“Raise Our Voices” A Song for the Resistance Being Created in Los Angeles

raise-our-voicesThis new original song, with words and music by  Joseph Aronesty, e-commerce pioneer, songwriter, linguist, and activist is being recorded by a famous R&B/Gospel singer in Los Angeles. Since we have to time to waste, a link to the tune in demo mode still is posted here for our mutual support:

Joseph strongly advocates economic boycott of the companies associated with Donald Trump. He asks that like-minded citizens boycott Exxon/Mobil gas and Carl’s Jr. food. There are plenty of other places to get similar products. Continue boycott until Trump shows his taxes.

Because Trump won’t and can’t show his taxes, we take his power away with this simple boycott move.His own business partners all suffer from greed disease, and will walk away from Trump when they see we are dedicated not to spend with them.

This is easy ! Greed is their Achilles Heel, and we must attack it. We must Starve the Beast the way we do a cancer, if we sincerely intend to beat it. Greed disease is like cancer; it saps the life force from its neighbor cells.

This will change if we stand strong now. Indivisible. Solidarity.

Joined in purpose and song, we can not lose! 

contact producer/writer: josepharonesty@gmail.com




The Power of Boycotting Business Associated with Trump

Boycotting the businesses of those who are on the wrong side of history is exactly how we take back our government. We don’t even need politicians to do this. The businesses will become our puppets if their sales drop.  We need to show them we can do without them. They think we can’t. 

In some countries it may even be true that consumers cannot refuse the goods that business creates.  In impoverished countries, whatever is sold is needed for sustenance. But that’s not true here, yet. We still have options for most purchases. And we have to favor those that seem to be on the right side of history, and punish those that seem to be our adversaries. And if we continue to allow big business to continue to buy the government, we are trending in the direction of 3rd world countries.  By having one large company do what several smaller ones can do, the money pools to fewer. And that’s only good for those with greed disease.

Thankfully, most people dont have greed disease. Even large business owners, like Mark Cuban, Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, seem to have a desire to share their successes. But some, like Donald Trump – don’t give off that aura at all. We can spot greed disease when we see it. It’s sort of like cancer, eating up all the resources. They don’t fool us.Our immune system recognizes greed disease. Now we just have to starve it out. This is how.

Starting today!

#1 Boycott Exxon/Mobil Gas. Choose any other. That’s easy.

#2 Boycott Carl’s Junior – that’s easy too, right?


Two companies to boycott. That’s enough to make changes happen. The list could be longer, but this is easy to communicate. Spread this thru your facebook and twitter accounts. It should be global by Wednesday. 

Start date of boycott is 1/25/17. If you spend with these companies, you have no right to complain about our current president’s tactics. 


Stick to it, until we get Trump’s taxes. They, his business friends, will force him to do it. We dont need a law suit. We dont even need Bernie, or Democrats. The marketplace will take care of it, if we boycott anyone that’s even close to him.politicians2This we can do ourselves. .

And then we get to say what our health care is. Get rid of the middlemen, the politicians – please! Vote with your wallets. Trump will step down if he has to show his taxes. And then we just keep this up until we run things. Representative government is dead. We know what works for us. We don’t need politicians.

Consumers are at the bottom of the rung, and are also the workers. They only need the goods and services that business owners provide to live happy healthy lives, which is all anyone can ask for. When businesses are small or medium size, this diagram works fine for everyone.

But when greed sets in, (symbolized by the money bags) the system falls apart.  Businesses lobby the polticians for tax breaks, and all sorts of things that are not good for the environment, planet and the health and welfare of the general population.

Then when greed rules at the politician level, the consumers needs get cut out of the diagram altogether. And then, its clear, the entire system is not working for most of the people any longer.

That is where we are today. Bernie had the message of income inequality, but he got thrown under the bus by Hillary, who got thrown under the bus by Trump. So now we have a president who never cared for anyone in his entire life and he is not starting now.

For those who voted for Trump, you see him dismantling your health care, selling out to Russia, gearig up for an oil war that your chidren, not his, will fight and die for. I think most of you know you made a boo-boo. I forgive you. We forgive you! Hillary was not a great choice either. OK? But, why do we need any of these politicians, when we can do this ourselves with a simple boycott?

So I ask you to stand with me, and boycott Exxon/Mobil and the few companies on this form. The list could be much longer. but this short list will get the job done. Remember, we want one thing: TRUMP’S TAXES for the last 7 years.  Yeah, , it’s the one thing he can’t show. So he’ll make one more deal, to let Pence run things. 

This is going to work great folks. Keep focused on the diagram. Start today. We don’t even need the marches any more. Just the boycott. Then watch as they come to our table!

Thank You. 

Flood at Paul Ryan’s Home Address

Please, spread this like wildfire through social media today. Then, invest 50 cents in a post card.

Paul Ryan has blocked his office phones and fax numbers, and is turning away people who show up to deliver petitions. It’s time to change tactics.

