Donald Trump Using the Pandemic to Solidify Power

Donald Trump is presiding over life or death for millions of people, and still, at his daily coronavirus conferences he consistently finds a way to reveal his troubled soul. He’s talking ratings, picking on Governors and campaigning as Americans die because he was not prepared. He was warned by our medical experts this was coming. Trump smiles a lot at these conferences. He’s striking poses just for Fox News.  He plays doctor-authoritarian. 

We must consider that Trump has at least viewed this pandemic as a potential ally in his quest to win 2020.  Being a sociopath, without empathy, Donald seems not to care how many people die -if it helps him win. He speaks of people as “numbers”. “One-hundred thousand would be a great job.” People are only valuable to Donald if they serve the imaginary stories he tells himself about himself. But that’s not true for us. Why is he still there now? Why is he in charge on a pandemic? He just looks for ways to skim. Why are the doctors not fully in charge. When we need surgery, Donald Trump doesn’t weigh in on anything. Why does he on this? Really. It’s only another pay me off portal for Donald and his ilk. 

We are all watching in horror while a mad king struggles with his psyche pretending to care about “America” in the midst of the largest pandemic in 100 years. And our mad king doesn’t even regard people well enough to stop the game he is playing in his head and fight for their causes. Trump wouldn’t know how to even begin that process.

This is madness. And this really is the way empires end. I have no idea why people on “both sides” here in the USA don’t unite to serve our common need to survive and stay healthy. Fellow Americans. There are corporate forces that want us divided. Do not be swayed. We are all in this virus fight together.

This war to keep Americans divided did not begin with Trump. Donald Trump is in charge now of that war now. It’s not a war for Americans – it is a war against Americans’ interests. The goal of that war force is to keep us divided and keep us needy. Big business is intersecting with a greedy king to keep everyday Americans powerless and establish a ruling class. That’s’ the story behind the virus response. Fellow Americans. Fake News is dead if we want it now. Coronavirus response requires we be scientific and empathetic if we are to survive this whole.

The age of fake news is dying and we must kill it for good now. Respect for science and expertise must rule now – not a mad king or corporate interests. Coronavirus did that much for us. People need the real facts now so they can arm themselves.

It’s irresponsible and reckless for a president not to do what all Americans perceive of as a heartfelt and sincere best fighting effort versus this virus. Focus on the word “all”. Because Trump loves to play this game. He really does not care how many die. He talks about numbers. He looked really sick out there on stage today. March 29th. And if he won’t do that, then I say it’s time to put Mike Pence in.

Wouldn’t it be nice if our best and brightest were in charge when we had health emergencies? Wouldn’t it be nice if all Americans knew that this country was doing its level best to provide clean water and air so our children grow up healthy? I’d be happy if I knew we were really doing our best. But who feels that way today?

Economics during a pandemic suffer. But face it, what we had before the virus was three economies. Forty percent got by fine with most of them being able to retire by the age of sixty five. But more than half of Americans survived week-to-week on a teetering gig economy, a consequence of big business being given the green light to replace human jobs with robots, with no thought of human repercussions. And all in the name of corporate profits.

And now, we are all ordered to stay home. This will hit those without savings hardest. Those with money will emerge poorer as well. The economic groups are scrambling for their piece of the bailout which is just the printing of money. People will game the system. Watch the GOP members. They are notorious during these bailouts.

People’s appetites for big gatherings have gone away, and probably for a few years. Live sports? It’s going to be made-for-TV only for a while. They’ll just make us pay.

This is madness. Trump was told this was coming in December. He was told again in January. He ignored it. He loves to say “nobody could see this coming”. What on earth does that mean? There were plenty of people who saw this coming. The people in the World Health Organization told him. A grocery chain in Texas has prepared for this since January, and they are doing pretty well with it. Google it. So why would Trump create the impression nobody knew how bad this would be. One reason makes sense. He was told the risks and he just did not care. The jacket Melania made infamous that said “I really don’t care” was inspired by what she hears around the House.

