Dem Presidential Hopefuls Should Unite Into a Team: Justice League 2020

Written Jan 12 – updated 7/11/19

1-justiceI’ve got to give Trump one thing. He’s not afraid to think outside the box. I rarely agree with his thinking because his prime motivations are self-promotion and self-survival – not what’s good for you and I. Trump is willing to do anything to stay in power. His stated motto is “what does it matter if I don’t win?” 

So maybe we have to think outside the box this next go ’round. We see all the multiple candidates signing up to beat Trump. it reminds me of the GI’s signing up in WW2. But so far, very few have a real shot to beat Trump. Biden, Bernie and Warren stack up best. 

In 2016, Bernie actually got a lot of the Trump supporters who wanted sincere change. Bernie’s sincerity was and still is his biggest attribute. Many Trump supporters now know they were fooled by a con man. 

Joe Biden because he’s been there before, he’s more of a centrist –  and also polls well in the Midwest. And we’ll need all of these people to beat the formidable enemies in the Trump organization. 

The way a primary usually works is many run and those who lose just go home and continue in their current jobs. But what does that say for all the others with good messages and talents in this struggle we are going through? Are their energies and dedications to be cast aside?

We need to overcome so much in 2020 . Winning will just the step one. Trump has undone so many of our institutions. Change will not be a one man job.  Trump’s “I alone can fix this” philosophy is not going to work.  Change is going to take extensive teamwork – the kind of teamwork that became second nature for the WW2 generation because they too had formidable enemies. We need that team USA spirit now.

So why make the primary a winner-take-all race? Why not make it a winner-enrolls-all primary? Can you imagine the strength of that commitment? It would be truly unbeatable. Trump can’t begin to match it. What’s he going to do? Is he going to run with his team of Pence, Ross, Barr and Kushner? His team is ludicrous. So let’s announce we are running as a team. Perhaps this has to get to Pelosi or Perez first. I will try. But if you have a bigger mic – you try too. The team starts with us anyway. 

So here’s an image and an outside-the-box strategy to match Trump’s resolve – which will include election fixing – ad hoc crises – cyber attacks – Russian bots – and potentially a make-shift war effort. 

I hope we get this to the candidates – all of them. Because the struggle to gain the presidency should not run the risk of dividing the democrat’s electorate. And it does. 

I’d like to see Harris as DA. I think Bernie and Biden should announce that their first VP choice will be one of the female candidates running right now.

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The last widely accepted sighting of a dodo bird was in 1662. 
Like many animals that evolved in isolation from significant predators, the dodo was fearless of humans. Their fearlessness, coupled with its inability to fly, made the dodo easy prey for sailors.

(Now change a few words.)

The last widely accepted sighting of the American Democracy was in 2020.
Like many people that live ignorant of history, most Americans trusted their leaders. This trust, coupled with the Americans’ inability to deal swiftly with their internal predators, made the American democracy easy prey for takeover.

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And if all else fails, we can use technology to replace politicians.

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Elizabeth Warren’s Native American Issue Should Not Be an Issue

1-warrenDemocrats! We’re going to have to STOP EATING OUR OWN! Any Democratic charge against Elizabeth Warren is straight out of Vladimir Putin’s playbook: find ways to put the best people in the opposition party into hot water.

I’m sorry.  The only people Warren has to apologize to are full-blooded Native Americans themselves.  – She should do that and ask them if she has been forgiven. Knowing the Indian heart and sense of justice – they already have. Everyday Americans have no substantial dog in this show.

Elizabeth Warren must find her own way to stand up to this challenge which is truly based on something relatively trivial – her family’s identification with their distant Native American heritage.  If she continues to apologize without attacking her accusers and calling them out for their hypocrisy, she will come off as weak. That trend is beginning and she must stop it in its tracks. We’ve all made mistakes if we go back far enough. This trend is going to destroy our country if it continues.


Elizabeth, feel free to make this your own. It is written as if it were a speech made by you. America needs to hear your hallmark never quit spirit right now.   It’s about time we all call BS on the racism that’s going around like the flu these days. 

Salutations _______,  

Barack Obama is actually a person of two races  – 50% black and 50% white.  He was raised mostly by his white mother – so Obama is sort of more white than black. Yet most people think of Obama as a 100% black man – and the racists among us (including Donald Trump) have accentuated Obama’s blackness by adding “from Kenya” – which is not true. Obama is genetically 50% black, but in actuality a smaller percentage of black genes can qualify you to “be black” in America.  The actual social standard is still “can any typical Negro race features be seen”. Did you know Soledad O’Brien has one black parent? I’m sorry folks, but this standard is just weird anymore. It’s 2019 – not 1950. 

Racists use the superficial visual differences among us to shout out “you look different than me, I don’t trust you, I am afraid of you”. That is exactly the sentiment Trump promotes almost daily. And his GOP supporters have been complicit. That same racist sentiment motivated the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter and was behind the Holocaust. It underpins most of the wars on planet earth today. And it’s so superficial that it ought to be embarrassing to all decent Americans by now.  

The truth is – we humans are all mutts, mixes and mongrels on planet earth – and our racial mix should not really matter to us any way. We are all mixed nationalities to various degrees – and we all choose to identify with certain portions of that mix more than others. In my case, my family and I identified with our Native American heritage as much as our European heritage. I don’t really know why. This sort of thing starts when we are very young children. Maybe it was romantic for me to think I was part Indian. Maybe it was these cheekbones. (Elizabeth, point to your cheeks when you say that. )

My inner sense of being part Indian stayed with me proudly when I was a struggling young lawyer in America – and still exists. If writing myself in as “American Indian” has offended any full blood Native American I sincerely apologize. I received no special treatment because of this. You all should know this:  I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth. My parents barely survived on the ragged edge of the middle class. So let me now remind you of what I am not accused of.

