Trump’s Main Problem: Cheating To Win

If Trump had won the 2016 election fairly he would have had no need to fire Comey, which begat Mueller. Had Trump not been a cheater at heart, Russia would not now be on his mind nearly every waking moment. And then he might actually have had a chance to be a decent president.

The word “one” hides inside the words honest and honor. Healthy humans don’t feel inner peace hiding lies.  Mature, healthy humans eventually learn honesty is the best policy. But Donald Trump has never learned that simple life lesson. He had never had to. Trump has gotten away with being dishonest all his life – until now.

I knew Trump from U of P. He was a rich, big city playboy type. In our one common Wharton School class, International Finance, he rarely showed up. When I inquired about that, I discovered out he was paying a classmate to do his work for him, and that his dad was a big contributor to Penn.  I was told “don’t worry about Donny”. I still remember those exact words. I was made to feel like I was out of my league for even asking.

I was a sophomore, when Donny was a senior. We all knew his dad was very rich. I got into Penn on a scholarship. Not sure if my dad could have afforded Penn without that. But paying for homework is a form of cheating, is it not? And is that not sort of what the college admission scandal was all about?

trump-cardTrump CHEATED in AC

In the 1980’s, I was a jeweler on the AC Boardwalk and a very skillful blackjack player. Given the chance to play fairly, I could usually emerge with a small win. I was never a high-roller, but I can still memorize 52 cards, a skill I developed originally from playing gin rummy.

No casino came down harder on skilled players than Trump’s Plaza. They even told the cocktail servers not to serve the card-counters any drinks – not even water. Trump’s staff used to make up stories about skilled players, saying they use foul language, so they could throw them out for a cause on the books.

The Trump Plaza security staff accidentally killed one card counter when they “tazed” him and he had a pacemaker. I know the lawyer in AC that still has those details. 

Anyone who is wealthy enough to own a casino, and is not willing to win and lose by the rules of the game they publish, is a cheater – because they are willing to change the rules of the game to win.

Trump often uses the word losers, something he also learned from his casino days. Trump always had to be the winner. Everyone else was a loser. That’s how Trump still sees people. Privately, Trump views his own MAGA folk as losers. Trump is on record saying, “We love the poorly educated”- a way of saying we like our supporters blind to what we do behind their backs.

Trump also cheated to win when he stiffed the contractors that built the casinos that made him a fortune. Awash in cash, he declared bankruptcy and moled his cash to foreign banks to avoid paying his fair share of taxes. These money-laundering schemes connected him to international financial criminals and the Russian mafia. Cheating to avoid taxes started Trump on a trail that eventually connected him to Vladimir Putin. 

Donald Trump has been cheating to win his entire life. He even warned us of this on the campaign trail. “What does it all matter if I don’t win?”

Trump is still trying to cheat to win – even today. It’s what he knows best. He cries “fake news” when the truth is published. He has never really lost by cheating. Yes, he paid off the Trump University folks whom he cheated with false advertising – and women like Story Daniels – but he came out way ahead in those deals. Now Trump is now trying to cheat justice. It’s why it’s called obstruction of justice. And maybe, for the first time in his life, he won’t get away with it.

I don’t think Congress as a whole will help Trump obstruct justice. He may have dragged some congressmen into the swamp with him, but there are over 600 congresspeople. He can’t drag them all down. And the generals won’t go there. They have had their own gig here for 250 years.  They won’t let Trump spoil that, and they shouldn’t. It feels like the truth will come out soon. I guess we will see soon.

Had Trump wad won the 2016 election fairly he would have had no need to fire Comey, which begat the Mueller Investigation. It was the cheater in Trump that instructed him to find a bribery-friendly sold out DA, Bill Barr – who should also be impeached in due time. Had Trump not been a cheater at heart, Ukraine and quid pro quo would not now be on his mind every waking moment. Had he not been a life-long cheater he might actually have had a chance to be a decent president. But alas, cheating to win has been Donald Trump’s modus operandi. He knows no other way.