Donald Trump knew this virus was coming to kill us and did not think about American lives for one second. Instead our elected president used his criminal survivalist gut. He was in trouble with Russia. Impeachment was on the front page. He asked himself, “maybe this virus can help me?” Trump tells himself, ”I’m going down for my crimes if I’m not re-elected.” That’s what this is all about now. It’s about keeping Donald Trump out of jail. And we all are suffering and our loved ones dying for this?  How crazy this is.

This virus does not have a soul. Like all living things, it seeks to stay alive. Rather than live in or on Mother Earth, coronavirus grows inside the bodies of other life forms. It originated in bats. Bats like to hang together in the dark and in large numbers. So this virus was designed to spread from bodies that are close and does not particularly light sunlight. Coronavirus’s shape is like a weapon. It’s a ball with spikes emanating like spokes in all directions. It sticks to cells like a sticker you pick up in the brush. Coronavirus injects its dna into other cells through the ends of its spikes. That’s how it takes over another body – cell by cell. Like a quick cancer.

If the virus stays within one person, it either kills that person or that person wins the fight and the virus is vanquished by one’s antibodies. . Coronavirus is a very formidable and clever little enemy. It knows not to kill the young. They will be old in due time. It waits. It acts as a herd thinner for the weak. But that’s not perfect math. It can take anyone. That’s the singular way of this enemy we now have to out-think. We’ve got the brains over this virus. We can beat anything we set our minds to. So we will in time.

Since coronavirus spreads by touching from one animal to another, if we just stay apart – especially through the summer with its light – we can outwit this thing and it can be almost gone before next winter. But we have a president who knows that staying apart will slow the economy and that’s not what he is there for. Trump is there to make money for the forces that want Americans to be divided and weak. And they are being replaced by robots anyway. They really don’t care. Like Trump.

Anyone with a bit of sincerity serving as president would have listened to the experts who about the coming pandemic back in January and prepared far ahead of it. That was not too much to ask. The actual job of being president requires he delegate our most serious tasks to our most serious experts. We do have those in the USA. Serious and knowledgeable experts. They saw this coming and told our president, and now he owns this. Why is am potus like Trump so dangerous during a pandemic?

Trump can’t even work too closely with real experts. Trump needs to be surrounded by people who are criminal enough to keep his crimes secrets. These inner circle associates are even allowed to do their own crimes, as long as they keep it fairly quiet and keep the others’ crimes secret. And what kind of real expert works this way?

What drives Donald every morning when we are in this crisis? Donald Trump wakes up and knows he needs to win another election. He knows he may have to face the music when his reign in over. But even that is not certain. He can be pardoned. Still, he does not want his presidency to ever end. That is what he tells himself every day. Fight. Fight on. That is who he is. Like the virus he has a single purpose.

We can’t have this now. We are fighting a totally different war than Trump is fighting. We are fighting a war for our lives and the lives of our family members. Donald is fighting a war to stay in power.

I am hereby calling for a bill in Congress to be advanced banning Donald Trump from officiating in any way in our war with the virus. Pence will do fine for now. Pence seems to be taking it seriously. At least he is not a disturbed man-child.

It’s time to save ourselves. We’ll need both sides unified to demand this now. The lovers and fighters. And right now. This week or many more will die than need to. Maybe someone you know and will miss. And then you won’t even forgive yourself. We have our common enemy now. Its name is coronavirus. Let’s unify to defeat the virus – left and right. And lets unify to insist on a caring empathetic president. Honestly, anyone of us could do a better job handling this crisis. Anyone of us would just let the experts handle it all and give the experts of our full support. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to do that. Just a caring soul.

Let’s insist Pence finish this job. He may even do a half decent job. Trump should not be allowed to talk to Pence about this in any way either. Trump and the virus must be quarantined from each other. And neither can a Kushner or any other Trump be involved with the virus response. I hear Kushner has a hand in the respirator business. Enough!

Trump can stay on as president and preside over other affairs and even run for president again. We don’t care. But we can’t have him playing a game in his mind, which is what he does – ask any of his wives – and running this country in a deadly serious war with a virus.

Finally. Even in a crisis Trump can’t help but go after reporters and Democrats in a press conference. He does not even think they are people. Trump doesn;t love people enough to be their protector in a situation like this. Would you trust Donald Trump with your daughter? That should have always been a standard. What were we thinking?

