Stone Ages as a technological upgrade to our hunting visual body/sign language. 
He is a dedicated resister and father of five.
You may reach him at his name at gmail.


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Will Mueller Save Us In Time or Will We Get What We Deserve For Being Stupid?

When Donald Trump rolled into Iowa primary,  he opened with “how stupid are the people of Iowa”. And then they voted him in. Americans are now getting what they deserve for being stupid, just like Trump called them. But their only stupidity was voting for a candidate who would say such callous things.

And of course, Donald Trump has actually convinced himself that people, in general, are indeed stupid.  They were stupid for losing their life savings at his casinos. They were dumb to expect to be paid for building his projects. They were stupid for expecting real help at his so-called university. Now, they are stupid for believing the lies he continues to peddle. Donald Trump also thinks people are stupid if they are not rich like him. He really needs to find out how wrong he is about that. 

Trump has never been a student of world history, so he cannot possibly be or become a master of political science. But if Donald Trump is not brilliant, who is the mastermind behind his win, if we can honestly call it that? Some say it was Bannon. But I think the creative force behind his election, and the Korean drama has always been Putin.

putin-mueller2Vladimir is a brilliant strategist. Like a world-class chess-master, he strives to remain several moves ahead of his adversaries. When Trump’s Access Hollywood was aired, Putin’s Russians were ready, almost on-demand, with counter-intelligence and fake news. It’s really hard to read between the lines in a second language.  It’s obvious Putin had people on this inside here in the USA. He would have needed suborn-able inside people – and folks who speak English as natives. He needed sold out native Americans. The sold out gang pretty much hangs in Washington D.C. these days, right?  So Putin found Bannon who got him Trump. It’s that simple. 

Because Putin has long had Trump’s dossiers on financial crimes and a lot more, Trump’s team members are now mostly all directly or indirectly suborned to Putin. Putin has the dirt and Wikileaks cuts both ways. Trump, knowing he has so much to hide, can only enroll team members who also have stuff to hide themselves or are unconditionally loyal family members. Hence the palace intrigue. These are the only people he can really trust. It’s also why his staff numbers are so low. That should also make total sense to everyone who is not stupid by now. His organizational incompetence is both grounded and hardened by a life of crime and a fear of being exposed. Even if he wanted to turn over a new leaf ( which we have many reasons to doubt) , he really can’t. 


So now, Trump is scheduled to host the world’s leaders at the UN in two weeks, on September 18th.  I expect him to try and gather support to actually strike North Korea. If he can get this done, I think he feels he might not be impeached so easily. It’s really hard to impeach a president, but its even harder during a war. He knows or believes this.

But I think maybe its not so impossible this time. This is not about a Monica Lewinsky. This is about espionage and treason. And I do think when that is finally known, the way we feel it in our bones, the old rules won’t apply to Donald Trump for one more time. And this time it won’t end well for Trump. He may even feel relief. Enough, right?

For now, it feels like a Korean War is an intended move in this chess match. I expect Trump will ultimately try to partner with Russia to end the Korean threat, a threat that Putin helped create.  Kim Jong-Il is either a willing player or a puppet in this game. It’s not his game however. He’s not a smart cookie. He’s a spoiled child – and in many ways like Trump in that way. With a joint effort with Russia to check North Korea, Trump can say what a nice a guy Putin can be.

Only this way, can Trump say he was right about Putin all along and get Russian sanctions lifted which is why Putin wanted Trump to begin with. A chess match indeed. If Mueller loses this match or if it is terminated without a conclusion, it will basically end the United States of America as we know it. Trump does not care, I assure you. Americans are stupid to him. He could take his jet to Moscow tomorrow and live out his years there. He would be perfectly happy to do it. Just fine. 

Put nothing beyond this president. Remember Trump’s words,“it all does not matter if you don’t win” and, “they only know what you tell them”. Those are his guiding mantras.

