Trump Plans to Destroy the American Democracy in 2019 ~ Why Pelosi is Afraid

Donald Trump was never a student of world history or American history. Nor did he expect or prepare to be president. But soon after Trump cheated to win the 2016 election, he realized he might  need to try to become a dictator just to cover up his crimes. He learned that having seasoned patriots in his administration was not going to work out for him because the best people are loyal to country first.  Trump knew the full scope of how he cheated to win – and knows that if that ever comes out he would be regarded as a sort of modern day Benedict Arnold. So what did Donald do?

kislyakFirst, he invited the Russians who put him in office to Washington DC to celebrate their victory. And at that meeting – he was told very strongly he was now beholden to Russia and that Vladimir Putin, who is a student of history with hands-on experience on taking over a large country, would be giving him the step-by-step instructions on how to do the same here in the USA – all so that the full truth about 2016 would never come out. It’s that simple. 

The news says 70,000 votes made the difference. That’s incomplete math. You only need to switch 36,000 votes from Dem to GOP – coupled with an archaic electoral college system – to get us our first full-time criminal president. 

Trump 50,070,000 to Clinton 50,000,000 / now switch 36,000 from Trump to HRC

Result: Trump 50,034,000 to Clinton 50,036,000

To keep his secrets safe, and having no particular affinity for the USA per se, Trump effectively surrendered the presidency to the mentors and allies that helped him win the election – Putin, Kushner, Bannon, etc.

What followed was a process that is tantamount to the process of a metastatic cancer. Thousands of small metastases take place with no seeming harm to the body. Those metastases are the loyalty-tested justices that Trump has been installing almost daily as POTUS. 

putin-barr3At some point, the justices are all called to rule in his favor. At first, it may be on insignificant things that are not crucial to the survival of the body. But that is just the training and testing period. The Nazis that worked for Hitler did not start out gassing Jews. It takes time to get all the right loyalists in place. This test of the abortion issue that we are witnessing in almost half of our states, is such a test. 

The appointments of Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and Barr were crucial in this disease process – which is actually an attempted coupe of the United States to keep one man out of jail. Trump is very busy accusing patriotic Americans of the crimes he knows he did.  And it’s quite clear that Putin is the mentor behind all this.    

Since Trump knows he is finished if full truth comes out while he is still alive, Trump will be trying to stay in power, or keep his allies in the GOP in power for another 20 years by any and every means possible. That is what Trump’s entire presidency is now about – and will be about – as long as Donald Trump is allowed to remain president of the USA. It’s not about fulfilling his oath to serve and protect the American people.

There is no happy ending to the Trump presidency. There is this old song sung by Frank Sinatra – Something’s Got To Give. It’s either him or all of us. Either the USA succumbs to the Trump disease and is no more – or Trump is removed from office in 2021 or sooner. I hope that is clear to everyone now. And if we wait for the 2020 election to treat this cancer, we have waited way too long. That fix is already in – big time. 

Mueller just stated he does not want to speak in front of the American people. Did this ex-Marine just lose his nerve? Is Mueller afraid of what might happen to him or family members if he testifies in public? I really don’t get why he does not want to be fully helpful to the cause. This is serious. We have a totally crazy person in charge of the United States and our most valiant democracy defender wants to testify in a way that can be rigged or spun by the state-run media. If Mueller is half-hearted, what does that say about our chances? It’s not good. 

Further, Pelosi is still afraid of pursuing Impeachment. I’ve tried to put myself in her shoes and this is what I have some up with. Imagine the day after Trump’s GOP Senate ignores all evidence and votes to keep Trump in power. What can we do or say then? After that moment, Trump would then have absolute power to do anything he wants. That’s the death knell for democracy. So Pelosi is afraid to get to that day. I can empathize with her. So she’s trying to convince Trump’s base they should not support this thief-in-chief by having the evidence of his crimes slowly unwind in the public eye. She wants Trump to get voted out in 2020. That’s her plan. 

I think that is too long of a wait to start treating this cancer. The public eye is our immune system. And like a smart cancer, Trump is trying to suppress our immune system. I don’t care what we use to get Trump out. Sooner is better than later with cancer and Trump. I’m okay with a few years with Pence at potus. Pence won’t work with Russians to rig elections. Had Trump won fair and square all this would not be happening. 

There’s one more thing. Treason is defined as an act of betrayal during a war. But just what constitutes a war is not defined in our constitution. – And the nature of war changes over time with the technologies. I believe today, cyber war – can be war. We can take down a country by attacking a country’s internet today. No need for bullets. War has always been an effort to take something from a sovereign country by force. Election fraud does that just fine.

I believe causes to prosecute Trump for espionage and treason have been present since June 2016 and “Russia, if you’re listening” – when he was just a citizen! Now he’s always one step ahead of us on this treason thing. Trump is already talking about going after Comey and the FBI for treason. We’ll never beat this if Trump is allowed to play by different rules than the rest of us are. Wake up!

I have been writing for three years about the danger my former classmate from Penn poses for America and Americans. I’m not on TV or radio. I have 1100 Twitter followers, about six politically aligned friends, my words and songs –  and that’s it. Now I am going away for June. I have created my own fail safe system for family survival if Americans don’t get rid of Trump by 2021. We’ll be moving out of country – renting out our house – until this craziness is over. I don’t think I’ll be alone in that.

i can’t say this enough. Amendment 25 seems back on the table since he said he’s not going to work for the American people until the inquiry stops. He said, “It does not work that way”.  What is it? The constitution? Wake up! 

One other post to absorb below. This explains the WHY behind Trump’s affinity for dictators. The WHY will not go away. It actually can’t. it’s one of those “if i tell you i have to kill you” things. Trump is in way too deep to get out. Think about what happened to Scarface. Anyone can go too far.





