Does Your GOP Care?


The GOP, led by Paul Ryan and Donald Trump, have again taken a bold step to try and pass a health-care bill that allows the super wealthy to get the health care they need, but leaves upwards of 20 million not-so-wealthy Americans, bankrupt or dead. 

And I am forced to remind my followers that greed can kill. We see it in Nigeria, where thousands of children die ever week from hunger while the royal families bask in comfort. We see it in Syria, much in the same way. All the many struggles on this planet is one, the haves versus the have-nots. So, I think its fair to compare Paul Ryan and Donald Trump to Bashar Assad. 

Paul Ryan:

Paul grew up is a cushy lifestyle in Wisconsin. His great-grandfather, Patrick William Ryan founded an construction company in 1884, which later became P. W. Ryan and Sons, now known as Ryan Incorporated Central.  His father did pass away when he was 16, but Paul’s needs were always taken care of. Paul received Social Security benefits from his deceased father to pay for college. Yet he has been one to advance the abolition of social security. Unappreciative. Ungrateful. Insensitive to the needs of others.

Bassar al-Assad:

Born and raised in Damascus, Assad graduated from the medical school of Damascus University in 1988, and started to work as a doctor in the Syrian Army. Four years later, he attended postgraduate studies at the Western Eye Hospital in London, specializing in ophthalmology. In 1994, after his elder brother Bassel died in a car crash, Bashar was recalled to Syria to take over his role as heir apparent. He also inherited a cushy lifestyle that led him into politics. There is no doubt he is insensitive to the needs of others and is ungrateful for the benefits bestowed upon him by the accident of birth.

RYAN: If the ACA is repealed as Ryan wants, it is estimated that 36,000 people a year will die. Over 8 years 250,000 will die and countless more will suffer poverty.

ASSAD: As far as we know, al-Assad himself hasn’t killed anyone. However, his army has killed a lot of civilians at his direction. On 17 August 2015, the United Nations put out an estimate that 250,000 have died in his wars. It may be as high as 400,000 today.

So, what is the difference really between Paul Ryan and Bashar al-Assad?

Paul Ryan grew up in the wealthiest country on earth. – And still, a philosophy of self-centered greed for led him to discount human life so much – that he is OK with the death that will certainly occur if his health care ideas are put in place. Bassar al-Assad grew up in what is arguably the most stressful political environment on planet earth. And yes, he is clearly an insensitive killer. 

But owing to the big differences between the Syrian and American environments, I can actually understand Assad’s devolution to an unsympathetic killer easier than I can understand Ryan’s lack of sympathy for his fellow Americans, which is clearly demonstrated in his health care bill. 

Feel free to weigh directly to me on on this.

Yes, watching children die in gas attacks is hard to stomach. But make no mistake – these turned Republicans are also killers. They kill in ways that are slow and unseen. But dead is dead. And suffering is suffering.

Let’s remember to VOTE THEM ALL OUT in 2018. 

This really means 90% of the GOP should be voted out in 2018. (There are a few decent GOP members. ) If we can do this, what we are witnessing today will be a short detour in the history of the USA. 

Email me and I will send you a bumper sticker. We need to start showing fellow Americans our stripes so everyone can see our numbers.


And remember, members of Congress received the same healthcare insurance benefits as all other federal employee through the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program, or FEHBP. They are not going to have to worry about their non-health care bill affecting them or their families. That too, clearly should be illegal. Vote them all out and it will be so.  2018 is closer than they think.


Trump Is About to Get Religion: Muslim – But at What Cost to American Taxpayers?

Prediction 5/21/17: Trump will drop the Muslim ban and you won’t hear a thing more about it. It will be like he “changed his mind”.

Prediction 5/21/17: Trump will drop the Muslim ban and you won’t hear a thing more about it. It will be like he “changed his mind”. 