After Trump tried to hold the 2020 G7 meeting at his now failing Doral County Club, Nick Mulvaney, his acting Secretary of State, said Donald Trump is in the hospitality business at heart. We get that. It could be argued that Trump was pretty good at that game, and maybe he longs to get back into it.

But if he wanted to stay in the hotel business, why did he even run for president? Did he really now know that eventually the truth about his life-long cheating would come out in the highly scrutinized office of President. But if you watch Trump’s body motion as he came to the stage with family to accept the win when Hillary conceded, you can see Donald was very wary about that had just happened. Trump knew what he coordinated with Putin in the election. He just got away with cheating to win again. But something told him he crossed a line. His father probably warned him to stay out of the limelight when cheating. Fred Trump was careful that way.

And so now, Donald Trump has absolutely no chance at all to be a decent president – or even a decent man. And we all pretty much know that. Even his base knows this down deep. The American people are not stupid losers the way he thinks. 

To Donald with love,

Donald. It’s not the media. It’s not Pelosi and Schiff. It’s not Congress. It’s not the fake news. It’s you Donny. You have been a lifelong cheater. It started young. And maybe it is about to catch up with you at last. Fess up and make a deal to step down? Well that’s not you, is it? We don’t expect that maturity from you. We expect you will keep fighting and lying to the American people, concealing your taxes, abusing your power by instructing congresspeople to disrespect lawful subpoenas – obstructing justice at every turn.

The best thing that could happen to you, your family (and us) is that you actually get caught for cheating, leave the office of president and pay something for your crimes. But you still don’t know that do you? It’s never to late to turn over a new leaf – if you are sincere about it.

Then you could redeem yourself and perhaps rededicate your life to a selfless noble cause. Consider becoming a philanthropist, like Bush, Gates and Bill Clinton have done, at least to some degree. You will still have plenty of money left. You will be fine. Really. Just like that classmate said in 1967. It might even feel good to you. I say this with love for a fellow traveler on this earth. We are all the same – trying to make sense out of nonsense that way.

Make a deal to step down and not get caught too bad. You could say your feet hurt – again. Pardon my sarcasm. But you could devise one last lie and say you have to step down for health reasons. Right now, we’d take that. Just to spare us the Tarantino film ending this is likely to unravel into.

Are We Witnessing a Coup d’Etat of the United States Government?

In the wake of Charlottesville affair, I hear people are saying the top GOP heads are not turning on Trump because they are afraid of losing the votes of Trump’s base. Some part of that rings true. But I don’t think its all or even half of the truth here.

Written August 2017.  Updated January 2019.

In the aftermath of Charlottesville, most GOP heads and cabinet members are still not turning on Trump. Some reporters say they are afraid of losing the votes of Trump’s base. Some part of that rings true. But I don’t think its all, or even half of the truth.

A major sect of Trump’s base reared its ugly head in Charlottesville. The only Americans who truly identify with the hatred we witnessed are actual members of the Klan, White Supremacists and Nazis.  The KKK even thanked Donald Trump for equating their status with the status of those who represented racial tolerance. These hateful mobs now seem to think they have some control or influence on Trump.  And Trump controls the nukes. That puts these right-wing groups just one degree of separation away from total global annihilation.  

You would think the GOP would have enough patriots among its roster of career politicians to muster the guts to make a statement against the president’s alt-left rant. They know, as we all do, that Trump is bad for the GOP and America. And yet, though we hear the GOP leaders saying things like, “we reject Nazism”, we don’t much hear, “we reject the Trump’s divisive racial statements”. The GOP will never get a better opportunity to reject Donald Trump’s appalling leadership.  

