The Dark Hearts of Trump Republicans Will Not Deliver Light

written March 2017 – updated October 25th

Thanks to those who raised their voices, the GOP healthcare bill that clearly showed the GOP does not care about people’s health has failed … for now. They are two-stepping this however. They will try again and have said so. They will bankrupt the poor with a tax plan – and then the poor will be powerless. This is their plan. Consider this: 

Had those who raised their voices against healthcare been silent, the GOP would have cheerfully repealed the safety net that protects the lives of 25 million Americans. It was an easy act for them and that reveals their level of care for actual people. Five our of six Americans did not like their bill, but the GOP vote was lopsided in support for the non-healthcare bill.

How can that happen in a truly representative government?  The answer is – it should not. But the GOP does not care about what their constituents think. 

Voting against one’s constituency should instantly make a representative an invalid agent. But as of now, if a representative votes for their own interests, its quite legal.  We’ve got to fix that … eventually.

Thankfully, what the GOP feared more than not getting their bill passed was not getting re-elected, because they know, once they are out of power, their corrupt money stream ends. 

Today, October 25th, 2017, the GOP voted to make it HARDER for people to sue their banks if they overcharge? Did they ask their constituents about this? Not! The bank lobby is paying them off. We will all be a little poorer by this move.

And this is how they are taking this country to new lows – step by step. They want us to be un-educated rabble here. They want our world to look more like the Hunger Games. It’s all for large business owners – because they offer the bribes. They call it lobbying. 

What does the GOP healthcare bill and this new bank bill say to you about the motives of their party and their leaders?

It’s clear they are not charitable or christian in the classic sense of caring for others. The GOP clearly said they were willing to let American people die so they can get a bill that lets young people be foolish, gets millionaires richer, and lets old poor folks get dead and off their minds. These politicians have greed disease. And they have the foreign bank accounts to deposit their graft money into. They can’t lose unless they are exposed.

Americans wake up! This tax bill is no different than their non-caring healthcare bill. People who prey upon others do NOT suddenly change their inspirations. They just adjust their tactics. 

You can’t expect benevolent light to pour out of a dark heart. It’s not going to happen. The casino owner, Donald Trump,  must have had somewhat of a a dark heart, because his business model only profited when people lost their money and often their status in life and family. Promoting gambling is an ugly businessdarkheart. But that’s how Trump chose to make his fortune. He had the dark heart to do that. Do you? Being a casino-owner is about the same as being a drug dealer. You profit. People lose.

Teachers , nurses, firemen, singers and doctors don’t do that. Many people choose to help others with their careers. Bob Dylan wrote ” We all have to serve someone”. I do that with my business. Most people do. Most people are good that way. But Trump’s heart was so dark, he even stiffed the honest contractors who built his casinos.

Do you still honestly still think Trump cares to make America great? 

Their plan is what it has always been. Make money with very little work. Steal. Don’t pay taxes but make that legal for them. Work against American’s best interests for profits. 

The Trumps occupy the oval office for one reason: to further enrich themselves.

This morning they said the exemption for 401K’s wont be part of the new tax plan. Their tax plan idea is to save a few lower income people some money, but take away their healthcare. They will have to pay much more than what they save for healthcare, just to stay alive. And dead is even better for them. They have robots – what do they need people for?

This is what these GOP people have done all their lives. This is why it was so easy for them to try to throw people off healthcare. They had no desire to fix it. Fixing it means joining the ranks of the modern nations of the world. But then … they can’t get those juicy insurance kickbacks. These government officials serve themselves and no one else. 

In 2018, all Americans must vote out all Trump Republicans. 

I sincerely think there has to be a purge of entrenched, sold out politicians from both parties. But anyone who does not vote the way their constituents want on an issue, has to go first. Once they vote against the will of their own people, they are shirking their duties as a representative. If they voted for that GOP healthcare bill – that should be enough to expose their dark heart. 

Representative means you re-represent the wills of others. It does not mean you present your own ideas – or ideas that serve your own personal goals. 

Trump likes to say the people elected him, so that means they want him to do what he wants to do. That is not the case. Most people who voted for Trump did so because they believed his heart was in the right place. Now, most of them know better. We all have clear evidence that his heart is not in the right place – not in a place of light.