Please mail post cards to his home address that say this:

NO to defunding Planned Parenthood – NO to repealing the ACA –  NO to privatizing Medicare! We will not back down and we know where you live!


Please copy and paste this info and share. Let’s see what does 67 million cards in the driveway. Mail these all on Tuesday 1/24. 

The Etymology of PUSSY POWER

Let me start this with by quoting from the Oxford Old English Dictionary’s etymology on PUSSY: perhaps from Old Norse puss “pocket, pouch”pussyhat

My book, Deciphering the English Code,  explains the P-words are very often about pushing. The reason for that correlation traces  back to our body/sign langauge way of communicating that we relied on before we learned to talk, about 125,000 years ago, in Africa. When you say PUH, you sort of project or push your lips forward a bit. So words like PUSH, POWER, PICK, SPIKE, POKE, PRICK, and POINT evolved over time because the making of a P-sound was originally linked with the idea of pushing something ( our lips ) forward.

If PUSSY is from Old Norse where puss meant pocket, you should notice that a pocket is something that is poked into pants. The sense of poking is relevant to the image of a pocket. The concepts of poking and pushing are visual images that can be used to describe the female genitalia, and it seems that is the attribute of the vulva that was indeed used to create the word PUSSY – as something to be poked or perhaps something that pushes. Either way it works, right? And it works for penis and prick too. But there’s more to notice here.

If PUSSY is related to PUSH, it’s related to PUSHY too. And there is a family of words we all use everyday and, up until now, its true etymology has not been revealed. That word family is PUSH, BOSS, BOSSY, BUSY, BUSINESS! Linguists know that the P and B sounds are closely related in sound and they will flip from language to language. In Egypt, many still say BOKER for POKER. We say PAPA but in many countries its BABA or ABAH.

So the timeline of the etymology of BUSINESS goes like this: PUSH. A person who pushes is a BOSS. If you are pushed to perform, you are BUSY. The state of being always BUSY resembles BUSINESS.( NESS as a suffix refers to the birth state of a concept. That’s a different discussion, but the words NEST, HIGHNESS and NEW and NATAL highlight that correlation.) 

Which brings us back to PUSSY. Because PUSSY-NESS or PUSSINESS means BUSINESS 

Donald Trump! I never thought that you were that good at business. My sense of your seeming success is that you stole the largest portion of your “fortune” from hard-working people who trusted that you were a decent human (which you never have been, yet) when working for you, playing in your casinos ( where you badgered skilled blackjack players when the rules in AC prohibited this, unlike Vegas), or going to your “university” or being in of one of your pageants.

So this question remains to be played out.

Who will prevail – PUSSINESS or BUSINESS?

I’m betting on pussiness. Keep it up girls!

Yeah, PUSSINESS! Very Colbert. 




hackIt takes two things to make a vote tally. One is a machine that records and tallies a vote properly. We are told that the machines were not hackable, or not hacked. Seeing as the GOP seems to stop at nothing, including voter suppression, I have my doubts about that. But even if we accept that as a 100% fact, there is still another essential part of the vote process equation that is hackable – and that is the actual voter’s will. Fake news, hacks – all affect a person’s perception of a candidate.

This season, it seems that the media made all claims fair game, false, sensational, and true – as they sought higher ratings, and got them. That may be deemed all well and good as free speech, as long as the news and claims come from the US and its citizens. But what if the news and claims come from a foreign entity?

For that circumstance, it is not free speech!  There is the Espionage Act which was created in 1918 and is still on the books. The act makes it a serious crime for foreign entities (countries, corporations and non-US citizens) to do or plan harm to the US. Further, any US citizen who works with a foreign entity to do plan to do harm to the US, is also guilty of espionage. And that makes Donald Trump guilty of espionage by his own words alone.

When he said on July 27th, “Russia, if you are listening, I hope you find the 30,000 emails” this was an invitation to hack the electoral process and the minds of our voters. The fact that the Russians did hack, only makes the crime worse. But even if they did not, an invitation to hack is itself a crime – and it should be, right?

If we don’t insist on that this was a crime, are we not saying it is ok if this happens again?  That’s why Trump downplays the hack., of course.  And if we deem this a crime, as we should and as it is, then Donald Trump is either guilty of espionage or at the least, suspected in complicity in an international espionage scam to win the presidency. We now also have proof the DT’s son Eric, net with the Russians 4 weeks before the election. We have plenty of probable cause here. It’s not just the Russians that should be investigated. We need to investigate the person that appears to have benefited here in the US.

The fact the Trump did not hack himself is not important. If someone hires a hit man to murder a spouse to collect insurance, we indict the both the murderer and the hirer, right?

Trump should be allowed to get away with this. To use his line, what have we got to lose by indicting him in his home state NY, for crimes against the electoral process? What is the worst that can really happen?  It’s going to be terribly bad for Americans and the Democratic Party anyway. I don’t think it could be worse. And we may even find that the GOP starts wanting Trump to go too. They get Pence/Ryan. We are all better off. They may just breathe a sigh of relief. They should. 