Even though I am second generation American born, I had Middle Eastern grandparents, and I sort of understand at least some of the Muslim vibe. That’s because the Middle Eastern desert culture really rules in that part of the world, regardless of the country or faith. At the heart of all desert cultures is an open your doors and heart to a stranger philosophy. Once you are welcomed in that desert culture, you experience a friendship that runs deep because the act of welcoming is instilled in the desert cultures and religions. When Middle East countries squabble, I often say “I don’t get it. They all eat the same hummus.”

And so, Donald Trump just got religion – Muslim.  In a few days, he probably just got more proximity to religion that he got in his entire life. He is experiencing an exceptional desert country welcoming. Let me be the first to say  this: Trump will drop the Muslim ban forthwith and you won’t hear anything more about it. It will be like he “changed his mind”. He’s is seeing the good side of the desert people; it really does exist. I’d go so far to say that even terrorists’ family members (not those that have already tuned into monsters of course) could be considered “welcoming” to an open-minded reasonable person, once they are invited to share a meal with them. (That’s also a big deal in Middle East cultures.)

Etymology note: The word COMPANY breaks down to COM (which means collective or together) + PAN(Y) (which is a well known root word for bread, as in “pan” or “Panera” the well-known food chain. Company was first defined as “break bread together”. That is a very early Middle Eastern meme. 

And though getting religion can be a good thing, But know this about Trump’s learning on the job. It’s very expensive! And we all are paying the president’s tuition bill every day. We pay with all the daily commotion, judges, security in multiple homes, congressmen bickering, expending energy and taxpayer dollars and ending up with what? – a president who should have known better to begin with. The Russiagate story and investigation also employs people paid by us – taxpayers.  And he won’t even show his taxes to be helpful. We will have to subpoena them – and that causes us yet more expenses. This is not caring, responsible, conservative or proper behavior for a US president. But that is Trump.

… know this about Trump’s learning on the job. It’s very expensive! And we all are paying the president’s tuition bill.

So that’s not a good thing, is it really? One of Donald Trump’s known business modusdrip operandi has been to sue people and cause them so much expense in defending the suit, regardless of merit, that they go away – or go broke. He is doing the same thing to our country now, but without the law suit. Trump is a lot of work. We can’t afford him, nor should we have to pay for his education and criminal defenses. We have our own kid’s to educate. And so, all this wasted effort is a daily drain on our collective American resources and wealth.  Drip, drip, drip.

Time to get a new faucet, before we drown in debt.


Joseph Aronesty is an ex-classmate of Donald Trump. Look though his many prior blog posts and share them widely. He believes the court of public opinion will ultimately rule. – “Sharing our opinions and learning from each other is the only salient path we have in these trying times.” JA

Trump’s Arms Sale Tour/Family Vacation

Stop making this trip out to be anything more than what it really is for the Trumps: a profitable arms sale tour/family vacation.

Since when does selling arms to anyone make the world a safer place for anyone?

Have we forgotten Saudi Arabia sponsors terrorism! They had a direct hand in the 911 bombings, the day the world pivoted into its current state of tension. Saudi Arabia still provides sources of funds and support for terror everywhere. It is arguably the world’s most prolific sponsor of international Islamist terrorism, supporting groups as disparate as the Afghanistan Taliban, Al Qaeda and Al-Nusra. 

As we cover Trump’s trip to sell arms to states that sponsor terrorism, and we allow him to say things like “this will create jobs in the US”, we should ask ourselves “are these the kind of jobs we even want to create?” These jobs potentially put blood on our hands if and when these weapons are used. And if they are not used, Trump has said “Why do we even make them?”

Over time, nothing good for common people can come form an arms deal.  These same jobs could just as easily be created to produce safe energy. But as long as Trump is president, that sort of foresight is “not going to happen, folks.” (Pardon the pun.)

armsCThe only reason this weapons deal is even going down is because Trump is getting a kickback for brokering the deal. He has no charity or benevolence in his soul. He is what he has always been, a salesman. Never forget that. Trump and his family have got the secret bank accounts to deposit Middle-East funds into. And we won’t find those accounts if we don’t insist on seeing their tax trails. 