The Revenge of the Average Americans in 2018

“Deplorable” is not my word. – Nor is it a word I would ever use to categorize any group of Americans. That word may have changed the course of history more than any other word ever uttered.  But the folks who voted for Trump are beginning to see he does not care about them and never has.

With the same impetus they had to vote out career politicians in 2016, or drain the swamp. they can and  should be moved to vote out all Trump Republicans in 2018. 

Why would anybody want these people in office? They are screwing our democracy, selling out to Russia, and ruining the real economy which is not the stock market! (That’s just a measure of business-owners’ profits.) The real economy is the way average Americans live. And these days, its paycheck to paycheck – the way it was just before the Great Depression.

And Trump’s dark heart has no desire to fix that.  There is a saying ” you can’t get blood from a stone”. In that metaphor, the blood is life and love. And a person who has closed his heart to others will never give life and love. They have made that decision long ago, seen it work for them, and they are not giving that up.

I prefer to say, “You can’t get light from a dark heart”. 



Why Did Putin Say “Trump is Acting in Accordance with His Own … Laws?

Trump is trying to legally become the first dictator of the USA. And if he gets away with it, the American democracy as we know it may be ruined for the foreseeable future. Then Putin has really won.

putin-hockeyListen to what Putin said at a USSR hockey game to our CBS reporter. He said with an undeniable smirk “Trump is acting in accordance with his own government”.

Why would he say that? Is that what he or anyone would say about Teresa May or Angela Merkel? I don’t think so. People assume that a country’s leaders are not breaking the laws of their own country. So why would he say that?   May 10th, 2017. Putin speaks about the firing of James Comey. 

If you read between the lines, the way you always should with politicians, it seems to be about Comey’s firing but the undercurrent is about some sort of struggle Trump is having with his own government. Putin is saying, in effect, that Trump would prefer not to have an adversarial US government to deal with – (the way Putin has it in Russia as an elected dictator), but he is not breaking any US laws. He is in accordance. So it’s all OK. 

This statement by Putin occupied a space in his brain where Putin must forgive Donald Trump a bit, because Trump cannot yet deliver on whatever promises he had been given for his election help. The subtext is that Donald will need some time to make things “whole”. So this is the pass Putin gives Donald Trump, “He is acting in accordance with his own government.”  

It also tells me that Putin has given Trump some concrete orders and/or there is a large debt to make whole – and now he is just patiently waiting for them to be executed in due time without breaking any US laws. Are they about lifting sanctions? Probably. But there could be much more in that back channel.  

That back channel they wanted to set up was clearly an attempt to create safe space for collusion and yet more plotting against the people of the US for whom Putin and Trump have absolutely no love. And who is the brains behind all this? Trump is really not smart enough to be as sinister as Vladimir Putin. The real boss is indeed Vladimir Putin. But Trump would like to be as smart as Putin. He’s made it abundantly clear how much he really admires that man. 

Witness how Trump’s appointees take liberties with spending exorbitant amounts on plane trips and then use the same line –“I did not break any laws”.  Is that all any of these politicians know? Lawyer up then do what you must to get ahead? That is actually the real Trump modus operandi. Always has been. 

So I see Putin as having communicated this to Donald Trump in some way. 

Donald. Use your own rules, lawyers and state press (Fox). Get the right people around you and elected to key offices. Then what I have here in Russia, – it can happen for you and your family, even in the USA. You’ll never have to hear the press belittle you again. Then you and I will rule the world.”

And Trump took that bait, sold-out greed-monger that he is. 

Don’t let RED happen here. Not here. That’s just too stupid.

Vote out every Trump Republican in 2018 and we won’t have to worry about this any more. Then we can all get back to our lives. 



Make a bumper sticker! Or find your own way to let everyone know how you feel. That’s all its going to take. Our numbers are too strong. Let’s f l e x our numbers. This is easy. We are USA citizens! Let’s keep it that way … please. 

