Lorsban Insecticide Warnings Ignored by Trump’s EPA Head Scott Pruitt

pruittScott Pruitt, Trump’s EPA Head threw out the science on banning Lorsban as a health hazard to humans.  You decide if Pruitt is an honest player. (Say Scott! I propose you eat some apples sprayed with Lorsban yourself. Do it right on youtube so we all can see.)  

This is the warning label on Lorsban by Dow Chemical.

If swallowed: Call a poison control center or doctor immediately for treatment advice. Have a person sip a glass of water if able to swallow. Do not induce vomiting unless told to do so by a poison control center or doctor. Do not give anything by mouth to an unconscious person.

If in eyes: Hold eye open and rinse slowly and gently with water for 15-20 minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present, after the first 5 minutes, then continue rinsing eye. Call a poison control center or doctor for treatment advice.

Note to Physicians: Chlorpyrifos is a cholinesterase inhibitor. Treat symptomatically. If exposed, plasma and red blood cell cholinesterase tests may indicate significance of exposure (baseline data are useful). Atropine, only by injection, is the preferable antidote.

Oximes, such as 2-PAM/protopam, may be therapeutic if used early; however, use only in conjunction with atropine. In case of severe acute poisoning, use antidote immediately after establishing an open airway and respiration.

Have the product container or label with you when calling a poison control center or doctor, or going for treatment. You may contact 1-800-992-5994 for emergency medical treatment information.

Environmental Hazards
This pesticide is toxic to fish, aquatic invertebrates, small mammals (Hey Scott, humans are mammals! Did you throw that science out too?) and birds. Do not apply directly to water, or to areas where surface water is present or to intertidal areas below the mean high water mark. Drift and runoff from treated areas may be hazardous to aquatic organisms in water adjacent to treated areas. Do not contaminate water when cleaning equipment or disposing of equipment washwaters. This product is highly toxic to bees exposed to direct treatment or residues on blooming crops or weeds. Do not apply this product or allow it to drift to blooming crops or weeds if bees are visiting the treatment area.


Conservatives: The word “conserve” means protect what you have. How does poison protect our environment? EPA stands for Environmental Protection Agency!

It should be clear that Trump and his crew do not care about anything but dollars. Unfortunately that has been Trump’s lifelong way. A very shallow person. Let’s show him the door please America.

To those who voters for him, it’s OK to admit you made a mistake. We don’t blame you. We made a mistake with Hillary too, OK? But you have kids right? They are not going to forgive you unless you help right the wrong. And you can do it. Just stay vocal about what you really want for yor kids future. Government should be all about protecting the future – not fattening the wallets of the players. 

Note also that Pruitt is already under investigation.   http://www.commondreams.org/newswire/2017/03/30/oklahoma-bar-association-opens-ethics-investigation-epa-chief-scott-pruitt  


American Peace Deal: We’ll Give You Gorsuch for Garland

If the GOP goes nuclear and forces Gorsuch on the United States, there will be yet another backlash from the left. It’s inevitable. Well over 50% of Americans feel that the GOP’s refusal to consider Garland was an unconstitutional act. The meaning of “constitution” is literally “stand together”. What was “standing together” about refusing to consider Merrick Garland? Ignoring our rules and 50% of Americans was not a good idea for Republicans or Americans. That still sits at the center of the divide in the USA. We all know that. And then the GOP will go nuclear to force fascism on all Americans. That’s the only plan they have. 

People talk about peace deals. Peace in the Middle East always seems to represent the hardest peace deal imaginable. But right now, it’s peace in the USA that we need that more than peace in the Middle East. And it’s not easy.

But this is how to do it. … Baby steps.

Gorsuch for Garland

bothWe’ll let you have Gorsuch if you will put Garland in simultaneously, making it temporarily ten justices – or – make it firm that when the first justice retires, and that seems to be something that could happen soon, Garland would be automatically inserted. Think now about how far that would go to getting us to work together again. It’s huge! 


Who among us thinks this is a bad idea? Richard Painter, ethics advisor to George W. Bush is now on board via tweet and added an important addendum:

60 votes needed for SCOTUS from now on – so this does not happen again. So that’s the complete package SCOTUS DEAL. 

To make peace you have to be willing to give to get. Same thing with love, right? This is a solution that all Americans can support. It’s a first step in the process of making internal peace here in the US. Remember, its the Russians who don’t want us to function as a democracy. It was one of their goals in their cyberhack efforts.

