Time To Prepare for a Contested Election

We have about 120 days left until what will likely be remembered as the most significant election in US history. I want to lay out how crucial this decision is for the USA to get right, not only for its democracy but for the entire planet.

One question that looms is, will the people of the United States continue to allow its government to shield the criminals within its upper echelon like crooked police precincts shield their bad actor cops. Accountability is trending as a meme after George Floyd’s murder, but accountability is not just about cops any more. We must insist our elected reps to be fully vetted and accountable just as much as we need this from our police. The “frat boy” cronyism has to end – everywhere.

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence …

The Preamble to the Declaration of Independence

I have also been asking myself this for four years: If a president works against “domestic Tranquility” and obstructs “Justice”, does he not betray the founding principles of this government laid out in the Declaration? And is not “betrayal” a cognate of the word “traitor”?

Looking back, the Trump presidency has essentially been one long four year war on the concept of equal justice for all. Trump is fighting for cronyism to prevail, so he routinely goes after his ( not ours, he’s fine with Putin) enemies and pardons his friends.

Why must he do this? Only one thing makes sense. Organized criminals depend on cronyism. It’s always been that way. And now, since impeachment failed, the ballot box is the battlefield upon which this final war will soon be waged.

Trump is aware he is way down in the polls. He had been banking on creating false enemies and scapegoats for his fans to hate, but the pandemic quickly became a mortal threat to the health and welfare of all Americans – which now especially includes his own base. Made up causes like Build That Wall, Lock Her Up, Make America Great Again are not resonating. People have real problems to navigate now. Trump is even trying to blame his world’s worst virus response on China. But then, why are Korea and New Zealand doing so well versus the virus? We can rightly blame Trump for about 80% of the US deaths, as by the numbers USA averages five times worse than the average country. So far, that’s about 100,000 more dead Americans owing to Trump’s uncaring incompetence.

Since Trump knows he is hopelessly behind in an honest election, he has already messaged that he plans to contest the election results. We should be preparing for that challenge now. Are we? Are we just hoping “it will all go away” the way Trump said of the coronavirus?

Neither the Virus Nor Trump-ism Can Be Wished Away

In order to beat the virus, we study science. In order to beat Trump-ism we need to study some political science. And that starts by knowing our enemies. Trump and his allies ( here and abroad) are performing as enemies to the founding principles of the Constitution. Why is that? Who are his allies?

Financial Criminals are the Masterminds Behind Autocracies

Americans can all agree we don’t want a dictatorship here in the USA. Yet there seems to be no facility or viable process to challenge our POTUS even after we hear his words siding with dictators over our allies – and even over our own intelligence. It is madness for us to permit this kind of behavior from anyone, let alone our military commander. How powerful is this cabal of global dictators that Trump seems to belong to? To understand that, this map is instructive:

The Dictatorship vs Democracy Map*

As you can see, Russia, China, and most of the Middle East and Africa are dictatorships. I’ve made the Trump USA orange, and dubbed it a dysfunctional democracy. You can see right away that the United States is the tie breaker in for land area and financial clout the land area in the struggle between democracies and dictatorships. Without the United States, democracies would control about 35% of the world’s financial resources, making it easy for the dictatorships to take it all in a short time. That is precisely what is at stake here. The entire world order is on the US ballot in November.

Dictators are not Trumpism’s only allies. There are also the sold-out large corporations, such as Facebook. many are beholden only to their bottom line and would prefer a world where there is no competition and people are just needy consumers. The unbridled capitalism paradigm also leads to large wealth gaps just as a dictatorship does. So yes, we need to stand up to the billionaires, as Bernie and Warren have said, but first things first.

The remaining allies of the authoritarians are the poorly educated. They are usually sold on “religious” and phony “personal value” talking points. That’s why state-run media is so important to a successful dictatorship. That’s also why Putin took Pravda early in his regime.

Protect The Vote

Trump seems to be losing the election badly as of today. But he has powerful allies and they are more than willing to cheat again. Today I went online and Googled “VOTE AGAIN” at GoDaddy. I think we should create a site where people can vote again or at least register their votes again. I realize that it will never be their official vote. But the site I envision takes ID, and secures the voter’s ID and votes with blockchain encryption. It’s rather easy to do these days. That way, when Trump challenges the election results, as he will certainly do if he is still a force to reckon with in November, we are armed to fight back.

When people argue we would only get Democrats to vote at this pretend vote site, I counter with, “if our numbers are a majority of all votes in any county or state, we won’t need the GOP votes to be counted”. This would be a site created primarily to count Democrat votes because we fully expect the GOP to cheat wherever they can.

We need Democrat votes to be registered somewhere else besides then current state run voting machines, which are known to be subject to hacking. We still don’t know if Hemp won in Georgia. Trump and his allies know the ballot box is the battlefield upon which the war to decide his fate and the fate of the planet will be fought on November 3rd 2020.


Why are not the three super billionaires – Bezos, Gates and Bloomberg ( I have given up on Zuck ) – announced a financial pact to save the post office and vote by mail? Don’t they realize that dictators seize media businesses first to stay in power? it feels like we are sleeping, partying and just hoping all with go smoothly on 11/3. It’s 120 days out; we should be firing on all cylinders. It’s also 30 days out from the supposed cutoff date to announce bad news on candidates. Trump will not honor that convention. He expects the Dems to however. I hope we prove him wrong on that. The gloves are off. This is a war. Maybe it’s a cyber war, but we can lose our democracy in this war. Isn’t that what WW2 was about?

*I fully believe Putin showed Trump this above map in Helsinki and explained to him that together they could rule the planet. I found this map with a simple Google search “dictator vs democracy map”. Putin knows Trump has no sense of history, but also that Trump needs to stay in power or possibly be exposed for all the crimes he has committed. Putin knew Trump would see the world like a RISK board once he showed it to him that way.

Democracies and dictatorships are like cats and dogs. They are natural born enemies because their philosophies are diametrically opposed. Nearly all dictators steal from their own people to amass power and wealth. That’s why you see such large wealth gaps in most dictatorships. Since dictators are essentially thieves, they all need to continue to hide their deepest secrets.

If dictators could align, they could wipe out the democracies and protect their secrets for the foreseeable future. So that’s why they think this US election is important in Russia, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Their existence as dictators depends on the world not viewing democracy as the better way to go. Since its hard to have an Iron Curtain in today’s internet/social media world – their best hope is for Trumpism to prevail here.

