The Trump Reality TV Show Presidency is Ending

But How Does the Trump Era Not End like a Tarantino Movie?

Trump is a gangster extraordinaire and America knows that now. That makes him too dangerous to be trusted with running our nation’s affairs, domestic or foreign. We gave him a fair shot. We see him as incompetent, divisive, dishonest and incapable of being a president for all Americans. The Trump Era is coming to an end.

The problem now is, how does this reality TV show presidency end? And to me it looks more and more like it ends like a violent Tarantino movie.

Trump has no quit in him. He has too much to lose now if he wanted to quit. He has said, “What does it all matter if I don’t win?”. In his dealings as a NYC real estate man, there was a lower level of scrutiny. He should have known getting into government would expose his past crimes. But the greed bug hit him just like it hit the gamblers who frequented his casinos. He used the greed trap to make a fortune and then fell in the same trap he had been setting all his life.

Dear US citizens “on both sides”,

  1. Trump has been caught trying to shake down the president of Ukraine, who is battling Vladimir Putin in a hot war, by threatening to withhold 400 million in military aid dollars which the US Congress had approved, unless he provided dirt on Trump’s main rival in the next election, Joe Biden.
  2. Trump’s reaction to getting caught was to threaten the lives of Americans who are conducting the Constitutionally approved oversight into his conduct in the Ukrainian affair.
  3. Trump has told us who he is. We may not have known when he was a candidate, but both sides know who he is now. Both sides see he should’t be trusted with the serious responsibilities of the POTUS job any longer. Every day poses a risk for all of us. He is capable of anything and has said so.
  4. Trump’s finances and his Russian ties both involve laundered money . It’s clear someone who engages in money laundering must keep that truth from ever coming out. We need to see Trump’s taxes asap.
  5. Trump’s feigned loyalty to the American citizenry was never sincere, but the crime in Ukraine made that clear to both sides. The polls are closing in on Donald Trump. And he knows better than most, it’s all about ratings.
  6. If left in power, Trump must and will continue to engage in more crimes, like what happened in the Ukraine, to cover up his past crimes and stay in power. He must hope the truth never catches up with him. 
  7. Trump has a lot to lose and clearly is not thinking in a stable enough manner to steer the US Government in a safe secure manner.
  8. Trump should step aside while the investigation is ongoing or step down and make a deal – or just cooperate – which he will never do. He’d rather plead the fifth. If he won’t step down, the clauses that seem to protect him should be waived for national security reasons and his pardon and war powers should be revoked.

Behind all this crime and pretending-to-govern presidency there is one main back story. It has nothing to do with serving or protecting the commonwealth. This map shows us: 50% of planet Earth is ruled by dictators. The USA is a tie-breaker. Read on: Trump is a Corrupt Ruler Involved in International Money-Laundering

Trump Knew He Was Caught. Fired Dan Coates Three Days After the Call

The timing of three events this summer makes it clear Donald Trump knew he had been caught doing something very wrong.

Mueller testified July 24. It went over largely like a lead balloon. Feeling emboldened, Trump called the Ukrainian President on July 25th – they very next day – to ask him to collect dirt on the Bidens. He’s not wasting any time. He essentially reenacted the same crime he committed in 2016, enrolling foreign help to fix a national election, but this time he got caught red-handed. This was like OJ going back to reclaim his memorabilia after he got away with murder.

Three days later on July 28th, Dan Coates was fired. That is not a coincidence. Coates was the head of US Intelligence and not a Trump stooge. He should have known about the call made the the Ukraine. If he brought this to Trump and Trump asked him to keep it quiet – that would have resulted in his firing. And Trump likely was informed that the head of DNI needed to be someone he could get an allegiance pledge from. Joe McGuire may be a Trump stooge who has been bribed with funds placed in a foreign bank account – and he will not willingly let this dirt get out. He looks clean, but his actions are suspect.


Listen to what Putin said to a CBS reporter at a hockey game he plays in. Putin said with an undeniable smirk “Trump is acting in accordance with ( the laws of ) his own government”. And by acting, he meant taking action. “Trump is taking action in accordance with the laws of his own government”.

That is the only way to take over a country that is ruled by laws. You can use the loopholes and oversights in the current laws along with the many powers of the presidency to take over a country. Putin is Trump’s mentor, benefactor and his boss in international matters. This is also why we did not get the Helsinki meeting notes. Putin back-channels his autocrat lessons.