If we indict Trump under the Espionage Act, we get discovery by a prosecuting attorney – including access to his taxes for trails to Russia, which have been there or 30 years, since his casino cash business days.  He was a known tax evader. Putin has dirt on him if he put funds in Russia. He must be Putin’s patsy now. He is essentially, unwittingly blackmailed by the dirt of his past.  I believe that if we get access to his taxes, he will ask to step down as long as he does not have to show his taxes. His draft dodger mentality still applies.

And then our nightmare is over. We’d get Pence I guess. We might have to surrender that. What really should happen if a criminal runs for president and we find out before he takes office? It’s a good question. 

If it’s Pence/Ryan, the GOP will likely soon botch everything, like they always do, owing to their greed and general lack of care they have for average Americans. We’ll storm back in 2018 with Bernie or someone new (not Hillary, let’s be smart) at the helm.

This is easy folks. We have enough actual and circumstantial evidence to make an indictment; his own words, his son’s meetings, his cabinet picks. With an indictment, we can subpoena his tax and phone records too, and then it’s really done. Whoever does this will be heralded as the man or woman who saved America. Even most of his own supporters don’t like what they are hearing right now.

This must happen this week. Plenty of time. He won this in the last week, and he still can lose it, mainly because he is a sick man, and has been a criminal on many levels, for over 30 years.

There are plenty of high ranking Democrats with DA’s, including Schumer and Loretta Lynch, that can make this happen this week. The public is used to surprises. Let’s have one more. Let’s stand up for what is right. We have the law on our side. What are we waiting for? Wake up Democrats! You are about to lose everything we have worked for 150 years.  Indict Donald Trump for complicity in espionage today.

Finally, for those who say that the hack did not affect the election’s results – I think they are way off base or just afraid to say what they really think. Yes, they did not hack the machines. But if they affected the mind’s of voters, and that we have plenty of evidence of, then yes – the Russians affected our election’s results. This is the way Putin is taking over the world today. He’s doing it everywhere. The only way to make sure that he does not continue to do this in the USA is not “sanctions”.  Too wussy and does nothing to undo his victory. We have to indict the man he put in. Get it? Putin / put in. That’s what he is doing everywhere. Not here please.



Indicting Trump under the Espionage Act of 1918



On July 27th, in Doral Florida, when Donald Trump said “Russia, if you are listening, I hope you are able to find the 30,000 emails … you will be mightily rewarded by our press” he was in violation of the Espionage and Sedition Acts of 1918. 

Though much of the Espionage Act seems to refer to communication technology we rarely use any more – the heart and soul of it is on target and still applicable – and rightly so. I am highlighting the phrases that seem damning to Donald Trump.

Section 2

Whoever, with intent or reason to believe that it is to be used to the injury or the United States (to affect the election) or to the advantage of a foreign nation (Russia/Tillerson), communicated, delivers, or transmits, or attempts to, or aids, or induces another to, communicate, deliver or transmit, to any foreign government, or to any faction or party or military or naval force within a foreign country, whether recognized or unrecognized by the United States, or to any representative, officer, agent, employee, subject, or citizen thereof, either directly or indirectly and document, writing, code book, signal book, sketch, photograph, photographic negative, blue print, plan, map, model, note, instrument, appliance, or information relating to the national defence, shall be punished by imprisonment for not more than twenty years. ……………….

Since Donald Trump invited Russia to hack on national TV, I believe he is guilty of espionage before he even takes office. I believe we should act immediately via the Espionage Act of 1918 and indict him for espionage.

I have seen the arguments against him being guilty of a crime and they appear to be flawed or biased, and I will explain why. The main Trump is not guilty legal argument I see out there goes like this:

All Trump said was that he hoped Russia could find emails that Hillary Clinton deleted from her private server. Common sense says that he only wants to get his opponent, Clinton, in trouble, which is fair game.  Say what you will about Trump’s tactics, he wasn’t looking to harm the U.S. or benefit Russia.

I argue that inviting a foreign body to affect the election via hacking does indeed do harm to the USA. The USA is more than just our communal land, people and resources. The USA is also our way of governance. And the bedrock of our government is our free, fair, unhampered, unhacked elections. Further, an invitaion to hack, is tantamount to an invitation to open the back door to a home. Sure, you might tell a robber “only take stuff that belongs to my opponent”, but in fact, that is not how a hack or a robbery works. Once the door is open, anything can be robbed. And the person who invites that robbery is both complicent and indictable. The invitation is a crimnal act.

An invitation to hack any poltical election is both a criminal act and a seditious act that does harm to the USA.

Will a distric attorney or senate member please look into this and address it ASAP?

Look through my former blogs as well. Thank You!

We don’t have to let this happen to us.