America. It’s Time To Go All In to Save Democracy

Dear Person with a voice,

This post is about the plight of US countrymen and the fate of democracy there and on the planet. You know how they say “we’re all in this together” about Covid. Well, it’s the same with this oligarchic, “Trump-crony” coupe of the US 250 year-old representative government. It will all go down if Trump stays on as POTUS. It will mean the US democracy is over – and soon after on the planet. Here’s a link to the democracy vs. autocracy map, the root of the struggle.


If a country does worse by population percentage than other countries, it will also suffer economically relative to the more efficient countries. Its currency will fall relative to other currencies. 

Fellow Americans. European nations are currently thinking about banning travel from the US. The final nail in the coffin will be demoting the US dollar’s status as the world’s currency. So handling the virus better than we have from tomorrow on, is part and parcel of the survival of the United States. #TrumpDepression

There are crosses upon which great nation-states crumble and die. We are at such a crossroad right now. Our primary goal must be to stop what happened here in 1919, when then the second winter with the Spanish Flu was three times worse than the first winter. And that means we need to act now. We can’t wait until November 3 to unify against the virus. Or it it January 20th?

Act Boldly Now While Protesters Are in the Streets

If we act boldly while the people are in the streets for racial justice, we can get those same people to protest for financial justice and medical justice as well. There is a correlation between racial and financial justice anyway. American racism evolved from its guilt over the institution of slavery, which largely imposes financial hardships on a select group. Autocratic cronyism makes us all financial targets – all slaves on some levels.

But more have to understand that Trumpism seeks to enslave us all. BLM protesters can just add some new memes, speakers and banners at their rallies. The Resistance is what Trump wishes he had – a true populist movement. Shape it. Transform it. Mature it. Address it. Enroll it. We are own our allies. 

If we act outrageously now, The Resistance and the BLM protesters will have our backs. In fact, the crowd is more likely to stay calm if they see we can act boldly. They know what we are about to lose here. That’s why you see a rainbow coalition out there. Our kids know they are prime targets too – all colors.

If mishandling the pandemic is not a reason to ask Donald Trump to step down now as POTUS, then we are truly fools. There is no other way to think about this. This is science, biology and medicine. When you have cancer you go to an oncologist, you don’t take advice from a witch doctor.  

Why is Trump doing this ugliness show? He knows it doesn’t look good. We know Donny can be cordial and smooth if he needs to be. He learned that in the casino business. I remember watching him smooth talk high rollers like Mike Tyson in his Plaza casino. Donny knows when the POTUS gig is up, the jig is up. He’s not stupid that way. Still, he seems to want to blow this place up. Right now, Trump has every reason to evolve, but he won’t. So why?

Donny is very worried about his taxes and dirt coming out of the SDNY. We all know his first crimes were financial. His finances only make sense if he has large undeclared reserves of money in foreign accounts. Monies he leverages to borrow from DeutscheBanke. His taxes will reveal that path.

We Are Running Out of Time – Impeach Barr

People generally hate Barr for what he did in DC. Barr has no charisma as well. I know Bill Barr has taken undeclared money into foreign banks accounts like Donny. When Donny said at the Rose Garden “God Speed, have a great life” this was the reiteration of their agreement. That’s the code Michael Cohen spoke about. if I don’t carry enough credence for you to believe me, ask Michael Cohen. he might be happy to weigh in on the Berman firing. Barr has an agreement. And for upholding his end of the bargain, he is paid off the books. He certainly can’t be paid on the books for this work. So Barr’s in too deep to get out. Bill Barr enables Trump’s obstruction. Trump needs Barr. So impeach Bill Barr ASAP.

140 days to Election Means 50 days to Be Outrageous Because of the Pre-Election 90 Days of Silence “Rule“!

The United States needs a single science-oriented commander to be totally in charge of the virus – yesterday. We cannot afford to wait for the election and then January 20th. Trump must at least step aside with respect to the pandemic and put all the power behind a leading epidemiologist, one he does not choose.

Speaking of Pence, why don’t we ( Chuck and Nancy) ask him if he wants to be president for these last six months? The GOP might go for it, now or soon. There’s the easy way out for everyone. Let Pence pardon Trump if he’ll step down now. Build it in on the QT. The states and private people can still come after him. Donny might even might go for it. All problems solved. Democrats in office have to think a little more like gangsters. They’re up against gangsters.

140 days to election means 50 days to be outrageous because of that pre-election 90 days of silence rule that Dems will adhere to, but Trump won’t. If we are outrageous in that period, Donny will have Barr declare our candidate illegal for breaking that rule. He’s hinting at that now. We have to think one step ahead of Donny*. Being a gangster is not easy. Staying POTUS all he is consumed with now. He thinks the next term will be a jail term. Going after his protector, Bill Barr, is brilliant, but do it all the way this time. We don’t want Barr in there between November 3rd and January 20th! 

*I use Donny often, as it was his Penn or child name. He’s not grown spiritually in all those years. Donald is too mature a name for him. I wish more would call him Donny. Some of his best friends, if you can call them that, still do.


We must make all efforts – legal and back room – to get those taxes out into the public. Ask Bloomberg how to do this. He knows information. It can be done. Just the way Donny does it. It may take money. It’s just paper. We don’t have a war room – but we sure need one. So please, someone grab that mantle- this week. Or partner in the back rooms. It does not matter who does it. Keep Biden out of it. Leak them, if need be.


Bloomberg should be asked to spearhead and announce a union of the billionaires – Gates and Bezos – the way the athletes unionized for BLM. – That would be like a lion roaring. Coordinate now. Don’t they know the autocrats take the businesses next? And don’t discount the advantage of having one leader during a war. The “I alone can do it” does not work for governing, but it can in a war.It’s in their interest to save the post office. They should each throw a billion at it. It won’t hurt them a bit.

Sorry to use this metaphor but we’ve got to begin to act as if this is World War II and Trump-ism is “the Nazis”. It really is that now, just 75 years later. The USA can lose to a German autocrat and Russian spymaster without a bullet or bomb. If we don’t start acting like we are at war, this place is going to suffer beyond words. The ends do justify the means to save democracy on the planet. That is what is at stake here. I asked Ted Lieu to make election meddling an act of (cyber) war so treason is a potential outcome for those who go that route.