How to Catch Trump with His Hands in the Cyber War Cookie Jar

We may need to catch Trump in a fresh crime. The good news is, we can be sure he is doing them and will be involved in more grandiose crimes as we approach 2020.


I just heard on NPR, Zuckerburg just signed an agreement in Paris that Facebook will begin to work with police at the first hint of terrorist activity or even hate words. Previously it was deemed free speech. They only looked when people pointed things out.

The entire free world signed on with Facebook, Amazon and Google. Guess who did not? Donald Trump! He gave some lame excuse. But there is only one possible reason Trump does not to want our police notified by when terrorist activity is first detected.

This is a link to the article.


It can only be that Trump knows his “team” has worked and/or is actively working on creating online terror and hate campaigns. He knows if we facilitate the Facebook/police connection, evidence of past or  present online crimes pointing directly to him and his Russian pals – might surface.

Something that could prevent a terrorist act here and Trump won’t even sign on? It’s a dereliction of duty for sure. But let that go for a sec. We’ve got plenty of that with Trump. It’s reasonable to assume Trump is not interested in any patrolling of the internet because he and his pals have been and are planning to be involved in nefarious online activity. And he’s sort of in charge of investigations here. Trump’s like the chief of police in LA Confidential. Hard to catch. But not impossible. There are a few paths.

Plan of Action:

First I considered hiring my own internet detectives and doing it without government.  Think LA Confidential. But then I thought Zuckerberg is cooperating with European leaders they hate Trump as much as we do! So why do it from here, where our efforts can be detected?

Why don’t we or hire the European police to investigate cyber crimes there, that just might trace back to Trump and the Russians here, under the guise that they are searching for leads to protect there own countries? After all, it’s one world and for terrorists nowhere is out of bounds. A crime can be planned there and end up impacting here. Their detectives will have ample reason to be tuned into terror chatter no matter where they see it. And they may even want to help.

It’s clear Trump would not sign on to the Christchurch accord because he knows where he’s headed online in 2019/2020 – cyber war and election hacking. Trump wants nothing to do with stopping terrorism and online hate. It’s how he won – and it’s the only way he can win again. And he knows that. So that’s how we catch him – in a fresh crime.

No one is talking about Christchurch here. Its not a big headline. It should be. But its better off quiet if there is potential herein. And there may be. It’s about time our side does something truly surprising. I’m going to be asking New Zealand police to help us. And by us – I mean the real America – not this phony coupe d’etat we have in the White House. I have a connection there. I’d rather someone in the resistance tells me “we got this” so I can back off .  But this plan has got to going into action one way or another. Does the resistance even have a war room? Because Trump certainly does. That’s what his cabinet, DA and justices do for him. We need a war room – so lets rally behind one leader soon. That’s for another post.

Let me know if you think this makes sense. From a historical perspective we bailed France out in WW2 and i think they’d be happy to pay us back for that. But New Zealand is easier for a small fry like me.

The big idea is to have a private group here quietly reach out to Macron in France or Ardern in NZ and ask them to look for cyber crap here as it could impact them. A small donor group could pay for it. I think Macron or Merkel would do it. I’d be willing to invest in this. Reiner might too. etc.

And remember why we are doing this: to catch Trump and the Russians engaged in cyber crimes because we know they are doing them out of necessity. It is the only way they can win. And Trump always plays to win. Putin too btw.

We need to do our own private online hate crime investigation to catch Trump in fresh crimes – and this Christchurch affair has provided the perfect cover. And what a reveal if he his found coordinating bad things online.  He’d be done. It’s election insurance too. It’s a genuine war room plan.

Trump may have the Justice Department under his thumb – but he does not have any control over France’s or New Zealand’s  justice department! Enrolling outside help seems wise too –  evidence can be gathered quietly.

This may not be a perfect plan, and I’m sure it needs tuning. But there’s something to this idea.

I hope to hear something back. I keep thinking and trying.

I feel like we are at war and the enemies are within.