What do we do after we conclude Trump was working with the Russians?

posted January 2017 – updated October 17, 2017

I have been saying Trump has been in bed with Russia for over 30 years. I believe the relationship began in AC and involved the billion dollars he never lost and a desire to not pay taxes on that revenue stream. I believe he laundered that billion overseas and got a taste for international crime in the 1980’s.  We are getting closer to figuring this out every day. Money leaves trails, as long as sincere people are looking.

The big question that now remains is:

Will we stop an illegal president before he goes fascist on us, starts a war, shuts down the media and turns our beautiful democracy into a mess that is not easily fixed?

We see him taking the first steps of a would-be repressive government. Firing scientists. Telling boldface lies to the press. Calling the press “fake news”. Undermining the healthcare of American citizens. Trying to give more tax breaks to the wealthy!  By now, many of his own supporters realize they made a huge mistake. 

Many, if not most Americans now believe Trump was and is compromised. We’re getting closer to hard proof, but Trump’s attempts to shut down the investigations – his by any means possible credo – is the most damning evidence to any rational person. He wont give up either. Trump will offer huge amounts of money to install key people to hush his crimes. He is trying this in his own way every day. Comey said no and was booted. Mueller will not bend. But its still anyone’s guess if the truth will make it to the record. 

So, while we await our system, and without being judge and jury, I have this question for all Americans to ponder and that includes our cabinet members, Trump’s GOP “friends”, CIA and FBI agents, our servicemen who put their lives on the line – and even his bodyguards!

What would you really do, or want done if  you discovered Trump has been compromised by Russia and/or worked with Russia to fix his election? 

Would you still protect him, because he is president?  Would you want him treated like any other traitor?  What should we really want done as the United States?  

I created a metaphor to help you visualize this pending problem that grows larger every day and draw a proper conclusion.


Imagine if an alien species from was able to fix a US presidential election and they got their alien life force “guy” to win. Imagine that alien is now the president, and as president it inherits the presidential powers and protections. Those same protections would be used by the alien to keep us from finding out that the alien actually fixed the election- to keep us in the dark.  They could also keep us from finding out that the alien president has an agenda that does not benefit our citizens – a secret loyalty to his own species! What a tale.

Now imagine that some lowly congressperson figures out that the alien fixed the election.  Does that alien still rightly have his presidential protections or powers? If so, how does this movie end happily? It does not. Our collective answer better be no, the alien president no longer has the presidential protections and powers – or we have already lost our democracy.

My fellow US citizens. It is essential that once we discover we have an alien or criminal president, that he immediately loses the powers and protections of the presidency. The powers and protections of the presidency are only valid if the president himself is valid. Those lost protections must include the pardon power!

To not see that clearly, or to ignore this in a partisan fever, would be to miss the very real launching pad for fascism and to invite the end of our democracy to take root in the USA.

Any civil servant should immediately lose the protections and powers of their office the moment they are found guilty of the crime of trying to fix their election to attain that office.

And this is exactly why Donald Trump always insists that his presidency was won fairly, in spite of the mounting evidence. He knows he has these pardon powers, but someone must have explained to him that once they find that smoking gun the powers and protections of the presidency could go out the window. So Trump has to say Russia is fake news to save his own neck. 

Should Trump, his family, friends or staffers, be found guilty of election crimes, we must be ready to disavow Trump’s presidency, its actions and even many of its appointees. Would we allow that alien to keep his appointees? They could be aliens too, right? That’s how we have to think about this. 

Once proven, Russia-gate won’t be fake news; it will be fake president. 

So let’s figure out what exactly what we should do when the truth about the 2016 election comes out. It should not be long now. I’d like to hear more discussion about what we do after we know for sure that Trump, his family or appointees have been part of a team effort to subvert democracy in the USA.

Do we allow Pence, an appointee of the alien president to become the new president? – Or are all cabinet members guilty by association to the alien president? 

How we should handle this is a very important discussion because it impacts our approach to zeroing in on the truth. If we allow his regime to stand, have we eliminated the problem? I don’t think so. But that’s just me. What do you think?

DJ Trump seems to alienate everyone. That should not seem strange any longer. He was an alien in college; he did not connect well with others and lived in his own aristocratic bubble. In business he was heartless, ruthless and a scoundrel. And now as president his disconnect is truly dysfunctional. So if he alienates people,  well that’s what aliens actually do. They alienate.   Joseph Aronesty

Will Mueller Save Us In Time or Will We Get What We Deserve For Being Stupid?

