Trump Has Lost the Authority To Govern. He Needs a War. There Is a Way Out.

It’s getting increasingly likely that some of Donald Trump’s campaign managers and many of his appointed representatives are going to be caught in crimes. And now, after the Manafort raid, the guilty can sense that truth is coming and it’s not setting them free.

approvalTrump has finally lost the moral authority to govern or rule. His approval rate is nearing 35%. He has been caught in too many lies. His base is catching on as to who he really is.

But Trump knows of no other way of being. We now know he was simply was not qualified, intellectually or emotionally, to be a US president. He was only good enough to turn a presidential election into a mud-fight and win that fight. And his team clearly enrolled help from foreigners, which is very illegal under the Espionage Act. 

No democracy can survive if it permits foreign actors to affect its elections. Mueller is closing in on Trump, and the Trump regime players are feeling the heat. Trump now believes that if he somehow could become a wartime president, he could skirt being exposed for his crimes.  He knows how silencing the press and martial law can be used to keep the public in the dark. This is why we are on the brink of war. No other reason. Trump would have 10 million Koreans die to save his empire. Nuclear war? He has a jet. 

Realistically, Trump probably did not step into politics with the intent of being an authoritarian fascist. But corrupt, greedy businessmen can devolve into dictators without that having been the initial goal. In the pressure cooker of crime and punishment, one can feel compelled to go fascist to skirt justice. That’s what happened to Bassar al-Ashad. He was a successful, wealthy businessman doctor. He needed to become a dictator to survive. This is pretty much what’s going on with the Trumps’ right now.

So, friends on all sides of the spectrum, we just can’t let that happen here in the USA, can we? I hope we are all on the same side of this aisle. We have way too much to lose here.  I know I feel that way. Don’t you? But if Americans are not smart about our situation right now, and we don’t take immediate actions to eject all corrupt officials and install new representatives who are squeaky clean and sincerely dedicated to the public good, it (fascism) could happen here in one moment.  And that would be the saddest day in American history.

 There is a quick way out of this mess. It’s easier now that Mueller is closing in on truth.

Trump needs to be offered immunity, to step down and get out of the way of the investigation. Given he is under investigation for serious crimes, Trump cannot retain the power to pardon anyone. That is just ridiculous in this situation and someone in Congress needs to bring this up ASAP. 

Because this can’t happen here ever again, the election investigation must go on. We need to know the truth, even if it means we can’t punish some of the players. I have said all along, “Trump would rather step down than show his taxes”. He still has draft-dodger mentality. That sort of thing does not go away with time. (What a difference between him and McCain!)

Mueller should ask some of Trump’s appointees if they want a similar offer. Anyone involved. It could include Pence. I don’t know who was in on this, but I am sure the Trumps were. We don’t want anyone that was even slightly involved with an Russian/election dance in high office.  It’s stupid and dangerous. We need to clean house, ASAP. The Korean crisis is a good reminder of why we need our government staffed with people who have our interests at heart.

History teaches us that criminals who rise to political power will attempt to go fascist in order to escape the crimes they have committed. It simultaneously becomes their only avenue to escape justice and the people’s largest nightmare.

incompetentI favor asking Trump to step down for incompetence … not espionage. It will be easy and expedient to find a few reasons why Trump is not qualified to be a US president. But if we have to wait for a full trial and an impeachment to take place, it could take too long. Current events are such that we need a ruler with true authority today. He’s been given 200 days to learn how to behave like a president. He has not done that. Enough!

And Trump would accept incompetence as a reason rather than be indicted or remembered for espionage.(He can feign illness for all I care.)

We simply can’t have people who worked with foreign powers in any way to affect a United States election, running the government they colluded to get control of … for one more day. Given the chance to escape full prosecution, the guilty will step down. They now feel the heat of Mueller.

 Spread the word. Stay vocal. 

Together, we can save our democracy.





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