Joseph Aronesty in LA

818 423 1533

Defining “Traitor” and “Patriot” in our Cyber Era. Slow-walked Impeachment

“Patriot” and “Traitor” are totally opposite concepts.
patriot – a person who loves, supports and defends his or her country and its interests with devotion.
traitor – a person who betrays a country, tradition, principle or friend.
In 1776, thirteen English colonies threw off the yoke of being governed by a king and created a unique document to govern themselves.  Our founding fathers replaced royalty with elected officials. Free and fair elections are still the main concept that differentiates the USA from banana republics and kingdoms. But now, in a cyber age, American elections must be safeguarded if we are to remain that uniquely free country. Therefore those who violate election laws should be considered traitors to our democracy and be punished as traitors. It’s that simple. 
Rudy Guiliani just said, it’s okay to knowingly use stolen hacked information to aid one’s political campaign. Trump said long ago “it all doesn’t matter if I don’t win.” Apparently, some people think it’s okay to do anything to win. To them, the ends justify the means. 
But the vast majority of actual American citizens still believe our elections are sacred and their sanctity should never be violated regardless of reasons. After all, one can always make up reasons and justifications to cheat or break the laws which govern us. All criminals their actions when they decide to break, disregard or claim they don’t know – the law.  
russia-listeningThe dictionary’s definition of “traitor” ( a person who betrays a friend, country, tradition or principle) fits Donald Trump on all four counts. The “Benedict Arnold” definition of traitor –  leaking military strategies to an enemy combatant – is not the only definition of “traitor”.
Since Trump won’t  release the interpreter’s notes of his meetings with Vladimir Putin, we can’t even be sure he has not already leaked military secrets to the Russians. Further, attacking our elections should be considered an act of war. Wars are about taking something from another country by force. there can be wars without killing. So in this cyber age, maybe we have to redefine war. The Trumps – and only the Trumps – have benefited from the traitorous activity in his campaign. Those who carried out his criminal orders, his campaign manager, national security adviser, associates and lawyers are in jail or indicted for crimes. So I see Trump as a person who went to war with our US elections – and enrolled help from our biggest enemy on the world stage. To me, that’s cyber treason. We just released a domestic terrorist after 17 years for less than what Trump did. 
Almost daily, Trump betrays our American institutions, principles and traditions. 
  • Trump betrays a very necessary American institution, the FBI,  when he says their agents are somehow evil or “bad cops” because they are doing their jobs and duly investigating the Trump Organization’s many crimes.                                                                
  • Trump and the GOP were traitors to the founding American principle of a level paying field for all citizens when they tilted the tax system to favor their wealthy donors over average and lower income Americans.                                                                                                         
  • Trump remains a traitor to the American principle of equal justice under the law. He refuses to be open or transparent with his taxes and business finances even though Congress has the constitutional right and duty to have these documents.                            
  • When Trump Jr. responded to a Russian letter offering election help with “If it’s what you said, I love it” that was traitorous activity.  A founding principle of this nation is free and fair elections. Anyone who tries to fix or tilt an election via help from foreign entities who have no natural allegiance to the USA is engaged in traitorous activity.                                                                                                                                   
  • When Trump asked Russians to hack Hillary’s emails, he was being traitorous to the American principle of keeping foreign influence out of our elections, which is obviously the smart and right thing to strive for. It is illegal to take foreign money or assistance in national elections. Why? Because this is our home not theirs.                                                                                             
  • Money laundering and stashing one’s funds in undeclared foreign bank accounts to cheat one’s government out of 500 million dollars in taxes are traitorous activities.    
  • When Trump took Putin’s word about not meddling in our elections over the word of our own National Security Agency (NSA)  that was a betrayal of our national security. It was pretty clear he did this to protect his business relations with Putin.
Patriot is defined as: a person who loves, supports, and defends his country and its interests with devotion. Trump certainly likes to make believe he is is a patriot and loves photo ops with military people. But Donald Trump was a draft dodger and is a tax evader as well. One who skirts his tax and service obligations is clearly not devoted to one’s country but to one’s own self-interests. And we all know this describes Donald Trump to a tee. ( pardon the pun) 
That last word “devotion” is important because anyone who pays taxes is financially is “supporting one’s country”. But paying taxes is a legal obligation to one’s country. paying taxes does not make you a patriot. And even there, Trump tries to skirt his tax obligations. The key word in the definition of patriot is “devoted”.  Trump has only ever been devoted to his own – not country.
America was once world-renown as the land of the free. Is America just its land and assets? Or is America also its people and their issues? A free country is comprised of  “people living on a land area within set borders, bound by laws and joined by history.”
Trump has no problem calling anyone who does not like or support him “his enemy and an enemy of the state“. He uses that term for the free press, for justices that do not rule his way, but also for those who won’t vote for or support him. When a POTUS deems more than half the citizens he presides over to be his enemies – how can he be thought of as being patriotic to his country? It makes no sense. 
One defends one’s country by defending the people that live in that country – not just its land, assets and resources. Not just half the people. Not only one’s wealthy supporters. Anyone – citizen or president – who systematically alienates about 55% of the citizens of his country – cannot possibly be defending his countrymen. Actually, Trump’s incompetence and lack of care or discipline is endangering our country and its citizens. 
So by all reasonable standards we have a traitorous, unpatriotic, uncaring, narcissistic and ego-maniacal president. And every day he is in office presents a serious risk we should not willingly be accepting.  
It’s time to put Americans first – and that means protecting Americans against what Trump still might do to keep his stolen fortune. And he will do anything for that. Remember Trump said, “it all doesn’t matter if I don’t win.”  That means World War is not off the table for Trump if it distracts us from prosecuting him. Letting Russia hack our grid so there is no election at all in November – is not off the table! Nothing is off the table for Trump. Trump is the definition of a loose cannon. 
There’s one more thing. I hear some Dems saying don’t start impeachment because it won’t help our 2020 election chances. That school of thought just gives Trump more time in office. And that means those who are okay with Trump staying POTUS for two more years are okay with taking the very same risks they fear with him in office now. It’s like they said, yeah well, he’s not really that dangerous. And that koshers Trump for 2020.
Trump and his GOP stooges must be stained forever for what they have done and for what they are doing to America – the land of the free.  That stain should be ingrained into our history books so this can never happen again.  We will need the full truth to be exposed. It’s time for hearings. It’s time for Mueller to testify. We don’t need to call it impeachment yet. But hearings will function as a slow-walked impeachment. That is what we will need to save or restore our American democracy.
And for those that worry that it won’t result in the removal of the president because 54 GOP senators may continue to defend the president, even if the majority of Americans want the truth, well at least we will have them on record for defending Trump’s criminal deeds. And maybe the GOP base will get sickened at last about what their sold out party stands for. Because they don’t stand for Americans. When the base starts to be uneasy they will pressure the 54 and then Trump is either done or he escalates our danger.
Finally, we are not the only country trending towards oligarchy. The entire world is watching to see if Americans can save their democracy. If we fail, God only knows where this world is headed. 
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About the Author:

A cyber war is a war of words. Our writers, reporters, techs and artists become our warriors in a cyber war. Raise Our Voices! 

Joseph Aronesty graduated from University of Pennsylvania in 1971. He earned a merit scholarship to Wharton School but transferred to liberal arts in his junior year to focus on history, literature and music theory. He was in a class at Wharton with Donald Trump in 1967: International Finance. Trump paid for his homework to get done in that class.

