Trump Planning to Destroy American Democracy Before the Election


The ICE RAIDS of 2019 marked the beginning of a new active phase in Trump’s attempted coupe of the American democracy. The main goal of this coupe is to deny the citizens of America the ability to run their own government – or even elect the people they want to run their government – so that the current coupe stays in power, regardless of what the people want or vote for.

Trump needs this coupe to remain in power specifically because he cheated with Russian help to win the presidency. If the truth on his election meddling ever gets through to a majority of Americans, and Trump can’t rig the 2020 election to win again, the new president will be forced, by public pressure, to move against the Trumps in a very big way.

So Trump now needs to show how he handles public pressure. These ICE raids will get ugly. Trump needs to instill fear, not so much in the immigrants that are here, ( they are already afraid ), but in the mainstream resistance and democrats in general. Trump needs to show all Americans that he has the guns and will use them on people here – if they come after him!

That is what everyone is missing. It’s not about red meat for his base. It’s not even about these immigrants. Trump does not care about the immigrants. Immigrants have always been cheap labor for his golf courses and hotels. It’s about taking over America with a few key people ( whose fidelity he has purchased ) and squashing out the resistance, whether it comes from “Indivisible” or bona fide election results. Trump needs Americans to fear him. He’s already got the GOP stooges in the Senate fearing him. How does he do it? the same way Putin does. He shows them the dirt he has on them on the quiet or he pays them in secret bank accounts to be players in his game.


We must never forget that Putin assisted Trump and publicly celebrated his win. But it was not a win for winning’s sake. There were specific things that Putin wanted from America -things he could never have got from a legitimate president. So Putin is now coaching Trump on how to take over a large country using the existing laws within a country – and bribery of course. After all, Putin did this himself. No one knows espionage and politics on this planet better than Vladimir Putin. And where there is bribery, there are secret bank accounts. So read on.

Donald Trump has never studied history. But soon after Trump cheated enough to win the 2016 election, the crime boss in him realized he just might need to actually become a dictator to cover up the crimes he committed to become POTUS. He also discovered that having experienced caring public servants ( good people) in his administration was not going to work for him because good people are always loyal to country and laws. Trump knows he has always been a white-collar criminal, and if the truth ever comes out about election 2016 or his past crimes, he would be widely regarded as a modern day Benedict Arnold – or perhaps like the Rosenbergs, executed to giving up military secrets.  So what did Donald do? He immediately began cover-up and disinformation campaigns.


One day one, he invited the very same Russians who helped put him in office to The White House to celebrate their victory. And at that meeting – he was told very strongly for the help he was given he was now beholden to Russia and Vladimir Putin, who is a student of history with hands-on experience in taking over a large country. They both made it clear the US/Russia relationship was a partnership now, and Putin would be giving him the step-by-step instructions on how to become a president for life – so the full truth about 2016 would never come out. 

To keep his secrets safe, and having no particular affinity for the USA per se, Trump effectively surrendered the presidency to the mentors and allies that helped him win the election – big business, donors, Evangelists, Putin, Kushner, Bannon, etc.

What followed was a process that is tantamount to the process of a metastatic cancer. Thousands of small metastases take place with no seeming harm to the body. Those metastases are the loyalty-tested justices that Trump has been installing almost daily as POTUS. He puts people in place, rewards them for loyalty, and when he needs them they know if they stick with Trump they are taken care of. 


At some point, the justices are all called to rule in his favor. At first, it may be on insignificant things that are not crucial to the survival of the body. But that is just the training and testing period. The Nazis that worked for Hitler did not start out gassing Jews. It takes time to get all the right loyalists in place. This test of the abortion issue that we are witnessing in almost half of our states, is such a test. 

The appointments of Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and Barr were crucial in this disease process – which is actually an attempted coupe of the United States to keep one man out of jail. Trump is very busy accusing patriotic Americans of the crimes he knows he did.  And it’s quite clear that Putin is the mentor behind all this.    