If millions die for Trump to stay on as president – you know – the way he spoke about his “good friend” Chairman Chi – president for life, – so be it. That is the character of the man holding the most important job on planet earth, at least to Americans.

This is madness. Trump is orchestrating our virus response by playing it by ear and with no regard for the lives of others. He’s two months behind the virus because he wanted to wish it away. He played with our lives and we let him d oit and now many of us or going to die for that. Just let Fauci make all decisions and let Pence finish the virus response.

If need be, use the 25th Amendment, but in a slightly reduced way. Use it to get Trump off this virus response project. He can stay on as president as long as he stays away from the response with no financial interest, investment or profit on anything coronavirus. Pence and Fauci can be in charge. Trump can go back and play golf. No rallies. Watch the Kushners too.

Joseph Aronesty


Relevant Prior Posts Reveal Why This is Happening

Reduce National Maximum Interest Rate to 1% During Crisis

Solving our virus problem hinges on social distancing to reduce contagion. But an economic depression that hits us like a tsunami will tax our economic system so hard it will tax our ability to maintain social distancing and optimize our healthcare response. It’s a Catch 22 – or more appropriately – a Sophie’s Choice. Let the economy go on as it was and millions will die. We’ve heard as high as ten million in the USA alone. There’s a delicate balance that has to be struck. We have to help people weather this storm. Where do we start?

There is one easy to effect and sure way to help people and companies at the same time: reduce maximum interest rates to 1% – 2% nationally by decree. That simple act would give “companies” the time they need to wait it out. That interest break would also give a lot of “people” the time they need to wait this out. Not all people for sure. But this will actually help all Americans regardless of financial status. Interest rates create financial pressure. It’s totally ridiculous for anyone to be able to collect interest above 1% and profiteer in this crisis when the Fed Rate is .25%.

This simple, charitable and wise action would set in motion the domino effect needed to help relax tension a bit for everyone at the same time. And we desperately need this relaxation.

Let me cite one example. I own a business in Los Angeles and I rent an office. My landlord, a true gem by the way, just told me not to pay the rent for April. I was going to ask, but I did not have to. Very human of him.

But he has a mortgage to pay too. If his bank rate went down to 1% that’s going to make it easier for him to continue to pass that break on to me. Every obligation, from mortgages to leases to accounts payable, revolves around interest rates. If interest rates were suddenly gone or minimized, it gives us all the time we need to wrap our heads around our virus issue and our economic depression that is inevitable if we are to keep the contagion rate down.

I did go to Wharton School and shared a class with Donald Trump. He paid absolutely no attention to what was being taught. I was no honor student, but I did learn a bit about how this all works. Interest rates are key. Mortgage rates should immediately go down to 1% across the board. It solves a lot.

I’m going to leave this here, keep it short and spend my time circulating this memo, hoping it finds its way up to people who can make this happen. Lowering our collective financial temperature will solve many of our imminent problems – medical, social and financial – in one fell swoop.


PS. I am also 99% sure that the Kushners and Trumps of the world won’t like this solution. They are landlords. They love foreclosures. It’s how they acquired a lot of their properties, on the backs of others. And they can afford to stay home and not catch the virus. They even know if they do get the bug, they will get the best medical attention. So watch as they don’t quite do the right things in the days ahead.

Get this circulating. It is very doable. Trump’s talking about “companies” because the right companies will pay him off in his foreign bank accounts for slush funds sent their way. And that is also why he has not used the National Defense Act yet. He has not found a way to get paid off for the contracts yet. He’s working on it. You can be sure of that. 

Corona Virus May Fast-Track Bernie’s Socio-Financial Revolution

The corona virus pandemic is even more dangerous to Americans and the American economy because so many Americans don’t have funds to survive for six months without income. It’s been reported that four hundred dollars is the average American’s savings. That is not accurate. But these are accurate stats.

The top 1% of households in the U.S. by income have a median savings of a whopping $1.1 million across a variety of saving accounts. They will be fine financially and they don’t need a handout. The bottom 20% by income have no savings and the second lowest 20% of income earners have just $26,450 saved. This is the same group that are losing their jobs now. It was never a great economy for 40% of all Americans. That’s been a GOP lie all along.