When the internet became viable in 1995, Mr. Aronesty created what is arguably is the world’s first click and buy e-commerce website.

Joseph is also a published songwriter, with hundreds of songs in his catalog. He now writes with musicians in Los Angeles, where he makes his home. He is an activist and some of his songs reflect a political point of view.

Protect Julian Assange from Donald Trump

communication sent to Therea May, London police, mayor of London

This communication is sent from Joseph Aronesty in Los Angeles CA USA. It is an urgent plea to the UK: help the USA save itself from a would-be dictator, the way we helped England in WW2.

Trump has no choice but to try and stay POTUS for life, as he has said, because he knows that, once he is out of power, the many crimes of his lifetime are going to be exposed and prosecuted. Staying in power is now the ONLY thing Trump’s presidency is about. If Trump knew for sure there would be no prosecution of him and his organization, he would be able to step down. But he can’t know that. And he has no quit button.

So this does not end well for the USA or the world. Trump is willing to do ANYTHING to stay in power. Wars and fake crisis are on the table. And he has made it a point to suborn adequate support among Congress members, cabinet appointees and judges to stay in power – for now at least.

Julian Assange knows plenty about Trump’s dealing with Russia.. And if the USA gets Assange while Trump is still POTUS one of two things will happen.

  1. A Jack Ruby will happen and he will be disappeared.
  2. He’ll be locked away like Reality Winner. 

One thing for sure. Trump can never afford to have Assange testify against him – even after he is out of POTUS. 

So that’s where England and whoever is in charge of Assange comes in. You don’t need the USA to go authoritarian either. 

GET EVERYTHING YOU CAN OUT OF ASSANGE ASAP! I am talking about the Russian election help of course. I know you have other issues. But get these details first or as soon as you can. Consider offering some leniency for real truth if need be.

Save what you get from Assange in several secure places. Do NOT share with TRUMP or the GOP. They are now very similar to the Nazi party of the 40’s. Not to be trusted. Hopefully they won’t be in power after 2020.  So if you can keep him there until then, it may be smart.

Get what you find out re: Trump/Russia?Wikileaks to Adam Schiff or Nancy Pelosi ASAP.  They actually care about the world.

Or just leak it all out to the world. If you ask me – that would play best. Sunlight is the best disinfectant. But alas, I am just a citizen looking to help the world for my grandkids.

This is where I write.

That post on dictators vs democracies describes the real struggle on planet earth. It is the basis for hate, hunger, wars, terrorism, denial of science – all the bad things.

Exposing Trump and Putin is just as important today as it was to rid ourselves of Hitler and Stalin.

Thank You.                              

Donald Trump Must Show His Taxes or Surrender Two of His Powers

first posted May 2017, updated 11/11/17 and 4/6/19

Impeachment is a difficult process. But no man is above the law and the country does need to know it’s interests not being sold out for a buck. This presents a shortcut that could be as effective politically as an impeachment. And if Congress agrees it could happen quickly. 


We are in a ridiculously dangerous situation as a free nation. The Russian hack of the 2016 election is now our largest national security emergency and all signs are that it will morph like a virus and re-occur in 2020 because Trump, the very same person helped by the Russians, has done nothing to prevent it.  Donald Trump and his inner circle of cronies and grifters continue to distract, deny and get caught in lies whenever Russian connections are brought up. 

And now Trump won’t show his taxes. Why? Trump’s taxes will not only reveal the nature of his financial dealings with Russia for the last 6 years, they will reveal any other forms of cheating or gaming the system. He is already suspected of tax evasion to the tune of 500 million dollars, starting as far back as the 1980’s. This seems to be the only logical reason he won’t willingly show his taxes.  His taxes would answer questions we need to be certain that Trump is not engaging in corruption, tax evasion, self-dealing and/or traitorous behavior. He may even be using the presidential powers to ramp up his corruption. There’s so much we don’t know – and won’t know – until we have his taxes. 

  • Did Trump directly or indirectly pay Russians to hack our election?
  • Does he owe Russians money?
  • Is he trying to square a debt?
  • Does Trump have dealings with any foreign countries that hold sway over our national security decisions?
  • Why did we sell Saudi Arabia our nuclear secrets?
  • Why does his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, have security clearance in spite of warnings from seasoned security experts?

This is now way past the point of a crisis. The Trump presidency is our #1 national security emergency and he knows this better than anyone. So what does Trump do? He constantly creates fake national emergencies – like “the wall”, the need for tariffs or the healthcare crisis to distract from the real crisis, which is his presidency. 

Is Trump an honest man doing his best for Americans?  That is the question.

Every day we proceed without knowing that, is another downright dangerous day for our country. We don’t know a thing about what Trump is really doing for or to our national security. How do we know these Chinese Mar-a-lago spies did not get help from the inside? Maybe Trump wanted to create yet another emergency and we were all just saved by the Secret Service. One thumb drive could have reported our national security strategy to the Chinese.  Aside from the Civil War and the two world wars American democracy has never been in such risk.  And it’s just dumb to let one man do this to us.  

One thing is certain. Trump has not done all he can to be truthful, cooperative and helpful to the American people and that is a form of obstructing justice. Has Trump engaged in activities which, if done by any other citizen except the POTUS, would be indictable criminal behaviors? Is he paying people ( like Barr and Kavanaugh ) into our judicial system that will rule in favor of him regardless of our laws and security issues? If Trump is innocent of crimes, he would happily show his taxes – and put all the suspicion behind him. So his refusal to cooperate only adds to our collective suspicion.

