Don’t Let RED Happen Here – Bumper Sticker

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Trump is in bed with Putin. Putin has his dirt for 30 years, and soon – Putin will be the leaker when Trump can’t deliver lifting sanctions. Stay Vocal. This is NOT over. They will try anything to get what they want. War is totally doable for them. 


And I worry less about North Korea’s missiles than Putin cyber attacks. Korea would be wiped out in an hour. They won’t do it. 


The Etymology of Anthony Scaramucci

We all sense something funny about the word Scaramucci. This post will reveal why we feel that, and what it means.

We all sense something funny about the word Scaramucci. This post will reveal why we feel that, and what it means.  Let’s start with MUCCI.

MUCCI is an Italian root word for MOUTH. The are several English words that make this clear. A SMOOCH is a kiss. There’s also MUNCH, something done with the mouth. The S-prefix denotes motion – a moving mouth is a kiss.  The S-denotes motion because of the continuing sound of SSS. Many S-words convey motion for this reason: SKI, SWIM, SHOO, SHOE, SWIRL, SAUNTER, SHAKE, SHIP, SEND, SERVE. There are hundreds.

And SCARA means exactly what it seems to say: SCARY. The SC-prefix has to do with MOTION (S) and CUTTING (C). Words like SCRATCH, SCRAPE and SCISSORS reflect that motion and cutting. And the AR sound often reflects a sort of HARD or ARDUOUS sense. AARGH! The word SCAR fits right in here as well.

scaramucciSo Anthony, I’m afraid your last name means SCARY MOUTH! And you seem to be one who lives up to that meaning, whether you knew it or not. You wanna do something about this? Let’s take it outside! Yeah. That guy.

ANTHONY has a totally different meaning. The AN prefix is the ancient Sumerian word for SKY. It evolved simply because when saying AN (AHN) there are two physical things going on. #1. AH is a large sound. #2. When you say N your tongue ends up on the roof of your mouth. So AHN is large and up like the SKY.

The THONY part is easy. The TH has evolved to be a D sound in English. The easiest way to understand that process is to say BOTTLE and notice you say D but it reads T. So leaving off the Y ending, the THON becomes DON. And we all know what a DON is in Italian. A DON is a ruler or god of sorts. ANTHONY means ruler of the sky – or a god.

So Anthony Scaramucci literally means the god with a scary big mouth. He’s no god. But he does work for a don! And he is a big-mouth. He is exactly what his name means. A man who lives up to his name. A big mouth.


Joseph Aronesty is an e-commerce pioneer, songwriter and etymologist. His book, Deciphering the English Code ( Amazon ), explains the genesis and history of English words in a way anyone can understand.

Trump Republican’s Logo

Citizens of the USA. Left and right. Spread this on your social media. This is our country, for 250 years. We CAN can lose our homeland to Putin’s Russia if we don’t stop this right now. 

Maybe an image will succeed where words fail.

Citizens of the USA. Left and right. This is a coupe! Spread these images on your social media. This is our country for 250 years. We CAN lose this all to Putin’s Russia if we don’t stop this now. 

Maybe an image will succeed where words fail. 



And here is an bumper sticker to replicate and use. 



Dictator or President? Where Are the Republicans Who Want to Preserve the American Democracy?

compromising with foreign agents to affect an election in the USA, whether the effort is effective or not, is not legal, patriotic or moral here. It’s treason …

This blog used to be about the etymology of English words. But our country is under attack, and really all other pursuits, conversations and blog posts seem trivial right now. I figure words like COLLUDE and COMPROMISED are in the news a lot and it could be interesting to share their etymologies to all.  So then:

C-words are largely about anything a claw can do. Close, chew, crush, carry, collect, contact, chain, chase, etc. I know it sounds like a bold claim, but I have found the English C looks like a claw for a reason; the C first represented a bird’s claw because bird’s go coo and caw. Make a short list of basic C-words and sense the closure in an inordinate percentage of them.

So a CONNECTION is a connected “neck” or “nexus”. The Russians made a connection with agents here in the USA with the intent to affect the election and have a connection with the next president of the United States. We all know that much now. 

spiesCOLLUDE is a form of COLLUSION. The LUSION part refers to PLAYING. Best example word is LUDICROUS – with a sense of play in it. Those who collude, play together in some way. It’s clear there was some play or collusion with Russians, in that sense of the word.

