The Science Behind Why Trump Won and Plain Speaking Adam Schiff

Millions of people get their media information online today. There’s no longer any telling if what they are tuned to is fact or fiction. Though we receive political communication from the top down, we still largely engage in political communication in small social circles. And the act of voting is considered private business to be discussed only in small social circles. The workplace is not generally deemed appropriate to discuss politics. OK. So set that aside and consider this. 

Last weekend Fareed Zakaria lauded Hit Makers, a new book by Derek Thompson that describes why some phenomena catch on and others don’t. His study concludes that familiarity is the single largest contributor to the chance that something will be widely accepted.

The following may be viewed as sad news, but its undeniable that Donald Trump spoke in a way that seemed familiar to more people than Hillary did. Bernie Sanders also campaigned in what could be called “plain speak”, even though his message was completely different than Trump’s.  

I have long argued that familiarity is super-important not only to humans but to all animals because unfamiliarity can be downright dangerous. This is an excerpt from my book “Deciphering the English Code” (2015) which unravels the prehistoric roots of langauge with simple logic anyone can understand.

[page 125] It seems to me, that this binary method of cataloging information, first by the general attribute, then on to the specific, is simply the way that human brains decipher all information. Nature does not create many mistakes that survive over the years, so there likely is an important reason that the order of human information processing proceeds from “large to small” or from “general to specific”.

Imagine that you hear animal footsteps coming your way from the rear. First, you need to make a fast snap judgment about what you are seeing or hearing. Identifying something quickly might save your life. Then, if you have time, you can get more specific with the details. “You snooze, you lose” has been true for a long time. 

For instance, dogs smell first and then learn more by looking and licking. With multiple senses, one sense gets the big information first and then other senses add layers of information.|

In the above scenario, which occurs every millisecond in the world of small living things, an unfamiliar sound is indeed downright dangerous. That same primordial way of recognizing things in layers – from large details to smaller – has been transferred up the chain from the smallest microbes to humans by Darwinian survival of the fittest processes.  This is precisely why familiarity is the main path to wide acceptance. Once illuminated, it’s a simple understandable concept.

schiffLast night, I attended Adam Schiff’s town hall on climate change at Cal Tech Pasadena.  Three earth scientists were speakers and presented documented scientific evidence that in 20-30 years there could 100 days above 95 degrees in Pasadena if we ignore climate change and continue on our merry current path. The summers would be so long we would have to redefine the seasons. 

Adam Schiff is a politician who understands the importance of acting now to prevent an environment that will be seriously hostile to human life for those born after 1980. That’s imminent enough, right? Adam also understands the power of simple straight-forward speak. He comes across like someone you could meet in the grocery store and have a chat with. 

“People in Congress pay attention to this and I think it demonstrates that the country is not going to sit still while the administration or the Congress dismantles these important efforts to combat climate change. It really resonates,” Schiff said.

And when they got to Q&A, the town’s people asked what could be done to reach average Americans and Trump supporters about the seriousness of the impending dangers of climate change. Some suggested things like advertising agencies to sell these ideas the way they sell products like soap. Making environmental protection sexy echoed in the room. Adam Schiff reminded folks of the ripple effect of personal action and urged everyone to stay vocal and active on the particular issues they were most passionate about. 

Let’s face it. Donald Trump fooled enough Americans to contend with a person who was clearly more qualified and experienced to be POTUS. His use of plain language, I dare say even his famous “grab them by the p*ssy” statement, had a tone that reminded many of the way things go down in their private and innermost circles. 

And that’s what Hillary lacked most. It always felt like she was talking at people, not with people. In the end, her messages clearly had wider appeal than Trump’s, but that did not matter as much as her not sounding like a straight talker. She did not seem familiar to average folks.

We hear a lot of post mortem on this election and about how Hilary did not have a “unifying national message” that we could hang on to. But even had she found that message, if she had delivered it the same way she communicated in her 2016 campaign, it probably would not have resounded. Her delivery was not familiar and familiarity prevails. Great salesmen all know this. This is why Trump got close enough to register a win. I’m not at all convinced that he would have won without help from the Russians. She only lost by 72,000 votes.  That’s not 1%. It’s one-tenth of 1%.

We all sort of know the importance of plain speak. Of course. Have you ever encountered someone from another language and found yourself making your best attempt to speak English the way you think an ESL student from that person’s native land would? I know I have. I attempt to bridge the communication gap, as best I can, by speaking at least some degree of broken or ESL English. I intentionally avoid large words. I do all this because I inherently know this works. When facing a communication barrier, we all strive to sound more familiar to our listeners.

In Trump-speak everything is great, wonderful or terrific. In his case, if he once had a way of speaking that sounded more mature or educated, he abandoned it long ago. I don’t think he presently has a firm enough command of the English language to consider choosing more refined descriptive words. Trump’s plain-speak is literally a no-brainer.

