Trump’s Taxes Lead to Russia

trump-taxIf someone does not get Trump’s taxes before he takes office we may lose the trail we need to indict him for espionage.

I had businesses in AC like Trump in the 80’s and went to Penn with him. He did not lose a billion in the 1980’s in AC. No one did!  Ask the locals. Ask the retired lawyers who are about his age. AC was a very small town when Trump came there. There were only so many law firms and builders. We all knew each other, often from grade school. No one lost money running casinos until 2001. Look at the books of nearby Caesars and Bally’s or Golden Nugget. This is what happened.

Trump’s sister was married to the lawyer who defended Crazy Eddie. Donald Trump ran the Crazy Eddie cash scam, but smarter – he stashed cash into Russian banks. Trump can’t let those Russian bank liaisons be known. Now, the Russians have him essentially blackmailed for that financial crime. We can’t have a president who is indebted to Putin or under his thumb in any way.


In 1986, Atlantic City was a boom town. The Trump Plaza was connected to Caesar’s. People often did not know what casino they were in as they gambled. Trump did so well in 1985 to 1988 that he shortly thereafter started building his second and third casinos. Profits in casinos are a function of volume and edge. The edges were the same in all casinos. So the only variable was volume. Ask Caesar’s how they did in 1986 and 1987. They may be willing to show you. Get numbers from the bus trip companies as to number of visitors and the AC Commerce department. If the volumes were close, the profits were close. Nothing else makes a lick of sense.

There is also no way Donald Trump would have had a loss in 1986 and then gotten money to build other casinos. So how did he do it? There is only one way this makes ANY sense. He moled casino cash to Russia – or other foreign banks – to avoid taxes. Then Trump borrowed his own money back from these banks to support new ventures and his luxurious was of life. This is what his taxes will show and/or prove by the lack of any other possible way to finance his Castle and Taj casinos.

That’s why we want the Deutsche Bank and the Mazar’s papers. Also the tax records of other AC casinos from the late ’80’s will show the public that something does not seem right. Again. Nothing else makes any financial sense. – Donald had plenty of Russian guy and girl friends back then. This would have been easy for a scoundrel like Donald Trump to arrange.

And stop saying he lost all that money! Reporters should say “Trump says he lost billions”. But no US banks, and not even Russian banks, would lend money to people who report large losses – and these were the largest losses ever reported by anyone ever!  Trump got loans from someone. How? Trump was borrowing against secured funds deposited in a secure private foreign account. And the INTEREST of 50 million showed up one year. That’s the 5% on a billion! 

(back to 2016 writing )

We are about to be overtaken by an albeit unwitting Manchurian candidate. Not that he was born there of course, but he will not be able to take an opposing view from Putin – for fear that WikiLeaks puts out the truth on him. Hence, Tillerson of course – and whatever Putin wants -here and everywhere. He practically said that on the campaign trail. Putin effectively will soon be the president of the United States, with respect to foreign policy…

This is also why DT can’t put his kids out of the business. The Trump’s cant reveal their longstanding dirt with Russia to anyone. No trust is blind enough for the Trumps.

I am trying to get through. I believe we need to do an immediate class-action law suit to reveal DT’s taxes before he takes office. We have probable cause for collusion. I have been out of AC for a long time. But I was there on the ground floor in AC when DT started his cash business career. 

If you are pursuing DT, you are close to the truth with your instincts. Now you just need those taxes. DT would step down from office rather than reveal them. And now you have probable cause via the Putin hack thing and his open statements on the campaign trail.

#1 Someone with authority needs to formally and publicly ask DT one more time if he will release his forthwith – as part of the Russian hack investigation under the Espionge Act and demand an answer within 24 hours. Watch what happens then. Trump will squirm.

#2 – If he does not Obama and CIA should use their powers under the Espionage Act and not swear DT in until he releases his taxes or a bi-partisan investigation clears Trump.  

#3. Under the powers under the Espionage Act, ask the IRS to privately reveal DT’s taxes to proper agencies, as they will be needed for a thorough investigation of the Russian hack thing.

DT’s taxes will lead you to the players involved in this international scandal.  This is why he won’t volunteer them. After his taxes are revealed, the entire plot will quickly be self-evident. Trump is blackmail-enabled. The Russians have known that for 30+ years. I doubt if Trump would even take office if he had to reveal his taxes. 