However, Trump is not the brilliant master. Actually, Trump is not even as smart as his Iowan supporters. Why? Because Trump had an awful lot to lose by entering politics. Now, many who did not care about his money laundering and Russian mafia connections, want to see him and his family face justice for those crimes. Trump knew he had been successfully hiding a life of high crimes and misdemeanors, and now Trump’s crimes actually need to be revealed for our national security. Does that seem smart to you? Not!

Meyer Lansky was a Jewish mafia player in the 1930’s. He kept a low profile. Smart guy. Lansky was never found guilty of anything more serious than illegal gambling.

We just can’t have a suborned executive branch here in the USA. If Trump was as smart as he is greedy, he would have figured this out and stayed low profile and out of politics. Now, the generals are in charge. And our generals don’t want the USA to become a Russian satellite. Trump did not care if he committed treason to get elected, but the generals have their own reasons not to go down that path. They won’t. I don’t worry about that. Maybe we should? Greed is everywhere. If our generals are suborn-able, we are done. 

But Robert Mueller. I hope you bring this all to a close before 9/18. The world order may change on that day. Trump is trying to avoid detection as a treasonous criminal. He will stop at nothing. And he has Putin as a working partner with him. You really need to press charges before that 9/18. That’s two weeks.

Resisters and disgruntled Republicans. If you are reading this and are sympathetic to the cause of American democracy, please Facebook post this now. Share it with your friends. Twitter. Instagram. Send to representatives on both sides. Get it to Mueller. 

When it comes to Russia taking over the USA, there is not much two sides here in the USA on this, is there? Almost none of us want this. Right? 

This entire Korea thing may very well be a ruse. (Pardon the pun) I see reports that Russia and China both have given North Korea the assets it needs to build these bombs. They are players in this. Wake up people! Someone is pulling these strings.

Whatever ensues in Korea, you can be sure it was preconceived, then created and produced by Vladimir Putin. He alone envisions the final act. He alone is working to that end. And it does not end well for the USA in his mind. In this game of Spy vs. Spy, we are way behind this trained and experienced master. 

Please Robert Mueller, get us an indictment before 9/18. 



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Are We Witnessing a Coup d’Etat of the United States Government?

In the aftermath of Charlottesville, most GOP heads and cabinet members are still not turning on Trump. Some reporters say they are afraid of losing the votes of Trump’s base. Some part of that rings true. But I don’t think its all, or even half of the truth.

A major sect of Trump’s base reared its ugly head in Charlottesville. The only Americans who truly identify with the hatred we witnessed are actual members of the Klan, White Supremacists and Nazis.  The KKK even thanked Donald Trump for equating their status with the status of those who represented racial tolerance. These hateful mobs now seem to think they have some control or influence on Trump.  And Trump controls the nukes. That puts these right-wing groups just one degree of separation away from total global annihilation.  

You would think the GOP would have enough patriots among its roster of career politicians to muster the guts to make a statement against the president’s alt-left rant. They know, as we all do, that Trump is bad for the GOP and America. And yet, though we hear the GOP leaders saying things like, “we reject Nazism”, we don’t much hear, “we reject the Trump’s divisive racial statements”. The GOP will never get a better opportunity to reject Donald Trump’s appalling leadership.  

And yet that does not seem to be happening.  I no longer think its because they are afraid of alienating Trump supporters. It’s clear that his words were very ugly to the vast majority of Americans. This was the time to call out anyone who would not totally reject neo-Nazis. Trump has not really done that, but his GOP associates still won’t call him out by name for this failure. It would seem to be the smartest thing they could do for their own careers. They must be aware that standing with Trump will have consequences in 2018.

So GOP leadership, what’s the hold up?

It would be easy for me to cut directly to conclusion I have drawn, but I want to now sort of go over some key elements and tells of what we have witnessed.

Does anyone remember the time first Trump said that he would be president for the next four years. He went on to say, “maybe much longer”. Then he corrected that message with “maybe 8 years, but we’ll see”.