And this also why Bernie and Biden must stay healthy and consider runs in 2020. The stakes are way too high to  f*** around with an unproven candidate. In fact, I dare say they should even consider running together, with a young Secretary of State, third in the presidential survivor chain, so the old age thing does not become too strong a factor. Biden has been famous for plain speak since he came on political scene. And Bernie, with his down-home Brooklynese charm, comes across like someone you could chat with on a subway or an uncle you’d like to have in your family. Bernie also has the populist “take our country back from the billionaires” message that resounds with more and more Americans these days. He’s only four years older than Donald Trump and probably in much better shape. Hey Donald, would you like to go a round in the ring with Bernie? 

So it’s not Chuck Schumer or Nancy Pelosi that should be center stage for the resistance. Their hearts may be in the right place, but they do sort of come off as elitists. Perez and Ellison also miss that mark. 

But its yes to folks like nerdy representative Adam Schiff and fiesty senator Elizabeth Warren. 

What a ticket that would be, huh?

When The Snow Melts … Why Bannon Is On the Way Out

Why is the heat on Bannon suddenly? This is easy folks. If you read my blog posts, I pointed out the logic of why the Russians could not approach Trump directly. They needed a go-between. If you missed it, its here:

The Russians were seeking to disrupt our elections and found Bannon. Bannon introduced the Russians to Trump. For this help, Bannon was put and kept on Trump’s cabinet, in spite of Ivanka’s protests, because Bannon knows all the dirt on Trump – and that can’t be allowed to get out.

The problem for Bannon now is that he could be on some sort of hit list. Watch what you eat Steve. He may soon need to seek exile.  To stay ahead of this, the FBI should arrest Bannon asap –  and offer him that exile for the truth. 

So yes, Trump is distancing himself from Bannon because he’s getting ready to say         “Bannon did not tell me about the Russians”. Puh-lease! We can’t buy this. Trump is either incompetent of complicent. And logic says complicent. He practically told us this on the campaign trail, Either way, he should be impeached for gross negligence or  being complicent. 

Bannon is soon going to be Trump’s fall guy for the Russian connection. He’s already distanced himself from Maniford and Stone, so he’s probably less worried about them. A “don” has to keep his potential enemies even closer than his friends.

snowWhen the snow melts the sh*t will show is a rough translation of a Russian proverb.

It’s spring.

The snow is melting in Moscow … and here in Trumpland as well. 


Continue to RAISE OUR VOICES! We’ll get this done.

And of course, Trump’s taxes hide much of his Russian connections as well.

Go tax day!

Why Trump Is “Waiving a Gun”

trump-with-gunI know Donald Trump personally. I went to school with Trump – Wharton School, 1968. He paid for his “International Finance” homework at age 20! He never even studied. 

Now he is president. We must not get distracted. We must stay on point. We must stay vocal.

We have an illegitimate president in the oval office. This is not a sore loser thing. Sore loser is a GOP meme. Donald Trump practically told us he was playing ball with the Russians on the campaign trail. We can all hear and see the difference between when he’s selling and when he’s being honest.

When Trump said things like “ It all does not matter unless you win” – he was being honest. He was telling us he was willing to do anything to win, just as he has done all his life. When Trump said “ I love WikiLeaks” he was telling us his campaign was playing ball with WikiLeaks (Russian) and that he knew it was going to favor him. When he said “Russia, if you are listening, I wish you would release Hillary Clinton’s emails” that did not come from a vacuum. That statement itself is an act of espionage! He used the word “if” as cover – because he knew Russia was already listening and that Putin was doing things for him. After the election, when Trump told his own supporters “I don’t need your vote anymore” he was voicing his realization that he could do anything he wanted now. Yes he can. But only if we let him stay president. 

For the last four months I’ve been crafting a song that embodies the task ahead of us. And now he’s waiving a gun is a lyric in that song because I knew this is the way its going to go. It always goes to war. There is hard evidence the Russians knew ahead of time that the attack on Syria was coming. Of course Trump had to warn his campaign ally!  And North Korea is also in bed with Russia. They share a border, a railroad, and where do you think they get their nuclear technology from? So all this war tension is just posturing. Kim Jong-un is a spoiled brat like Donald Trump was. He does not want to ruin his cushy lifestyle any more than Trump does. 

Today we must all come out of the shadows. There is a way out of this, but if we are silent nothing will change. It starts with indicting Donald Trump’s campaign players for treason in our election. Of course he put a friend in as Attorney General in anticipation of this.  (Hurry up Adam Schiff and stay safe! )

I still believe when he asked Russia to play ball with him, (Russia, if you are listening …)  and we found out they were indeed doing that, that was indeed treason under the Espionage Act. This stuff can just keep happening over and over again if we don’t call this treason.