When Donald Trump rolled into Iowa primary,  he opened with “how stupid are the people of Iowa”. And then they voted him in. Americans are now getting what they deserve for being stupid, just like Trump called them. But their only stupidity was voting for a candidate who would say such callous things.

And of course, Donald Trump has actually convinced himself that people, in general, are indeed stupid.  They were stupid for losing their life savings at his casinos. They were dumb to expect to be paid for building his projects. They were stupid for expecting real help at his so-called university. Now, they are stupid for believing the lies he continues to peddle. Donald Trump also thinks people are stupid if they are not rich like him. He really needs to find out how wrong he is about that. 

Trump has never been a student of world history, so he cannot possibly be or become a master of political science. But if Donald Trump is not brilliant, who is the mastermind behind his win, if we can honestly call it that? Some say it was Bannon. But I think the creative force behind his election, and the Korean drama has always been Putin.

putin-mueller2Vladimir is a brilliant strategist. Like a world-class chess-master, he strives to remain several moves ahead of his adversaries. When Trump’s Access Hollywood was aired, Putin’s Russians were ready, almost on-demand, with counter-intelligence and fake news. It’s really hard to read between the lines in a second language.  It’s obvious Putin had people on this inside here in the USA. He would have needed suborn-able inside people – and folks who speak English as natives. He needed sold out native Americans. The sold out gang pretty much hangs in Washington D.C. these days, right?  So Putin found Bannon who got him Trump. It’s that simple. 

Because Putin has long had Trump’s dossiers on financial crimes and a lot more, Trump’s team members are now mostly all directly or indirectly suborned to Putin. Putin has the dirt and Wikileaks cuts both ways. Trump, knowing he has so much to hide, can only enroll team members who also have stuff to hide themselves or are unconditionally loyal family members. Hence the palace intrigue. These are the only people he can really trust. It’s also why his staff numbers are so low. That should also make total sense to everyone who is not stupid by now. His organizational incompetence is both grounded and hardened by a life of crime and a fear of being exposed. Even if he wanted to turn over a new leaf ( which we have many reasons to doubt) , he really can’t. 


So now, Trump is scheduled to host the world’s leaders at the UN in two weeks, on September 18th.  I expect him to try and gather support to actually strike North Korea. If he can get this done, I think he feels he might not be impeached so easily. It’s really hard to impeach a president, but its even harder during a war. He knows or believes this.

But I think maybe its not so impossible this time. This is not about a Monica Lewinsky. This is about espionage and treason. And I do think when that is finally known, the way we feel it in our bones, the old rules won’t apply to Donald Trump for one more time. And this time it won’t end well for Trump. He may even feel relief. Enough, right?

For now, it feels like a Korean War is an intended move in this chess match. I expect Trump will ultimately try to partner with Russia to end the Korean threat, a threat that Putin helped create.  Kim Jong-Il is either a willing player or a puppet in this game. It’s not his game however. He’s not a smart cookie. He’s a spoiled child – and in many ways like Trump in that way. With a joint effort with Russia to check North Korea, Trump can say what a nice a guy Putin can be.

Only this way, can Trump say he was right about Putin all along and get Russian sanctions lifted which is why Putin wanted Trump to begin with. A chess match indeed. If Mueller loses this match or if it is terminated without a conclusion, it will basically end the United States of America as we know it. Trump does not care, I assure you. Americans are stupid to him. He could take his jet to Moscow tomorrow and live out his years there. He would be perfectly happy to do it. Just fine. 

Put nothing beyond this president. Remember Trump’s words,“it all does not matter if you don’t win” and, “they only know what you tell them”. Those are his guiding mantras.

However, Trump is not the brilliant master. Actually, Trump is not even as smart as his Iowan supporters. Why? Because Trump had an awful lot to lose by entering politics. Now, many who did not care about his money laundering and Russian mafia connections, want to see him and his family face justice for those crimes. Trump knew he had been successfully hiding a life of high crimes and misdemeanors, and now Trump’s crimes actually need to be revealed for our national security. Does that seem smart to you? Not!