Now CONSPIRE gets to the SPIRIT of the encounter. You can see part of the word SPIRIT hiding in CONSPIRE. To me, SPIRIT has PYRE (FIRE) in it because a spirit is like a fire burning inside you. People who conspire share a spirit. It may not be a benign spirit. But it burns inside them. And that is also what is going on with the Trumps and the Russians. They are conspiring. That’s why Trump never says a really bad thing about the Russians. Mexicans, Muslims, Democrats and actors are all somehow fair game – but not Russians. It’s called a tell in poker. But anyone with common sense can see this is going on. 

Now on COMPROMISE – it gets even more interesting. It literally means “promise together”. It means quid pro quo in that sense. It means I promise to you and you promise to me. We can’t have a president who has been compromised or is compromise-enabled. I think we can all agree on that, right? Left and right. Right?

And compromising with foreign agents to affect an election in the USA, whether the effort is effective or not, is not patriotic, moral nor legal here. It’s treason and it is not and cannot be allowed under the rules of espionage in our democracy. Not unless our democracy no longer cares if it becomes a fascist nation. Because that is what I now see as Trump’s new spiritual focus: making America beholden to him only, like a dictator does.  Like that smart cookie in North Korea, I guess too. And his friend, Vlad. Rulers have it good in dictatorships. They “can do anything”. They can grab the entire nation by its pussy. And they let you get away with it … when your a dictator. Sound familiar?

Stay ahead of Trump’s next move. He never wants to lose. That’s all you have to know. Because of what Trump has done to get elected, he knows down deep that legally becoming a dictator is really the only way he comes out not paying for his crimes at all. He’s working on that 24/7. That is his entire agenda.  He’s even got us paying for his lawyers and protection. Nothing else gets done. We’ll go broke trying to defend him. But he won’t. 

And so we continue to see Trump firing those who are not 100% loyal to him or speak about the Russian hack as if it happened for real.  He is trying to become the judge and jury for his own crimes. He now even speaks of pardoning those who have aided him in his crimes against the state. This is dictator speak folks. 

Trump is trying to legally become the first dictator of the USA. And if he gets away with it, the American democracy as we know it, may be ruined for the foreseeable future. And then Putin has really won.

putin-hockeyListen to what Putin said at some hockey game to our reporters. He said with an undeniable smirk “Trump is dealing with his government”. He said that because that is what Trump told him when he asked when those sanctions were going to be lifted. Trump said “I’m trying, Vladimir. But it’s not as easy here. I have to deal with my government and my press.” To which Putin answered, “Not me Donny. I fixed all that. You can do it too. Use your own rules, lawyers, state press. It can happen even in the USA. Then you and I will rule the world, comrade.”

And Trump took that bait, greed-monger that he is. 

Kudos to Republican Richard Painter for using the word TREASON on the news today. We need to be hearing much more of that, because that is what really happened …. here in the USA.

Where are the Republicans who want to be remembered for preserving the democracy?


Feel free to copy and share this elephant logo on your social media.  This picture is worth a thousand words. Pictures penetrate where words get misinterpreted.

Humpty Trumpdee Sat on His Wall …

Humpy Trumpdee sat on his wall …

They truth is out there. Are we getting closer to it? I don’t know. But we are are beginning to see a path to this criminal presidency being exposed, shamed and put to bed. 







Expect the continuation of lying to the public and the media this week from the king’s men. In testimonies, they will be under oath, so they will lie very carefully, or plead the fifth if need be. 

I feel like we’ve had enough evidence to have multiple charges of treasonous behavior for some time now. What are we waiting for? Bob Mueller I guess, right? He wants to get this 100%, right?  We must hope that is the case. 




Russia Meeting Exposes Trump’s Weakness – Bernie Can Too

The reason Putin likes Trump is he is weak & compromised via years of nefarious and illegal business dealings.  That’s also why Putin did not like Obama & Hillary. Obama and Hillary put sanctions on Putin. They were strong and hard to compromise.

Trump keeps trying to say that it’s good to “get along” Russia, the people who hacked the 2016 elections. This is what those who still cling to Trump, to be reminded of.