And yet that does not seem to be happening.  I no longer think its because they are afraid of alienating Trump supporters. It’s clear that his words were very ugly to the vast majority of Americans. This was the time to call out anyone who would not totally reject neo-Nazis. Trump has not really done that, but his GOP associates still won’t call him out by name for this failure. It would seem to be the smartest thing they could do for their own careers. They must be aware that standing with Trump will have consequences in 2018 and 2020. 

So GOP leadership, what’s the hold up?

It would be easy for me to cut directly to conclusion I have drawn, but I want to now sort of go over some key elements and tells of what we have witnessed.

Does anyone remember the time first Trump said that he would be president for the next four years. He went on to say, “maybe much longer”. Then he corrected that message with “maybe 8 years, but we’ll see”.  Trump already knew he had to stay in office for life to hide his cheating to win. He was imagining and projecting his reign would last as long as he is alive. Is that why his family members have West Wing positions? Does he picture himself like William the Conqueror in England, first in a long line of aristocratic kings? It sort of seems that way, does it not?

Trump got caught saying this early in his presidency, “They only know what you tell them?”This is a Grifter Meme from the Great Depression. ( My own father said this when I went into the retail business on the AC Boardwalk in 1972. It was widely used by jewelry salesmen to help them get “creative” when describing precious stones.  I did not buy into it, thankfully. Trump did. ) It also explains his “bone spurs”, the “cooked polls”, “the Russian Collusion”, “his calls of fake news” and all of the Trumps’ cheating to win. 

putin-trump-fake-newsTrump is not a poker player. He wears his emotions on his sleeve. It’s not only we who can see through him, but all those around him can too. Even if they did not fully know Trump played ball with the Russians in the 2016 election when it was going on, they would, by now, suspect this by his body language and the mounting evidence.  Comey did. Mueller does, I am sure. And yet, these Trump-installed GOP leaders say nothing. What really is holding them back? 

It hits me today, as it should any logical person. In the wake of the relative silence that is coming from the GOP, only one thing makes sense. Trump’s election tampering is known by more than just the Trumps. Other key players in the GOP and his cabinet are in on this. Only then, does the GOP silence make real sense.

Only one thing makes sense: Trump’s election tampering is known by more than just the Trumps.

The Trumps, Bannon, Kushner, McConnell, Sessions, Ryan, Tillerson, Ross, Flynn, Manifort, Pence, Elaine Chao – what if they all know about the Russian meddling? 

They are all then complicit. Would they not all have sworn allegiance their common cause, whatever they think that cause is? They are “thick as thieves” – another well-known meme that explains the glue that holds grifters together: they all have dirt on each other. And they need it that way! No clean players in the Trump Administration are allowed to remain. It’s why Tillerson left. 

Now add one more important name to that list – Vladimir Putin. Putin initiated and orchestrated the 2016 election meddling, so he would know all the American players. 

It’s bad enough that all the American players in this coupe would have sworn an oath of allegiance and pledged secrecy. But the kicker now is that Vladimir Putin has the dirt on all of them. And Putin is in control of Wikileaks! So all the players (Trump included) fear Putin way more than disaffecting Trump’s so-called base. The formula is: Putin has Trump – Trump has the GOP top echelon – so Putin has the USA! 

it’s the only thing really makes sense now: The GOP’s top leaders are also suborned. 

They can not speak against Trump because they were in on it all. Those on the lower rungs of the GOP power structure are just ambitious followers who don’t want to believe what they likely suspect. They will not speak out of cowardice. The suborned and the cowards, defines 95% of the GOP.  Hence the silence.

So now I must address the few prominent GOP leaders who still seem to have some patriotism or a semblance of a spine. I ask my reader citizens to ask their Republican representatives to stand up to Trump now. 

John McCain. Please remind Americans that when it was Trump’s time to serve, he feigned a foot injury. ( It’s true. It’s really easy to say. Trump will hate it. And Americans may finally wake up on that meme alone. ) Call him out the way he did you! ( PS. Sadly this did not happen. ) I know you feel Trump is currently not fit to serve. We need to hear it from you, John McCain, more than anyone. You have reached the station in life where you are truly a natural leader. Speak out. Flex your power. No one has more GOP respect than you sir. We need to hear from you … now!

