Don’t Let RED Happen Here – Bumper Sticker

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Trump is in bed with Putin. Putin has his dirt for 30 years, and soon – Putin will be the leaker when Trump can’t deliver lifting sanctions. Stay Vocal. This is NOT over. They will try anything to get what they want. War is totally doable for them. 


And I worry less about North Korea’s missiles than Putin cyber attacks. Korea would be wiped out in an hour. They won’t do it. 



About josephsword

Joseph Aronesty attended University of Pennsylvania 1967-1971. He was one of the world's first e-commerce pioneers, 1996. He is a published songwriter and father of 5 sons. He discovered that English letters are hieroglyphs for a Stone Age language code that commenced about 100,000 years ago. His book "Deciphering the English Code" explains all that in a way anyone can understand, and with humor.
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