Meyer Lansky was a Jewish mafia player in the 1930’s. He kept a low profile. Smart guy. Lansky was never found guilty of anything more serious than illegal gambling.

We just can’t have a suborned executive branch here in the USA. If Trump was as smart as he is greedy, he would have figured this out and stayed low profile and out of politics. Now, the generals are in charge. And our generals don’t want the USA to become a Russian satellite. Trump did not care if he committed treason to get elected, but the generals have their own reasons not to go down that path. They won’t. I don’t worry about that. Maybe we should? Greed is everywhere. If our generals are suborn-able, we are done. 

But Robert Mueller. I hope you bring this all to a close before 9/18. The world order may change on that day. Trump is trying to avoid detection as a treasonous criminal. He will stop at nothing. And he has Putin as a working partner with him. You really need to press charges before that 9/18. That’s two weeks.

Resisters and disgruntled Republicans. If you are reading this and are sympathetic to the cause of American democracy, please Facebook post this now. Share it with your friends. Twitter. Instagram. Send to representatives on both sides. Get it to Mueller. 

When it comes to Russia taking over the USA, there is not much two sides here in the USA on this, is there? Almost none of us want this. Right? 

This entire Korea thing may very well be a ruse. (Pardon the pun) I see reports that Russia and China both have given North Korea the assets it needs to build these bombs. They are players in this. Wake up people! Someone is pulling these strings.

Whatever ensues in Korea, you can be sure it was preconceived, then created and produced by Vladimir Putin. He alone envisions the final act. He alone is working to that end. And it does not end well for the USA in his mind. In this game of Spy vs. Spy, we are way behind this trained and experienced master. 

Please Robert Mueller, get us an indictment before 9/18. 



Don’t Let RED Happen Here – Bumper Sticker

Download. Replicate.  Share it on social media. –

Trump is in bed with Putin. Putin has his dirt for 30 years, and soon – Putin will be the leaker when Trump can’t deliver lifting sanctions. Stay Vocal. This is NOT over. They will try anything to get what they want. War is totally doable for them. 


And I worry less about North Korea’s missiles than Putin cyber attacks. Korea would be wiped out in an hour. They won’t do it. 


Is Trump a Traitor? The Espionage Act of 1918


This is a link to the Espionage Act of 1918. Notice how the word “spy” is hidden inside “espionage”.

I wrote the original version of this on January 3rd, before Trump took office. Nothing has changed except that we have more evidence now of Russian meddling. 

On July 27th, 2016, in Doral, Florida, when Donald Trump said “Russia, if you are listening, I hope you are able to find the 30,000 emails … you will be mightily rewarded by our press”, he was actually in violation of the Espionage and Sedition Acts of 1918. 

Though much of the Espionage Act seems to refer to communication technology we rarely use any more – the heart and soul of the act is on target and applicable even in these modern times – and rightly so. I am highlighting the phrases that seem damning to Donald Trump.

Section 2

Whoever, with intent or reason to believe that it is to be used to the injury or the United States (to affect the 2016 election) or to the advantage of a foreign nation (Russia/Putin),communicated, delivers, or transmits, or attempts to, or aids, or induces another to, communicate, deliver or transmit, to any foreign government, or to any faction or party or military or naval force within a foreign country, whether recognized or unrecognized by the United States, or to any representative (Flynn, Kushner, others) , officer, agent, employee, subject, or citizen thereof, either directly or indirectly and document, writing, code book, signal book, sketch, photograph, photographic negative, blue print, plan, map, model, note, instrument, appliance, or information relating to the national defense, shall be punished by imprisonment for not more than twenty years. ……………….

Since Donald Trump invited Russia to hack on national TV, I believe he was guilty of espionage before he even took office. I now believe we should act immediately via the Espionage Act of 1918 and indict him for espionage.

I argue that inviting a foreign body to affect the election via hacking does indeed do harm to the USA. The USA is more than just our communal land, people and resources. The USA is also our way of governance. And the bedrock of our government is our free, fair, unhampered, unhacked elections. Further, an invitation to hack, is tantamount to an invitation to open the back door to a home. Sure, one might enroll a thief “only take stuff that belongs to my opponent”, but in fact, that is not how a hack or a robbery works. Once the door is open, anything can be robbed. And the person who invites that robbery is part of the robbery and is indictable. The invitation to hack itself was a treasonous criminal act.

