Manafort’s Lawyer Kevin Downing Lied About What Judge Jackson Said

#DisbarDowning 3/13/19 Kevin Downing should be disbarred for what he said today to the American people and the whole world. Downing declared “Judge Amy Berman Jackson rebuked evidence of collusion with Russia” as if evidence of collusion was part of the Manafort trial. It was not. It was a bold-faced public lie about a federal judge’s words and that should not be allowed to stand without punishment. 

downingJudge Jackson actually said Russian collusion was a non-sequitur. Trump’s followers and people in general may have no idea what non-sequitur means.- What non-sequitur means in her statement is Russian collusion was not related or connected to the Manafort case presented in her court. She did not affirm or deny any collusion with the enemy. This particular Manafort case was not about his or anyone’s Russian collusion. It was about Manafort’s financial crimes.

It’s one thing to spout falsehoods about your defendant. That is often a lawyer’s job in court. It’s another thing to lie about the judge’s statements. I don’t see why Judge Jackson takes that sitting down. It was an attempt to obstruct justice in plain site.

Downing knows the final arbiter of Trump’s guilt will be the public and how its majority votes in 2020. Lying about the judge’s actual words to effect that ultimate public judgement is an attempt to sway public opinion away from truth and obstruct justice.

Downing displayed a blatant disrespect for the integrity of our American judicial system. That alone should be grounds for disbarring him.  Lawyers – perhaps most of all the professions – must stand and support the rule of law and those who officiate our judicial system – from cops to judges. They are schooled and should know better than to misrepresent what a judge said. Lawyers are held to higher standards than the average schmo.

Downing lied about the judge’s words so he could get a sound clip for media. It did not go so well because their were people shouting the truth with signs – covering audio and video. Good job! Was that Indivisible?  But that does not undo Downing’s lies.

Downing is not licensed to lie about facts – except perhaps while defending his client in court. The trial was over. Downing should pay a price for his insolence or this sets a terrible example for justice. He should not be allowed to continue practicing law.

You know what to do. Raise Our Voices.  

Author: josephsword - Joseph Aronesty attended University of Pennsylvania 1967-1971. Published songwriter and father of 5 sons. Discovered that English letters are hieroglyphs for a Stone Age language code that began about 100,000 years ago in Africa, derived from the body/sign language we used as hunters. His book "Deciphering the English Code" conveys this in a way one can understand. He is also one of the world's ground level e-commerce pioneers.

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