Great financial disparities exaggerate the dangers of this pandemic. If 90% of Americans could afford to stay home for six months, the virus would not spread as much – and the impact of this pandemic on life, finances and quality of life would be minimized. So the finances of the average America affects the health and well-being of all Americans, rich, middle-class or poor.

My father used to counsel me about taking shortcuts with an old Russian proverb: When the snow melts, the sh*t will show. That’s exactly what has happened with the corona virus pandemic. The snow has melted, the curtains have been pulled back – and the frailty of an economy that never worked very for about half of Americans has been exposed.

The virus does not know or care how much money you have. So those who get sick in the lower 40% of the economy will spread it to the top 60% – and vice-versa. We are fighting a virus – not each other. We are all in that fight together.

It’s clear that the financial fortunes of the top 60%, and particularly the top 1%, have been built of the backs of those in the middle and lower financial classes. That has all come crashing down in just a few days as we adjust to an economy with no large gatherings or close contacts and which now includes shutting down many workplaces. The gig economy, which was never very secure to begin with, will be hit hard – though food delivery may pick up. So what do we expect those who are hurt the most to learn from this pandemic?

This much should be clear. The grievances with the status quo among those hurt the most by the pandemic with be greatly magnified when compared to the grievances of the financially secure. I don’t think it will take long for the working class to conclude that Bernie’s social-financial revolution is the medicine they need most.

There may soon come a time that the working class collectively figures out that those who have been taking the greatest advantage of their work have always been a danger to their lives and the lives of their families. They sort of know that anyway, down deep. – But if their situation gets truly dire, that’s when a more violent revolution becomes a very real possibility. That’s also why we see gun sales going up.

It’s becoming clearer every day that the Trumps will not willingly be left to control this country’s destiny. My sense is that Trump family will soon be categorized much like Marie Antoinette and Louis 14th were during the French Revolution – as a danger to the commonwealth. But Trump will try to take credit for any recovery we make as a society, even though his efforts came at least 30 days too late, largely due to his ego being his most important consideration. We must be careful not to be cast as being uncooperative to the corona virus relief effort, which Trump will try to do. Though we should and will work with him on corona virus relief acts, that does not give him a pass for his past crimes, nor for anything his will do – and predators like Trump will try to take advantage of the crisis and the disadvantaged – as he as always done.

The more it becomes clear that Trump will not win re-election, the more it bodes well for Bernie Sanders’ ideas. We all know Joe Biden cares, but also that he is not a revolutionary thinker. Joe is there to be a Trump slayer. If a Trump slayer is not needed, Bernie’s messages that promote more financial parity among American classes is going to gain traction. Watch this space.

PS. Yes. I know it’s coronavirus. I just think that’s a weird long word. I prefer to use corona virus as two words. That’s how most people think about it anyway.

Why Joe Biden Is Winning Over the Hearts of Americans

If Donald Trump were not president I would have spent the last 3.5 years doing much more of what I wanted to do before I realized this country was in big trouble. How about you?

Joseph Aronesty @EnglishCodeWord

Joe Biden essentially won the Democratic Party’s nomination in one unbelievable turn of events that occurred on March 2nd between 4 and 5 PM PST. When Pete Buttigieg announced he was pulling out of the race to endorse Joe, he made a truly touching speech. Pete’s speech was followed by Joe’s speech, wherein he he said Pete reminded him of departed son Beau. It choked me up. I am sure I was not alone. And that’s the moment I knew Joe was going to win the nomination. And I knew why: Joe has heart.

“Heart” is what Donald Trump is so glaringly lacking. And we all – on both sides – suddenly realized that undeniable truth and how important having heart is during an emergency. For the record, Hillary also seemed to lack heart. That’s really why she lost. Great speeches and ideas don’t mean as much as sincerity, because we all know how easy it is to lie or make claims that won’t get done when stumping to win votes. I also felt Elizabeth Warren, when she attacked Bloomberg, a man willing to bankroll the entire Democratic Party just to get rid of Donald Trump, showed a lack of heart in the way she attacked him on the debate stage. And I love Warren’s ideas.