And for those who say the votes themselves were not affected, including most news reporters, please consider the actual truth, the way the Espionage Act specifies, before you make that blanket statement and kosher this vile act.  People’s opinions on candidates were indeed affected by the fake news blitz of the Russians. It was like a mass hypnosis campaign. It was not 100% effective, but it was somewhat effective and effective enough to tip the scales, which is all they needed.  So yes, votes were affected. Maybe the machines were not hacked. We are not even sure of that. But the total vote count was affected 100%. That is undeniable.

And that is treason under the espionage act. It is OK to try to affect voter’s minds if you use American sources. It is 100% not OK to employ foreign sources. And there are obviously good reasons for the Espionage Act to exist and be enforced.

An invitation to hack any political election is a criminal seditious act that does harm to the USA.

Now that Trump is in office, he continues to obstruct the investigation into election meddling. I know this is hard for GOP members to swallow. But their figurehead – is effectively a Russian operative.

His track record is damning as well:

1960’s – Trump pays his way through college, and avoids military service with fake foot injury.

1970’s – Trump profits in NY Real estate by moving low income people out of his projects so he could raise prices.

1980’s – Trump opens casinos in Atlantic City, but does not declare profits. Instead he moles cash to Russian banks – declares a billion-dollar loss – and does not have to pay taxes for the entire 1990’s. All AC casinos made substantial profits in the 1980’s except his. Trump says he is smart to not pay taxes. 

1990’s, 2000’s – Trump opens fake university. This was tantamount to thievery. He took from people and gave little back. The same casino-owner mentality of taking from your marks – applies to this fake university project. He thinks of people as objects that can be exploited. He thought of women the same way. That was the source of the “grab them by the pussy” remark. Objectifying people is the fingerprint of a sociopath.

2016: Trump says: It all doesn’t matter of we don’t win. And: They only know what you tell them.  These two unscripted out bursts tell us that he was prepared to do anything to win. That he thought of the election like a game and he was prepared to cheat to win. It also shows he knows that the media needs to be controlled to fool people. 

Our FBI and CIA agree that the Russians meddled in our election to help Trump. It’s also clear the Russians did not like Hillary or Obama because they were strong leaders who took hard lines against Russia and Putin. Putin likes Trump because he has him essentially blackmailed for what he did to help him win, and for past crimes going back to the 1980’s. Why do you really think Trump won’t show his taxes?

It’s time to put down the pretenses. Russian spies are now coming into the country in larger numbers. There is no attempt to stop the Russians. Trump and all who worked with him, including Pence, Tillerson, Sessions and many others – deserve to be in jail not office.

The 2016 election was clearly influenced by the Russians. Now they are sending in more bodies and hackers to affect the 2018 election, so they keep this new fascist America the way Putin wants it.   It’s now clear that Trump intends not only to do nothing about the Russian election meddling, but he also intends to thwart all efforts to get to the bottom of this. A reasonable person can only assume Trump is doing this because he and/or his staff were actually involved in the Russian meddling that ultimately helped his cause. Why this is not treason, is beyond me. It may also be that Trump is essentially blackmailed for his past dealings with Russia, be that hacking coordination or general business crimes such as money laundering to avoid paying taxes – something Trump has already bragged about. 

Trump would not even pass the basic new citizen’s oath test. “I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty, …  that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic;

There is a huge difference between Republican voters and the actual GOP. I think and hope the voters are beginning to catch on.

It’s time to Vote Them All Out.

Vote out all Republican politicians who stand with Trump and don’t fully support a swift investigation of the Russian election meddling. These so-called representatives only have their own interests at heart. They are essentially traitors in office. Benedict Arnold was court-marshalled for selling secrets to the English. What Trump did to win an election is much worse. He enrolled Russians to fix an election.

I don’t get why we don’t put him in jail – or have him not be president – until the truth is found out. And why we still allow him to not show his taxes – is just ridiculous.

Anyway, the last hope for American democracy for the foreseeable future occurs in about one year – the election of 2018.