Since Trump knows he is finished if full truth comes out while he is still alive, Trump will be trying to stay in power, or keep his allies in the GOP in power for another 20 years by any and every means possible. That is what Trump’s entire presidency is now about – and will be about – as long as Donald Trump is allowed to remain president of the USA. It’s not about fulfilling his oath to serve and protect the American people. It’s not about making these better for every day Americans. 

There is no happy ending to the Trump presidency. There is this old song sung by Frank Sinatra – Something’s Got To Give. It’s either him or all of us. Either the USA succumbs to the Trump disease and is no more – or Trump is removed from office in 2021 – or sooner. I hope that is clear to everyone now. And if we wait for the 2020 election to treat this cancer, we have waited way too long. They will try to fix that election – and if that fails – they will say it was not legitimate. 

I am very worried about this one week delay for Mueller to talk. Trump negotiated that for a reason. My sense is that he wants to start the ICE raids – and is hoping for ( or will set up ) a resistance in which things go out of control and immigrants fight back. Then he can look justified in using force. He can become effectively, a war president, without doing a real war. The war will be right here in the USA – police vs. immigrants. This delay gives Trump time for this internal war to get physical. Watch this space. Prepare the immigrants. Make sure they don’t get physical. 

Mueller has stated he does not want to speak in front of the American people, but he will respect the subpoena.  I really don’t get why he does not want to be fully helpful to the cause. We have a totally crazed person in charge of the United States. We need our most valiant democracy defender to testify from his heart – in a way that can’t be rigged or spun by the state-run media. If Mueller is half-hearted, what does that say about our chances? It’s not good. 

Further, Pelosi is still afraid of pursuing Impeachment. I’ve tried to put myself in her shoes and this is what I have some up with. Imagine the day after Trump’s GOP Senate ignores all evidence and votes to keep Trump in power. What can we do or say then? This must be Pelosi’s fear. After that moment, Trump would then have absolute power to do anything he wants. That’s the death knell for democracy.

So Pelosi is afraid to get to that day. I can empathize with her. So she’s trying to convince Trump’s base they should not support this thief-in-chief by having the evidence of his crimes slowly unwind in the public eye. She wants Trump to get voted out in 2020. That’s her plan. Trump’s plan is to fix the election again – to ignore the election results  – or to have America on it’s knees by then. Whatever – he will not go down without a fight.

The public eye is our immune system. And like a smart cancer, Trump is trying to suppress our immune system. I don’t care what we use to get Trump out. Sooner is better than later with cancer and Trump. I’m okay with a few years with Pence at potus. Pence won’t work with Russians to rig elections. Had Trump won fair and square all this would not be happening. I’d like to see impeachment start sooner not later. 

There’s one more thing. Treason is defined as an act of betrayal during a war. But just what constitutes a war is not defined in our constitution. – And the nature of war changes over time with the technologies. I believe today, cyber war – can be war. We can take down a country by attacking a country’s internet today. No need for bullets. War has always been an effort to take something from a sovereign country by force. Election fraud does that just fine.

I believe causes to prosecute Trump for espionage and treason have been present since June 2016 and “Russia, if you’re listening” – when he was just a citizen! Now he’s always one step ahead of us on this treason thing. Trump is already talking about going after Comey and the FBI for treason. We’ll never beat this if Trump is allowed to play by different rules than the rest of us are. Wake up!

I have been writing for three years about the danger my former classmate from Penn poses for America and Americans. I’m not on TV or radio. I have 1100 Twitter followers, about six politically aligned friends, my words and songs –  and that’s it. Now I am going away for June. I have created my own fail safe system for family survival if Americans don’t get rid of Trump by 2021. We’ll be moving out of country – renting out our house – until this craziness is over. I don’t think I’ll be alone in that.

One other post to absorb below. This post explains WHY Trump has affinity for dictators. The WHY will not go away. It actually can’t. Trump is in way too deep to get out. It’s one of those “if i tell you i have to kill you” things. Think about what happened to Scarface. Anyone can go too far.



