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Background in Etymology

Mr.Aronesty graduated from University of Pennsylvania in 1971. (aside: He was in a class with Donald Trump in 1969. Trump had his homework paid for in that class. ) Many years later, after a close friend from U of P unexpectedly passed away, he began to think about something they had talked about in 1969. As he reassembled that conversation, he realized that his friend had lit upon something very real about language that was not being taught anywhere: spoken sounds have specific, predictable meanings in English and PIE langauges.  This knowledge must have been fully known by the scribes, when our alphabets were created 5000 years ago – because the shapes of the letters they created can also can be used to predict the basic meaning of sound. It is why B looks like a butt, S like a snake, and C like a claw! All English letters are essentially – hieroglyphs! 

CLC TheoremEnglish words contain audible pieces of code that can predict a word’s meaning by its sound, or the physical formation of those sounds.  

Joseph then immersed himself into the roots of the English language, taking more linguistic courses and researching for many years. In 2008, Noam Chomsky invited him to MIT to discuss his theory and a way to prove it. The result is his unique study on English language history, Deciphering the English Code,  which traces English back through Old English, Germanic, Latin, Hebrew – to its true source in the prehistoric Stone Ages!

“Spoken language first evolved as an upgrade in technology to the body/sign language we had been using for a million years. Spoken language was created when we were still hunter-gatherers about 100,000 years ago. And the roots language and of English and indeed that old.”

This is a link to a page where you can buy the book at Amazon or thru him directly, where you would get an autographed copy.



Educators, researchers and students are invited to email Mr. Aronesty at: josepharonesty@gmail.com – to discuss the origins of English words and words in any language. Joseph posits that all Western (PIE) languages rely on the same basic codes. So what he has discovered will be of great importance to people all over the world – especially now – as a concrete basis for global brotherhood is sorely needed.

Mr Aronesty believes a proper study in the similarities in our seemingly diverse languages, based on the specific sound-to-meaning codes he illuminates in his book and this blog, will reveal how are lanaguages are all connected. . Mr. Aronesty is currently funding research for linguist/statistics majors to prove this general theorem. Contact him for participation and details on this study.

EnglishCode-final cover

Other interests: 

Joseph Aronesty graduated from University of Pennsylvania in 1971.  He was even in an International Finance class with Donald Trump, back in the day.

When the Internet became viable in 1995, he created, with help from his oldest son, Erik – now a programmer for Bloomberg in NYC, what is arguably is the world’s first click and buy e-commerce website, WigSalon.com. He still operates WigSalon today.

Joseph is also a published songwriter, with hundreds of songs in his catalog. He now writes with musicians in Los Angeles, where he makes his home. He is an activist and his songs often reflect his poltical point of view.



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