Please – retweet this and help me start the conversation going viral. Together we can do this. We don’t even need politicians at this stage. We just need this to become a major conversation in cyberspace. From my end, I will be writing all the senators and as many reps as I can. Someone in DC will pick up the mantle once the idea takes root. 

And I dont know who to put this out to first. The DEMS or the GOP. So I am doing both. Will you join me? Will you help me do this? josepharonesty@gmail.com 

Let’s all continue to RAISE OUR VOICES! 

Why We Should Not Work with Trump on Anything Until He Shows His Taxes

(Written to Senators Warren and John McCain)

Senator Warren and McCain:

It would be so easy for any president to just submit his taxes if he has nothing to hide. Owing to the circumstantial evidence that clearly shows many ties between Russia and Trump, why should not Democrats and Republicans put this memo out?

When and if Trump shows his taxes, if all is clear – we will indeed work with him.

The reason for this should be clear to all Americans, regardless of their affiliation.  

If Donald Trump ends up being found guilty or complicit of espionage, would not his cabinet picks be invalid choices as well?trumpstaxes

Per our rules, we would have to restart with Pence – and if Pence is found involved, then it would be Ryan as POTUS. And then it would be new president’s picks, not Trump’s, that are truly valid. We can’t have a traitor, or a traitor’s chosen people, running our government, can we?

So, until we know Trump is clean, why are we bothering with these cabinet picks? We will just have to redo them if he is guilty. Tillerson, Sessions, Ross – and others – could and should be found as invalid operators if Trump is guilty. First things first!

Americans all of stripes – know this! We are in unusual times facing a formidable enemy – Russia/Putin. Trump’s taxes are a shortcut to gaining some knowledge about the Trump/Russian connections because there would be trails there for years going back – going back to a time when Trump was not even thinking of being President.   

In these unusual times, with Russians hacking and affecting our elections, Trump has a patriot’s duty, and an obligation as part of his sworn oath to protect America, to show his taxes and clear the air – if indeed it can be cleared. Trump asks that young men make the ultimate sacrifice for our country. This is the least he can do!

And until he makes that gesture, and clears that air, absolutely no bill that Trump presents, nor person that he appoints, can be trusted as having been advanced with clean intentions for all American citizens.  

Practically speaking, released taxes would also save us all months, if not years, of very costly investigations as well. Americans – not DEMS or GOPs –  cannot afford to risk the potential that we are dealing with a compromised President and executive team!  That would be the ultimate war would it not? A war lost without a shot fired! We can’t risk that America.

Regardless of any laws on the books about tax release, owing to the fact the FBI has now found that our elections were hacked by Russians to benefit Trump, Trump must now release his taxes for the good of the country and as a patriot’s duty.

Until he does, we really cannot work with him on anything – because we don’t know who we are really working with. Even the staunchest Trump supporter should have no problem with that simple request.


more here: https://englishcode.wordpress.com/2016/12/


The Trump Wiretap Thing is a “Ruse”

When things don’t ring true, you have to ask yourself why. I know Trump is loose with his mouth and does not care if people think he is wreckless. But  now that the truth has come out that Trump was not wiretapped, you have to ask yourself why he put us all through this. Maybe he had a reason? I don’t take him for a total fool. We should not do that. We see where that got us. 

And now, I think I know why this happened. It’s the only thing that makes any sense. 

Trump alone knows how dirty he has been all his adult life with respect to the business company he keeps and why he does the things he does. Maybe he had to know if he was wiretapped because if he was, then he would know 100% that he was going down, and he could make plans to escape. Maybe his foreign partners had to know too, to continue to work with him.  And maybe not knowing if they had been wiretapped just made everyday life unbearable for Trump and his entire team, here and abroad.  

But Trump could not just ask if he was wiretapped. That would seem too suspicious. And if he told his foreign buddies that he was not wiretapped, why would they believe him? They know 100% he is an unremorseful liar. Thats’s what they like about him. What to do?

putintrumpSo they framed this silly story that Obama was a sick man and wiretapped Trump, knowing full well the media would demand that the FBI investigate this. They knew we would ask for that to be (un)verified – and then the real truth would come out. Trump set us up to do his dirty work for him. (This had be be Bannon. It started in his paper.) But how dumb were we not to see this until now?

And now the truth has come out. And now Trump knows that all the dirt that could have been captured on his phones last year – is gone with the wind. The coast is clear! Trump did not get caught red-handed yet.(Pardon that pun.)  A sigh of relief echoes in halls of Trump Tower and the Kremlin.  We did them a favor! Yes, Trump played the media … again! 