I know Clyburn’s endorsement set the pendulum in motion days before Pete’s endorsement. But it was Joe’s heartfelt manner which suddenly felt like the thing we have been missing for 4 years since Trump-ism took hold on the airwaves. And it was so welcome that it changed everything. Joe shined that light without even trying. He was being sincere. And we miss sincerity here in the USA on both sides. Don’t we?

When I entered the business world in 1972 I still recall my father telling me people will give you a chance to win them over as long as you come off with sincerity. And since this blog was originally intended to be about etymology – or wordology – as I like to call it – let me break down the word SINCERE for you in my own unique wordology way.

SIN and SINE are known old Latin words for “without”. CERE is the root of the word CEREBRAL or HEAD. SINCERE means without thought ( for one’s self).

And on that standard Donald Trump has failed miserably to come off as sincere. In fact, Trump seems to do everything with only thought’s for his own self. Donald Trump exudes the polar opposite of sincerity. That’s why he is known as a narcissist. He has always been that way too. Even in college, where I knew him (Penn 67) , he was the original “it’s all about me” guy. He threw a rushing sophomore out of a mixer for dancing the mashed potatoes better than he could and getting all the girl attention.

Trump’s badly botched coronavirus speech reminded us all he is not the right person to manage a health crisis. Since he has surrounded himself with self-serving sycophants, Trump does not have anyone close to him who can really be trusted to lead us out of this mess. His heartless GOP just tried to knock down a House bill to provide sick leave for people affected by corona. I think they realize how bad that sounded and are back-tracking to fund a deal. But it’s more out of financial necessity than from heart. Their dark hearts have already been exposed. And yes, November seems like an eternity to wait for new leadership. The stock market seemed to know that too.

On the other hand, Joe Biden will surround himself with real, time-tested experts – the way our government used to function under Obama, Bush, Clinton, Reagan and before. Why am I sure of this? Because Joe Biden actually cares about others and he cares about his legacy as a public servant. The idea of serving the public is totally foreign to Donald Trump and his GOP sycophants.

There will be a lot of work needed to undo the damage done in four years by an inept, uncaring, heartless man who cheated to win an election and then ran the US government like a piggy bank for his own family interests. But right now, we have a country to save.

When you come down to it, Trump is just a pin-up doll for the Citizens United folks who wants big business to have more power than people. Those days are coming to an end. We have a unifying principle now – surviving a pandemic.

Practice social distancing. Vote Blue up and down.

That map looks suspiciously like the online dictatorship vs. democracy map. Same exact colors too. Find it at I still think that’s what’s been driving Trump since Helsinki. Putin showed him “very powerfully” how close he was to taking over the world with a few dictators in control of it all. Read about that delicate balance in world power and see that map original HERE. – use a google search –
Why does Donald Trump have that map in those exact colors?

I have just now written to to see if they created this map and its colors or got it from somewhere else. I will report their reply, if they reply. This is what I wrote:
I was make an educated guess based on his body language, having known him. But now I think Trump is indeed working on global domination with Putin’s help. Why else would he have your map – if it is your map?


We Need That WW2 Teamwork Spirit Again Right Now

America Only Won WW2 Because We Worked Together as a Team.

In WW2 we let FDR have a 3rd term because we knew we were at war and could not afford to be divided. We can’t afford this inner division today either – but we don’t seem to know that. Dems must show the American people they can unite their party if they expect the country to believe they can unite the country. Both sides will respect that. After all, if they can’t unite the “left” how can they unite the country?

We are at war in the USA. We are at war with foreign enemies that want to exploit our riches. We are at war with Trump’s GOP party selling our rights and assets to the highest bidders. We are at war with Mother Nature, who seems to want to get rid of us for our polluting ways.  And at the same time, we are at war with each other, which makes it difficult for Americans to prevail at any effort.

I am old enough to remember first-hand the spirit of the WW2 generation. They were not the greed is good generation nor the it’s all about me generation. The greatest generation citizens resigned to do their parts to defeat German Nationalism with a spirit of teamwork and without ego. Now we have a combination of corporatism and American Nationalism to defeat. And they are about to shut the door on democracy. The moment the Senate acquits – it’s really over. Praying for votes in this rigged environment is not a plan. Hoping there will be a fair election is not a plan. It is a hope or a prayer.