We have ourselves to blame for all this. When Trump fires a patriot to hire stooges – all I hear is the malarkey that “Trump deserves the cabinet he can work with”. Maybe an honest president does. But at some point we have to realize – like Putin says – we are letting a crook use our laws to drown this great country. Trumpism is like an auto-immune disease. We don’t recognize the threats because they masquerade as legal. 

We gave him Barr without reserve. We’ve let Trump put whomever he wants into key positions. And of course that is all working to Trump’s benefit. Where is Trump getting this strategy? It all points to Vladimir Putin, the man who successfully turned a free Russia into his own privately owned kingdom in a very short time. Trump can’t plan ahead. He is too busy watching TV and golfing to be brilliant at anything – except crime. Enough!

Why The Time To Impeach is Now

Impeachment is a strange fruit. The process was made intentionally long and difficult. Both houses must be on board but more importantly both sides of the America electorate must be on board.

We’ve all seen the pressure come and go with Donald Trump with all his many scandals. From “Russia, if you’re listening” to Access Hollywood to Helsinki, from Charlottesville to sh*thole countries and much more.

But the scandals that stick on both sides are the ones the seem to put our country in jeopardy. Both sides did not like Helsinki because we all sensed Trump could be compromised to Russia when he said “Putin was very powerful”. Both sides know that Russia does not have American interests at heart. This gaff still sticks in our throats because it affects our sense of national security.

And now it appears that one day after Mueller* did his feeble national appearance, Trump took a victory lap and felt secure enough to start enrolling foreign powers to affect our national elections again. He felt he had totally gotten away with whatever he did in 2016 and he was on to doing the same thing 2020.

I put the asterisk next to Mueller’s name because he testifies Monday and maybe he knows that the reason Trump tried to bribe Ukraine was because he failed to reach the American public with his performance. He’s got another chance now – and Mueller now sees how his lukewarm performance emboldened Trump to do more of the same exact crimes he was investigating. I’m not holding my breath for Mueller, but he was once a warrior – and maybe that instinct will resurface.

#WhistleBlowerGate is a clear abuse of power by Donald Trump. But it’s also an abuse that compromises our national security by bugging our free election process. Both sides see that clearly now. And that is super important because public support on both sides is needed to ride the impeachment wave to the safety of the shore.

The time to impeach is now while both sides are united and feeling betrayed. And I mean this week. Timing is everything. Stalling will be Trump’s plan with this Ukraine thing. If we also stall it will just fizzle the necessary public support to conduct impeachment. This window will not stay open long. We should have learned that by now.

There is also this. MAGA folk do not respect sissies. And maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe it’s good that a portion of our electorate respects the traditional icon of a warrior leader. Maybe it’s built in to them for a reason. Maybe to protect us. So it has occurred to me that at least some MAGA folk are looking for a reason to dump Trump and just has not seen it yet from the left side. Show them strength and this movement can gather steam. Show them weakness and deliberation – and it will fizzle out. Biden seemed to know that today. Good work Joe.

I think we all are longing for that great American feeling of national unity and pride again. If we impeach now it might be closer than we think.

The Etymology of Elizabeth Warren

One of my favorite things to do is to explain to people what their names meant on the day it was first created and used. So this is for Elizabeth Warren and all the Elizabeths out there. Such a beautiful name.

Break Elizabeth down into 3 parts: E + LIS(A)+ BETH

As in e pluribus unum – the e means “out of” and often acts as a prefix in a word. The e-vening comes (vene) the the E-ast (stars. <ast-rology>) – as stars appear in the East first at night.

LIZ is LIGHT! The tongue moves UP when saying LI. That upwards motion was made with our arms before we became speakers. Talk replaces body sign as the main mode of communication about 100,000 years ago – in Africa – when we were hunter/gatherers.

So we have E-LIZ as from light. But there’s a tad more here. LI also heads up words like LI-BRARY or LITE-RATURE. What’s going on with that? It seems there was an ancient association between LIGHT and WORDS. You’ve heard the biblical saying “spread the light” – and we all know that means spread the word. Further, the Hebrew wORd for light is OR and there is a Nordic?English word AURA which is basically the same sound. Then there is ORAL – also about wORds. OR was created because people were trying to mimic ROUND (O) energy (r). So you can see these wORds all tie together conceptually.