So now Trump and his comrades know that something indelible did not happen to them. And they can semi-safely resume plans. That is the net effect of all this, is it not? We all knew Obama would never do this. We did not need this proof. Nothing else was learned. Who benefits from that knowledge?  Trump and his foreign friends! So …

MediaPlease stop covering this wiretap story immediately! “It’s a ruse”.

Get back to getting his taxes.

Citizens: Continue to demand his taxes.  If he wants Gorsuch, we want his taxes. Let’s see how much he really cares about America. A person who cared and was clean would not keep his taxes under lock and key, if releasing them could benefit the country, would he?

benedictWe can’t support a potentially foreign agent on anything. Not one thing. Boycott all things Trump until he shows his taxes in full form. He will never willingly do this. Trump will send young people in best parts of their lives to fight and die for our country, to make the ultimate sacrifice, but Trump won’t even give as much as a tax release for his country. Really folks? Even you who voted for Trump, dont you see his innate cowardice in this all? You know he was a draft dodger, don’t you? He is still that man at heart!

Now if Trump does release his taxes, then yes, I would accord him all the respect a true president deserves. And if he has been honest, it would be so easy to do. That minimal sacrfice would gain him immediate respect – respect he sorely needs to push ahead any agenda he expects to get done.  

But he can’t do it, can he? So until he does, continue to treat him as an illegimate president who coordinated with a foreign body to rig elections here in the USA. Everything is pointing that way. It’s coming out that it was not just the national elections that were hacked. They rigged the house too. Other GOP leaders are likely involved. And those house seats can get them the supreme court too. Don’t let that happen. It walks and quacks like that traitorous duck is amongst us.  



Trump’s Hidden Taxes Will Reveal the Truths We Seek

I’ve been saying this for the last 100 days:

Trump’s taxes are the main trail we need to indict him for espionage and he knows that. That’s why he has surrounded himself with the likes of Paul Maniford, clearly a Russian liaison, Sessions, sworn to protect Trump not the American people,chessboard Tillerson, a known friend to Putin seeking to drill for oil in Russia, and now Ross, the master money launderer for illegal money Russian bankers.

The following is from Silence of The Lambs. When Hannibal tells Starling how to catch Buffalo Bill he discloses valuable principles to employ when seeking the truth about criminals. I’ve put in paranthesis words that make this relevant to the current Trump/Russia puzzle. 

Hannibal Lector: First principles, Clarice. Simplicity. Read Marcus Aurelius. Of each particular thing, ask what is it in itself? What is its nature? What does he do, this man you seek? ( you seek to expose?)

Starling: – He kills women. ( He lies.)

Lector: No. That is incidental! What is the first thing he does? What needs does he serve by killing? ( … by lying. )

Starling: Anger. Social acceptance.- Sexual frustrations. – (Sexual Frustration. A need to beloved.  Criminal activity.)

Lector: No. He covets. ( No. He hides the truth about damning things.) That is his nature. And how do we begin to covet (cover up the truth) , Clarice? Do we seek out things to covet (cover up) ? Make an effort to answer now.

Starling: No. We just…

Lector: No! … We begin by coveting what we see every day. (No! … we begin covering up the truth about the things we do every day.)  ….

And what does Trump do everyday? He runs businesses. He started by being a builder, but went into a cash business in the 1980’s – casinos. That was his Hannibal Lector moment. He became a person who wanted to hide cash from the government in the 1980’s. He even bragged about it on the campaign trail. As a builder, there is not much cash. As a casino and hotel operator, there is. And that’s where Russia came into his life. 

I had businesses in AC like Trump in the 80’s and was familiar with him personally from a class we were in at Penn. No way he lost a billion in AC in the 1980’s. He would never let that happen. And no other casino operator lost  money like that in the 1980’s. It was a boom!  Ask the locals. Ask the retired lawyers who are about his age. AC was a very small town when Trump came there. There were only so many law firms.  We all knew each other, often from grade school. No one lost money running casinos until 2001.
Look at the books of nearby Caesars and Bally’s or Golden Nugget.

So this is what actually happened.