Where did that “much longer” thought come from in his brain? Was he imagining his reign would last as long as he is alive? Is that why his family members have West Wing positions? Does he picture himself like William the Conqueror in England, first in a long line of aristocratic kings? It sort of seems that way, does it not?

Why did Trump get caught saying this early in his presidency, “They only know what you tell them?” Where did that thought come from in his brain? Did he know it would soon come to censoring the press to hide his life of crime?

Trump is not a poker player. He wears his emotions on his sleeve. It’s not only we who can see through him, but all those around him can too. Even if they did not fully know Trump played ball with the Russians in the 2016 election when it was going on, they would, by now, suspect this by his body language and the mounting evidence.  Comey did. Mueller does I am sure. 

And yet, these Trump-installed GOP leaders say nothing. What really is holding them back? 

It hits me today, as it should any logical person. In the wake of the relative silence that is coming from the GOP right now, only one thing makes sense.

Trump’s election tampering is known by more than just the Trumps. Other key players in the GOP and his cabinet are in on this. Only then, does the GOP silence make real sense.

Only one thing makes sense: Trump’s election tampering is known by more than just the Trumps.

The Trumps, Bannon, Kushner, McConnell, Sessions, Ryan, Tillerson, Ross, Flynn, Manifort, Pence, Elaine Chao – what if they all know about the Russian meddling? 

They are all then complicit. Would they not all have sworn allegiance their common cause, whatever they think that cause is? 

cabinetNow add one more important name to that list – Vladimir Putin. Putin initiated and orchestrated the 2016 election meddling, so he would know all the American players. 

It’s bad enough that all the American players in this coupe would have sworn an oath of allegiance and pledged secrecy. But the kicker now is that Vladimir Putin has the dirt on all of them. And Putin is in control of Wikileaks! So all the players (Trump included) fear Putin way more than disaffecting Trump’s so-called base.

So then. Only one thing really makes sense. The GOP’s top leaders are also suborned. They can not speak against Trump because they were in on it all. Those on the lower rungs of the GOP power structure are just ambitious followers who don’t want to believe what they likely suspect. They will not speak out of cowardice. The suborned and the cowards, defines 95% of the GOP.  Hence the silence.

So now I must address the few prominent GOP leaders who still seem to have some patriotism or a semblance of a spine. I ask my reader citizens to ask their Republican representatives to stand up to Trump now. 

John McCain. Please remind Americans that when it was Trump’s time to serve, he feigned a foot injury. ( It’s true. It’s really easy to say. Trump will hate it. And Americans may finally wake up on that meme alone. ) Call him out the way he did you! I know you feel Trump is currently not fit to serve. We need to hear it from you, John McCain, more than anyone. You have reached the station in life where you are truly a natural leader. Speak out. Flex your power. No one has more GOP respect than you sir. We need to hear from you … now!

Lindsay Graham. You said everything you did worthwhile in government, you did with John McCain. It’s time to join him and speak truth to power. You will have no resistance in this country, except from the Trumps. And that should be fine with you. We know you guys are not suborned. You are among GOP members we can trust. 

John Kasich. Even Democrats could see you were a decent person. But call him out by name. He showed you no respect during the campaign. Why do you now kowtow to him in any way? We need you to be a leader. We don’t have one in the White House. 

Jeb Bush and the Bush Presidents. Your family has been there. You know what is going on with the Trumps more than anyone. Reveal your deepest thoughts on Donald Trump on the public airwaves…  tomorrow, please!

Vladimir Putin is pulling all the strings here now. He has the main actors in the US government suborned. The US is effectively his country now. 

Citizens and statesmen, ask yourselves these questions.