Lindsay Graham. You said everything you did worthwhile in government, you did with John McCain. It’s time to join him and speak truth to power. You will have no resistance in this country, except from the Trumps. And that should be fine with you. We know you guys are not suborned. You are among GOP members we can trust. 

John Kasich. Even Democrats could see you were a decent person. But call him out by name. He showed you no respect during the campaign. Why do you now kowtow to him in any way? We need you to be a leader. We don’t have one in the White House. 

Jeb Bush and the Bush Presidents. Your family has been there. You know what is going on with the Trumps more than anyone. Reveal your deepest thoughts on Donald Trump on the public airwaves…  tomorrow, please!

Vladimir Putin is pulling all the strings here now. He has the main actors in the US government suborned. The US is effectively his country now. 

Citizens and statesmen, ask yourselves these questions.

  • Why do you think Trump wanted the electoral information from the states? 
  • Why do you think voter suppression laws are being re-instated? Does that not feel like the fix is going to be in again?
  • What makes anyone think that the Russians are still not at work fixing things here in the United States election systems?
  • What has Trump done to shut down election meddling? The post office has a better receipt system than our electoral process. Why is open-sourced election systems not a needed infrastructure upgrade right now? It’s not even expensive. That is really an easy job. I don’t get it. Do you?
  • Why did Trump blurb out, “I might be president for a much longer time than four years.” I think he knows that the crimes he has committed are so egregious that his only way out is to throw the US government into a chaos and then legally create a fascist police state to “stabilize” it.
  • And what was he really thinking when he said “fire and fury such as the word has never known.”? Who is he trying to scare. Korean? Americans? Or the entire world?
  • Does this presidency even feel right to you?

I myself think Putin is planning a new world order. He has enrolled a power-zealous Trump and helped him win an election. Many know about the fix. He wants payback.

And that is a coup d’état.

That’s about how they did it in the Russian revolution.  Now, they need chaos. Riots in the streets. War. The dictators in Iraq, Syria, and even ISIS operate best in chaos. Tic toc. 

The next logical step is an active war, martial law, and silencing the press. Maybe some real fire and fury. Then its game over. 

Republicans, stop this now! It is the only way you can still emerge as the heroes in this mess. Don’t you even see that?



Etymology Teaches Us Why Trump’s Delayed Responses Don’t Seem Sincere

The word “sincere” comes into English via French and Latin.  SIN in Latin means without. (sans in French) CERE means cerebral, head or thought. SINCERE means WITHOUT THOUGHT.  

When Trump spoke first on Charlottesville, it was off the cuff, without much thought. Those first words came from his heart. (Heart is not quite the right word here, is it?) Later, after speaking with advisers and reading the polls, he dressed his first words up, rephrasing them to appease more people. Those second words are no longer sincere, by the very definition of the word sincere. 

Donald also fails to have honor, according to the root definition of that word.  Honor means “one word”. The “hon” in honor represents one and the “or” represents oral. It’s that simple. When a person has one word they have honor. But Trump consistently and historically has been shown to reverse the things he says be believes in. That’s not honor. He does not even know what that word means. 

So, by the truest definitions of these words, Trump has neither honor nor sincerity. And for these reasons, he is not even qualified to be a public school teacher, let alone be president.

Disclaimer: Sorry to use that metaphor my teacher friends. Teaching is super important work. But there are standards one must pass to be a public school teacher. Do you think Trump could get a teacher job after Access Hollywood was released? Not! 

So Trump’s delayed consolation re Charlottesville seems insincere and his double talk ( as our parents called it ) has no honor. Without neither honor nor sincerity, Trump should not will not likely survive a full term as POTUS. And all those aligned with him will fall with him. This is why we see CEO’s bailing on DT right now. They are getting the jump on 2018. There will be no wiggling off this hook in 2018.  All aligned with Trump are going down, if he even lasts that long. 