That leaves us with BETH which is the Hebrew word for HOUSE. – We see that in BETH-LEHEM ( House of Bread ) and Beth Israel ( House of Israel ).

Related image

ELIZABETH means: from the house of light, from the lighthouse or from the house of words (or library). Very studious name. Very apropos.

Now Warren is a completely different word. We see WAR as its main part. The REN suffix is an old construct for denoting plurality. Living examples are CHILDREN and BRETHREN. The R is similar to the S in that they both can be held out for long times. It’ s why they are next to each other in the alphabet. People used to know this stuff. I’m just spreading the light of the ancients here.

Elizabeth Warren – a fighter or many wars who fights with words and light! Wow. Maybe she grew into that name!

Joseph Aronesty is a linguist, author, songwriter and E-commerce pioneer. Joseph went to U of Penn and shared a class with Donald Trump in their Wharton School in 1967. ( International Finance) He has been a fierce resister from the first announcement of Trump’s candidacy. @EnglishCodeWord

How to Catch Trump with His Hands in the Cyber War Cookie Jar

We may need to catch Trump in a fresh crime. The good news is, we can be sure he is doing them and will be involved in more grandiose crimes as we approach 2020.


I just heard on NPR, Zuckerburg just signed an agreement in Paris that Facebook will begin to work with police at the first hint of terrorist activity or even hate words. Previously it was deemed free speech. They only looked when people pointed things out.

The entire free world signed on with Facebook, Amazon and Google. Guess who did not? Donald Trump! He gave some lame excuse. But there is only one possible reason Trump does not to want our police notified by when terrorist activity is first detected.

This is a link to the article.


It can only be that Trump knows his “team” has worked and/or is actively working on creating online terror and hate campaigns. He knows if we facilitate the Facebook/police connection, evidence of past or  present online crimes pointing directly to him and his Russian pals – might surface.

Something that could prevent a terrorist act here and Trump won’t even sign on? It’s a dereliction of duty for sure. But let that go for a sec. We’ve got plenty of that with Trump. It’s reasonable to assume Trump is not interested in any patrolling of the internet because he and his pals have been and are planning to be involved in nefarious online activity. And he’s sort of in charge of investigations here. Trump’s like the chief of police in LA Confidential. Hard to catch. But not impossible. There are a few paths.

Plan of Action:

First I considered hiring my own internet detectives and doing it without government.  Think LA Confidential. But then I thought Zuckerberg is cooperating with European leaders they hate Trump as much as we do! So why do it from here, where our efforts can be detected?

Why don’t we or hire the European police to investigate cyber crimes there, that just might trace back to Trump and the Russians here, under the guise that they are searching for leads to protect there own countries? After all, it’s one world and for terrorists nowhere is out of bounds. A crime can be planned there and end up impacting here. Their detectives will have ample reason to be tuned into terror chatter no matter where they see it. And they may even want to help.

It’s clear Trump would not sign on to the Christchurch accord because he knows where he’s headed online in 2019/2020 – cyber war and election hacking. Trump wants nothing to do with stopping terrorism and online hate. It’s how he won – and it’s the only way he can win again. And he knows that. So that’s how we catch him – in a fresh crime.

No one is talking about Christchurch here. Its not a big headline. It should be. But its better off quiet if there is potential herein. And there may be. It’s about time our side does something truly surprising. I’m going to be asking New Zealand police to help us. And by us – I mean the real America – not this phony coupe d’etat we have in the White House. I have a connection there. I’d rather someone in the resistance tells me “we got this” so I can back off .  But this plan has got to going into action one way or another. Does the resistance even have a war room? Because Trump certainly does. That’s what his cabinet, DA and justices do for him. We need a war room – so lets rally behind one leader soon. That’s for another post.

Let me know if you think this makes sense. From a historical perspective we bailed France out in WW2 and i think they’d be happy to pay us back for that. But New Zealand is easier for a small fry like me.

The big idea is to have a private group here quietly reach out to Macron in France or Ardern in NZ and ask them to look for cyber crap here as it could impact them. A small donor group could pay for it. I think Macron or Merkel would do it. I’d be willing to invest in this. Reiner might too. etc.