  • Why do you think Trump wanted the electoral information from the states? *
  • Why do you think voter suppression laws are being re-instated? Does that not feel like the fix is going to be in again in 2018?
  • What makes anyone think that the Russians are still not at work fixing things here in the United States election systems?
  • What has Trump done to shut down election meddling? The post office has a better receipt system than our electoral process. Why is open-sourced election systems not a needed infrastructure upgrade right now? It’s not even expensive. That is really an easy job. I don’t get it. Do you?
  • Why did Trump blurb out, “I might be president for a much longer time than four years.” I think he knows that the crimes he has committed are so egregious that his only way out is to throw the US government into a chaos and then legally create a fascist police state to “stabilize” it.
  • And what was he really thinking when he said “fire and fury such as the word has never known.”? Who is he trying to scare. Korean? Americans? Or the entire world?
  • Does this presidency even feel right to you?

I myself think Putin is planning a new world order. He has enrolled a power-zealous Trump and helped him win an election. Many know about the fix. He wants payback.

And that is a coup d’état.

That’s about how they did it in the Russian revolution.  Now, they need chaos. Riots in the streets. War. The dictators in Iraq, Syria, and even ISIS operate best in chaos. This week, Bannon is still asking for more chaos through his safe post at Breitbart. Tic toc. 

The next steps is are an active war, martial law, and silencing the press. Maybe some fire and fury. 

Then its game over. 

Republicans, stop this now! It is the only way you can still emerge as the heroes in this mess. Don’t you even see that?



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How the Russians Hacked Our Elections & Why They Wanted Trump

Originally written April 2017, the logic of this post is undeniable. Now, six months later, we are finally getting down to exposing the truth. Hurry up Mueller and Warner!

spiesImagine if you were tasked with the goal to hack into the next elections … in Russia! Where would you even start? You certainly would not start with Putin. Too high up, way too dangerous. No, you would seek existing Russian dissidents, those with gripes against the Russian government and see what people were amenable to some foreign cooperation.

That is exactly what the Russians did. Nothing else makes any sense. And what cooperative dissident(s) did they find here in America? We all know that answer – Steve Bannon. It was Bannon who then recruited Trump into this foreign web of collusion. That is also why Bannon, a known anti-Semite, got an office right next to a convert to Judaism, his daughter Ivanka. I’m sure she said “Daddy no!” Daddy had to say “He knows too much darling. It will be OK”. 

Donald Trump can’t handle details. He never could. In college, we all knew he paid for his homework to get done. ( I was in a class with him at Wharton.) Trump can’t “study”. He deems that beneath him. His reading comprehension is almost non-existent. He pays people to do everything for him – even his reading and thinking. So it took a person like Bannon to set this complex entanglement in motion. It was right up his alley with his fake news publications. 

But Trump confided with Bannon, and even put him in his cabinet. And Bannon worked with Vladimir Putin. And that entire chain is a very serious crime. And it should be, right?

Looking back during the campaign, Trump was recorded saying,

“If I don’t win, this entire campaign is a waste of time.”

That was Trump trying to convince himself that he was doing the right thing by playing ball with Bannon/Putin.  The game had already begun. He was justifying it with that statement. That’s about the time he gave his OK to collusion. That’s about the time we see the escalation in “fake news”.

Update: The ads in Facebook, Twitter, etc. started around this time as well. Russians could not possibly know enough about the nuances of this complex country to time ads, coordinate and precisely target the right audiences – like people in Ferguson. They needed American help, and that is espionage. It was actually the greatest crime ever committed against the United States. It will be remembered that way, if we survive this.

There are many other American players in this crime. Most of Trump’s cabinet members are likely complicit.  Flynn, Manafort, Kushner and probably Sessions too – they had to be in on all this stuff or they could not be trusted. 

Why did the Russians want Donald Trump?

Those who know Trump know he has had Russian holdings and business arrangements for a very long time. This arrangement started in the 1980’s, when he started washing his casino cash in foreign banks, the way so many corporate crooks do. They don’t want to pay less tax, they want to pay no tax! And that’s because they are infected with greed and don’t really don’t love their country.  This was Trump’s original sin. Greed. It’s come back to haunt him. That’s exactly why Trump won’t show his taxes. Can you think of another good reason?