And it is also certain that Congress has the right and the duty to be a check on presidential power. In order to do that task, the POTUS must be transparent and cooperative. IF POTUS will not be transparent – and this one won’t – that increases both the risk and the power of Congress to seize things like taxes and translator’s notes, etc. 


Only 32% of Americans think Trump is honest according to a Quinnipiac poll. All Americans participated in that poll – both sides. We are not stupid! 

Remember this: Destroying the USA is a Putin Goal – and Trump likes the guy!

And it gets worse. Every day Trump is in office, we are spending countless millions of taxpayer dollars – not to make healthcare better, not to make infrastructure better and not dealing with our real issues. Every day he has been in office – since day one – we have been wasting our energies and taxpayer dollars guarding his many homes, paying for his golf, paying our congressmen to squabble, fighting among ourselves and addressing the many indicted criminals and spies in his orbit. The endless discussions proceed ad nauseum for all Americans. Except for Trump. Trump loves watching others suffer and rigging his created fights.

The divisiveness in the US has begun to wear on us. We can hear the citizens in the Midwest starting to speak up about Trump. We hear “let’s reach across the aisle” . So if the GOP Congressmen are mostly sold out, I don’t think they speak for their constituency any more. And that is huge. It may be all that matters in 2020. But we can’t proceed with only hope. Trump is working every day to dash our hopes. 

So what do we do about our situation? Waiting for Trump to do anything against his own interests is a fool’s game. Donald Trump is good at two things: doing crimes legally and conning or lying to people. So I have created a simple plan of action that Congress – even the GOP-  has an incentive to put in place.


Two Presidential Powers Must Be Taken Away from Trump

In the interest of national security and in lieu of the long process of impeachment – until Donald Trump complies with existing law and shows his taxes our elected representatives should remove two of his presidential powers: 

  1. The power to declare war, shall reside solely with the Congress until we know “what the heck is going on” ( as he would say). Our current Congress may actually like this idea. They get war powers. And they are supposed to have that power anyway. Why should it reside with one man who is under so much suspicion?   
  2. The power to pardon anyone connected to Trump, the Trump Organization or Campaign.  Even the GOP Congressmen know how unpopular pardoning folks like Manafort and Stone would be with the GOP constituencies.   And it’s ridiculous to allow anyone to pardon the accomplices in one’s own crimes. 

These two arrested powers status can immediately stop when he discloses his taxes going back 6 years as the law prescribes, assuming we don’t discover more disturbing corruption

Polls also show tax-paying Americans overwhelmingly want the truth about Trump’s taxes.  They also want to know what actually happened in the 2016 election with the Russians. They want the Mueller report to be fully released. Representatives swear to uphold the law and do what their electorate wants. So what would be the hold up?

Trump asks our sons to risk dying for our country. What will he risk? So far nothing. Our presidents owe us transparency. If he won’t do this small thing (show his taxes) to save us all time, money, energy and trouble, then it will be clear to nearly everyone that Trump has no loyalty except to himself. And that is not the role of the POTUS. 

On Thursday, the House should and advance this idea and vote on it if his taxes are not revealed on Wednesday according to the law.  Trump has already asked the head of the IRS, who he put in power, to violate the law. Putting people in power who are suborned is part of his metastatic death to American institutions plan. It’s also how Putin took over Russia and became president for life – something Trump has said would be a good thing. Good for him – is the only “good thing” he knows or cares about.  

If Trump won’t show his taxes, he is breaking the law. We don’t want a criminal POTUS. So we should ask for two of his powers to be arrested until he does. About 60% of Americans will agree with that. That’s a real mandate. It can be that simple. 

Trump’s taxes are the one thing he has refused to show all along. It’s damning. It is clearly an effort to hide his past sins and dirt. What else could it be? 

House members, this is for you to start. 2019 is the crucial year for American democracy. If you wait for 2020 and hope for our laws to bail us out it will be too late. It’s like waiting too late to treat cancer. Trump has already gone metastatic. He has put people ( cells ) in place in the armed forces, the voting systems and the judicial systems. Metastatic. They are paid to be loyal to him – not to America. If we allow government employees to have undeclared foreign bank accounts this sort of corruption will continue. That’s for another post. 

Trump has already shown us that creating an international crisis to suspend the constitution and declare martial law – is not out of his playbook. Like a cornered rat fighting for his life, Trump will stop at nothing to save his ill-gotten fortune. We don’t want to wait and find out how far he will go. Trump will go all the way – to the guns! He has not quit button and no shame.  That’s really why we must take away his power to make war and pardon his friends. Trump must be forced to be open and honest for the first time in his life or certain pivotal powers must cease or be arrested. 

This plan will sell well to the public. It can be advanced with an easy to digest sound byte. The polls show Americans don’t trust Trump and want to see his taxes and the Mueller report. It even makes sense to people who think his taxes and the Mueller report will show he is actually innocent. This plan will make sense to almost everyone in America except the five Trumps: Donald, Ivanka, Donald Jr., Eric and Jared Kushner – because they know the full truth. I don’t even count Melania. She’ll be happy when this is all over. 

For two years Americans have waited for the Mueller report because we wanted to give our POTUS the benefit of the doubt with respect to all the suspicion. We wanted to be sure. But when Trump told the IRS chief to disregard written law – he broke the law right then. That’s like running a red light. We don’t have to wait for a guilty verdict or the Supreme Court.  The mandate for “show your taxes or have two of your powers arrested” – could be overwhelming. Why can’t we do this? 

The other smart option going forward is for Congress to create a law that says no one can serve as POTUS (or in Congress) without showing 6 years of taxes. So he’d have to not run in 2020 or show his taxes. I think he’d rather step down. I also think the GOP would like and actually needs another candidate like Romney to run.  Trump has destroyed the GOP and they know that. 