We must avert placing the history and future of the US into the hands of Vladimir Putin.

Boycott Exxon Starting Today – Save Our Planet – Starve the Beasts

tillersonToday I got an email from an environmental agency asking me to contribute dollars to stop Tillerson and Trump from ruining our planet for the next generations. I would not donate, not because I don’t believe in the cause. Asking for funds through emails feels like its doomed to be an inneffective strategy to fight billionaires. It has never worked before. Ask the Koch’s too.

But I do find Trump, Putin and Tillerson now to be the top three enemies of the planet and the common man.  Frankly there is – and always have been – one easy way to stop people with greed disease – which Trump, Tillerson and Putin all clearly suffer from. 

That way has always been to stop their registers from ringing. They are simply merchants. They have expenses in their businesses. If no one spends with them, they lose their power and control and will adjust strategy. Tillerson has been quoted as saying ” My philospohy is making money for me and my shareholders”.  Well if Exxon sales drop, his own shareholders and his greed disease will force him to stop this unholy alliance. We don’t need or want Putin’s spilled blood on our hands. Do you?

Let’s teach these sick people what mixing business and politics looks like. We can do this by maing a conscious effort to stop buying Exxon or Mobil gas until Tillerson and his shareholders beg us to stop! And if you do, they will beg us to stop.

Spread this widely. Facebook. Twitter. Talk to you neighbors. etc.

Exxon/Mobil Boycott start todays. 12/13/2016. And it’s easy. There are other gas stations. So what if they are pennies more, if they are. Take pride in knowing you are doing what you can to protect our planet. It’s not too much to ask. Tell your kids. Kids, tell your parents. We can do this!

And if you wont make this simple adjustment to your routine to save the planet – then don’t you and your progeny deserve the polluted cancer-ridden world that we will all be living in soon?

Is it just me? Does not anyone else see that Putin has D.T. blackmailed. He hacked in. He probably has Ed Snowden doing it for him. They have real dirt on Trump. D.T. who has had his casino “losses” stashed there for 30 years. They can leak this. Trump knows this. So he is forced, effectively blackmailed – to do Putin’s bidding. So Putin asks Trump to get his oil man in power and make them both 500 billion dollars. It’s so clear. JA


My Letter to the Electors


I have written 125 of the 500+ electors now. Not one has got back personally. Most are flooded with emails. And the few that did write back – were anti-HRC, dyed in the wool GOP’ers from Texas.

I explained that any other GOP candidate wont sell us out the way D.T. will, and has all his life for profit. They are perhaps expecting crumbs to fall their way, or have as little insight into a New York huckster as their naive electorate. I have explained all this, and my personal knowledge of D.T. It is falling largely on deaf ears.

It is now up to Obama (stangely silent – and this will hurt his legacy ) now and the few good-hearted, non-self serving GOP members that we have. Peoplelike McCain, Ryan, the Bushes even.  What follow is my exact email to the electorate. And a list of their emails, should you care to try and make a dent in their truth shields.  


Please weigh your options with the gravity they deserve – from ex-classmate of DT

This is no longer a joke. I went to U of P with D.T. We were in business together when we were young in AC and he was having fun ruining people’s lives and cheating on his wives. People are ants to DT – casino day trippers – all. 

Especially when he says I love this country. He never knew what love is. Love involves giving. Every normal person knows that. Donald never gave much, not even to charity. Even his hugs are insincere to watch

D.T. has always been a life ruiner. Nothing has changed for him. No new leaf for D.T. Not in this lifetime for him. He is not going to be born again. THAT is why everything feels so incomplete for him and why he is endlessly greedy. I think you know this down deep anyway. 

But now its your turn to save our democracy, not only for yourself, but for your kids and grandkids. 

Did you ever wonder if there was a time in history when Hitler could have been stopped? There was but no one knew that moment in 1933. Well, Trump is not Hitler. OK. But Trump may be a modern day Manchurian candidate. And we need to know before we put him in.

I know that he put that billon he “said” he lost in Russia and East Europe. Putin knows this too. So Trump is now blackmailed or bribed by Putin, hence he puts the Exxon guy as head of state. He is in for a cut, and maybe for his life. We don’t know how deep he is in bed with Russia and we won’t until he reveals his taxes.