Trump knows exactly how long he has to completely take this government over – from the justice department installations to the election fixing with our enemies. Trump is working every day to have our democracy be gone before the 2020 election. Why? Trump knows the term that follows his presidential term may be a prison term.


The two remaining viable candidates can meet in a room after the next debate and let’s settle on who will be the Democratic candidates for president, vice president, chief of staff and district attorney. There is a place for all the candidates in a new administration if they want it. If Biden prevails, Warren and Bernie’s message must not be ignored. They must set aside their egos. There is no place for someone who just “wants” to be president. We have that guy now. Mike Bloomberg has already signed on to being a team player to defeat Trump-ism. Thank you Mike!

MAGA people know they are being lied to. They still don’t know who will be there for them on our side because right now – we don’t even know. I used to think that was a bad thing. With Mike’s money, maybe it’s not so bad. Trump can’t attack both candidates at the same time quite so easily. But expect this to get real ugly in the last two weeks. That’s when he beat Hillary – and mainly in the last three days – just the way Biden surged. People have short memories for politics. Trump knows this. So expect shenanigans galore in October.

Each Team America player has a special purpose within this total teamwork concept. Biden – for his compassionate, people-person unifying style, but also for his experience in “being there”. Warren – for her progressive ideas on healthcare etc., and to keep Bernie’s grassroots energy in the game. Pete – for his brilliant, eloquent speaking, youth and appeal to servicemen. Kamala – to go after the crooks when this is all over – which will be crucial to making sure this does not happen again in our lifetimes.

Love like a Democrat. Fight like a Republican.

The following posts explain how we got here and show the way out:
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 Putin: Partners in the Biggest Crime in World History

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Trump’s Main Problem – Cheating To Win

The Easy Way To Defeat Trump-ism

  • Step 1: Unite the Democrats
  • Step 2: See Step 1

Sometimes I think we, the so-called “Resistance” are all stupid. We all agree that Trump and the GOP are corrupt and a danger to democracy, the country and the planet. You would think that would produce a response that is as serious as those words. But we retreat to arguing on Twitter, social media and call-in talk shows about who might be best to take on that job. And since the Democratic Party’s format stipulates that we debate and campaign until July, it is virtually impossible that we will be united until July. And by then, our passions and energies will be exhausted, and our bankrolls diluted. We will then just have a few months to organize a team that can defeat Trump’s corrupt but organized team.

Vegas now shows Trump as a 3:2 favorite to win the 2020 election. Wake up folks. Every day we are not united, is a day Trump-ism is getting ahead. 

So maybe we are all thinking about this wrong. Let’s ask ourselves why we got Trump. I hear a lot of Trump-ism was an extension of the Tea Party, HRC was secretly unpopular or Putin did it. And there is some truth in all those theories. But there was one defining event – one simple decision in the control of one person – that opened the door for the Trump fascist presidency. And though we can’t go back in time to undo that decision, we can recognize the error, learn from it and not make the same mistake again in 2020. What was the singular event that begot Trump?

In 2016, Hillary Clinton narrowly defeating Bernie Sanders who had tremendous grass roots support across this nation. The first thing she did after she won the nomination was make a totally unknown senator from Virginia, Tim Keane, her running mate. She ignored all the love, passion, and the investment that millions of Democrats had made in Bernie Sanders. And that was it. I can still recall me telling my wife, HRC just lost the election on that day. Of course, I only slightly believed it. But it turned out that was the defining moment, more than all the others summed, that got Trump in the White House.

Had Hillary Clinton chosen Bernie Sanders as her VP there is almost no way the Dems would have lost to Trump in 2016. Can we all agree on that? I hope so. So now, let’s take away the names Hillary and Bernie and see what really happened from a bird’s eye view.

A Democratic centrist chose another centrist, ignoring the progressive wing of the party as if it did not exist. So that’s the simple thing we have to learn from and not do again in 2020. And then we will win in November because the vast majority really is sick of the division this presidency needs to survive.

