Why Did Putin Say “Trump is Acting in Accordance with His Own … Laws?

Trump is trying to legally become the first dictator of the USA. And if he gets away with it, the American democracy as we know it may be ruined for the foreseeable future. Then Putin has really won.

Trump is trying to legally become the first dictator of the USA. And if he gets away with it, the American democracy as we know it may be ruined for the foreseeable future. 

putin-hockeyListen to what Putin said at a USSR hockey game to our CBS reporter. He said with an undeniable smirk “Trump is acting in accordance with his own government”.

By government he means the LAWS of our government. Why would he say that? It’s as if he said whatever Trump does it’s legal – in accordance with our US laws. Is that what he told Trump? Did he tell Trump you can take over your country the way I did, by using the existing laws and then people will not be able to stop you? 

So why would Putin say that?  The ONLY reason is that he is actively counseling Trump on how he took over Russia, using the loopholes in the existing Russian law to seize absolute power. We are going to have to start believing our eyes and ears and act on what we perceive.

Engage with me in this short metaphor for a disaster: Imagine if a nuclear bomb was on a slow trajectory to hit an American city like Los Angeles. Imagine we see the slow missile and we can project that it will hit us in a month. But there are people telling us that what we see is not real. They get lawyers and tell us there is no proof that gravity exists and the bomb will fall. They ask us to ignore it. They say its fake news. And they hire lawyers to stall and inept sold-out mathematicians to explain that gravity is not in the constitution.

As I see it, not believing our eyes and ears is how we allow an enemy takes over this country. We have to stop being stupid. Trump should be disabled until proven innocent. Let the Congress and the House take things over until the Mueller report is out in the open and we can discuss this. 

Trump sold weapons to the Ukraine, reversing prior policy, to stop the Ukrainian prosecution of Manafort in the Ukraine, and is trying to bury that investigation. 

And now, there have been more recent instances of Trump re-iterating the Kremlin’s talking points – some of which were only known to those inside the Kremlin. 

Trump said the Russian Afghanistan invasion was justified because terrorists were streaming in to Russia. That is NOT true and is ONLY a thing on Russian state TV!  

Trump said Montenegro could start World War III – something heard on Russian TV as well. 

Now please watch this: 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T1NKWYepioA   May 10th, 2017. Putin speaks about the firing of James Comey.  Please watch this. 

If you read between the lines, the way you always should with politicians, Putin’s statement seems to be about Comey’s firing but the undercurrent is about some sort of struggle Trump is having with his own government. Putin is saying, in effect, that Trump would prefer not to have an adversarial US government to deal with – (the way Putin has it in Russia as an elected dictator), but that he is not breaking any US laws. He is in accordance. So it’s all OK. The logical conclusion is: they are coordinated in trying to use our own laws, to make Trump/Putin the czars of planet earth. 

In this statement by Putin you can sense that Putin must forgive Donald Trump a bit, because Trump cannot yet deliver on whatever promises he offered for Putin’s election help. The subtext is that Donald will need some time to make things “whole”. So this is the pass Putin gives Donald Trump, “He is acting in accordance with his own government.”  We’ll see what happens. 

It also tells me that Putin has given Trump some concrete orders and/or there is a large debt to make whole – and now he is just patiently waiting for them to be executed in due time without breaking any US laws. Are they about lifting sanctions? Probably. But there could be much more in that back channel.  

That back channel they wanted to set up was clearly an attempt to create safe space for collusion and yet more plotting against the people of the US for whom Putin and Trump have absolutely no love. And who is the brains behind all this? Trump is really not smart enough to be as sinister as Vladimir Putin. But Trump would like to be as smart as Putin. He’s already made it abundantly clear how much he really admires that man. 

Witness how Trump’s appointees take liberties with spending exorbitant amounts on plane trips and then use the same line –“I did not break any laws”.  Is that all any of these politicians know? Lawyer up then do what you must to get ahead? That is actually the real Trump modus operandi. Always has been. 

So Putin clearly communicates to Donald Trump in some way. 

Donald. Use your own rules, lawyers and state press (Fox). Get the right people around you and elected to key offices. Then what I have here in Russia, – it can happen for you and your family, even in the USA. You’ll never have to hear the press belittle you again. Then you and I will rule the world.”

And Trump took that bait, sold-out greed-monger that he is. 

Don’t let RED happen here. Not here. That’s just too stupid. GOP Senators! You have enough money. Stop enabling autocrats! Stand up to Putin and Trump!

And if you are in too deep, wiggle off the hook like Boehner and Flake did – and retire. Don’t you have kids and grand-kids to care about?



Author: josephsword

JosephAronesty@gmail.com - Joseph Aronesty attended University of Pennsylvania 1967-1971. Published songwriter and father of 5 sons. Discovered that English letters are hieroglyphs for a Stone Age language code that began about 100,000 years ago in Africa, derived from the body/sign language we used as hunters. His book "Deciphering the English Code" conveys this in a way one can understand. He is also one of the world's ground level e-commerce pioneers.

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