Trump fully knows he can’t win being ugly. But he does ugly anyway. It must be part of his mission, perhaps sworn to Putin, to destroy the US democracy before the election, if he can. It’s before the election because he might lose, and Putin won’t have any say here after that. Donny’s negotiating with Vlad right now. The VOA grab will be help Putin run over some countries. It all comes comes down to autocracies vs. democracies. They do not co-exist well. Each system does better if they are the only system. The destiny of the planet is at stake.

Financial Criminals Are the Masterminds Behind Autocracies This post reveals the delicate balance of power in the world today. I don’t think enough people have seen the map and understand this struggle. Donny is working for and with the original 1980’s Russian Mob, the same players Kushner back-channels.


We all saw Donny on his cell phone during the economic crisis meeting. He cared about what was on his cell phone more than the meeting. It was urgent, I guess. It could even have been Putin on the phone with him. Putin would have loved to taunt his puppet during a meeting, the way Anthony Hopkins did at the end of Silence of the Lambs with Jodie Foster at a police meeting. So …

The VOA grab should have those in the telephone business worried they are next. Taking Pravda was an essential step in Putin’s coupe of the Russian democracy. So, whatever cell phone company Trump uses, we should find a way to tap into that phone and get the last 30 days of talks. And then leak the right stuff out. If this sounds ignorant or illegal, I remind you we are at war and should act that way. War is just an attempt to steal from a sovereign country. In the old days, people used bombs. Putin could never do it with bombs here. But with his Trojan horse, we can just give it all away. And we are.

We are running out of time to act boldly. Soon we will hit 90 days out. Donny will violate that for sure. It’s not even a law. Comey did last time. But if we violate it, he will claim an unfair election. That’s where this is going in his mind. So any bold steps, leaks, moves, indictments, or impeachments should be announced in June. Let that sink in.

Subpoena Bolton

This is the time of year we should have impeached Trump the first time. The spring and summer are better times because the public can get out on the streets easier. I always remind people Occupy Wall Street died in the cold winter. Plus, with the virus having so many out of work, and with our youth the most resilient to the virus, there has never been a better climate in our history for a populist movement to galvanize.

So call John Bolton the the House to testify ASAP. The protesters will be there with you. America will be there with you.

It was not smart to turn impeachment over to the corrupted Senate. We could have waited for the Spring. I begged Pelosi to wait till she sees the sites of the GOP’s eyes. In this current environment, the impeachment outcome could have gone differently. Many GOP sycophants are looking for safe exit ramps – all but those in on the stealing with Donny. Too much PC in our party. Where is the bold brilliance? It’s time to be bold and brilliant. .

So let’s stop treating Donny Trump like a president with public support. He is a common blue-collar criminal. You know that. Act that way. Break some eggs. Unify the gripes of the anti-racists and the anti financial cronyism (Trumpism) people. You can be sure the protesters and the majority of Americans will have our backs. And do some bold secret back room stuff.

Hold this image in your minds as you ponder our planet’s future. This happened. Donny does not know political science. He’s being advised because is suborned. We could see that in Helsinki. Donny could have done a little better job. He’s just not allowed to.

about me

Joseph Aronesty. I’m a 72 year old family man, e-commerce pioneer and Penn grad who knew Donny from Wharton School (67) and AC as well. 

The Dawning of the Age of Government Accountability

When police do bad things and are allowed to continue their policing work, they are not being held accountable for their “crimes”. If they are given a slap on the wrist, it’s that tiny slap that perpetuates a culture which allows our worse people to repeat the same crimes, over and over again. That’s how we got Derek Chauvin. (On a different level, that’s also how we got Donald Trump.)

Would-be autocrats like Trump ( and Nixon) love the power of the presidency more than the duties attached to it. They think they need only paint themselves as “law and order” icons. But when push comes to shove, that law and order they want is for others. They want neither the law nor order to apply to them.

Most Americans now believe, as I do, that Donald Trump must continue to try to stay president so he never has to pay for his many financial crimes vs. the American commonwealth. That’s why he does not want to show his taxes. We can see that is all he cares about. He’s not fooling people so easily in 2020.

Trump also knows he is way down in the polls. He has seen the resistance now. It is in the House, the streets, online and on the airwaves. The George Floyd murder made it apparent to Americans of all stripes and ages that something was seriously wrong here. The resistance is not only about BLM now. The protesters serve as the new hippies. They know it’s their turn to shape their fate or surrender to subservience.

Peeps like Donald Trump will always be around – new, young sold-out, talentless, wannabe rich types like Kushner, Kayleigh and Steven Miller. The smarter countries don’t allow such opportunists and grifters access to their governments. That can only be done when transparency and accountability for one’s past record is part of the candidacy process.

Does anyone think Trump would have even run for office if he had to show his taxes to get on ballots? Of course not. When Trump said “Russia if you are listening”, it should have been legally disqualifying for candidacy right there. But it wasn’t and it still is not here in the USA. In the USA, the smartest place for a financial crook to aspire to work is the government. That has to change.

Like Any Smart Boss We Must Watch Our Employees

There’s an easy way to stop all this nonsense: make sure would-be criminals who seek government posts know what they have done will be under scrutiny by “we the people” before they are allowed to be candidates and then again while they are in public service. Like any smart boss, we must watch our employees. Only then, will those with bad intentions steer clear of public service positions in the US government. They will steer clear because criminals have an inferiority complex. They don’t think they can make it in life without cheating.

Etymology: The word CANDIDATE hides the word candid, which means honest. As I see it, can-did is comprised of two smaller words – can (ken, know) and did ( diety, god). Someone knew that honesty in government was important a long time ago. We have forgotten what we once knew – again.

Deciphering the English Code, Joseph Aronesty

Today Kasey Hunt was saying #DEFUNDTHEPOLICE meant REFORM THE POLICE. She was asking what that reform was going to look like. Why do we send an armed policeman to wake up a guy in his car and check him out? And that’s when it hit me. Big changes are not happening here so fast. They will trim the hedges for sure. But something else has to change before we have big changes. And it’s not just the president.

In the USA there are more guns than peoplE

There are about one billion guns in the hands of civilians worldwide. About 40% of them are in the hands of Americans. Civilian gun ownership is eight times larger in the USA than in the average country. On top of that, the pandemic created a huge gun buying rush. So yes, it would be nice if a social worker could tap someone’s car window and check him out. But in Atlanta, would he want to do that? I don’t think so. That one example shows the magnitude of our problem here in the USA. It’s racial, yes. But it’s also our ingrained culture of violence and that goes to the Sandy Hook and the NRA. The USA is a powder keg. Why should we be surprised when police are violent?

