Congress’ New Job: Protecting Us From Our President

The release of Donald Trump’s conversations with world leaders reveals his striking immaturity. Trump likes to say he is qualified to be president because he built a large business.  That alone does not make anyone qualified, experienced, honest or mature enough to be president.


The release of Donald Trump’s conversations with world leaders reveals his striking vroomimmaturity. Trump likes to say he is qualified to be president because he built a large business.  That alone does not make anyone qualified, experienced, honest or mature enough to be president.  Al Capone ran a big organization. Those who know Trump’s operations best, New Yorkers, will tell you he clawed and cheated his way his way to wealth by disregarding rules, suing opponents into bankruptcy, stiffing contractors, and avoiding taxes by various schemes which now may include money laundering.

Listen carefully what Trump just said to the Mexican president. It will all come out in the wash”. He was enticing the Mexican president into a bribe. The wash is code for money laundering. It’s something that many autocratic rulers do these days. They siphon funds from crevices in their own governments and deposit them in places that are both foreign and cooperative where they think they cant be taken from them. Then they allow the cooperating leaders to do the same in spaces they control. A quid pro quo  international money laundry exists. launderB


Trump was phishing for cooperation when he asked Nieto to state he would pay for the wall. He hinted that he would find a way to pay him back in the wash. But Nieto did not take the bait! Maybe some leaders do. Maybe conversations with Putin are “pleasant” in that way. I believe that chance to do money laundering on a grand scale, to be rich like Putin, is mostly what the presidency meant to Trump. I think all his other promises are a “ruse” to get him access to more power and money.  (Interesting how Trump’s own word ruse resembles Russian. Freudian slip? )


Trump’s embarrassing conversations with the prime ministers of Australia and Mexico confirm that he behaves and like a child camper who must be sent home to his parents because he can’t get along with others. We can’t have a child for president. His bullying/cheating tactics may have worked in business, but they won’t work when we need the cooperation of the entire country, which is the actual job he is supposed to be doing: getting the country to work together. And Trump is so bad at that. And his life-long modus operandi won’t work when we need help from our allies, as the two unmasked calls to foreign presidents revealed this week. Trump’s presidency is ridiculous and dangerous … not only to Americans, but to the entire world as long as he has control of our military.  

I am calling on Congress to figure this out before they move on to any other issues. His powers must be checked, particularly his military powers. Protecting us from our president is now job #1.  The history books are going to have an interesting chapter from 2016-2018.  Like Brian Williams said “how does this end?”. 

On Leaks

We live in a world where all electronic transmissions all are stored or leave some sort of trail. There’s not much, “let’s step outside and talk privately” any more, though Trump did get that hour with Putin. And how can Trump really complain to his base and his reality TV fans that the leakers are a big issue when he calls for the release of Hillary’s emails? The antidote for not worrying about leaking in this day and age is simply speaking truth, serving Americans and being an honest soul. 

Trump’s Next Move

Trump needs a war and soon. And he’s going to try and make one happen. Korea is the most likely target. In a war, especially one where Americans are under a real threat of attack, Trump can try in install martial law. Under martial law he declare that the leaking media is a threat to our survival. He practically said that last night to his base. He can temporarily shut down the media until he can “figure out what the hell is going on” with the leaking. Yeah. Right. Those are Trump’s words too.

This is what they talk about in their war room. I’m not in that room. But I went to that same war room school.  I went to Penn with Trump. But our real teachers were our fathers, depression survivors. And one survivor meme that circulated among those who were upwardly mobile in those tough times was “they only know what you tell them”. Trump has said that on TV too. The media should dig that quote up and circulate it more. Help me get that message to the media. Circulate this blog and meme. We are all in this together. Trump will try to stifle free press. He knows investigative reporters are doing the job of devoted patriots right now. Sessions came out to imprison “leakers” today, but he did not define what a leaker is. 

Congress, please take away his finger on the button status or see that it is shared with a trusted adult ASAP. He cannot be trusted. For now, that’s the next strategic move to protect us.

Kudos to Murkowski for keeping Congress open this summer so he can’t go on a summer power rant. It was strategically precise and very wise. Thank You. That felt like Congress was serving us for the first time in a long time. Strange times. Serving us has become protecting us from our own president. It has actually come to that.

Serving us has become protecting us from our own president. It has actually come to that.

Trump has now reached the critical 33% popularity poll. I predicted that would be the breaking point and it appears it’s pretty close. It’s impossible for any one man to prevail in America when 2 out of 3 people in America are not on his side.  Prevailing for Trump wins if he does not get caught for the crimes of espionage and money laundering. The only way he can do that now is under martial law. And he is going to try. Trump vs the World indeed.

Congress. Continue taking away his powers. Limit them, one by one, or insist they be shared with one other truly trusted person. That person won’t be a DEM in this environment. So, among the GOP I trust the most now are McCain, Graham and Murkowski.  We need to share the nuclear codes with a patriot who is a compromisable Trump loyalist. He would start a war to stay out of jail in a heartbeat.

Trump is not an honest player and has never been one. Honest has the word one buried in it. It means a person has one mind and relies on it consistently. An honest person cannot be caught in a lie. Stay one step ahead of him. 


Author: josephsword - Joseph Aronesty attended University of Pennsylvania 1967-1971. Published songwriter and father of 5 sons. Discovered that English letters are hieroglyphs for a Stone Age language code that began about 100,000 years ago in Africa, derived from the body/sign language we used as hunters. His book "Deciphering the English Code" conveys this in a way one can understand. He is also one of the world's ground level e-commerce pioneers.

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