Free Press: Stop making this trip out to be anything more than what it is for the Trumps: a for-profit arms sale tour/family vacation.

Weapons of destruction do not line the path to peace. Trump, who never studied or even cared about history, is oblivious to the certainty that over time, the same weapons he makes and sells today routinely fall into the hands of our enemies in the future. And then both our soldiers and citizens are endangered. Terrorists’ weapons are most often USA made weapons. Yeah, Russia too. There’s a sick competition if there ever was one: Who can profit the most from human death. But seriously, after the weapons are delivered, no one can say where will end up. 

No. Enough of this. That path to peace is only paved with making the lives of ordinary people better via education, and a generous sharing the common wealth. People won’t be driven to suicidal killing if they enjoy their everyday lives. It’s that easy.  And as we continue to allow greedy billionaires to run our planet, here there and everywhere, we allow the meme of global annihilation to perpetuate itself. Sad. The motives of the players on both sides of this arms deal equation have never been benevolent. I find this entire arms tour to be stupid and sickening. I wish the press would cover it with less support. It’s almost like they are koshering this tour and the Trumps. For what?

Ironically, Trump is now arming the Muslims. Yesterday he said “Muslims did not like Americans and our way of life”. He is currently trying to ban Muslims from entering the United States. Why on earth would he sell them arms? Anything for a buck, huh?

Listen to Joseph’s Song for Healing. Soon to be a video.


Who Is The Nut Job Really?

Trump just called Comey a nut job. He is trying to paint Comey as a sort of traitor. Why is this happening now? It’s easy to understand, once you realize the original and singular reason for Trump’s run for presidency.

Trump’s presidency has always been about the oil deal that Obama would not allow Exxon to do with Russia, owing to the Ukraine invasion. That’s a 500 billion dollar deal. Trump has a cut. So does Tillerson. Tillerson is the person of interest or one of a few persons of interest.  I will say it first here. 

Trump is a traitor. He is now blackmailed by Putin, who is turning up the pressure to get that deal done before he is impeached. If he does not get the deal done before he is impeached, Putin will leak the truth out, and then – Trump will not only be impeached, he will be found guilty of high crimes. He should be arrested today. He should not be allowed to leave the country. He may even have to seek asylum in a foreign country. He has plenty of secret funds there. 

He can’t control his message. It’s no this message folks. He’s dumb, but not that dumb. These messages are Putin’s. And he has to put them out. He is compromised. Tillerson, Sessions, Pence, Bannon, Page, Ross, Manafort, Flynn, Ivanka, probably Mnuchen, and maybe McConnell – all part of that compromised team. 

We need a complete reset. Share this widely. 


A Letter to My Ex-Classmate Donald Trump

So now Donald, you are going to learn one thing that you should have learned long ago. You are not the center of the universe. No one is.

Donald Trump. Something may be dawning on you today. Are you feeling it? You’re not terribly essential or important to most Americans. America is much bigger than you, sir. You’ve not created any new technology, nor invented or done anything of real value for the betterment of Americans like say entrepreneurs Elon Musk and Steve Jobs, have you? You don’t have a reputation for being charitable, like Bill Gates – do you? And you certainly have not created any worthwhile art, have you? 

Sir, you have a hotel chain. So does Marriott. I like Marriott. They give me reward points and they provide a reasonable value in upscale hotel rooms. But your hotels were built on the pain you gave to others because you took every opportunity to screw the people who built them, sir. And you spew hate. I would never stay at at Trump hotel. I wouldn’t stay if it was free.  Your chain’s brand is now tarnished with your name, which has come to represent what is worst about people who have too much money. I’ve heard in many countries they are taking your name off your hotels so people will stay there.

So now Donald, you are going to learn one thing that you should have learned long ago. You are not the center of the universe. No one is. It’s a good thing actually. No man is an island. I picked that up somewhere along the line as well. 