Al Sharpton said it right. Talk is cheap. We will know we are sincere about the changes we need, and talk about so loudly lately, when people start paying for their transgressions. But big changes will require new gun laws. And that is something we should not discuss until after the election. That’s why I write this new age is a dawning. The work has just begun.

The Floyd protests have gained traction because, on many levels, we are all demanding accountability now. There is a nearly universal resentment: people in key positions enjoy different standards of justice. It’s not right, and we all resent it now. People want these double standards to be gone not only for policing and race, but status and wealth as well. A democracy means all people are treated equally. At least, we seem to know that collectively, at last.

There’s a new generation taking over the stewardship of this earth we share. They have their hands full, but they can handle this. They are armed with the historically unique ability to communicate instantly with everyone in their “base” quickly through social media. They have cameras on their cell phones and they are not afraid to use them. And to quote George Floyd’s brother, “There’s a lot of us”.

Strange to write, but true: I feel more hopeful today that change is coming than I did on the day Obama was elected.

Trump Making Life More Dangerous for All Americans

What is more dangerous to our survival – the coronavirus or the Trump-ism virus?

The United States already leads the world in Covid deaths. US Deaths per capita is five times the world’s average. When Donald Trump flaunts not wearing a mask in public like its a personal fashion statement, he encourages others to do the same. Doctors who study pandemics tell us that masks lower the risk of spread by 50%. There will be more disease and death in the US, not only because Trump waited five weeks to take any actions, while he praised China and said it would “go away”, but also because he publicly flaunts the medical experts and encourages reckless behavior in our citizenry.

Donny is focused on his re-election, not American lives. The reason he does this is that he fears his presidential term may be followed by a jail term. It was a huge mistake to allow anyone to run for president without showing his taxes. It’s still that same big mistake in 2020. Donald Trump has long been involved in financial crimes versus the US Treasury. He has illegal foreign bank accounts. He misrepresents the value of his assets and profits. He learned that from his father Fred Trump. Reports say he owes the US Treasury 500 million in taxes.

Americans. We do need this virus thing to go away, the way Trump said. But wishing won’t make anything happen. Smart actions are our best chance to vanquish the virus. Contact tracing and testing is how the counties that have the lowest death rates have done it. Are they smarter than Americans? Not really. They just have governments that care more about them than our president does. America has not had that government cares thing in a long while. But it’s never been more apparent than it is now.

When Trump fails to set a good social pandemic example, our brave front line workers experience increased risk of mortal danger. This would be the same if George Bush had strewn IED’s in the path of our soldiers in the Iraq wars. He’s making it harder for our bravest to survive the pandemic. To me, that’s disqualifying for him to serve another hour as president. Need I remind us all that Donny Trump feigned a foot injury to get out of service to his country? When it comes to service to humanity or courage, Donny Trump does not hold a candle to a single front line nurse or doctor. Donald Trump only knows how to pose as a president.

There are so many reasons Donald Trump is not fit to serve as president. Top on the list is that he does not care about “America” as a concept. Regardless of your personal opinion on Trump’s patriotism, this pandemic has fully exposed that Trump does not care about people. He refers to them as numbers. “Our numbers would have been much worse”. Sure they could have been worse. But the math is still – USA is doing five times worse than the average country. I guess we could have been doing 20 times worse than the average country.

The fact is we could have have 80% less death here – 20,000 dead not 100,000- and then Trump would have been doing an average job on the pandemic. His claim that it could have been worse it like a football coach that gets blown away saying “We did score a few field goals, it could have been worse”. You get the point.

This fall, America will have two viruses to contend with. We’re on our way to figuring out how to control the coronavirus. It’s just a matter of time – a year or two. But if we don’t rid ourselves of the Trump-ism virus in this election cycle, it’s going to take even longer and be even harder to vanquish than coronavirus.

Donald Trump has no allegiance to anyone except the man he imagines himself to be. And with climate change needing urgent global care, and a pandemic that doctors say may come back with a vengeance this fall, four more years of Trump will also endanger the lives of all humans on earth.

I sat in a class with Donny Trump at Penn in 1967. He cheated then too.

If you want to know why all of this is happening – now in 2020 – read this post:


USA Must Defeat Trump-ism in 2020 to Retain Liberty


I wrote a book on etymology and published it more or less on the day Trump got elected. I hope my four years of resisting is coming to an end soon and I can get back to my real life goals. I am surely not alone with that hope.

With less than 1/2 a year left for our democracy to wrench itself free of the coupe which is Trump-ism, I’d like to present a glimpse at my way of deciphering the roots a few relevant words in this year of choice.

LIBERTY. We all know what it means: freedom. It is one of the three founding principles of the United States. Life. Liberty. Pursuit of Happiness. We are entitled to those things. They are the reason this country was formed. They are why we pay taxes.

The closest word to LIBERTY in the English language is LIBRARY. Why is that? In my book, Deciphering the English Code, I break words down to their factors, just as we can do with numbers. (7+2=9) LI+BER+TY is how I see LIBERTY. Then I look to root meanings for LI and BER and usually that gives you the original meaning of a word in the mind of the creator of the word.

LI is a root word for LIGHT, but also prominent in words like LIBRARY and LITERATURE. Is there a relationship between light and words? There surely is. The physical relationship is that they both travel at a speed no animal can achieve. This may seem trivial to us modern people, but to the Stone Age hunters that created spoken language, this was a big deal. If you think of them more like the American Indians, you can imagine how they were deeply into their physical worlds.

In my book, I explained that the LI sound was assigned to describe light because now and back then, we lift our tongues to say LI – and EL. Before we spoke, we communicated with our eyes more than our ears. We employed a body sign language. And so we were literally looking for visual signals in our first words. LIFT LEVER ELEVATE HELIUM evolved in various languages from that simple principle. Light comes from above. Same as it ever was/

The ancients also equated LIGHT and WORDS. You’ve heard the phrase “spread the light”. It means “spread the word”. LIGHT equals WORD. It’s why LIBRARY, LITERATURE, LIGHT, LIFE and LIBERTY all contain the LI root word for light.