#Trumprussia The reason Putin likes Trump is he is weak & compromised via years of nefarious and illegal business dealings.  That’s also why Putin did not like Obama & Hillary. Obama and Hillary put sanctions on Putin. They were strong and hard to compromise.  It’s also why Trump would rather step down than show his taxes, which will expose Trump’s foreign money laundering deals – something, if you know Trump the way I do, has been going on since the 1980’s. 

It now appears that the meeting with Trump Jr. et. al. was about discussing payback for cooperation and that the agreed payback for helping Trump win the election is the lifting of various sanctions. The Magnitzky sanction is just one of many financial sanctions put on Putin by Obama for his bad behavior. 
So they petitioned Trump’s son to get to the boss, and he took the bait. Of course, it’s a serious crime to solicit or cooperate with foreigners to impact an election in any way. And it must be a crime or we have no future as a country.  Which is what Putin wants right?
And what will happen when and if Trump can’t deliver on promises to Putin? What will Putin extract from Trump or the USA for Trump’s failure to deliver on an agreement? Putin is a known killer. For that reason alone, the nuclear codes must be taken from Donald Trump asap. We cant trust Putin with the codes, so we cant trust Trump.
And Jared Kushner’s security clearance should not last another hour. He could be attempting to erase files and trails right now, from the safety of the inside. 
Now on healthcare, here is a unique, marketable idea for Bernie Sanders.
Trump and the right-wing media like to paint Bernie as too old to be relevant.
Trump’s only 4 years younger and Bernie’s in much better shape.
3minutesringRSo … I think Bernie should casually challenge Trump to a physical duel. Bernie used to be a boxer. So, in a semi-joking but clear-eyed manner, Bernie could say “how about 3 minutes in the ring to decide healthcare for Americans? We can’t afford all this back and forth, so let’s just do it the old-fashioned way.  If I lose I will personally work with the GOP to the way they want, as long as they don’t hurt people of course. But if I win – its Medicare for all”. This challenge is right up Trump supporters’ alley. They have no head for details, but they won’t forget the challenge.
Of course the fight will never happen. But people will never forget who backed down on it. That’s going to be Trump if Bernie does this right. I LOVE IT! Sure, it’s carnival showmanship, something Hillary lacked. But it’s clean. It has no animus. And it will get press and plenty of it.
It does not have to over done. It can be said once. But when and if Trump tries to paint Bernie as weak, he can remind Trump of that standing challenge. 
And Trump will never be able to be-little Bernie again

Is Trump a Traitor? The Espionage Act of 1918

Though much of the Espionage Act seems to refer to communication technology we rarely use any more – the heart and soul of the act is on target and applicable even in these modern times – and rightly so.


This is a link to the Espionage Act of 1918. Notice how the word “spy” is hidden inside “espionage”.

I wrote the original version of this on January 3rd, before Trump took office. Nothing has changed except that we have more evidence now of Russian meddling. 

On July 27th, 2016, in Doral, Florida, when Donald Trump said “Russia, if you are listening, I hope you are able to find the 30,000 emails … you will be mightily rewarded by our press”, he was actually in violation of the Espionage and Sedition Acts of 1918. 

Though much of the Espionage Act seems to refer to communication technology we rarely use any more – the heart and soul of the act is on target and applicable even in these modern times – and rightly so. I am highlighting the phrases that seem damning to Donald Trump.

Section 2

Whoever, with intent or reason to believe that it is to be used to the injury or the United States (to affect the 2016 election) or to the advantage of a foreign nation (Russia/Putin),communicated, delivers, or transmits, or attempts to, or aids, or induces another to, communicate, deliver or transmit, to any foreign government, or to any faction or party or military or naval force within a foreign country, whether recognized or unrecognized by the United States, or to any representative (Flynn, Kushner, others) , officer, agent, employee, subject, or citizen thereof, either directly or indirectly and document, writing, code book, signal book, sketch, photograph, photographic negative, blue print, plan, map, model, note, instrument, appliance, or information relating to the national defense, shall be punished by imprisonment for not more than twenty years. ……………….

Since Donald Trump invited Russia to hack on national TV, I believe he was guilty of espionage before he even took office. I now believe we should act immediately via the Espionage Act of 1918 and indict him for espionage.