And remember why we are doing this: to catch Trump and the Russians engaged in cyber crimes because we know they are doing them out of necessity. It is the only way they can win. And Trump always plays to win. Putin too btw.

We need to do our own private online hate crime investigation to catch Trump in fresh crimes – and this Christchurch affair has provided the perfect cover. And what a reveal if he his found coordinating bad things online.  He’d be done. It’s election insurance too. It’s a genuine war room plan.

Trump may have the Justice Department under his thumb – but he does not have any control over France’s or New Zealand’s  justice department! Enrolling outside help seems wise too –  evidence can be gathered quietly.

This may not be a perfect plan, and I’m sure it needs tuning. But there’s something to this idea.

I hope to hear something back. I keep thinking and trying.

I feel like we are at war and the enemies are within.

Joseph Aronesty in LA

818 423 1533

Protect Julian Assange from Donald Trump

communication sent to Therea May, London police, mayor of London

This communication is sent from Joseph Aronesty in Los Angeles CA USA. It is an urgent plea to the UK: help the USA save itself from a would-be dictator, the way we helped England in WW2.

Trump has no choice but to try and stay POTUS for life, as he has said, because he knows that, once he is out of power, the many crimes of his lifetime are going to be exposed and prosecuted. Staying in power is now the ONLY thing Trump’s presidency is about. If Trump knew for sure there would be no prosecution of him and his organization, he would be able to step down. But he can’t know that. And he has no quit button.

So this does not end well for the USA or the world. Trump is willing to do ANYTHING to stay in power. Wars and fake crisis are on the table. And he has made it a point to suborn adequate support among Congress members, cabinet appointees and judges to stay in power – for now at least.

Julian Assange knows plenty about Trump’s dealing with Russia.. And if the USA gets Assange while Trump is still POTUS one of two things will happen.

  1. A Jack Ruby will happen and he will be disappeared.
  2. He’ll be locked away like Reality Winner. 

One thing for sure. Trump can never afford to have Assange testify against him – even after he is out of POTUS. 

So that’s where England and whoever is in charge of Assange comes in. You don’t need the USA to go authoritarian either. 

GET EVERYTHING YOU CAN OUT OF ASSANGE ASAP! I am talking about the Russian election help of course. I know you have other issues. But get these details first or as soon as you can. Consider offering some leniency for real truth if need be.

Save what you get from Assange in several secure places. Do NOT share with TRUMP or the GOP. They are now very similar to the Nazi party of the 40’s. Not to be trusted. Hopefully they won’t be in power after 2020.  So if you can keep him there until then, it may be smart.

Get what you find out re: Trump/Russia?Wikileaks to Adam Schiff or Nancy Pelosi ASAP.  They actually care about the world.

Or just leak it all out to the world. If you ask me – that would play best. Sunlight is the best disinfectant. But alas, I am just a citizen looking to help the world for my grandkids.

This is where I write.

That post on dictators vs democracies describes the real struggle on planet earth. It is the basis for hate, hunger, wars, terrorism, denial of science – all the bad things.

Exposing Trump and Putin is just as important today as it was to rid ourselves of Hitler and Stalin.

Thank You.                              

Email to Lucy Flores and Joe Biden

Copy of email sent to Lucy Flores. Joe Biden copied in.


You want an answer directly from Joe Biden and I think that is proper. But for now, I hope you will accept the thoughts of this Joe, one who is now about the same age as Biden was when he kissed your head.  Joseph Aronesty is my full name.   Now 71. I went to school with Donald Trump and, like you,  I am a staunch advocate against him as POTUS.  And I want you to look in on what I do to fight him every say. ( blog link below) 

I hope you know Joe Biden was kissing you without a sexual thought. As we get older – those thoughts don’t completely go away, but without the biological imperative, they are rare – and the setting has to be really right for that to be considered. So you have rightly said there was no sexual harassment. 

Your generation comes from such a different space than we did. But this is how it always is. We were different than our parents on many fronts as well. And like all matured generations, we usually think the new crop is missing out on a lot. My sense is that Joe was letting off a proud of you kiss – a small gift of emotion.  If you had known that, I guess you, being a decent person, would have handled this differently. So I think you missed the emotion attached to the kiss. 