Exxon has shareholders. A CEO cant juggle shareholders and the US’s best interests. He’s going to side with his best interest, because he too has greed disease. 

Listen, put Pence in. Put Kasich in. McCain. Romney. Ryan. These are or normal enough people. I don’t care. Put Bernie in. That is someone who really cares and always has about working people – and you know that too. But DT is not mentally well and never has been. 

Its time to be Americans – not Dems and GOP’s. We need each other to be on the same side now.It’s like that last scene from “The Russians are Coming” , when we come together. This is that moment! In your hands. 

The super-rich like us divided – that way we have no united voice. They get what they want. We all get screwed. The Untied States of America? Enough!

Its time to say “I wont vote UNTIL there is an investigation of the Russian hacking and we understand exactly what happened and who were the players and who knew what when.  And if you follow the money, you get the WHY.

And I would throw in that if anything points to D.T. or McConnell, that their taxes must be revealed before they take office. Both of them . But D.T. for sure. His taxes will lead you to Russia. I know this. Maniford was his fund runner and mole. 

You can only find this out by not voting until there is clarity as to who Trump really is and who he is in bed with. Therefore he would never release his taxes. Once prez, he will be able to hide them forever. Release his taxes and you will likely see him board his jet and leave the USA forever. That draft dodger instinct is still in him. He would likely be arrested upon their release. In fact, if you told him you would vote for him IF he would release his taxes to clear things up, he would still say no! Try that one. Try it Monday. Watch what he says. 

Dear Electors. You really don’t want to be responsible for this. You don’t want to be the people who sold out the US, who could have saved the world – but did had not have the wisdom to act slowly and deliberately at a very crucial time. You may be forgotten by history, if there is one, but at the very least, your progeny will never forgive you.

If he gets cleared, then fine. But he won’t. he knows that. Thats why he says “no investigation: That’s why he has no time for briefings. He is busy covering his tracks, tryingto save his own life perhaps. Putin will kill you if you cross him. D.T. knows that too.

And there is no need to rush this unless you are in on the deal.  Be careful. Choose wisely and all that knightly stuff. 

OK – so here is my blog. Skim the last few. Get OBAMA, McCain and the Bushes involved. They will all help you! Obama needs to make an emergency speech by Wednesday the latest.  find me here and on Twiiter here:

Thank you for your time and consideration. 

sent with love, JA

PS. The sucking sound he gives out before he makes some statements, is him sucking it up because he knows he is about to lie. It’s very apparent. He has never been a druggy. And the human part of him needs something extra ( see he has soul )  to push out that lie. That explains that. And you knew that too. 

PPS. And not taking briefings shows, he does not have the focus for this job. It’s like an actor who is not reading his scripts. He has no focus. He never did when I knew him closer either. More like a model than a leader. So what if he got rich? Big deal. There are rich thieves everywhere. And some rich people who are honorable too. Al Capone got rich that stealy way too. Did we make him POTUS? 




The Etymology of Greed: D.T. and the Initial Phase of a Dystopian USA

I want to start (and intersperse) this blog on the etymology of greed with quotes from some historically accepted great minds. “If your conduct is determined solely by considerations of profit you will arouse great resentment.” ― Confucius

That “resentment” has begun with now president-elect, D.T. I will no longer advertise his brand, or dignify him by writing his name. He is D.T. – like E.T., a sick alien – but not a friendly alien who just wants to go home.

I’ve long known D.T. and his unbalanced, self-centered view of life. I knew him from college and from his casino days in AC. To me, considering D.T. to be successful would be like considering a cancer to be successful because it considers to grow. In fact, D.T. is employing one of the great characteristics of cancers, they mask themselves as benevolent agents to avoid detection.  “Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell.” ― Edward AbbeyThe Journey Home

Today, they have just begun to get to the truth, which if they will just follow the trail to D.T.’s taxes, will indeed disclose that he has very real ties to Russian and is a sort of Manchurian candidate. It was revealed that D.T. and Mitch McConnell rebuked the CIA’s statement that the Russians hacked the election to favor one side. McConnell stonewalled any effort to even consider the matter. No wonder. McConnell’s wife was put on D.T.’s cabinet. This smells like a crooked back-room deal to anyone with an objective .