Why We Need to Hear from Dem’s on Korea Right Now!

Right now, Trump is trying to become a war president. Given Russia-gate, that is the only way Trump can …

koreaRight now, Trump is trying to become a war president. Given Russia-gate, that is the only way Trump can stay in power or be redeemed. It also serves to divert attention from his crimes, nonchalance, lying and incompetence. 

But what would a DEM leader actually do or say now about Korea? We don’t know. They are quiet today. This is not smart. The subconscious public meme will be “the Dem’s don’t know how to deal with war threats, so they are quiet”.

It’s logical too.  If Dem’s are silent now, how can they really be counted on in true war times?  It’s not much different than the way Hillary ignored those in fly-over country. 

Democratic representatives and hopefuls: Get vocal and fast! Next week is way too late.
It would be nice to hear from Bernie on this. He is thought of as a social programs champion. Good. But that may not be enough. He was thought of as weak of foreign policy, right?
And if Trump figures out how to coordinate a war effort with Russia, you can kiss any semblance of control over our country goodbye for many years. That may even be happening right now. I would not put this past them. Russia helped Korea get nuclear weapons. This could be a coordinated dance to get Putin/Trump back on top. 
I went to Penn with Trump. He’s not smart or even educated. But he will figure this out. He already likes the idea of being a wartime president.  You can see him loving it today.
Stay ahead of him and the GOP and Putin!
Please. Pass this message up the chain. 
DEMS: Think of how you would handle it, and just say it. That’s all that is needed. I would say this if I were president – (and I am way more qualified than Trump, I am sure.)
This is what I would say:
Kim-Jong Il: Seeing as North Korea is developing nuclear weapons, we have to consider the threats you are making to be sincere. And so, we must immediately defend ourselves. We are now making plans to do so. Some plans you will hear about – they are our overt plans. Some plans will be covert, like the plans we made against Osama Bin Laden.
But we are dealing with this now and upon the next threat or test missile we will  be forced to deploy. Rest assured that American security is our highest priority. 
PS. It can’t be a hollow threat. Myself, I would take him out the way we took out Bin Laden. He is not hiding. Next threat. I would do a secret op. But that’s me. 
Whatever you decide, Dem’s you need to get vocal or you will lose the right to govern the USA in a war-threatened world. 
Do you get that?
PPS. It feels like this could be a setup to make Trump look presidential. If Korea stops tests for a few months, perhaps by agreement with the powers that be, Trump comes off looking smart. We will see.

Congress’ New Job: Protecting Us From Our President

The release of Donald Trump’s conversations with world leaders reveals his striking immaturity. Trump likes to say he is qualified to be president because he built a large business.  That alone does not make anyone qualified, experienced, honest or mature enough to be president.

The release of Donald Trump’s conversations with world leaders reveals his striking vroomimmaturity. Trump likes to say he is qualified to be president because he built a large business.  That alone does not make anyone qualified, experienced, honest or mature enough to be president.  Al Capone ran a big organization. Those who know Trump’s operations best, New Yorkers, will tell you he clawed and cheated his way his way to wealth by disregarding rules, suing opponents into bankruptcy, stiffing contractors, and avoiding taxes by various schemes which now may include money laundering.