So why is Trump now waiving a gun?

Because he wants to change the subject! We were getting too close to the truth on the Russian election hack. ( And we can’t handle the truth, right? ) But notice how Russia-gate is off the news a bit suddenly. His distractions are working.

Did a few Syrian babies die for this? Are these the “not-so-innocent” killers Trump spoke of? Is our president a de-facto Russian patsy? The Russians may have even arranged the gassing of those babies as a favor to Donald Trump, to change the subject. “Sick!” (Pardon my DT Twitter stylization.)

If you want to know why, Donald Trump got trapped by Putin, read my prior posts. It all goes back to Atlantic City in the 1980’s. That’s where he first met the Russian bankers and he started washing his casino cash. The locals all witnessed young Trump partying with Russians – women and men –  in the 1980’s. he started his secret banks accounts back then. That’s why he can’t show his taxes. The trail goes back.

Stay vocal. Do get get distracted. We must impeach our bankster Russian patsy president. By the way, when he said it could be eight years he was not kidding. They are working on that too. War will keep him in power. Then it won’t just be Syrian babies dying. 

When and if he gets impeached – every appointee he made has to go as well. Are they not all illegtimate if they are appointed by a Russian patsy? We don’t need an environmental protection czar that dismantles what it was created to do. We did not give him that authority. Etc, etc.

And it’s not “America First”, it should be “Americans First”. Notice the subtle difference. America First feels like we are fighting the world for resources. Americans First is just supporting our own people.  Their health care bill and pro-billionaire tax plan prove that the Trump and the GOP are not about American’s first. Does this GOP healthcare bill feel like it supports Americans to you? Not! 

Trump does not care about Americans. He never did. We are all Trump University suckers to him. Let’s prove him wrong.

RAISE OUR VOICES A song for resisters everywhere.

Please sign up for this blog and help spread it through social media. It has everything we need to shake ourselves free of this foreign tanglement.

Trump: Get Rid of Bannon! Move to Center.

Donald, I have been hard on you, but there have been reasons.

And I do wish I could be proud of you – after all we were classmates at Penn. For whatever reasons, you thought of people as objects on your life. We all have that problem in varying degrees. No one is perfect and the desire for money can make us do things that are truly insensitive and not kind. People do prey on other people. It is programmed into humans. We get that.

Remember American babies when you consider healthcare. 

The gassing otrump-christf babies got to you. We all saw that. But remember that when you allow people lose their healthcare, they can end up dead too – and so too for their babies. You are in charge of the health and education of Amecian babies more than you know. Paul Ryan does not have your sensitivity. 

Maybe ..just maybe, you will decide to use your time left on Earth to undo the harm you have done to others in your youthful, lustful past. I won’t enumerate here. You know who you’ve hurt better than we do. 

But we all deserve a second chance – and, to use your word sense “What a second chance opportunity you really have.” I wish myself I had such a second chance to clear up my legacy.  No one is perfect. We are all young and dumb at some time. Don’t waste your second chance at redemption. You won’t get another chance at this. Your legacy does need to be redeemed and if you do it right this time, it really will be. 

You don’t need more money!

Your goal should be closer to Gates or Buffet – to distibute your wealth back to others – and yes, even others out of your family – they have enough. No one needs more money than a billion – or maybe even 250,000 million. At some point, it looks like greed disease. It becomes very ungodly. Start being charitable. It’s not that hard. If your accountants and lawyers tell you this does not make economic sense, tell them you’ve turned over a new leaf. They work for you, right? Call Bill Gates on this. He got “religion” on charity, and he is no dummy. He knows why. If you don’t yet, ask him.

Step one is … get rid of Bannon!

His appointment was made by you at a time your were afraid of the “bus” you just caught. He got you there, so you followed the business code and kept him close. Are you past that intitial insecurity yet? You might be. Or does Bannon have too much dirt on you and you cant shake fully free of him? If that is the case, a demotion – some distance without destroying him, would be advisable. 

I can tell you this with 100% surety. Nothing you have done has alienated more Americans than the appointment of Bannon. If you were able to fire Bannon, you would see the center of America start giving you a real chance. And then you might be able to start doing some real good in the USA. No one with any brains likes Bannon. He has not reached your point in life and his goals are not yours or American’s goals. You are still perceived as a person who is under the thumb of Steve Bannon. That has to change if you are going to be perceived as a wise ruler.

That’s also true of Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. They are petty beings with personal wealth goals and they administrate that way. But one step at a time.

Slow down. Be thoughtful. Think of your legacy. One’s legacy lives on when their bodies are gone. It’s one way we perpetuate ourselves. 

We all deserve a second chance.

The world is watching.