And it goes further – much further. We have also learned that Rex Tillerson (CEO of Exxon) may be D.T.’s top pick for secretary of state. Tillerson is a good friend to Putin. Both these men clearly suffer from greed disease. They jointly tried to coordinate a 500-billion-dollar oil drilling somewhere near Siberia. Environmental considerations and pressure from Obama quashed that deal. So Putin made a deal with D.T. The deal was this: Putin tries to get D.T. into office, and if successful, D.T. makes Tillerson Secretary of State so they can do this deal together. Screw the environment is their m.o., just as a cancer screws the host’s body.

We have here a perfect storm – three of the most greedy and needy people on earth, plotting for their benefit to the detriment of all of us. How we allow this to happen is beyond me. And when will it stop? “He who is not content with what he has, would not be contented with what he would like to have.” ― Socrates

Me, for one, I have joined the California National Party, and if D.T. is not arrested before he takes office, which I still hold hope for, I will work for the CNP to get Californians out of the entrapments in the USA that always play out in the regimes of those obsessed with greed. We have seen this before, but so far, never in America. Californians, to their credit, were not taken in by this charlatan and we should not have to be his stooges, even for four years. 

What I see coming here is the initial phases a dystopian USA – one that reminds me of the politics of The Hunger Games.


And now it gets even worse. When people have greed disease they don’t have any idea when enough is enough. Same with cancer, right? They just keep sucking the life out of the host organism, and in this case the host organism is both the earth (the body) and the petty people (anyone but them and theirs) who inhabit it. “The Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.”  Mahatma Gandhi

The Etymology of GREED

So now let’s look at the actual etymology of GREED which is very close to NEED in that Gandhi quote.

I break GREED down into two factors. GR+EED. The EED factor is a derivative of the very common word EAT. So, what is the nature of GR? I can say it best with this image from my book “Deciphering the English Code”.


The origin of the word GREED goes way back into the Stone Ages in Africa, where  GRR had a singular meaning in the animal kingdom. When an animal makes a GRR-sound, it has one thing in mind: it wants to GROW its image in the mind of the listener. There are a few reasons an animal will want to do this – it might want to scare away a fight, it might want to let an animal know there is no sense fighting and be submissive.

That millions-year-old animal meaning of GRR – that meaning of GROWTH – is preserved in a huge percentage of English words that start with, or have GR as a factor. That is one of the most amazing things I discovered in researching my book. GR has been carrying that meaning for as long as men have been on earth – and well before that. It’s as old as the animal kingdom. This meme goes back to the dinosaurs!

GRR led to words like GROW and GROCER. Because grass grows green in the ground, all those GR-words came to be. And GIRLS were named for growing the next generation.

GREED’s etymology is now quite easy to understand. GREED means GREAT EATER. And again, is that not what a cancer does?  The last word in the image, HUNGER – I think of as deriving from the sound of the GROWL in a hungry stomach – along with a sort of UN/negative sense. And hunger is what happens when we allow greedy needy sick people to become our leaders, dictators …. or presidents. We see it everywhere on planet earth.

It’s about to happen here folks. Reveal D.T.’s taxes before January 10th and he will not only step down, that draft dodger may even flee the country.r 

I find it unfathomable that the Russians can hack into our politics and “we” cannot or will not hack into his taxes. It is also unbelievable that the media is acting like we have to accept the outcome of an election hacked and therefore rigged – by Putin. With what was presented today, it should be clear that D.T.’s taxes contain the trails we need to uncover the Russian hacking plot on our election.  Why on earth would he not reveal them if he had nothing to hide?  If we don’t want to end up like Kateness, a prisoner inu a world run by the greedy, we must act now and in solidarity. And Obama, you dont need permission to se ehis taxes! You are still president and there is a clear and present danger to our democracy! And you should ask the electors to hold off their votes, until the Russian hack is fully explored. 

And with that, I leave you with a song I wrote, when I was on chemo – about the nature of greed and sharing.

Please  – pass this along. Facebook it. Twitter it. Write your (Democratic) congressman. Someone must know a guy who knows a guy. D.T. asked Russia to hack in. Were we not listening? We have hackers too. And the IRS does not even need a hacker to scrutinize taxes. An undercover investigation by a determined POTUS for the national security would do it. Let’s get this done ASAP. This job has “by any means possible” status.

