We Need That WW2 Teamwork Spirit Again Right Now

America Only Won WW2 Because We Worked Together as a Team.

In WW2 we let FDR have a 3rd term because we knew we were at war and could not afford to be divided. We can’t afford this inner division today either – but we don’t seem to know that. Dems must show the American people they can unite their party if they expect the country to believe they can unite the country. Both sides will respect that. After all, if they can’t unite the “left” how can they unite the country?

We are at war in the USA. We are at war with foreign enemies that want to exploit our riches. We are at war with Trump’s GOP party selling our rights and assets to the highest bidders. We are at war with Mother Nature, who seems to want to get rid of us for our polluting ways.  And at the same time, we are at war with each other, which makes it difficult for Americans to prevail at any effort.

I am old enough to remember first-hand the spirit of the WW2 generation. They were not the greed is good generation nor the it’s all about me generation. The greatest generation citizens resigned to do their parts to defeat German Nationalism with a spirit of teamwork and without ego. Now we have a combination of corporatism and American Nationalism to defeat. And they are about to shut the door on democracy. The moment the Senate acquits – it’s really over. Praying for votes in this rigged environment is not a plan. Hoping there will be a fair election is not a plan. It is a hope or a prayer.

Trump knows exactly how long he has to completely take this government over – from the justice department installations to the election fixing with our enemies. Trump is working every day to have our democracy be gone before the 2020 election. Why? Trump knows the term that follows his presidential term may be a prison term.

A Short Delay on the Impeachment Vote in the House would have been ideal

As of today, it is too late to delay the Senate vote on impeachment, but that only makes the other parts of this strategy more urgent. What I had hoped was we could have agreed to use the next six weeks to push for more evidence. We could have used that time to form and broadcast Team America and start campaigning in a new way. And not so much to our side. Team America will have the left if it’s put together right. Team America campaigns 50% to red state citizens.

So now we have to start right away. I mean this week if possible.


The remaining viable candidates can meet in a room after the next debate and let’s settle on who will be the Democratic candidates for president, vice president, chief of staff and district attorney. There is a place for all the candidates in a new administration if they want it. Warren and Bernie’s message must not be ignored. They must set aside their egos. There is no place for someone who just “wants” to be president. We have that guy now. I have begun to think Mike Bloomberg has our best chance of winning. He’s fairly clean – can’t be painted as a socialist – knows how to form teams – and he cares. That is all the skills a president has ever needed to do a good job.

Then our Team America pools resources and donations, which focuses our war chess, and gets to work – mainly to show the American people what they can do for the citizens of the USA. This surprise tactic of running for president with a VP and cabinet in place will work. It makes a spirited WW2 statement from day one. How can it not work?

The optics are spectacular. Instead of 20 candidates telling undecided American voters why they are best for the top job – we present one well-prepared team, ready on day-one to get long overdue jobs done for all Americans.

Even MAGA people will go for that. They know they are being lied to. They just don’t know who will be there for them on our side because right now – we don’t even know. They will remain tuned out to our overtures until we decide who we are. Next July? It may be too late by then.

The way we campaign for president during a time of war should be different than it is in normal times.  What we can expect on our current path is more of the same old: -debates – after-which we learn little new – nor convert any voters to our common causes. More circular firing squads. And all the while, the Trump team which clearly extends back to Russia, speaks in unison. We are strategically handicapped because we play by rules, conventions and traditions while the Trump Team does not. If we had fought WW2 this way, we’d all be speaking German here today.

There’s no room for it’s all about me now. And there are other ways to get to teamwork. The traditional one POTUS way can still work, but we need to choose quickly and wisely. And that won’t happen if they run against each other for six more months. “Teamwork Now” is about unifying our side so Trump supporters can see we mean business, and choose now to leave the party that really is abandoning them. And they know that. They just don’t see a life raft to jump over to, because we won’t have that life raft ready until July. Is that smart?

And here is a truly fresh idea. I don’t play horses, but I know there is something called a double-entry ticket. You bet on two horses and if either wins you win. Two is an even number so if there were two presidents there could be stalemates for the commander-in-chief. But not if there were three! Imagine three presidents. If there is a decision that needs a split-second reply – it’s two out of three. No problem really.

And maybe we will need three presidents working to undo all the damage Trump has done do our standing in the world – and to America as well. Maybe the job of president in this new cyber world has gotten too big for one man. I can’t think of one president since FDR who really did such a great job for the country – while unifying the country. Can you?

If i had to choose three – it would be easy really. It’s Biden for the left, Bernie on the right, and … Bloomberg in the middle. The three B’s! The fight would be over – and so would Trump-ism.

And MAGA folk will love the three presidents idea. They chose Trump because they wanted to shake up the system. They got that. But Trump is shaking up the system to benefit the wealthy and mainly himself. That’s not what MAGA folk wanted. This presents a way of shaking up the system. And I guess there is still a VP and a chain of command. If this happened, I don’t think we would ever return to one president again. No one man could defeat a team of three. It’s really clever.

And each president sort of has his specialty within this concept: Bloomberg – raw organization skills. No one better on the planet for that. Biden – his unifying style, but also for his experience in “being there”. And Bernie – his progressive ideas on healthcare and for the left side of our party and grassroots appeal. If Warren were not so close to Bernie, I would place her there too. Maybe she is VP.

A singular president of the USA – in this complicated world we are in today – perhaps it’s time has passed. When jobs are tough, we employ teams of lawyers and teams of doctors too. Maybe we can have a three person presidential team. Would you pull the lever for this team?

And yes, they still need to choose a VP because if something happens to one of them there always has to be an odd number of presidents. Any way to get to teamwork and fast – is fine with me. Why? We are at war with Russia and their Trojan Horse installation in our government. We are at war with ourselves at the same time. The prognosis is not good. What we are doing is not working. Waiting for the rigged 2020 election is not going to work. And this unites the party and the country. So why not just do it?

Finally, this is for Nancy and Adam. If the GOP will not allow witnesses then on the day you know that, subpoena Bolton to testify in the House. And if they vote to acquit, then on that same day announce you will add a third article of impeachment and this time call witnesses in the House and force the courts to expedite testimony in the interest of national security. Do not allow Trump to campaign as an acquitted president. He is going to arrest dissenters for presidential harassment. These impeachment discussions should be happening two weeks before the election anyway – the way Comey announced vs. HRC at the last moment. That worked did it not? Just think about what will work.

Love like a Democrat. Fight like a Republican.

I see we have finally got around to saying Trump cheats to win. I wrote about Trump’s cheating almost three years ago – having witnesses his cheating in 1967 at Penn and in AC in the 80’s. I am glad that ripple finally found its way into the mainstream of political thought.

Here is a link to that post on cheating.

Trump’s Main Problem: Cheating To Win posted August 2017.


Also for Nancy. I wonder if you got Trump in a SCIF and offered him real immunity from STATE prosecution, if he would step down. I wonder if you could offer John Bolton a job on the democratic side if he would switch? It’s not as if any one person can take us to war. I don’t think Bolton’s heart is on the wrong side. I would not mind him on a team on our side. I just want you to think the way Trump the criminal thinks. He might go for a deal to not run again. He knows what he has to lose.

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JosephAronesty@gmail.com - Joseph Aronesty attended University of Pennsylvania 1967-1971. Published songwriter and father of 5 sons. Discovered that English letters are hieroglyphs for a Stone Age language code that began about 100,000 years ago in Africa, derived from the body/sign language we used as hunters. His book "Deciphering the English Code" conveys this in a way one can understand. He is also one of the world's ground level e-commerce pioneers.

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