Preaching Jesus and Supporting Trump Will Not Square Any Longer

One can no longer respect institutions that preach the teachings of Jesus Christ on Sunday, and speak well of Donald Trump on Monday. We are only facing a constitutional crisis in the USA because we are failing to address the moral crisis of remaining silent about a president who lacks decent character by any standard of measurement.

written Easter 2018 – updated Christmas 2019

There has never been evidence that Donald Trump performed one single act of kindness in his entire life. He is morally bankrupt.

During Easter 2018, when Roy Moore, a child rapist, was running for office in Alabama, I called on pastors, preachers and all religious leaders to create an Easter Sunday Sermon to address how best preserve our American democracy.  About 60% of our fellow Americans now believe this president is trying to obstruct or skirt justice for crimes committed in his rather unholy life.

We are all aware that many Evangelists support Donald Trump. After a brutally honest editorial in Christianity Today, it appears that Mr Trump has succeeded in dividing the Evangelists who were nearly all willing to give him a chance in 2016. Now that they had some time to see how Trump performs and who he really is, many who actively or passively supported Trump are reconsidering. This short post will explain why.

First, think on the kids of Parkland, Florida. The idealistic 16-year old students were supported by so many Americans.  I thought back to when I was 16 and this hit me.

There are two special times in a person’s life when one can easily afford the luxury of being idealistic. First, when you are a teenager in the home of a well-to-do loving parent. Because the roof over your head and meals are paid for by your parents, you have the time to ponder what seems right to you in life and stand up for those values with your heart, soul, action and words.

But then, what happened to the idealism of the hippie generation of the 1960’s? They graduated college and went out into the world to make a living. And after a few years of that struggle ( which was much less of a struggle back then than it is today ) their hippie, youthful idealism was pretty much gone. I was there. All but vanished. And soon, the “it’s all about me” generation was in power. By the 1980’s we even heard “greed was good.”

We re-open to idealism again when we are much older, if we can achieve a proper retirement. After we have brought up our families, paid our mortgages, and we are set for life, we can afford to get back in touch with our long lost youthful idealism. 

Between the ages of 21 and retirement, its hardest to be idealistic. It’s why older retired folks make better public servants than people with families to nurture. It’s why I don’t mind seeing older presidential candidates this cycle.

Which brings me to why pastors and religious leaders should speak this Christmas about what Jesus would have said about Donald Trump’s total lack of empathy and love for the needy or meek. If they fail to rally their teenagers to Jesus’s point of view, they risk losing them for life!

Anyone can see Trump does not possess the qualities of a holy man or even a good man according to the teachings of Jesus. Most teenagers see through Donald Trump.

Let’s go over some of Jesus’s teachings to highlight just how far Trump is from Jesus.

  • For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many. (Trump never served anyone in his life. he chose to be a draft dodger when called on to serve.)
  • But I say to you, Love your enemies … ( Trump even asks that we hate some of our neighbors and fellow Americans.) 
  • Let the one among you who is without sin be the first to cast a stone. (Trump – a total sinner – casts stones with every tweet. )
  • For what shall it profit a man, if he gain the whole world, and suffer the loss of his soul? ( I think this is the most fitting for Mr. Trump, since it speaks to profit and greed. Trump has repeatedly shown he is willing to step on anyone or anything, including our constitution – for profit. )

Preachers. Teachers. Pastors. Fellow citizens. Parents. I don’t have to tell you how never-Trump Jesus would have been. You already know that. Before you advocate for Trump again, or fail to use your pulpit to advocate against Trump, one who clearly represents a sort of anti-Christ incarnate, think on your teenagers! You are losing them right now, in the most idealistic part of their lives. And your children will not forget. They never do.

Today’s teenagers will grow to become adults, as we all do. But Trump-era teenagers will have no respect for institutions that preach the teachings of Jesus Christ on Sunday, and speak well of Donald Trump on Monday. 

Teenagers just can’t square that circle in their minds. And now that I am semi-retired, neither can I. 

Dear preachers, teachers, firemen, doctors, plumbers, citizens young and older: 


Please share this memo along with your own thoughts on this matter with your community and fellow religious leaders.

We are only facing a constitutional crisis in the US because we are failing to address the moral crisis of remaining silent about a president who lacks decent character by any standard of measurement.

This is particularly noticeable in Congress. Your representatives do not get to tell you what is right. They represent you. You have to know what is right. And you have to tell them to represent your ideas, not the other way around.

But first, one has to formulate those ideas and that takes some introspection. Remember, most politicians are self-serving opportunists who are not in the least idealistic. Idealism is supposed to be the realm of religion. Lose idealism, and you can forget respect for your religious teachings going forward.

Thank You for your considerations. 

I welcome your thoughts at:

Author: josephsword - Joseph Aronesty attended University of Pennsylvania 1967-1971. Published songwriter and father of 5 sons. Discovered that English letters are hieroglyphs for a Stone Age language code that began about 100,000 years ago in Africa, derived from the body/sign language we used as hunters. His book "Deciphering the English Code" conveys this in a way one can understand. He is also one of the world's ground level e-commerce pioneers.

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