I am not accused of faking bones spurs to get out of military service . I am not accused of cheating the federal government out of 500 million in taxes. I am not accused of working with Russians to get elected. I am not accused of visiting the dressing rooms of teenage girls when I was in my 50’s. And I am not accused of being heartless and feeling no remorse about separating young children from their parents – or creating phony universities to bilk people of their savings – or using federal workers as pawns to try and get my way.  I am not accused of lying 8000 times in the last 2 years. And I am not accused of grabbing women by their genitals.

Our sitting president is accused of all those things. And that seems to be okay with those who say I should not have listed myself as a Native American. 

(Speaking as if to Donald Trump now. ) So if you want to make a big deal about me identifying with my Native American heritage,  and call me Pocahontas – go right ahead – because most American people see through your racism now.  Their racial and misogynist blinders are off – and they are coming after you, Donald Trump – not for your pedigree – but for the actual person you are and have been. A criminal is a criminal – regardless of racial mix. And an upright citizen is still the standard of excellence here in the USA – regardless of racial mix.

History will judge us all by our actions, not our racial mixes. I stand on my record for the American people. And by the way, – though it does not concern me in any way  – your mother was an illegal immigrant. I just think the people you incite to rise up against immigrants – should know that too. 


Donald Trump is Drunk-Driving Our Governmental Institutions

GOVERN (v.): late 13c., “to rule with authority,” from Old French governer “steer, be at the helm of; govern, rule, command, direct”. Originally “to steer, to pilot,” a nautical word borrowed from Greek kybernan “to steer or pilot a ship, (also the root of cyber – interesting huh?). 

We elect officials into our government to effectively STEER our institutions for the common good. How is our current government doing at that task?


Ask yourself these questions: If a train engineer gets drunk and derails a train is he responsible? If a car driver gets distracted by texting and accidentally kills a pedestrian, is that driver responsible?

The answer to those questions is clearly “yes” – both morally and legally. In these cases, the bad actors would be found temporarily incompetent and fully responsible for the damages done due their incompetence. After all, when we board a train we expect the engineer to be competent. – And we expect licensed drivers also to be safe drivers.

So why then is it okay to violate one’s oath of office and stay in power? Why is it okay to head the institution of Environmental Protection and use that power to derail its commissioned mission to protect the environment? Why are the players in the Flint Michigan water crisis not responsible for the Flint deaths and misery?

And yes – why do we allow Trump to stay on as president? Should not lying over 8000 times in office be enough evidence for us to deem him unfit to act as our president? Why is lying to citizens while in office not illegal? It is a violation of the presidential oath. It seems to you can lose your driver’s license easier than lose your license to act as president. It makes zero sense.

I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

Is not the word “faithfully” diametrically opposed to “dishonestly”? So lying to the public is not faithful execution any more than lying to one’s spouse would be a faithful act. 

When you take a job that can effect the lives of others, there is an inherit obligation to function in a manner that is sober, honest and competent. Donald Trump had repeatedly shown that he is okay with lying. There have already been over forty criminal indictments so far in the Mueller probe – and they involve people that works for Donald Trump one way or another. That pressure is substantial. If every moment of every day he has to worry about his family and business being dragged into a criminal status, like his associates and accomplices are right now  –  how can he soberly steer this gigantic ship called the USA? How could anyone in that situation be trusted to steer our ship?

Donald Trump is steering our government – but more like a drunk driver speeding away from a hit and run. His judgment at the helm has been effectively impaired by a combination of narcissism, greed, criminal activity – and a total lack of empathy. Further, Trump is constantly shouting “fake news” to divert his base from believing their own eyes about the committed crimes with Russians to get elected. Election meddling is the actual hit-and-run crime he is speeding away from.

Nothing is off the table for Trump in his effort to avoid that prosecution. We must be careful – and even more careful over time.  – As judgment day approaches his only escape routes are war escalation – national emergencies – and pardoning his accomplices. 

All these incessant diversionary efforts would be exhausting for anyone, let alone the 72-year-old, out-of-shape Trump.  They compound daily and serve to cloud his judgement in steering all our government affairs – domestic are foreign.  How can we feel safe with Donald Trump at the helm of our government? We can’t and we don’t.

Do you feel safe with Donald Trump at the helm of our nation? Are we just getting used to feeling unsafe, the way we got used to the Cold War? Take a poll if you want to – but most people don’t feel safer today than they did 3 years ago. When in the past Presidents have let us down, we always thought at least they cared about Americans. There has been no evidence that Donald Trump is capable of caring about us – or anyone – in his first two years in office. That is more troubling than his bumbling incompetence. Even his base only gets lip service. He’s not doing much for them either. Ask red state citizens if they are really doing better under Trump’s new tax policy that favors the wealthy or if they like his tariffs. They don’t!

People who did not know Donald Trump before he burst into politics often thought he was just another rich business-owner and likely competent for the job of POTUS. But even if he was competent at one time,  after two years of scandals and indictments, Trump has become totally incompetent to soberly steer our country! He is functioning like a drunk driver – carelessly veering from point to point – all to escape justice, with neither direction nor respect for history and tradition.

There are steps we can and must take to safeguard our democracy until the full truth comes to light about Donald Trump. Cornered criminals do not give up easily. Trump is like a cancer in our body politic. Treating Trump with a wait it out strategy, like one does for a common cold, is a huge tactical error – and is totally irresponsible on our part.

So we must immediately limit his powers to pardon anyone in the Mueller cross-hairs (including himself)  and limit his war powers until the investigation into his criminality is finished and published.

Pass this post and your ideas forward and upward. United We Stand.

Joseph Aronesty: Author, Linguist, Songwriter, E-commerce pioneer, Activist   @EnglishCodeWord 


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