I argue that inviting a foreign body to affect the election via hacking does indeed do harm to the USA. The USA is more than just our communal land, people and resources. The USA is also our way of governance. And the bedrock of our government is our free, fair, unhampered, unhacked elections. Further, an invitation to hack, is tantamount to an invitation to open the back door to a home. Sure, one might enroll a thief “only take stuff that belongs to my opponent”, but in fact, that is not how a hack or a robbery works. Once the door is open, anything can be robbed. And the person who invites that robbery is part of the robbery and is indictable. The invitation to hack itself was a treasonous criminal act.

And for those who say the votes themselves were not affected, including most news reporters, please consider the actual truth, the way the Espionage Act specifies, before you make that blanket statement and kosher this vile act.  People’s opinions on candidates were indeed affected by the fake news blitz of the Russians. It was like a mass hypnosis campaign. It was not 100% effective, but it was somewhat effective and effective enough to tip the scales, which is all they needed.  So yes, votes were affected. Maybe the machines were not hacked. We are not even sure of that. But the total vote count was affected 100%. That is undeniable.

And that is treason under the espionage act. It is OK to try to affect voter’s minds if you use American sources. It is 100% not OK to employ foreign sources. And there are obviously good reasons for the Espionage Act to exist and be enforced.

An invitation to hack any political election is a criminal seditious act that does harm to the USA.

Now that Trump is in office, he continues to obstruct the investigation into election meddling. I know this is hard for GOP members to swallow. But their figurehead – is effectively a Russian operative.

His track record is damning as well:

1960’s – Trump pays his way through college, and avoids military service with fake foot injury.

1970’s – Trump profits in NY Real estate by moving low income people out of his projects so he could raise prices.

1980’s – Trump opens casinos in Atlantic City, but does not declare profits. Instead he moles cash to Russian banks – declares a billion-dollar loss – and does not have to pay taxes for the entire 1990’s. All AC casinos made substantial profits in the 1980’s except his. Trump says he is smart to not pay taxes. 

1990’s, 2000’s – Trump opens fake university. This was tantamount to thievery. He took from people and gave little back. The same casino-owner mentality of taking from your marks – applies to this fake university project. He thinks of people as objects that can be exploited. He thought of women the same way. That was the source of the “grab them by the pussy” remark. Objectifying people is the fingerprint of a sociopath.

2016: Trump says: It all doesn’t matter of we don’t win. And: They only know what you tell them.  These two unscripted out bursts tell us that he was prepared to do anything to win. That he thought of the election like a game and he was prepared to cheat to win. It also shows he knows that the media needs to be controlled to fool people. 

Our FBI and CIA agree that the Russians meddled in our election to help Trump. It’s also clear the Russians did not like Hillary or Obama because they were strong leaders who took hard lines against Russia and Putin. Putin likes Trump because he has him essentially blackmailed for what he did to help him win, and for past crimes going back to the 1980’s. Why do you really think Trump won’t show his taxes?

It’s time to put down the pretenses. Russian spies are now coming into the country in larger numbers. There is no attempt to stop the Russians. Trump and all who worked with him, including Pence, Tillerson, Sessions and many others – deserve to be in jail not office.

The 2016 election was clearly influenced by the Russians. Now they are sending in more bodies and hackers to affect the 2018 election, so they keep this new fascist America the way Putin wants it.   It’s now clear that Trump intends not only to do nothing about the Russian election meddling, but he also intends to thwart all efforts to get to the bottom of this. A reasonable person can only assume Trump is doing this because he and/or his staff were actually involved in the Russian meddling that ultimately helped his cause. Why this is not treason, is beyond me. It may also be that Trump is essentially blackmailed for his past dealings with Russia, be that hacking coordination or general business crimes such as money laundering to avoid paying taxes – something Trump has already bragged about. 

Trump would not even pass the basic new citizen’s oath test. “I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty, …  that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic;

There is a huge difference between Republican voters and the actual GOP. I think and hope the voters are beginning to catch on.

It’s time to Vote Them All Out.

Vote out all Republican politicians who stand with Trump and don’t fully support a swift investigation of the Russian election meddling. These so-called representatives only have their own interests at heart. They are essentially traitors in office. Benedict Arnold was court-marshalled for selling secrets to the English. What Trump did to win an election is much worse. He enrolled Russians to fix an election.

I don’t get why we don’t put him in jail – or have him not be president – until the truth is found out. And why we still allow him to not show his taxes – is just ridiculous.

Anyway, the last hope for American democracy for the foreseeable future occurs in about one year – the election of 2018.