Trump’s sister was married to the lawyer who defended Crazy Eddie, a convicted tax cheat.
Trump learned about the Crazy Eddie cash scam, but he did it smarter – he stashed cash into Russian banks. Now, Trump can’t let those Russian bank liaisons be known. As a businessman, he could have hid this dirt forever and he had no idea he would win the presidency and be subject to all this press and scrutiny. So Trump absolutlely needs to surround himself to people who are sworn to secrecy for him. The Russians have him essentially blackmailed for those illegal bank accounts,  and by now, for many other things, including hacking the election. It’s very obvious. 

We can’t have a president who is indebted to Putin or under his thumb in any way. Trump has to be impeached. Sessions is not the target folks. He is a pawn, put there to protect the king. The king is the target folks. Is it Trump or Putin? Or both?putintrump

I’m speaking now to the voters who put Trump in and to the voting  system that allowed this to happen. We have all been misled by an unwitting Manchurian candidate. Putin calls that a useful idiot. Trump will never be able to take an opposing view from Putin –
for fear that they put out the truth on him. Hence, Trump’s cabinet picks are actually Putin’s picks – and whatever Putin wants, he will get from president Trump.  Putin has effectively put in ( pardon the pun ) the president of the United States. 

This is why Trump will not show his taxes. They show the original trail to Russia.. As a businessman, this may have been fine ( though no one is sure about that ), but as a president this association is treasonous.

This is also why Trump can’t put his kids out of his businesses. The Trump’s can’t reveal their longstanding dirt with Russia to anyone. No trust is blind enough for the Trumps.

We Need Discovery to Reveal Trump’s Taxes

We certainly have probable cause for collusion with Russians on the election.  Trump said “Russia, if you are listening” on the campaign trail. We know many of his cabinet men have Russian connections, and during the campaign as well. We know they hacked the election for Trump. What else do we really need?

I have been out of AC for a long time. But I was there on the ground floor in AC when Trump started his cash business career. I saw him having lunch with Russian men with suitcases 30 years ago. It proves nothing, I know. But like the Silence of the Lambs example, this is where the investigation of Russia/Trump should start  – at the beginning of the crimes.  And that starts with his taxes.  I believe he has been hiding cash in foreign banks for a long time. And that is why he can’t show his taxes. 

Jeff Sessions is just a pawn in Trump’s game. What does a pawn do? It protects the king. That was why Trump put him in. But Sessions is not what we seek.  Ask Mitt Romney what the job interview with him was all about. I’m going to ask him today. It’s all about protecting the king’s dirt, and Romney would not do it. A good enough man. Thank you Mitt. 

Now we just need those taxes. I would even go so far as to say that the Democrats will support some of his policies, if he will show his taxes. Does he love America enough to show his taxes? Not. Trump would resign from office rather than reveal his taxes.

#1 Someone with authority needs to formally and publicly ask Trump if he will release his forthwith– as part of the Russian connection under the Espionge Act and demand an answer within 24 hours. Watch what happens after that. 

#2. Under the powers under the Espionage Act, ask the IRS to privately reveal DT’s taxes to proper agencies, as they will be needed for a thorough investigation of the Russian connection.

Trump’s taxes will lead you to the players involved in this international vote hacking scandal. This is why he won’t volunteer them. After his taxes are revealed, the entire plot will quickly be self-evident.  Trump is blackmailed b y his own dirt. And the Russians have been helping him hide his dirt for 30 years. Putin helped get Trump in and now he wants payback. It reads like a book. 
Trump would never have run for office if he had to reveal his taxes. His lawyers said he would not have to. He even lied on the trail about it stating ” I will reveal my taxes at the right time”.  And if he must show his taxes, I’d bet he might even leave the USA — with his draft dodger mentality.

We cannot put the history and future of the United States into the hands of the now known liar and unwitting Russian operative, Donald Trump. The one thing he won’t show, his taxes, have the trails we need to tie him to Russia in a way he cannot explain his way out of and he knows that.  And our national security is not safe whilst we are busy investigating. Russia stays one step ahead of Trump and America in this game. They will be making moves in the international arena, and Trump is hamstrung. If he opposes Putin, Putin puts out the truth on Trump and he may go to jail. And Trump has draft-dodger mentality,  so he has to play Putin’s game.

 If Trump cared for this country at all, he would spare us this eventual embarrassment and just show his taxes. Of course, he does not really care for Americans. He never has shown anything but a desire to get richer at the cost of hard-working Americans. Yes, he’ s willing to say words like ” Make America Great” . That’s what a saleman does. But Trump’s actions, cabinet picks, lies, ties, and body language all tell the story of a man who is blackmailed by the Russians and hiding dirt.