LIBERTY also has the BER. There is a known and very prominent link between B and V words in the ancient languages. The written B is identical to the V in Hebrew and other Middle Eastern languages. In Germany the AutoBahn is really an AutoVan. It’s about vanning not banning. The BER is a morph from VER. VER means TRUTH as in VERIFY. ( veritas, Latin. )

LIBERTY literally means WORD TRUTH. The ancients knew truth in government is essential to liberty. Or maybe they knew that the absent of truth spells the end of liberty for citizens. Why have we forgotten that simple principle? The New York Times advertises “Democracy Dies in Darkness”. We also hear, “the truth will set you free“.

Americans. These are ancient principles. We need to learn from them. It’s important to understand that as Donald Trump destroys the meaning of our words, attacking and concealing truth, and calling facts “fake news” – he is also attacking our liberty and freedom.

Donald Trump has operated from day one by concealing the truth and spreading lies. He entered the political arena with the lie that Obama was a Kenyan. There have been 18,000 lies since he took office.

Why does he lie so much? I think I know why. It is so ingrained in him, so natural – that it figures to be something he learned at home. And I think there is an audible tell as to why that is true.

They Only Know What You Tell Them

On the campaign trail Donny once said “they only know what you tell them”. I wish I could find that sound clip. I believe it was said in Iowa. It was said in-between his sentences. I remember Chris Matthews used to say “pay attention to what politicians say when they don’t think you are listening” . I remember that blurb from Donald, because I heard that meme once before in my entire life. And I knew right away that Donny heard it from the same source as I did: our fathers. Have you ever heard “they only know what you tell them” before? Probably not. It’s a meme particularly used by those afoul of the law when referring to things not to say to police.

“They only know what you tell them” is not something anyone with a normal upbringing hears from parents. It’s literally saying “it’s okay to lie”. But my father told me this when we were Atlantic City boardwalk merchants in the 1970’s. We sold estate jewelry. Being a young man fresh out of college, I just did not have that make up stories about jewelry to enhance it’s value thing in me. It’s also known as “romancing the stone”. I was a stick in the mud compared to my father – a true Great Depression survivor businessman. But I was not brought up in the Depression and neither was Donny Trump.

As a shop owner, I employed many experienced “con man” jewelry salesman who used “they only know what you tell them” while selling people jewelry in a tourist town. Many were remnants from the Nucky Thomson days in “AC”. I heard things like “this necklace belonged to the Duchess or York” or “this figurine was rescued from the fire in Dresden”.

It’s not so much that the shoppers were being robbed either. They just were being told a fairy tale to endear them to the object d’art they were admiring. In the end, they usually paid a fair price based on cost. But the story is what drove them to want to own it at the moment. And they were all fairly wealthy people, ogling jewelry. There was not great harm being done.

Donald Trump clearly heard “they only know what you tell them” from his father, just as I did. It certainly was not taught at Penn. Fred Trump however did not have a jewelry shop on the AC boardwalk. He told this to his young son because Fred was lying to government officials about the values of things the Trump’s owned. Maybe young Donny, like I did, questioned his father as to why he was lying. He was cooking the books. And that’s when Donny would have heard that meme. But now Trump has taken that meme on as his a way of life. It even goes to women and personal relationships.

Donny has been running his entire life on they only know what you tell them. The truth must never get out about Trump’s business dealings or suddenly they, which is really us, will have a tangible, recorded version of the truth. People only hide truth when truth reveals criminality. This meme is why we don’t see Trump’s taxes or notes from meetings with Putin. This is also why Trump is firing inspectors!

Being a natural-born liar is never an ideal trait in a person, but it can be relatively harmless when it occurs in someone involved in the peripheral and trivial arenas of life. You don’t want your doctor or even your plumber lying to you. We certainly don’t want our US president living by the philosophy of “it’s okay to lie” during a pandemic.

Blatant repeated lying by people in high places should be illegal. But it’s not. It should at least result in a loss of position, just the way a doctor loses his license to practice for malpractice. But it does not. Trump knows this cold. Be prepared for more lies, especially in the last two weeks before the election. super salesmen always believe they can close a deal in the final hours.

Be prepared for dirty tricks. Nothing is off the table for Donny. Biden should guard himself well. He has to be careful about his VP pick as well.

American democracy is nearly broken now. People who understand the threat it is under are mostly pinning their hopes on a blue wave in November. They hope it will take out the GOP Congress majority and a clearly corrupt president. They know America will break if we continue to allow fake news and lies to have the same status as facts. What a shame that would be.

What We can Do To Preserve American Democracy

Vote, of course. But be aware we need all of us to be able to vote. Demand from your reps that you see and hear them advocating for vote-by-mail in every state. This is up to the states, so get organized and raise our voices for vote-by-mail this summer. Representative government works when all voices are heard. There is such a thing as collective wisdom – especially when it comes to a pandemic.

Mail ballots are physical ballots. They are impossible to hack by computers. Their authenticity can be verified. They can be made safer than any other form of voting. And no one can contest the results of a vote-by-mail ballot system if it’s done right. Recounts are easy.

Our US Post Office needs to be bailed out. It is in the red several billions. We should ask for help from the multi-billionaires who stand to lose a lot if this democracy dies in November: Bezos, Gates and Bloomberg.

Who can help me do that asking?

Joseph Aronesty



What Are We Waiting For?

Trump Using Pandemic as Cover to Solidify Power

I’m just a guy who sat in a class with Donny Trump in ’67 and knew him from Atlantic City. You’re not going to see me on TV spouting my opinion. But I am getting sick and tired of being right every step of the way about what Trump is intent on doing to our 240 year-old democracy in order to keep his secrets and finances safe from scrutiny.

Politicians may be well-intended public servants or scoundrels, but regardless, I am not seeing much brains in either political camp. We just don’t vet for intelligence in our public servant sector. Nancy Pelosi’s hopeless move to send impeachment over to a crooked Senate was just not smart. Imagine if she had just waited for the spring. That should have been an obvious play. Maybe in this corona environment we could stifle our would-be dictator if he weren’t able to brag about an impeachment hoax. We need brains and strategy, not just a good heart – which Nancy and Joe both clearly have.

Waiting for November is not a strategy. The war is taking its toll now. There are things a real Democratic leader/candidate could do right now. First the smart leader has to realize he is at war and take inventory of his available powers and allies. Bezos, Bloomberg and Gates are allies. Merkel and Macron are allies. We need to start making coordinated statements. Words matter.

Second. If our hopes rest with 78 year-old Joe Biden, we need to amplify his image. It’s 100% clear that is something he is not naturally gifted at – and that’s okay. We’ll have to do that for him. That larger Joe Biden image can only be imagined by viewing him as part of a team.

Substitute Klobuchar for Warren if need be

There are many ways to make Donny Trump not be the GOP candidate this year and that is what we really need. But none of those ways involve business as usual. Mainly we have to realize that most of his sycophants and supporters are not as mentally sick as he is. Some of them have lives outside of the charade they play in their line of work. Some of them have people they care about. Some of them really don’t want their crimes to be exposed. In a strange way, Donny has everything to lose but nothing at all to lose because his life could not possibly be more empty. So Donny is the ultimate ” I really don’t care, do you?” person. That’s who Melania was dressing for in the green jacket, in case you missed that. 

So what would it take for a McConnell, a Graham, a Pence to totally abandon him? The spectacle of the certainty of impending justice for the crimes committed in the service of a dictator must rear its head now. And Joe Biden does not have the voice of power for that, but many of his allies do. Kamala Harris is a natural-born AG with plenty of experience. She needs to be enrolled now as Biden’s pick for AG to replace Barr on day one. That may shake Barr up. Maybe his justice department would think less about cronyism now, if they saw the specter of a Kamala AG on the horizon.

They say Hannibal was a great general because he held an army together in the Italian Alps. He was not hard on his soldiers. But what he did was make it certain that if they were out of line they would be caught and brought to justice.

Where’s the beef? Where’s the brains! Do I, a simple e-commerce pioneer, need to be the one figuring all this out and blasting it out to “politicians” who frankly are losing our democracy, just the way we’re losing our loved ones to a virus – by being unprepared. Waiting for an election would be like England waiting for Hitler not to attack. It’s not going to happen.

Pelosi totally blew this when she turned the impeachment over to McConnell. She knew what was going to happen. So the only way she can undo that tactical error is to own up to it and do something about it. And the way I see it, that means opening up some house investigations and maybe new articles of impeachment over his corona response.

At the end of this day, it must be clear that there is no happy ending for the criminals in government wherever they are. They need to know now, we are coming after them.

Joe. Form your team this week. Announce it. Get to work. Do not simply announce a VP. How run of the mill and unimaginative would that be? If there is one thing I give my classmate, Donny Trump, it’s imagination. He lives immersed in his private imagination. We could use some imagination right now. We are in extraordinary times. You can’t do this alone. Pelosi, god love her, has already fumbled the ball to the enemy’s possession. Take back the offense.

Your VP can only be Klobuchar or Warren. No POC as VP this season. We know it. POC know it. 2024 is fine for that. With Harris as AG you cover that square. But if you don’t choose Warren, then you will need to offer the Bernie/Warren union a seat at the table. And you’ll need to do that all in one day, if you don’t choose Warren. A huge announcement day. We need to hear your strategy now Joe. Otherwise, we are listening to Trump’s strategies – and its better than nothing.

You can use the love that the American people have for each other when under stress as your ally too. But you had better start now. You are fighting a system that works just like a cancer. A lot of baby steps, until the critical organs begin to fail. And that is happening,

What are you waiting for Joe Biden?


These Prior Posts Reveal Why This is Happening






And this is advice for Uncle Joe Biden – “Run as a Team!” – and asap


Why the GOP Does Not Want Good Healthcare for Americans

My Plea to Joe Biden

Dear Joe and Jill Biden,

I am writing you not because I don’t think you can win in November. I’m just not 100% sure you will win. And with 240 years of democracy on the line, four more years of Donald Trump should not be a gamble you nor anyone should be willing to take. Not even 5% of a gamble.

Quick about me. Sat in class with Donny at Penn. Knew him from AC. Saw the fake bankruptcies. Saw the money getting moled out of country. I know he’s been borrowing that stolen money back for the last 33 years. No one lends Donny without collateral. Not even Deutschebanke. He is primarily a financial criminal.

So why did Trump do virus meetings? He wanted to look like a man who is in control. He wanted to look like a man who can make hard decisions. Mainly he wants to “look like” a president without really acting like one. And he hopes looking like a president will be enough so that when he smears you ( which you can count on ) enough Americans will be turned off to the Biden brand that he squeaks by again with this messed up electoral system we have.

And never underestimate Donny’s ability to close from behind. He likes doing that. Most salesman (that’s what he and I were back in our 30’s) know the importance of closing. Hillary did not btw. She lost this while she was celebrating with Springsteen and Donny was out campaigning in the Midwest. What a bad meme that aire of celebration was for her and all of us.

So what you need to do – and need to do now – is start briefings yourself. And though you can’t talk much about the virus situation, what you can talk about is the administration you are assembling to defeat not just Trump – but Trump-ism.


Trump-ism says more than just Trump. Spelling with the hyphen (Trump-ism) says both in one word. Clever. Take it. I am a published linguist who knows the meaning of words in many languages. Biden – exudes TWO (BI) HOUSES (DEN). Hence it helps you come off as a person who can work with both sides. Not sure if that is Biden’s actual source, but it comes off that way down deep. This season, the other side (not the GOP people – but the GOP in government) is so tainted I would not talk about working with them. It will sound like you are old school DC. No one has appetite for old school DC anymore.

TRUMP exudes travelling up and down. UMP words are BUMPS and HUMPS and even an umpire decides up or down with his thumbs. So let’s hope that meme plays out for him. Pardon my digression into memes – but they have power. It’s one thing me and Trump learned from our fathers. I went to that scoundrel school too. I got away, but I know how it works.



Joe. No one at 78 can be expected to know social media and all the techy things that work for and communicate to the young kids today. You need a team. And people need to see it now. They need to see you are working now to form that team. Not behind closed doors. Out in the open. And not just a VP. It’s going to take a team to undo what Donny (you should call him that sometimes at least, his college name. It’s sort of demeaning without being vulgar) has done to this country.

As to VP – I would announce VP, Secretary of State ( so badly needed ) and AG ( to clean house and scare the bejesus out of the Trump loyalists in Congress, so they know justice is coming for the criminally aligned – all in one fell swoop! )

Please remember you have the black vote. You don’t need (nor is it wise in this cycle) to put a black person in the VP slot – when you are 78 and people will think maybe you won’t make it. (From 70 up – no one knows they will be around in 4 years.) My own sister voted for Trump because she did not want a black person as potus. There are too many like this. Sorry to say. And having been Obama’s VP you must know this cold.

Your real choices and Liz and Amy. I like Liz better – who is more exciting. Two centrists may bore the kids. Shame too. But true. You’ll get the Bernie vote with Liz and that is substantial.

As far as a replacement for Barr, in your cabinet briefings that I am asking you to please start now, you must say that the first thing you will do is remove Bill Barr from his post. Scare him too. Barr has foreign bank accounts and has been paid off by the Don. How do I know this? Trump said it in code. At the Rose Garden. Just like Michael Cohen said, he speaks in code. I know the code having been close to him. Decent folks like you don’t operate that way. But when he said” God speed you a nice life – that was because they already spoke, probably the night before, and he swore allegiance in return for a nice life with plenty of money in foreign bank accounts, which is what Trump is primarily, a money launderer.

Here’s another brilliant taking point for a briefing. I want you to call Anthony Scaramucci and get his endorsement. Trump needs to know his darkest secrets are coming out soon. Call Trump’s accounting firm, Mazur’s and get them some business. Start operating like you are potus a bit. Just a bit. Give us reason to be hopeful.  The word will get out. Good. You need Trump’s people be to abandon him before the election. It can be done.

I like Kamala for DA to be announced concurrent with the VP post! You should know why. To soften the fallout when you don’t choose a black woman as VP – which you know down deep – even if it’s right morally – is wrong in this season.

The post of Secretary of State should be selected before the election as well. Why? We want our foreign allies to know change they can rely on is coming and soon. Myself I like Pete. But some of my fellow thinkers here in LA say – him being gay – won’t fly in places like Saudi Arabia. I say to hell with them if that won’t fly. But maybe even he does not want to do this.

What a team this would be! Unbeatable. He may be able to beat you alone, but he can’t beat this team. And what is his team? Kushner, Barr, Ivanka, Mitch, Pompeo and Lindsey? Come on. That is nauseating. I dare him to say he’s got a team that would compare with the one you can assemble.

If on the day you announce VP – which should be now – or soon and certainly before the Convention, which may not even happen, you announce this team, you will squash Trump. His allies will abandon him, and he may not even finish his term, which is the best thing that can happen for our democracy, eliminating any percentage chance that we have four more years of this insanity.

Thank you.


818 423 1533 – call me any time – or text – it’s a cell –

I write here: https://englishcode.wordpress.com/

The Bad Math of Re-opening The US Economy Too Soon

April 17th 2020

Coronavirus began in Wuhan China by a transmission from bats to humans, with the possibility of an intermediate animal. This was first noticed in the province of Wuhan in November 2019 . Coronavirus disease began with a single patient zero or perhaps a handful of patient zeroes. In under six months, there are now about one million people who are known to have Covid Disease on planet earth today. The actual number is certainly much higher, as one can only be counted as having covid-19 after they are seen to have the disease or have tested positive. And we are simply not testing very much. Why is that?

In less than six months, the virus has expanded by a factor of, at the very least, 10 to 1,000,000. That’s a factor of 100,000 times in under 6 months.

If we re-open now, we are not starting with 1-10 carriers, but potentially 1,000,000 carriers. If you multiply even 10% of those carriers by the same 6-month expansion we have just witnessed, it’s 100,000 times 10,000. Nine zeroes. 1,000,000,000. That’s one billion with the disease and no cure or vaccine in six months. That’s also when our critical election is. That’s an eve of destruction type of a number. Donald Trump knows this and he does not care. This is madness. It must stop today.

The politicization of the coordinated scientific response necessary to avoid a world disaster must stop today. Our county and the world cannot afford to have politics influence our pandemic response in any way. It must now be a purely scientific and logistically strategic response if we are to do our best to fight this virus and avoid a total catastrophe.

To find out I think this is happening with Donald Trump, please read on: Donald Trump Using Virus to Solidify Power

Joseph Aronesty is an e-commerce pioneer, etymologist and songwriter. He attended class with Donald Trump in 1967 at Penn And worked close to him in Atlantic City ’86-’99. He was one of the first to warn of Trump’s ineptitude and lack of respect for the American traditions that made America great.

Donald Trump Using Virus to Solidify Power

wants it to last until the election

Donald Trump is presiding over life or death for millions of people. And still, at his new conferences, Donny always finds a way to reveal his deeply troubled soul. He talks ratings, fake news, phony impeachments, calls Adam Schiff crooked, picks on governors and campaigns – as thousands of Americans die – who did not have to – because Trump did not care enough to prepare. Trump was warned by our medical experts this was coming and Donny still did not prepare. He threw a ban Chinese travel at it, but our medical experts told us that was not going to be enough. Now, who knows how many will die?

And still, Trump keeps smiling at these conferences. He’s striking poses for his fans – playing doctor/authoritarian. And this has to stop or even more will die. Because there is no good excuse for any potus ignoring our experts when he has other people’s lives at stake, we must seriously consider that Trump may be viewing this pandemic as a potential ally in his quest to win 2020.  That takes a real sociopath, but doctors tell us he’s got all the markings of one. And we can see it with our own eyes too. He just does not seem to like people unless they praise him. What on earth is that about except the machinations of the mind of a would-be criminal dictator?

Donald Trump seems not to care how many people die -as long as he is not blamed for any deaths. He is preoccupied with his re-election chances. He refers to people as numbers. “One-hundred thousand would be a great job” because more could have died had he did nothing. As we mostly see it, many less would have died had Trump cared about American lives more than his political survival. A responsible president would have listened to the medical experts warnings and reacted stat back in January.

If this were a war, we wouldn’t stick with the general who let the war cause the death of thousands of Americans, would we? – So just why is Donald Trump in charge of our health and lives now? You can’t believe his words. He lies a lot. In a mortal crisis, one lie is too much. And forgetting the rhetoric, Trump’s actions, or lack thereof, reveal his true thought processes.

Trump simply does not care about us because we are not him. Donald Trump is the only person Donald Trump has ever been seen to actually care for. What a mistake we have made folks. This is madness. The National Defense Act was created to defend our nation’s people. It must be used with or without him to expand testing. That being our best path forward, the Senate must abrogate his presidential powers asap and use our National Defense Act without a presidential approval, if the potus won’t do his job.

There is also an emerging pattern of city contagion versus country contagion. Since Trump is all about his political survival, he can see that in November, it would be to his advantage if people in cities could not vote as easily as people in rural areas. This only favors Donald Trump, his sycophants and the traitorous corporatists that pull their strings. It spells disaster for the American people.