We need our POTUS and VP candidates to be one from the center and one from the progressive wing of the Democrat party – and we win. Is that so hard to do? It’s not. It’s alot easier than all these impeachments and debating. Make one right choice and we are 75% of the way there. Enough with a president deserves to surround himself with like-minded politicians. That’s the fascist’s protocol. JFK chose Johnson, who he did not like, because he knew he had to unite the party to win. FDR chose Truman. Were they like-minded? Not.

Let me try to put this in pictures since no one reads much any more.

Biden sort of needs the plans and preparedness that Warren would bring to the table anyway. And I’m sorry I’m not putting a woman in the potus slot this cycle. I am trying to reach out to the other side – a side that does not even want women to control their own bodies. So not this cycle. 2024 is fine. Maybe even 2022. Maybe Joe would retire after two years and be happy knowing he defeated Trump-ism. Joe is running for potus as a patriotic duty more than a burning desire. We can all see that, and that’s fine.
Amy said she liked Bernie just fine. Really all the Dem candidates should like each other just fine. Certainly they can all work together for Americans better than heartless Trump and his loyalist stooges.They don’t have to be clones of each other. They don’t need to be loyal to each other in that Trumpian way – just loyal to their oaths and the Constitution.
These two together would be painted as communists even thought they are not. People scare easily and Trump knows ow to scare. The majority will choose to stick with the status quo if we ignore the center of the party.
This ticket would have an issue exciting the Democratic progressive base. Expect Trump’s base to be excited and possibly violently excited. This summer has the potential to be like 1969. Trump clearly want chaos and will be telegraphing hate.
Someone told me Warren and Bloomberg would fight like dogs and cats. I don’t buy it. I see both as having good hearts and wanting the best for Americans. I see both as being smart and accomplished. I admit I don’t yet know where Bloomberg is on all the important issues that affect peoples’ lives. But I hope we will be learning that soon. Still, this is center and left and a very hard to assail ticket. I’d sleep well with these two in control of the government. And Bloomberg is not asking for a cent from his supporters. That feels very good.

So this is easy folks. We need a Chinese menu ticket. One from column A, one from column B. I am not sure whether the centrist or the progressive should occupy the potus slot – but I know it has to be one of each.


Even Trump knew he had to get a guy like Pence, with his religious right following, to balance his party, which Pence does in his own sick way. Certainly we can be as smart as Donald Trump.

Why don’t we do things a little differently and run as a ticket? Trump has a ticket and an entire team. We don’t have to waste the energies of any of the candidates. I see Pete as a potential Secretary of State. We’re going to need that to regain our standing in the world. I see Kamala Harris as the perfect AG to prosecute the GOP criminality we know is going on.

The sooner we have a team that engages all sides of our diverse electorate, the sooner we will see those odds in Vegas reflecting the will of the majority of Americans. Remember, 75% of all Americans wanted to see witnesses and documents. We have the electorate. I think we just have to do things a little smarter this cycle.

In the 1940’s, the citizens of the  greatest generation resigned to do their parts to defeat German Nationalism with a spirit of teamwork and without ego.  If we had fought WW2 the way we are running this presidential campaign, we’d all be speaking German here today.

Teamwork now please.

We Are Now at War with the Entire GOP

The GOP is clearly allied with Vladimir Putin

If we think back to the 2016 campaign, there were strange sightings of Russians at the GOP Convention and trails of Russian money mixed with the NRC treasury. Now, in the rear view mirror, it all begins to make sense.

Putin realized that the GOP controlled the gateway to promote a 2016 presidential candidate. So first he had to form an alliance with the GOP and sell them on the idea of running Donald Trump. Reince Prebus didn’t go along with the Russian scheme, so he was the first to go.

McConnell, the most transactional US Senator in history, proved he would do anything to further his party’s interests when he held up Obama’s SCOTUS choice for one year. Mitch knows how essential he is for the GOP’s survival, so he leveraged a lucrative post for his wife Elaine Chao, who has many business ties to China, – Secretary of Transportation. So the McConnells are all in with the sellout.