Americans are now intent on finding out if you, or your employees, worked with foreign governments to affect the outcome of a United States national election. Most Americans have read between the lines, and think you and/or your team will be found guilty. The Las Vegas odds are now even that you will not make it through 4 years, and those odds are dropping every week.


We have a long proud heritage here in the USA that spans about 250 years. Many of our fathers, sons and daughters have fought and died to preserve America’s democracy, culture and honor. But you seem to not even know what that word means. Honor means “one word”. As an etymologist, I can tell you that the “hon” in honor represents one and the “or” represents oral. It’s that simple. When a person has one word they have honor. That means that the words they speak come from their hearts – that they don’t have a hidden agenda.  But to have honor, first one has to have a compassionate heart.

We have never seen much honor from you sir. You dodged the draft. You welshed on debts to your workers. That is the essence of not being honorable. You said it was smart to not pay taxes. Gee, I don’t think so. Taxes are how we invest our shared wealth to create a better country. That’s how we made America great the first time sir. How could you have missed that? Tunnel-vision? Americans should be proud to pay taxes.  You said you were not. That was one of the few sincere statements you made when campaigning. 

Investigative Journalists Are American Heroes

You seem to say what you think people want to hear to like you. Sad. You were once overheard saying “they only know what we tell them, right?” Hey, I heard that salesman school talk from my dad too. But it was depression survivor philosophy and we were born into a completely different generation. I took it with a grain of salt – and you took it to heart.  Is that why you say the free press publishes “fake news”? You’d like it if there were no free press, right? So we could only hear what you tell us, right? Well, that’s not happening sir. You sort of know that now, don’t you. It’s really not Russia here. Maybe you should move to where there is less free press. As it turns out, the real heroes in our country have been our investigative journalists. They pushed on as you tried to silence them. They will continue. You have been good for their business. Ironic. 


And we are now conducting an independent investigation of your campaign to win the presidency of the United States. So soon we will be demanding your taxes. You know, those papers that you have refused to disclose to the people you serve, in the hopes that the dirt they hide won’t come to light. And if this is a witch hunt, you are the witch we are hunting. I find it funny you call this the “single greatest witch hunt”. Even as we search for the truth, you brand that search as being the greatest ever. Everything about you is “the greatest”, huh? But if this is the greatest hunt for an evil person in US history, its because you are the single greatest sicko that has ever won a POTUS election. I won’t even dignify you be calling you a president. You may have won a game show called the election of 2016. But you never had the brains, cred, respect, honor or patriotism to be a real US president. 

We are resolute. We will get to the bottom of this. Then you will either step down, back into the empty, loveless, dishonorable life you emerged from, or be impeached.  One thing I was taught at Penn, while you were busy being a playboy – was “your character is your destiny”karma. It’s unavoidable. You missed that one. Poli-sci class. Cool stuff. 

Also, that newer one that goes “karma is a b*tch”.

What Did the GOP Really Expect When They Accepted Trump to Head Their Party?

The king’s new clothes appear to be unraveling, revealing the naked truth about Donald Trump. As things spiral downwards for Trump and his supporters, I have to ask this question of the GOP – “What did you really expect when you allowed a phony doctor to provide a health report for a 70 year-old known maniac”?

The king’s new clothes appear to be unraveling, revealing the naked truth about Donald Trump.  As things spiral downwards for Trump and his supporters, I have to ask this question of the GOP – “What did you really expect when you allowed a phony doctor to provide a health report for a 70 year-old known maniac”?

Trump had a long record of destroying everything he touches in an effort to aggrandize himself. Anyone who has done business with Donald Trump – and trusted him to uphold his end of a bargain – knows this. His Trump U. students know this. The workers who built his casinos, his ex-wives and women his has grabbed by the genitals – they all know firsthand that Trump is a destroyer. The GOP knew this too. But they chose to look the other way. They saw something in it for themselves. And soon it will be too late for them to change their stances and remain credible. If they wait until the ship is actually sinking, they will be viewed in that certain spineless way. A coward can’t hide his motives.