How to Catch Trump with His Hands in the Cyber War Cookie Jar

We may need to catch Trump in a fresh crime. The good news is, we can be sure he is doing them and will be involved in more grandiose crimes as we approach 2020.


I just heard on NPR, Zuckerburg just signed an agreement in Paris that Facebook will begin to work with police at the first hint of terrorist activity or even hate words. Previously it was deemed free speech. They only looked when people pointed things out.

The entire free world signed on with Facebook, Amazon and Google. Guess who did not? Donald Trump! He gave some lame excuse. But there is only one possible reason Trump does not to want our police notified by when terrorist activity is first detected.

This is a link to the article.


It can only be that Trump knows his “team” has worked and/or is actively working on creating online terror and hate campaigns. He knows if we facilitate the Facebook/police connection, evidence of past or  present online crimes pointing directly to him and his Russian pals – might surface.

Something that could prevent a terrorist act here and Trump won’t even sign on? It’s a dereliction of duty for sure. But let that go for a sec. We’ve got plenty of that with Trump. It’s reasonable to assume Trump is not interested in any patrolling of the internet because he and his pals have been and are planning to be involved in nefarious online activity. And he’s sort of in charge of investigations here. Trump’s like the chief of police in LA Confidential. Hard to catch. But not impossible. There are a few paths.

Plan of Action:

First I considered hiring my own internet detectives and doing it without government.  Think LA Confidential. But then I thought Zuckerberg is cooperating with European leaders they hate Trump as much as we do! So why do it from here, where our efforts can be detected?

Why don’t we or hire the European police to investigate cyber crimes there, that just might trace back to Trump and the Russians here, under the guise that they are searching for leads to protect there own countries? After all, it’s one world and for terrorists nowhere is out of bounds. A crime can be planned there and end up impacting here. Their detectives will have ample reason to be tuned into terror chatter no matter where they see it. And they may even want to help.

It’s clear Trump would not sign on to the Christchurch accord because he knows where he’s headed online in 2019/2020 – cyber war and election hacking. Trump wants nothing to do with stopping terrorism and online hate. It’s how he won – and it’s the only way he can win again. And he knows that. So that’s how we catch him – in a fresh crime.

No one is talking about Christchurch here. Its not a big headline. It should be. But its better off quiet if there is potential herein. And there may be. It’s about time our side does something truly surprising. I’m going to be asking New Zealand police to help us. And by us – I mean the real America – not this phony coupe d’etat we have in the White House. I have a connection there. I’d rather someone in the resistance tells me “we got this” so I can back off .  But this plan has got to going into action one way or another. Does the resistance even have a war room? Because Trump certainly does. That’s what his cabinet, DA and justices do for him. We need a war room – so lets rally behind one leader soon. That’s for another post.

Let me know if you think this makes sense. From a historical perspective we bailed France out in WW2 and i think they’d be happy to pay us back for that. But New Zealand is easier for a small fry like me.

The big idea is to have a private group here quietly reach out to Macron in France or Ardern in NZ and ask them to look for cyber crap here as it could impact them. A small donor group could pay for it. I think Macron or Merkel would do it. I’d be willing to invest in this. Reiner might too. etc.

And remember why we are doing this: to catch Trump and the Russians engaged in cyber crimes because we know they are doing them out of necessity. It is the only way they can win. And Trump always plays to win. Putin too btw.

We need to do our own private online hate crime investigation to catch Trump in fresh crimes – and this Christchurch affair has provided the perfect cover. And what a reveal if he his found coordinating bad things online.  He’d be done. It’s election insurance too. It’s a genuine war room plan.

Trump may have the Justice Department under his thumb – but he does not have any control over France’s or New Zealand’s  justice department! Enrolling outside help seems wise too –  evidence can be gathered quietly.

This may not be a perfect plan, and I’m sure it needs tuning. But there’s something to this idea.

I hope to hear something back. I keep thinking and trying.

I feel like we are at war and the enemies are within.

Joseph Aronesty in LA

818 423 1533