Listen carefully what Trump just said to the Mexican president. It will all come out in the wash”. He was enticing the Mexican president into a bribe. The wash is code for money laundering. It’s something that many autocratic rulers do these days. They siphon funds from crevices in their own governments and deposit them in places that are both foreign and cooperative where they think they cant be taken from them. Then they allow the cooperating leaders to do the same in spaces they control. A quid pro quo  international money laundry exists. launderB


Trump was phishing for cooperation when he asked Nieto to state he would pay for the wall. He hinted that he would find a way to pay him back in the wash. But Nieto did not take the bait! Maybe some leaders do. Maybe conversations with Putin are “pleasant” in that way. I believe that chance to do money laundering on a grand scale, to be rich like Putin, is mostly what the presidency meant to Trump. I think all his other promises are a “ruse” to get him access to more power and money.  (Interesting how Trump’s own word ruse resembles Russian. Freudian slip? )


Trump’s embarrassing conversations with the prime ministers of Australia and Mexico confirm that he behaves and like a child camper who must be sent home to his parents because he can’t get along with others. We can’t have a child for president. His bullying/cheating tactics may have worked in business, but they won’t work when we need the cooperation of the entire country, which is the actual job he is supposed to be doing: getting the country to work together. And Trump is so bad at that. And his life-long modus operandi won’t work when we need help from our allies, as the two unmasked calls to foreign presidents revealed this week. Trump’s presidency is ridiculous and dangerous … not only to Americans, but to the entire world as long as he has control of our military.  

I am calling on Congress to figure this out before they move on to any other issues. His powers must be checked, particularly his military powers. Protecting us from our president is now job #1.  The history books are going to have an interesting chapter from 2016-2018.  Like Brian Williams said “how does this end?”. 

On Leaks

We live in a world where all electronic transmissions all are stored or leave some sort of trail. There’s not much, “let’s step outside and talk privately” any more, though Trump did get that hour with Putin. And how can Trump really complain to his base and his reality TV fans that the leakers are a big issue when he calls for the release of Hillary’s emails? The antidote for not worrying about leaking in this day and age is simply speaking truth, serving Americans and being an honest soul. 

Trump’s Next Move

Trump needs a war and soon. And he’s going to try and make one happen. Korea is the most likely target. In a war, especially one where Americans are under a real threat of attack, Trump can try in install martial law. Under martial law he declare that the leaking media is a threat to our survival. He practically said that last night to his base. He can temporarily shut down the media until he can “figure out what the hell is going on” with the leaking. Yeah. Right. Those are Trump’s words too.

This is what they talk about in their war room. I’m not in that room. But I went to that same war room school.  I went to Penn with Trump. But our real teachers were our fathers, depression survivors. And one survivor meme that circulated among those who were upwardly mobile in those tough times was “they only know what you tell them”. Trump has said that on TV too. The media should dig that quote up and circulate it more. Help me get that message to the media. Circulate this blog and meme. We are all in this together. Trump will try to stifle free press. He knows investigative reporters are doing the job of devoted patriots right now. Sessions came out to imprison “leakers” today, but he did not define what a leaker is. 

Congress, please take away his finger on the button status or see that it is shared with a trusted adult ASAP. He cannot be trusted. For now, that’s the next strategic move to protect us.

Kudos to Murkowski for keeping Congress open this summer so he can’t go on a summer power rant. It was strategically precise and very wise. Thank You. That felt like Congress was serving us for the first time in a long time. Strange times. Serving us has become protecting us from our own president. It has actually come to that.

Serving us has become protecting us from our own president. It has actually come to that.

Trump has now reached the critical 33% popularity poll. I predicted that would be the breaking point and it appears it’s pretty close. It’s impossible for any one man to prevail in America when 2 out of 3 people in America are not on his side.  Prevailing for Trump wins if he does not get caught for the crimes of espionage and money laundering. The only way he can do that now is under martial law. And he is going to try. Trump vs the World indeed.

Congress. Continue taking away his powers. Limit them, one by one, or insist they be shared with one other truly trusted person. That person won’t be a DEM in this environment. So, among the GOP I trust the most now are McCain, Graham and Murkowski.  We need to share the nuclear codes with a patriot who is a compromisable Trump loyalist. He would start a war to stay out of jail in a heartbeat.

Trump is not an honest player and has never been one. Honest has the word one buried in it. It means a person has one mind and relies on it consistently. An honest person cannot be caught in a lie. Stay one step ahead of him.