It was a gift that you were obviously not prepared to appreciate. That’s how people his age will generally view this. Your rant – and regardless of its civil tone – it is a media rant now – is about your generation not being very experienced at accepting personal affection from others. It’s not “your fault”. My sense is that this is an unintended result of over dependence on the sterile world of social media. Each generation has its issues. 

And frankly, it’s part of the reason we got Donald Trump. Your rant would NEVER take root in Japan or even Europe. That’s because young people there are generally more respectful of what has come before. It’s why Marie Le Pen LOST in France- but Trump won here. Le Pen is far-right candidate who ran vs. Macron. The Russians hacked their elections too – but it did not work there. Macron won. Why was that? It’s important as all heck to learn from that.  

We now see a disturbing increased suicide rate in young people. And psychologists point to the lack of experience in exhibiting or accepting affection in the Facebook generation.  

I compare your experience ( I have 5 kids so its easy ) to the experience I had growing up. I try to break things down to simplicity, as I don’t think humans are complicated mysterious creatures. This is how I see it. 

  1. When people put their lives online, it diminishes PRIVACY.
  2. Without privacy their is no mystery. 
  3. Without mystery there is no romance. 
  4. Without romance … there is no real life. 

That’s a bit extreme I am sure. But the stats on suicide with your generation are bearing this out. Putting your lives – and now your collective brains ( Google can answer anything, why ask a person? ) had unintended consequences that Zuckerberg never thought of – or cared about. Nor does Facebook care much now. 

But social media tends to make people think in blocks without individualism. We react collectively today, like schools of fish.  We can be easily driven into the nets when impulsive reaction replaces independent thought. So your generation’s issue social media phenom has made your generation easier to influence by outside forces. If you guys don’t have enough inside force to fight it – you become easy prey to influence.

Listen. I don’t see a fire to run inside Joe Biden yet. And any candidate is going to need that fire. Still the effect of what you have done with this rant is giving Donald Trump a better chance of staying president, which I know you don’t want. So this is something you should fix ASAP. 

My generation was far from perfect. Nor is any perfect. But during WW2, my father’s generation fought and died to preserve democracy. Do you think we would have beat Hitler of we were divided the way we are today? No way!

Divisiveness was not tolerated by the WW2 generation. it was unpatriotic then and it should be now because in many ways we are back to the same place. We are fighting dictators – here and abroad. We desperately need the unified spirit of the WW2 generation back – right now! Democracy is being given away without a bullet or struggle. What a stupid waste! 

It’s not just left vs. right – it’s now women vs. men and young vs. old too. 


And you can start that healing now. You have a rare big mic moment. Don’t drop the mic . But don’t waste its power either. Use it for something good. And this goes for Joe too. 

Joe was just appreciating your spirit.  Let’s celebrate that. You guys need to talk – and then come to an agreement and stage a hug ( not a kiss ) and make-up moment. it will do a  lot for all of us – because the generations need each other. And you can show that you know that – and Joe can too. 

I figure Joe Biden is smart enough to do that if asked. So its up to you. You can reach him on this. This has nothing to do with you liking Beto or Bernie more. I still like Bernie’s fire best. And I would not bet much Biden will even run. But the generational issue will affect our solidarity regardless of who runs against Trump. And we need solidarity.  

I am fully aware that we need to be UNIFIED to win. The GOP, if nothing else, is unified. 

TEAMWORK was the watch-word of the WW2 generation. The GOP is counting on us being divided. Why help them? 

Look at  the word TEAM – and you see it hides TE AMO.     I like etymology. My book, Deciphering the English Code teaches how we can learn history and the ways our forefathers thought by analyzing today’s words.

I will be posting this email to my blog – which I want you BOTH to become familiar with.

You want to help our country save democracy? I suggest you get together with Joe, talk it out – and hug and make up – in public. Help solve this lack of affection/appreciation issue for your generation – and you may save us all. 

Also, get your life off Facebook – if you do that. 

This email is sent with love. I am copying Joe Biden as best I can as well. 


Joseph Aronesty

e-commerce pioneer, author, linguist, songwriter, father of five, US citizen

818 423 1533

( i am not private about this – feel free to reach out ) 

TEAMWORK! LUCY and JOE – we need you both to align. Young and old, man and woman, left and right – we are all American citizens. We need to get back that ASAP.