The metastasis of the GOP sellout has spread to other positions of power within the US government. They are actively ousting anyone not 100% board and replacing them with lockstep loyalists. Comey, Tillerson and Mattis did not pass the loyalty test and were ousted for no good cause other than a president deserves to surround himself with whomever he wants. And yes, that is how the law reads.

Listen to what Putin said at a hockey game he plays in to a CBS reporter. “Trump is acting in accordance with ( the laws of ) his own government”.

Autocrats and criminals often leak out what’s on their minds when they think people are not paying attention. In Putin’s case, his power is so secure he could shoot someone in Red Square and not lose any power. He prefers poison these days. But view this interview, which you can listen to by clicking here, as a leaked statement of Putin’s state of information with respect to Trump’s actions to oust Comey. Putin was either in the loop, or more likely – calling the shots. Putin is a democracy takeover expert. Trump is taking orders, spreading lies – and golfing.

The GOP is and clearly has been aligned with Putin, and together they are trying to take over the United States by using the existing laws on the books. In a country of laws, there is really no other way to do it. That’s why they start with court appointees. That is Putin’s genius. Over time, they hope there will be less laws to fight.

The GOP is operating like a mob crime family, ignoring the will and interests of the American people they swear to serve. They focus on the steps needed to retain power for their uppermost members. They all have foreign entanglements and bank accounts where they can enrich themselves on the quiet.

The GOP is the process of forming a ruling oligarchy here in the USA, that will compare with what Putin has in Russia. That has become their primary goal now because once a faction has committed crimes, they must create and sustain an environment that keeps the crimes hidden forever. Hence the trial with no witnesses was necessary for the GOP. They are complicit with all or trump’s crimes, past and future now.

The vindication of Donald Trump in a Soviet-styled sham trial was an essential step in keeping the GOP’s crimes secret. Donald Trump knows that McConnell and the top GOP members are complicit in the crimes they have jointly committed. Trump has that dirt on the key members, so it was really impossible for the GOP senators to vote for witnesses and documents.

Really, they all need to be impeached. But Barr, Pompeo and McConnell for sure.

As for Trump, I say, IMPEACH HIM AGAIN in the People’s House. Get witnesses, documents and let the 75% of Americans see the truth during the election year. And I don’t care if there is an election coming – because they don’t care. The will call anyone who opposes this tyrant a criminal right up to the election day. And since people – here there and everywhere – are mostly meek and decent – enough of them will buy his lies to make it close and the cheating may get him over the line. But only if Russia is on the front page in October.

Let me end this short warning with math that should be very telling. Trump and his GOP party have just totally ignored the will of 75% of the American people who wanted to at least see the witness and documents in his impeachment trial. They are 75% along the way to a complete totalitarian rule here in the USA. After all, if 100% of Americans wanted to see a real trial and could not make it happen – that would mark the total surrender of democracy, which by definition means the people’s majority should prevail.

There two steps that remain for complete takeover of the US democracy: shutting down information media and rigging the election. PS. This is why Trump fears Bloomberg most. Mike owns a huge media outlet. This is why I am beginning to think Mike Bloomberg is our front man – but he should select and delegate positions to candidates like Bernie, Pete, Klobuchar and even Booker and Harris. If Bloomberg runs an inclusive campaign, that’s all we will really need. We can’t unit the country if we can’t unite our party. Whoever figures this out first, should be our man.

If I were in Schiff’s shoes, I would make a public plea for open-source encrypted voting software with paper trails for this year’s elections. Absent of that – which will never happen – the Dems must keep the investigation ongoing in the House, write new articles of impeachment for Trump and impeach McConnell, Barr and Pompeo – this time with a trial done in the House with witnesses and documents.

The primary meme that drives Putin and Trump is still “greed is good”. Don’t view these “statesmen” as politicians. View them and treat them for what they are – criminals with the titles of statesmen. They will view truth tellers in media and government as rats and leakers. That is the struggle we find ourselves in now –statesmen vs. criminals.

Will we allow criminals to keep the controls of our once democratic government and use our own laws to maintain their power and negate majority rule for all of us? What kind of world will we be living in when majority rule no longer applies in the USA at all? Ask the citizens of Russia and Venezuela how their authoritarian government is working for them.

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