Putin knew Trump had moled cash overseas so he was the ideal person for Putin to get elected because he could easily be blackmailed for his financial crimes.  And that’s who we now have in the White House folks. Most US citizens believe this by now. We have to make sure this strategy is stopped because it is still happening right now. And Trump can’t and won’t do anything to stop it. He’s got to go. He is the ultimate traitor. 

Trump’s taxes will expose the trail back in time to his original Russian connections and his recent dirt as well. There is plenty.  We must see his taxes, the one thing he refuses to give up. He knows better than all of us why he won’t show them. 

Congress! Stay on this. Approve nothing that is not essential until he shows his taxes. He is really not a legit president. He is a Russian patsy. He cares for no one but his own. Donald Trump is now the largest danger in our daily lives, and that is true even if you voted for him. His no-care health plan told us where his heart is.  

There are many politicians who just don’t care about average Americans. Most of the GOP is sold out that way. But only a self-centered egomaniac like Donald Trump would stoop to espionage and selling out his country’s election system for his own purposes. We have not had a traitor like Donald Trump since Benedict Arnold. 


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Why Did Putin Say “Trump is Acting in Accordance with His Own … Laws?

Trump is trying to legally become the first dictator of the USA. And if he gets away with it, the American democracy as we know it may be ruined for the foreseeable future. Then Putin has really won.

putin-hockeyListen to what Putin said at a USSR hockey game to our CBS reporter. He said with an undeniable smirk “Trump is acting in accordance with his own government”.

Why would he say that? Is that what he or anyone would say about Teresa May or Angela Merkel? I don’t think so. People assume that a country’s leaders are not breaking the laws of their own country. So why would he say that? 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T1NKWYepioA   May 10th, 2017. Putin speaks about the firing of James Comey. 

If you read between the lines, the way you always should with politicians, it seems to be about Comey’s firing but the undercurrent is about some sort of struggle Trump is having with his own government. Putin is saying, in effect, that Trump would prefer not to have an adversarial US government to deal with – (the way Putin has it in Russia as an elected dictator), but he is not breaking any US laws. He is in accordance. So it’s all OK. 

This statement by Putin occupied a space in his brain where Putin must forgive Donald Trump a bit, because Trump cannot yet deliver on whatever promises he had been given for his election help. The subtext is that Donald will need some time to make things “whole”. So this is the pass Putin gives Donald Trump, “He is acting in accordance with his own government.”  

It also tells me that Putin has given Trump some concrete orders and/or there is a large debt to make whole – and now he is just patiently waiting for them to be executed in due time without breaking any US laws. Are they about lifting sanctions? Probably. But there could be much more in that back channel.  

That back channel they wanted to set up was clearly an attempt to create safe space for collusion and yet more plotting against the people of the US for whom Putin and Trump have absolutely no love. And who is the brains behind all this? Trump is really not smart enough to be as sinister as Vladimir Putin. The real boss is indeed Vladimir Putin. But Trump would like to be as smart as Putin. He’s made it abundantly clear how much he really admires that man. 

Witness how Trump’s appointees take liberties with spending exorbitant amounts on plane trips and then use the same line –“I did not break any laws”.  Is that all any of these politicians know? Lawyer up then do what you must to get ahead? That is actually the real Trump modus operandi. Always has been. 

So I see Putin as having communicated this to Donald Trump in some way. 

Donald. Use your own rules, lawyers and state press (Fox). Get the right people around you and elected to key offices. Then what I have here in Russia, – it can happen for you and your family, even in the USA. You’ll never have to hear the press belittle you again. Then you and I will rule the world.”

And Trump took that bait, sold-out greed-monger that he is. 

Don’t let RED happen here. Not here. That’s just too stupid.

Vote out every Trump Republican in 2018 and we won’t have to worry about this any more. Then we can all get back to our lives. 



Make a bumper sticker! Or find your own way to let everyone know how you feel. That’s all its going to take. Our numbers are too strong. Let’s f l e x our numbers. This is easy. We are USA citizens! Let’s keep it that way … please. 

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