But if GOP representatives start now – today – to distance themselves from Trump – to search for the obvious truth about Russia and Trump – and put forward bills that appear to be for the actual public – they may have time to save their party. 

docI sincerely believe and hope Trump will soon be impeached for incompetence, tax evasion and colluding with an enemy to rig a national election. All those things are certainly true. And I hope that in 2018 all GOP representatives ( and that term is used loosely here) who continue to stand by Donald Trump is any way, shape or form, will be all voted out in the midterm elections.

One thing for sure, we must learn from this experience so that it never happens again. 

So I am suggesting that a bill quickly be created and passed that clearly says that no person shall run for or serve as POTUS without revealing seven years of filed federal income tax and completing physical and mental examination by the Surgeon General of the United States. It would be smart if the GOP put that bill up. That’s the first way they can show they actually care about this country. They will get cooperation for the DEMS and public on that for sure. And what can Trump really say? 

If we start out allowing secrecy and doctored documents, we leave the door for this to happen over and over again. Further, if that bill could be retroactively applied, I am sure Trump would gladly step down rather than comply.  He really does not want to show his taxes, which will certainly incriminate him – and he never wanted to show his real mental/health status.

POTUS INTEGRITY BILL OF 2017: In addition to all current qualifications to run and serve as POTUS,  a person must publish seven years of filed federal income tax and complete and publish a fresh physical and mental examination by the Surgeon General of the United States. 

Petitioning the Five Living Presidents to Weigh In on Donald Trump’s Mental Fitness to be President.

Honorable Presidents: I can’t pretend to know what you would say if you had to answer the question, “Do you think Donald Trump in competent to be president?”, but if you love this country the way I think you all do, this is no time to be silent.

To Presidents Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, George Bush, George Bush Sr., and Barack Obama:


Background: Every day Trump has been in office, we are spending countless millions of American taxpayer dollars – not to make healthcare better, not to make infrastructure better, not even to build his wall. Every one of the 100+ days he has been in office we are wasting energy and taxpayer dollars, guarding his many homes, paying for his golf games, and now defending potential criminal activity, which we hear about in the endless discussions that proceed ad nauseum. It seems to be paralyzing the entire country. It seems dangerous as well.

In many ways, you are all uniquely qualified to judge, based on observing his first three months’ performance, whether you think Donald Trump seems mentally competent to be president of our United States.  You alone know firsthand what the job demands. You alone can really judge whether Trump has the temperament, experience or heart to be a POTUS.

The America you faithfully served, now hangs in the balance. It’s as if we are a headless country, and it may stay be that way until we can vote again in 2018. It has even occurred to me that maybe we should move that midterm vote up a year to 2017. What are we waiting for? If Donald Trump is not fit to be POTUS, then none of his cabinets appointees can be considered as being selected for the good of the country. They may all have to go. We may have to start again and as soon as possible. We can’t be expected to work with a compromised POTUS, and he seems to be trying to block the paths to the truth, or obstructing justice. His ratings are at a historical low. He does not have the confidence of most Americans. 

To many, his refusal to show his taxes, seems either irresponsible, deceptive or both. In spite of what he says, he does not seem to have the best interests of Americans at heart as he continues to speak and tweet in an inconsistent manner, depending on what he wants people to think that moment. In light of the probing into the Russian hack of our election, and regardless of whether concealing taxes is legal, it cannot be helpful to the cause of finding the truth to reveal taxes. The only thing that makes any sense to most folks is that he has something to hide.

Honorable Presidents: I can’t pretend to know what you would say if you had to answer the question, “Do you think Donald Trump is competent to be president?”, but if you love this country the way I think you all do, this is no time to be silent.

Please just speak your minds openly.  

Your fellow citizens need to hear from you … and very soon!