GOP Attempts to Repeal the ACA. Is Representative Government Dead?

When our government was formed in 1776, words had specific meanings. REPRESENTATIVE.

What that word says is that someone first presents an idea or bill, and then a representative re-presents that idea or bill to congress. The original idea or bill is not ideally the representatives to create. It should be created by the constituency. – That’s us!

representBut what actually happens is that when people get elected to the congress they are immediately greeted with an entrenched system of dollar paybacks from big business for getting the goals of big business done, not the goals of the constituents. And their personal greed sets in usually. 

We now see the GOP advancing the idea of repealing the ACA so they can get their kickbacks from the Koch Brothers and their billionaire friends.  They have even put tax breaks for billionaires into their health care bill! On the day after the election, Trump was caught in a NYC restaurant on a cell phone video and said to his billionaire friends, “don’t worry, your taxes are coming down.” He did not know he was being taped. He was being honest. And now we see the fruit of that sentiment.

The current GOP bill has an 18% approval rate with all Americans. How on earth can that be representing Americans? It does not! It should be illegal for a representative to support or advocate for a bill that their constituency does not approve. So they are NOT representatives at all, are they? They are just old out individuals trying to fatten their own wallets. And we can see this. That’s why politicians are as a group, so distrusted.

And unfortunately, the current US president is the biggest sold-out businessman of all. This fish rots from the head. He sold his very soul for dollars long ago, in the casino business. And then he sold out his own country by avoiding taxes and working with Russian money-launderers and bankers. 

And so, we are basically stuck with 4 more years of nothing meaningful getting done again – as our interests get placed on the back burner.  Endless bickering ensues because this is what big business wants anyway.

A divided country allows big business to continue doing its thing, taking from the poor, giving to the rich. So un-Christian. So greedy. Why can’t we see this? Business knows what will happen if we get organized as a people. Incomes will start spreading out more evenly. Good for average people but bad for greedy billionaires. So, they pit us against each other. DEMS vs. GOP. FOX vs. MSNBC , etc. They break up our unions for the same reasons.

This is the real war folks! It’s an internal war.  It’s “we the people” versus greedy billionaires and the people we vote into our government who do their bidding.

I personally don’t think we need a wall. I don’t think we need to beef up our military – already the most expensive on the planet. But I am willing to listen and learn from my neighbors. We need a place to have civil discussions on issues, get informed and then decide what we want via a vote on the issues, not on the people to represent us. Because they don’t represent us. 

What someone needs to do is create an online political discussion site.  Post the ideas that need reforming.

#1 Health Care. #2 Border Security. Tax Reform. #3 Voting Reform. #4 Budget Allocation. #5 Environmental Issues. #6 State vs. National jurisdiction – who has the last say on what?   #7 Foreign Policy.   #8 Russian Investigation Two more. Ten at a time is plenty.

There, we have blogs for civil discussions. – No profanity! We can have professionals weigh in to educate us. What makes a congressman an expert on healthcare? Nothing does! We need doctors, patients and insurance people to weigh in.

Then, we set a week when we vote on the ideas, not on the people. I guess we vote online. 90% of people can get to a computer. The other 10% will have to try another way. But some ID to make it one vote per person. And you can change your vote up to a date certain.  We post the votes as they come in.

Once we have our minds made up on the issues, we instruct the representative, sworn under oath, to do exactly what we have decided is best for us. If they don’t, they are breaking their oath and are immediately fired. 

This is the ONLY representative governmental system that will work in these trying times. All else is doomed to fail owing to the essential greed of human nature. Politicians are human beings and politicians must be reined in to curtail their essential greed. It is our fault, not theirs – if we don’t set this up, or some system of accountability in place. 

This idea, if implemented decently, cannot fail. And it can’t possibly be worse than what we have now, which is – “say what you need to get elected, then once elected, do what you want for yourself and friends”.

We have the technology to do this right now. What are we waiting for? 2018 is coming soon. Will someone with programming skills please set this up ASAP? It feels like a one day job by one smart guy. This would change everything. MOCKDEMOCRACY.US is available. even better.

And yes, if GOP or DEM representatives won’t vote for our interests: