GOP Attempts to Repeal the ACA. Is Representative Government Dead?

The GOP is advancing the idea of repealing the ACA so they can get their kickbacks from the Koch Brothers and their billionaire friends.  They have even put tax breaks for billionaires into their health care bill!

When our government was formed in 1776, words had specific meanings. REPRESENTATIVE.

What that word says is that someone first presents an idea or bill, and then a representative re-presents that idea or bill to congress. The original idea or bill is not ideally the representatives to create. It should be created by the constituency. – That’s us!

representBut what actually happens is that when people get elected to the congress they are immediately greeted with an entrenched system of dollar paybacks from big business for getting the goals of big business done, not the goals of the constituents. And their personal greed sets in usually. 

We now see the GOP advancing the idea of repealing the ACA so they can get their kickbacks from the Koch Brothers and their billionaire friends.  They have even put tax breaks for billionaires into their health care bill! On the day after the election, Trump was caught in a NYC restaurant on a cell phone video and said to his billionaire friends, “don’t worry, your taxes are coming down.” He did not know he was being taped. He was being honest. And now we see the fruit of that sentiment.

The current GOP bill has an 18% approval rate with all Americans. How on earth can that be representing Americans? It does not! It should be illegal for a representative to support or advocate for a bill that their constituency does not approve. So they are NOT representatives at all, are they? They are just old out individuals trying to fatten their own wallets. And we can see this. That’s why politicians are as a group, so distrusted.

And unfortunately, the current US president is the biggest sold-out businessman of all. This fish rots from the head. He sold his very soul for dollars long ago, in the casino business. And then he sold out his own country by avoiding taxes and working with Russian money-launderers and bankers. 

And so, we are basically stuck with 4 more years of nothing meaningful getting done again – as our interests get placed on the back burner.  Endless bickering ensues because this is what big business wants anyway.

A divided country allows big business to continue doing its thing, taking from the poor, giving to the rich. So un-Christian. So greedy. Why can’t we see this? Business knows what will happen if we get organized as a people. Incomes will start spreading out more evenly. Good for average people but bad for greedy billionaires. So, they pit us against each other. DEMS vs. GOP. FOX vs. MSNBC , etc. They break up our unions for the same reasons.

This is the real war folks! It’s an internal war.  It’s “we the people” versus greedy billionaires and the people we vote into our government who do their bidding.

I personally don’t think we need a wall. I don’t think we need to beef up our military – already the most expensive on the planet. But I am willing to listen and learn from my neighbors. We need a place to have civil discussions on issues, get informed and then decide what we want via a vote on the issues, not on the people to represent us. Because they don’t represent us. 

What someone needs to do is create an online political discussion site.  Post the ideas that need reforming.

#1 Health Care. #2 Border Security. Tax Reform. #3 Voting Reform. #4 Budget Allocation. #5 Environmental Issues. #6 State vs. National jurisdiction – who has the last say on what?   #7 Foreign Policy.   #8 Russian Investigation Two more. Ten at a time is plenty.

There, we have blogs for civil discussions. – No profanity! We can have professionals weigh in to educate us. What makes a congressman an expert on healthcare? Nothing does! We need doctors, patients and insurance people to weigh in.

Then, we set a week when we vote on the ideas, not on the people. I guess we vote online. 90% of people can get to a computer. The other 10% will have to try another way. But some ID to make it one vote per person. And you can change your vote up to a date certain.  We post the votes as they come in.

Once we have our minds made up on the issues, we instruct the representative, sworn under oath, to do exactly what we have decided is best for us. If they don’t, they are breaking their oath and are immediately fired. 

This is the ONLY representative governmental system that will work in these trying times. All else is doomed to fail owing to the essential greed of human nature. Politicians are human beings and politicians must be reined in to curtail their essential greed. It is our fault, not theirs – if we don’t set this up, or some system of accountability in place. 

This idea, if implemented decently, cannot fail. And it can’t possibly be worse than what we have now, which is – “say what you need to get elected, then once elected, do what you want for yourself and friends”.

We have the technology to do this right now. What are we waiting for? 2018 is coming soon. Will someone with programming skills please set this up ASAP? It feels like a one day job by one smart guy. This would change everything. MOCKDEMOCRACY.US is available. even better.

And yes, if GOP or DEM representatives won’t vote for our interests: 




Violence Not The Way To Get Needed Change

If the gunman appeared suddenly without notice, how would the cellphone owner have known to shoot this video at its very onset. It seems to start at the very first shot – according to the birds.

There is no surer way to seal the doom of the American democratic experiment than to resort to domestic violence. Protection form violence is the main selling  point of the alt-right. So violent acts like the Alexandria shooter today bolster the arguments of those he intended to harm. 2018 is coming. Be patient. The tide is turning. Please, no violence.

That said, there are some things I would like to add on this incident.

#1 There is some irony in the fact that yet another mentally unstable person got his hands on an automatic weapon and, in this case, used it against those who actually made it easier for him to get the automatic weapon. So I ask the GOP members who vote with the NRA, do you still think this easy-to-get-guns policy is good for Americans? Introspect. Be honest with yourself. If they have influenced you via pocketbook or peer pressure, find a way to recognize that. Then come out and say something of substance.

#2 There is something weird about the cell phone video of the ballbirdiefield shooting.  It starts with happy birds chirping. Then the birds naturally stop chirping after the very first gunshot. This means that the photographer first saw the shooter and took the steps to get his cell phone in camera mode. While seeing the shooter first may be the case, if it is not the case – it could mean that the cell phone owner knew this was going to happen today – and coordinated with the assailant to make sure some video got out.

We’ve not been told who the cell phone owner was, so this is probably just speculation. But, it’s a point worth investigating. If the gunman appeared suddenly without notice, how would the cellphone owner have known to shoot this video at its very onset. It seems to start at the very first shot – according to the birds.


Trump Trolls For Allegiance. Finds Resistance. Bronx Tale Lesson.

The “don” must have allegiance above all else.

James Comey and NY Attorney General Breet Bhahara both got several Trump “trolling for allegiance” calls.  When this behavior is probed, it will come out that everyone in his inner circle has gone through this Trump ritual at one time or another. That is because a “don” must have allegiance above all else. If all inner circle members share some culpable dirt, then the don has a balance of power – because he can use their dirt against them as easily as they can use their dirt on him.

How is this allegiance pledge approached? Basically, Trump tries to get you alone, and
share some small transgressions. Once one does that, Trump gets to call that moment “that thing you know”.  It’s a veiled threat. 

Trump to Comey: We had that thing, you know.

bronx-taleIt’s Bronx Tale 101.  This is the way a mafia don stays in power. The don can’t afford the luxury of staying in power via the avenue of love. He must be feared. Trump figures everyone has some dirt on them. And once you give him your dirt, you know he can and will use it against you. Then you have something to fear from Trump. So your loyalty is reinforced by that fear. It’s how he operates and how he has always operated. It’s how the Russians operated too. Because they have all the dirt on Trump owing to 30 years of financing his projects and criminal activities. 

But FBI members, well … they don’t respond to these trolling techniques. Maybe it’s because this is the exact type of behavior they risk their lives defending us from on a daily basis. Same with the AG of NYC. Trump is just not used to running into such good, honorable and patriotic people. He has no use for people with honor. He has led his entire adult life skirting the law, avoiding taxes by cooperation with international criminals who all have dirt on them. He knows how to live and prey in that swamp. 

That’s also why he won’t show his taxes without a subpoena. This is not rocket science. It’s common sense. And what we must do is common sense too.

2018 is coming. And the temporary insanity during of his supporters during the 2016 election season is not a permanent condition. For many of them, the blinders are coming off. Stay vocal. This is how we really take our government back.

In 2018, we vote out all Republicans who stand with this  impostor of an American president.  And then it’s all done.

Then we get the agenda we want and need, one that cares for Americans – not Russians and billionaires. 


The Argument Not to Talk Impeachment Until The Summer of 2018

Why the GOP majority must end in 2018, or American democracy is dead.

James Comey spoke today. Then Trump’s lawyer made his statement. The battle lines are drawn. This is my takeaway.

comboverDonald Trump has been skirting the law with lawyers for over 30 years. He is used to winning. He will do anything to win. Let me clarify, this does NOT mean winning for Americans. This means winning for him. And by anything, he means anything: killers, collusion, hiring Russian allies, selling out America. It’s just a game to this sick man/child president.

But I am no longer sure there will be a successful case against Donald Trump with a GOP majority in Congress. And we should also suspect the Russians won’t stop meddling in our elections. The president can’t advocate for fair, clean elections, as he was the benefactor in the Russian meddling.  So our 250 year old democracy is under a very real threat. But this should also be clear:

The Strategy To Save American Democracy

The court of popular opinion still gets to speak here in the USA every two years. 2018 is 16 months away. Right now, the president’s approval rating is about 1/3 Americans. The GOP’s healthcare bill is extremely unpopular and they have never been champions for the average American. And I don’t see that healthcare bill morphing into something that most Americans will love.

The unpopularity of this president and the GOP’s healthcare unpopular bill will be both present in the atmosphere of the 2018 election. And what we need more than getting the president out of office, is undoing the GOP majority in both houses. Their entire party has sold out middle-class Americans. Trump is just the figurehead of the real problem in America – a GOP majority that does not care about average Americans because they have been bought by the billionaires. And yes, Bernie had that right.

Absent of more election meddling, I see no way the GOP should honestly hold on to the majorities in the house and senate in 2018. There will be more impetus to VOTE THEM ALL OUT if Trump is still president, because it will become abundantly clear the only way to impeach Trump is to end the GOP majority in the house and senate.

I don’t even say it must be Democrats that get the majority. I’d love to see a great number of new independents running for office in 2018. I sort of think the two-party system is part of the problem here in the USA. Political parties are just too easy to corrupt. But regardless, the GOP majority must end in 2018 or American democracy is dead.

… the GOP majority must end in 2018, or American democracy is dead.

So, I say, continue to push for the truth, of course. Leakers – depending on what you leak – you are heroes. Keep it up. We are fighting a determined enemy in the White House and the GOP – and now it seems they have aligned with our arch-enemy Vladimir Putin. And Dems – continue block as much as you can of the GOP agenda. 

But lay low on the impeachment talk. The last thing we need in a president Pence or Ryan to try and smooth this over. We need the public outrage against our elected representatives to be as high as possible in 2018. And it will be, as long as Trump is still in office.

Stay focused and vocal. There is a game clock in the sport we are playing here and it is set to run out on the second Tuesday in November 2018. About 500 days.


The Trump Ultimatum: The Beginning of the End or a New Beginning

Part One: The Alt-Right Strategy

Powerful people in every country had the same problem: the internet. Its very name defines as “all connected”. In countries that have true democracies, that is a huge problem for their power hungry. The internet provides ways of people to connect, voice their opinions, validate them and recognize the power of their numbers. That is precisely why internet and broadcast communication are policed and censored in autocratic societies. It’s not supposed to be that way here. 

The reason that power hungry billionaires don’t like free press is that they often have risen to their narcissistic heights by stepping on others, avoiding taxes, bribing people in power, killing, spying, etc. And they don’t need that information getting out there – so they need secrecy. But the internet and free speech are part of the fabric of America. What to do?

There was no autocracy here yet, so Trump was called upon to be a bridge to a potential to a new kind of autocracy. The Koch Brothers and their friends have a plan. It’s a patient stepped plan. They even leaked that meme out when they said that their Health Care Act has a planned-in second step and will evolve. Big changes happen slowly of time. Cancer works that way too. Sorry, but that’s true. Cancer works one cell at a time. That is what kind of crisis we are in now. The early signs of a deadly societal cancer are present. 

The early signs of a deadly societal cancer are present. 

If you listen to the rhetoric of Donald Trump, he constantly says the “news” is our enemy. He branded the news as “fake news” for that reason. The truth is, the news is the enemy of the autocrat. Unified people can revolt against or vote out an autocrat. Putin has ordered people killed when they have been vocal against him. And when Trump said, “We have killers too”, this is autocratic speak.  There is no other rational way to explain this. The autocrat wants to be feared.

But Trump’s strong man image is a total act. He is not physically or mentally strong per se. He was a draft dodger, so he’s not courageous. And he gone bankrupt rather than take a loss in a poor business execution, so he is not honorable.  He constantly reminds his followers that his is “rich”, “smart” and “a business man who knows how to win”. That’s because desperate people cry out to strong men in their state of helplessness. They cry out to God, Jesus, and Allah for the same reasons – because they believe they don’t have any way to make their lives better. They figure these powerful people or spirits must know the better way. They hope somehow it will either rub off on them or that they will grow a generous or merciful heart. But fascists are not generous or merciful. 

Enter Bannon, the alt-right strategist. Bannon is the visible face of a dark-hearted alt-right group that wants to control the mantle of power in the USA by any means possible.  Trump has said, “it all will be a huge waste of time and money if I don’t win”. But the last thing this group really wants to do is to help marginalized Americans. (They can’t say that out loud of course. ) They needed an unscrupulous salesman. Someone willing to promise anything while the system continues to deliver little. They found Trump. 

More to Follow. Stay Tuned.