You have to catch a cancer early, right? It works that way with greedy people too. They are effectively the same thing. If we start right now, before this cancer takes root and begins to metastasize, we can save the USA – and the future of the world.  – JA

Read Between the Lines – Stay One Step Ahead of Trump

I went to college with Trump and knew him from AC. We had similar fathers, depression survivor salesman types – and we were both groomed by our fathers to be “salesmen”. I chose a slightly different path. But I understand how this guy thinks. His “staged speeches” are part of his sell the public show. For that reason, you can’t learn much from his scripted speeches. But if you listen carefully – he actually reveals the way he thinks in his off-script comments. 

trump-oilThe first off-script comment I tuned in to was said when he decided to throw his hat in the ring. He said ” We’re going to have some fun with this.” And that actually reveals his true mind and his entire attitude to the presidency and his life. If it ain’t fun for Trump, its not for Trump. The army was not fun, he got out. He just called it “fun” fighting Hillary. Grabbing women by the p#### was fun for Trump, so that was OK. Got it, folks? This man just wants to have fun. His theme song should be “Trump just wants to have fun”. 

The off-script comment I am now most worried about now is this one, and it’s serious. “You’re supposed to take the oil if you win in war, right?”  Now Trump is lining up with Exxon execs for Secretary of State. What he is figuring out right now is how to get rich like Rockefeller, who was the actual founder of Exxon Oil, (Standard Oil), through the presidency.  And this is off-script comment is really dangerous!

Setting the Stage for War with the Middle East

Much of the world’s oil is in Arab countries. What I see now is an alignment forming with Russia. It’s more than just his Russian wives. He has known financial allegiances to Russia. I believe those allegiances go back to AC, when he likely parked the cash that he allegedly lost in AC, in Russia to avoid taxes, running the Crazy Eddie scam. No casino lost money in AC in the 1980’s – I was there. I know this.

This Russian alignment is presented to his base as a war on Islam, but it really is setting the stage ( that’s what he does ) against the oil rich countries, with the stated clear intent to take the Arab oil this time.  

This will not only be an ecological disaster for the entire planet which should now be weaning itself off fossil fuels, but it will leave our kids with disastrous karmic debts to pay. The bombing of the World Trade Towers was inspired by our military presence in the Middle East. An American militia doesn’t belong there any more than an Arab militia would be welcome in our backyards.Take their oil, and they would have reason to try to do far worse than 911. Imperialism makes no sense in a world with a large population and scarce resources. 

And Trump has the eminent domain component to his thinking. I witnessed that in AC when he tried to get a lady’s home to make his buildout easier. All about him. Getting valuable things for cheap is just as important to him as not paying taxes was. That too was a non-scripted thing he leaked out. He was smart to buy cheap, right? Listen between the lines folks! Not the scripted speeches. They are distractions. 

So how do you think Arabs will feel if the oil under their land is taken by Trump or Exxon? How do the Indians feel near the Dakota Pipeline? I’ll tell you how they feel. They are ready to die for what is theirs – and so will Arabs. 911 will be a relatively small hit compared to what could happen if we get into taking what does not belong to us. And it ain’t for us anyway? It’s Trump and his family that stands to gain. And no American should be ready to die for them. They certainly would not, for you. 

Trump’s Achilles Heel

So today, I ask people that people in power, who care about this country, to do one thing –  find a way to get Trump’s taxes revealed! That is his Achilles heel. There must be someone out there  – a guy who knows a guy – who can get this done. If those taxes are revealed before he takes office, he won’t even be able to take office. It will disqualify him to all. I am 100% sure of that. Otherwise, he would have declared his taxes. It’s that simple. He is hiding something he cannot reveal. And that should not be allowed – for our mutual protection. 

Like I said. I know the way this guy thinks. He’s only really thinking about getting richer. He is that sick. A health evaluation which includes mental health would have revealed that. Someone in power should also initiate legislation that for the common good that makes it impossible to even seek such high offices without seven years of taxes revealed, and a health evaluation by the Surgeon General. We don’t have time for that now. But we can get his taxes revealed. That should be our strategy now. It can happen through WikiLeaks. It does not matter how it happens. It just has to happen by January 10th about. Sooner is better.

Is anybody in power listening? Are we just standing by watching this Hitler-esque coup of the our beautiful beacon of light, America, by this potential Manchurian candidate? Really? That’s what many intelligent people feel in their guts. Trust that gut. Get this done today! Make the call. You will save our country, our kid’s future and the planet.