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Trump is One of Many Corrupt Rulers Who Launder Money Internationally



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A cyber war is a war of words. Our writers, reporters, techs and artists become our warriors in a cyber war. Raise Our Voices! 

Joseph Aronesty graduated from University of Pennsylvania in 1971. He earned a merit scholarship to Wharton School but transferred to liberal arts in his junior year to focus on history, literature and music theory. He was in a class at Wharton with Donald Trump in 1967: International Finance. Trump paid for his homework to get done in that class.

When the internet became viable in 1995, Mr. Aronesty created what is arguably is the world’s first click and buy e-commerce website.

Joseph is also a published songwriter, with hundreds of songs in his catalog. He now writes with musicians in Los Angeles, where he makes his home. He is an activist and his songs often reflect his political point of view.


Email to Lucy Flores and Joe Biden

Copy of email sent to Lucy Flores. Joe Biden copied in.


You want an answer directly from Joe Biden and I think that is proper. But for now, I hope you will accept the thoughts of this Joe, one who is now about the same age as Biden was when he kissed your head.  Joseph Aronesty is my full name.   Now 71. I went to school with Donald Trump and, like you,  I am a staunch advocate against him as POTUS.  And I want you to look in on what I do to fight him every say. ( blog link below) 

I hope you know Joe Biden was kissing you without a sexual thought. As we get older – those thoughts don’t completely go away, but without the biological imperative, they are rare – and the setting has to be really right for that to be considered. So you have rightly said there was no sexual harassment. 

Your generation comes from such a different space than we did. But this is how it always is. We were different than our parents on many fronts as well. And like all matured generations, we usually think the new crop is missing out on a lot. My sense is that Joe was letting off a proud of you kiss – a small gift of emotion.  If you had known that, I guess you, being a decent person, would have handled this differently. So I think you missed the emotion attached to the kiss. 

It was a gift that you were obviously not prepared to appreciate. That’s how people his age will generally view this. Your rant – and regardless of its civil tone – it is a media rant now – is about your generation not being very experienced at accepting personal affection from others. It’s not “your fault”. My sense is that this is an unintended result of over dependence on the sterile world of social media. Each generation has its issues. 

And frankly, it’s part of the reason we got Donald Trump. Your rant would NEVER take root in Japan or even Europe. That’s because young people there are generally more respectful of what has come before. It’s why Marie Le Pen LOST in France- but Trump won here. Le Pen is far-right candidate who ran vs. Macron. The Russians hacked their elections too – but it did not work there. Macron won. Why was that? It’s important as all heck to learn from that.  

We now see a disturbing increased suicide rate in young people. And psychologists point to the lack of experience in exhibiting or accepting affection in the Facebook generation.  

I compare your experience ( I have 5 kids so its easy ) to the experience I had growing up. I try to break things down to simplicity, as I don’t think humans are complicated mysterious creatures. This is how I see it. 

  1. When people put their lives online, it diminishes PRIVACY.
  2. Without privacy their is no mystery. 
  3. Without mystery there is no romance. 
  4. Without romance … there is no real life. 

That’s a bit extreme I am sure. But the stats on suicide with your generation are bearing this out. Putting your lives – and now your collective brains ( Google can answer anything, why ask a person? ) had unintended consequences that Zuckerberg never thought of – or cared about. Nor does Facebook care much now. 

But social media tends to make people think in blocks without individualism. We react collectively today, like schools of fish.  We can be easily driven into the nets when impulsive reaction replaces independent thought. So your generation’s issue social media phenom has made your generation easier to influence by outside forces. If you guys don’t have enough inside force to fight it – you become easy prey to influence.

Listen. I don’t see a fire to run inside Joe Biden yet. And any candidate is going to need that fire. Still the effect of what you have done with this rant is giving Donald Trump a better chance of staying president, which I know you don’t want. So this is something you should fix ASAP. 

My generation was far from perfect. Nor is any perfect. But during WW2, my father’s generation fought and died to preserve democracy. Do you think we would have beat Hitler of we were divided the way we are today? No way!

Divisiveness was not tolerated by the WW2 generation. it was unpatriotic then and it should be now because in many ways we are back to the same place. We are fighting dictators – here and abroad. We desperately need the unified spirit of the WW2 generation back – right now! Democracy is being given away without a bullet or struggle. What a stupid waste! 

It’s not just left vs. right – it’s now women vs. men and young vs. old too. 


And you can start that healing now. You have a rare big mic moment. Don’t drop the mic . But don’t waste its power either. Use it for something good. And this goes for Joe too. 

Joe was just appreciating your spirit.  Let’s celebrate that. You guys need to talk – and then come to an agreement and stage a hug ( not a kiss ) and make-up moment. it will do a  lot for all of us – because the generations need each other. And you can show that you know that – and Joe can too. 

I figure Joe Biden is smart enough to do that if asked. So its up to you. You can reach him on this. This has nothing to do with you liking Beto or Bernie more. I still like Bernie’s fire best. And I would not bet much Biden will even run. But the generational issue will affect our solidarity regardless of who runs against Trump. And we need solidarity.  

I am fully aware that we need to be UNIFIED to win. The GOP, if nothing else, is unified. 

TEAMWORK was the watch-word of the WW2 generation. The GOP is counting on us being divided. Why help them? 

Look at  the word TEAM – and you see it hides TE AMO.     I like etymology. My book, Deciphering the English Code teaches how we can learn history and the ways our forefathers thought by analyzing today’s words.

I will be posting this email to my blog – which I want you BOTH to become familiar with.

You want to help our country save democracy? I suggest you get together with Joe, talk it out – and hug and make up – in public. Help solve this lack of affection/appreciation issue for your generation – and you may save us all. 

Also, get your life off Facebook – if you do that. 

This email is sent with love. I am copying Joe Biden as best I can as well. 


Joseph Aronesty

e-commerce pioneer, author, linguist, songwriter, father of five, US citizen

818 423 1533

( i am not private about this – feel free to reach out ) 

TEAMWORK! LUCY and JOE – we need you both to align. Young and old, man and woman, left and right – we are all American citizens. We need to get back that ASAP.

Trump is One of Many Corrupt Rulers Involved in International Money-Laundering Enterprises

Dear US citizens “on both sides”,

  • Trump’s finance and his Russian ties have something in common: money laundering.  This may have nothing to do with election fraud. But it’s clear someone who engages in money laundering to avoid taxes  …
  • will continue to engage in crimes, like future election fraud, to cover up past crimes
  • does not deserve to be in any public office

Now let’s try to analyze why Trump aligns with dictators. People on both sides agree we don’t want a dictatorship here in the US. 

First. Dictators all run kleptocracies. When autocrats steal from their own people it is the most dastardly of crimes. They don’t want to get caught. They may not be historians, but everyone knows what happened to Marie Antoinette. So out of prudence, they hide their stolen money in foreign banks accounts so it’s safer from whatever laws and taxes might still exist in their own countries. They try to keep stolen money out of sight.

For these reasons, all dictators are money launderers.

There are financial support systems for such autocrats. There is a network of banks that are friendly to money launderers in places like Cyprus, Panama, Switzerland and the Bahamas. This is not new. The Russian Mafia is one group of money launderers loyal to Russia, but they are not alone.  This also why Trump does not show his taxes. He has plenty to hide, and his track record will point to theft and corruption.

Therefore Putin and Trump are both operating as kleptomaniacs propped up by the seals and law enforcement agencies of their governments. 

Many don;t know Vladimir Putin was elected in a democratic Russia. Once in power, and in just a few years, he had stolen about 150 billion dollars, often killing his opponents. His next move was to declare Pravda was fake news and he shut it down so he could hide his crimes from the public.

So this is why Trump also says the press is the enemy of the people. He knows it worked for Putin. ( It also worked for Stalin and Hitler. ) Trump was never a student of history. So where did he learn this? Logic says he is getting his dictator lessons back-channeled from Putin. Kushner, who absorbed a little more history growing up than Trump, figures in here too. 

America is stronger than Russia was when Putin took over. But be aware: no country in all of history has been impervious to demise. 

Kelptomaniacs have greed disease. Putin wants more than his 150 billion. Putin wants the Magnitsky Act to go away because it’s costing him and his oligarchs billions more. He wanted that Russian oil deal valued at 500 billion that Tillerson would not do for him. And Putin has plenty of his stolen Russian funds parked here in the USA. In NYC, the Russians financed Kushner on his 666 5th Avenue building. Does any of this sound like what we want?

The Russians have long had Trump’s back as well. Trump held Miss Universe pageants in Moscow. There were plans to build a Trump Tower Moscow. This is why Helsinki had that private meeting. They needed to talk about money. This is also why Pompeo did not get invited in. Autocrats don’t want anyone to know the scope of their crimes. Putin has that dictator map all figured out. He knows he can’t get China to align with Russia. But if he can get Trump and the USA – then essentially he has the balance of power over the entire globe. That is Putin’s plan. Trump functions as a useful idiot in that plan. 

And now it’s up to US – liberal Americans and MAGA people united – to stop it the autocrats grand plan because we know it does not end well for any of us. Ask people living in Russia or Venezuela how their dictatorship is working for them. 

Trump has been into international crime since the ’80’s when he started hiding his casino cash overseas, so he did not have to pay tax on it. It is reported that he owes our government 500 million in back taxes, but now that he is president our Congress is 54% afraid to do anything about it. 

Trump is a player in what is sometimes called the Russian Mafia. Putin can seize Trump’s Russian-parked money if Trump does not help Putin secure his money in the USA. It’s a quid pro quo. They have each other’s backs. The crime world works that way.

Manafort was overheard asking if getting Trump elected would square a debt with a Russian oligarch. Quid pro quo. And of course, Manafort was found guilty. I am 100% sure Trump is just as guilty as Manafort when it comes to financial crimes. They all play this game together. As long as they can keep their foreign bank accounts hidden – they will continue. This is the real problem in the planet. Not terrorism. Not hunger even. Those are both driven by the greedy money launderers’ plan. Financial criminals are the masterminds behind most of the physical crimes against humanity. 

Financial criminals are the masterminds behind most of the physical crimes against humanity. 

In Russia, everyone knows Putin is a criminal dictator. They are mostly okay with it. They have no choice. Voicing opposition is dangerous. But in the USA, a criminal president is not okay.  We still have a free press in spite of Trump’s calls of “fake news”. And we still have a semi-functional justice system in spite of the GOP’s refusal to apply it to our criminal president. Of course, we all saw Trump appointing a loyalist to be AG – so why we allowed without forcing Barr recuse himself  just seemed stupid and naive.

Putin has a huge advantage in this spy vs. spy game. Putin can tell Trump exactly what to say and do.  If Trump does not comply, the financial dirt Putin has on Trump can be leaked and/or his assets in Russia could be seized. The private Helsinki meeting was also about Putin “powerfully” explaining to Trump what will happen if he does not live up to his end of the bargain made for election help. That’s exactly what was said in that private room. That’s why we don’t get the notes. 

And that could be most of it. Except there would have been back-up plans. And those could include war, martial law, hacking the grid on election day and/or the fixing of elections. Maybe the GOP is mainly okay with all this because they sort of know the GOP can’t win an honest presidential election – certainly not next cycle – and I think – perhaps never again. What is the GOP these days anyway? 

Please Amplify this Map on Social Media


Putin and Trump are the most powerful figures in this money-laundering crime syndicate, but there are many other players. This is a map of the countries of the earth, with yellow being a functional democracy, red being a dictatorship, green being semi-democratic. The USA is a democracy, but due to election fixing,  greed and lobbying the people’s wills are not served. I put the USA in its own orange category: a sold-out dysfunctional democracy.

It’s pretty stunning. The most infamous of the dictators are Putin (Russia), Rouhani (Iran), Al-assad (Syria), Maduro (Venezuela), Xi Jinping (China), Kim Jong-un (North Korea), Erdoğan (Turkey) but there are about 40 other dictators.  They all need places to park their stolen loot. They are all money launderers. They collect taxes, but they don’t pay much tax, if at all. So they all sort of need each other because they have to get the stolen money our of their countries – and democracies may not play ball. So they stand up for each other! They are loyal to each other. They are determined to end all democracies to protect their way of doing business – which is stealing from us all. 

This is the essential struggle on the entire planet. It is behind our lack of coordination in anti-global warming strategies. it provides the financing of terrorism and fuels income inequality and hunger too. It’s why people want to get into the USA from autocraciesDemocracies and dictatorships are like cats and dogs. They threaten each other’s existence. We are and will continue to be forever on edge on this planet because of that singular duality. Before we can address our most important human issues, we must first end this struggle and emerge victorious. it was the same for the WW2 generation. Their mission was accomplished. What will we be able to say. 

The money-launderers syndicate is nameless to protect the not-so-innocent. And it’s not only comprised of rulers. There are businessmen in the syndicate as well.  Manafort, Cohen, Wilbur Ross have all done business with the syndicate. George Bush called it an “axis of evil”. Reagan called it an “Evil Empire”. I prefer to call it what it is: –Dictators United. 

Donald Trump has been a player in that nameless crime syndicate of money launderers for a very long time. Trump owes the syndicate for the work done electing him and they will collect.

It’s also Trump’s plan to make American citizens pay his debt to the crime syndicate. That’s what these tariffs are all about. And who is paying for his wall if it gets built? (You and I.)  And Putin is laughing. Why should he not laugh? 

Since Putin is the richest player in the syndicate, he is the syndicate’s kingpin and has the final say. You can’t expect Putin to do things that favor the USA or any democracy. Democracies generally don’t play ball with dictators.

Democracies are a real danger to dictatorships and vice versa. Democracies and dictatorships, like cats and dogs, will never get along.

This is the real struggle on planet earth. Who will control mankind’s destiny? Will it be the many via democratic proxies – or the few via brute force and dictatorship?

It’s becoming clear to most Americans that Trump and Putin have something going besides just being presidents of two big countries. Trump and Putin are business associates. 

And folks, no matter what kind of American citizen you are, we just can’t have that here. It might be OK in the Arab Emirates or Venezuela, but this is the USA. We have too much to lose here.

Newspapers and TV stations, you have your livelihoods to lose. Farmers, lawyers, artists – you have your livelihoods to lose. We have our dignities to lose. We have our best hope for our children’s future to lose. We have our own assets to lose as well, because the dictators handbook says to get power, you get control of the police and seize the assets.  Putin seized most of his 200 billion. He just took real estate deeds and re-wrote them, selling off parcels to his friends and allies for pennies on a dollar. 

Doing nothing about this is like doing nothing about a cancer diagnosis. Ignoring this will not solve it. These are some steps we should take right away: 

  • Sequester the president’s war powers immediately!
  • Make sure the Mueller investigation report is fully published. 
  • Subpoena Trump’s taxes and make a retroactive law that a US president cannot serve without revealing seven years of taxes and all foreign bank accounts.
  • Get the translator’s notes. Criminal’s do not deserve a private space to collude.
  • If the GOP Congress does nothing, we vote the entire GOP Congress out.  No exceptions next cycle. 

Americans have to make sure this does not happen again. If a GOP member won’t call for these kind of actions, a DEM should do it. Call the roles. Announce no agenda before the session. We need to know who is with Team USA and who is with Team Russia.  

And do not assume the next election will be fair. Dictators steal. Remember that. Assume the 2020 votes will be tampered with. Do not trust the GOP-endorsed voter software. Voter software must be open source or blockchain protected. Create a web site where votes can be tallied online as back-up and encourage people to vote both at the booth and online. I believe voting online can be made safer than voting at a booth.

Congress should approve almost nothing Trump wants until these things happen.  We have to do whatever is necessary the way dictators will do, because that second shoe is about to fall. We all know something fishy is going on now. Trust your gut. 

Dear Trump supporter: Please ask yourself this. How safe would you have felt if Obama spent two private hours with Osama and came back saying “Osama said very strongly that he didn’t do it” – and then he invited him to the White House? 

Yes, he walked back that invitation under pressure, but the act of inviting Putin revealed his true intentions and alignment. Note how Trump likes the leaders of so many of the RED DICTATOR countries, and bashes the leaders of the DEMOCRATIC countries. It’s not just Russia. Dictators are criminals – and they stick up for each other. They way to reverse this in the USA is voting out the GOP at every level. Planet-wise this is the solution. 

PS. There are not two sides to America. That is what they want us to believe. Trump does that every day – stokes division, right? Had we been divided during WW2, we would have lost the war – and the planet. So how is that functioning at the president’s goal to unify the nation. he is not. He can not. He will never do it. He must go. What are we waiting for? War? More losses in our international esteem? 

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Joseph Aronesty is an e-commerce pioneer, songwriter, author, linguist, father of five and staunch activist for every day people. He was in a class with Trump at Wharton in 1967 and worked near him in AC in the 80’s.