The Bad Math of Re-opening Too Soon

Coronavirus began in Wuhan China by a transmission from bats to humans, with the possibility of an intermediate animal. This was first noticed in the province of Wuhan in November 2019 . Coronavirus disease began with a single patient zero or perhaps a handful of patient zeroes. In under six months, there are now about one million people who are known to have Covid Disease on planet earth today. The actual number is certainly much higher, as one can only be counted as having covid-19 after they are seen to have the disease or have tested positive. And we are simply not testing very much. Why is that?

In less than six months, the virus has expanded by a factor of, at the very least, 10 to 1,000,000. That’s a factor of 100,000 times in under 6 months.

If we re-open now, we are stating not with a one to ten carriers, but potentially 1,000,000 carriers. If you multiply even 10% of those carriers by the same 6-month expansion we have just witnessed, it’s 100,000 times 10,000. Nine zeroes. 1,000,000,000. That’s one billion with the disease and no cure or vaccine in six months. That’s also when our critical election is. One out of eight people on planet earth. That’s an eve of destruction type of a number. Donald Trump knows this and he does not care. This is madness. It must stop today.

The politicization of the coordinated scientific response necessary to avoid a world disaster must stop today. Our county and the world cannot afford to have politics influence our pandemic response in any way. It must now be a purely scientific and logistically strategic response if we are to do our best to fight this virus and avoid a total catastrophe.

Donald Trump has shown his ineptitude as a team builder for the country from day one when he put his son-in-law in charge of way too many important government functions. He has fired our best minds and installed sycophants who have their own dirty secrets to hide. This is all about keeping a sociopath;s secrets from seeing the light of day. This is madness.

People are only valuable to a sociopath/narcissist if they serve the imaginary stories they tell themselves. So I ask why is Trump in charge of our pandemic at all? Why are the doctors not fully in charge? Why does a non-doctor have any say on our pandemic response? Would you let a plumber be in charge of your heart operation? Numbers don’t lie. Look. April 4th, 2020.

The math for the USA will be the worst on the planet, and we’re supposed to be thankful. I don’t feel thankful. As of this April 15, China had 3500 deaths and we have 17000. Our Covid deaths have now equaled the published number of Trump’s daily lies. An American has now died for every lie President Trump has told. And it gets worse. China, a country 3 times larger in population, (which means its 3 times as crowded) – is experiencing a much better per capita outcome than we are expected to have. Sometimes I think we deserve this, sad to say, for leaving a known criminal in office for 3 years.

USA is expected to lose 100,000 souls, if we keep our social distancing in place through summer. China will likely have 5000 deaths when we have out 100, 000. Basically we will have done 60 times worse than China per capita, and Trump tells us he did a great job? Since when is doing 2% as good a China, a country that had no corona warning, a great job?

Donald Trump’s uncaring ineptitude at the helm of our virus response is an ongoing threat to all of us. He threw out a meme that “impeachment may have distracted him” – a little. He straddled that idea to put it in our heads for a reason. He’s going to make it illegal to challenge him very soon. We can’t have this now! There will be other critical life and death decisions.

We need doctors fully in charge of our pandemic response. No Trumps. No Kushners. No sycophants. Since doctors and nurses lives are also at stake, I think they should insist on being in charge or just not show up. That would not last ten minutes. Trump would have to put Fauci fully in charge.

Donald Trump Did Not Prepare for a Pandemic Because Trump Never Plans Ahead for Anything

They call it “prepared” because you have to do something before the bad thing happens to be “pre-pared”. But Donald just does not care enough about anything to prepare. He wings everything. And we are paying a heavy price for his failure to prepare the USA for what we will now endure.

It did not have to be this way. If China lost 5000, and they were first to experience the pandemic, countries with wise rulers should have done better than China, not 100 times worse. This also means if we just ended up doing as good as the Chinese, who had no warning, we would only have lost 2000, not 200,000. Donald Trump’s way of steering our ship may cost us American 198,000 souls. I’m sorry, but this is reckless driving.

We are all watching in horror in these corona press conferences while a mad king struggles with his psyche pretending to care about “America” in the midst of the largest pandemic in 100 years. And our mad king will never stop playing the imaginary game he repeats in his own head and really fight for our causes. Trump wouldn’t know how to even begin that process.

Instead, if he does not like a Governor, he doesn’t call them. He actually said that. He said, “it really doesn’t make any difference”. That’s a quote. Trump said, he doesn’t stop Pence from calling them. This man should not be in charge of our fate any longer in any realm. But if we leave Trump in charge of our virus response we will get what we deserve.

Fellow Americans, this is madness. And this really is the way empires collapse. I have no idea why people on “both sides” here in the USA don’t unite tomorrow to serve our common need to survive this pandemic with as little loss of loved ones as possible.

Fellow Americans. There is only one reason our loved ones are dying in these numbers. There are corporate forces that wanted us divided and Trump did a great job at that. Do not be swayed by the scapegoating and firings of real patriots that will now begin from the Trump administration. That is the dictator’s handbook play now. Divide, weaken and conquer. We must not waiver from our mantra: We are all in this together now. People say “stay safe”. I say “get smart”. I’d say stay smart, but we have not been smart have we?

This war to keep Americans divided did not begin with Trump, but Donald Trump is in charge now of that war now. It’s not a war for Americans’ interests – it is a war against Americans’ interests. I don’t know if it was jealousy for what we had here, or just the plucking of ripe fruit by criminals pretending to be statesmen, but we let it happen here. The goal of that war force is to keep us divided and keep us needy. Big business has intersected with a greedy king to keep everyday Americans powerless and establish a permanent ruling class. That’s the story behind the poor virus response. They like it this way!

April 5th 2020 : What we can expect now from Donald Trump is the following. This week coming up will be really bad and terribly sad for America, which was and is highly unprepared to fight this contagion. He has anointed himself as the head general in this “war” – with his “invisible enemy”. This is not a war. This is a medical crisis brought on by years of neglect by the GOP which Trump now heads up. The own this. But Donny views this pandemic as his “treasure trove”. That’s phrase he used But instead, they will look to change the “chain of command”. That’s why the Navy captain was fired. Trump will seek to make it “dangerous” or “illegal” and punishable by immediate imprisonment ( or worse ) to challenge his as commandeer of the virus response in any way. He can say it’s distracting him and he is needed for the virus fight. This is why he is on the stage every day, – to play “war room”. But Donny Trump is not fighting the virus beyond making sure all that make his presence are tested. He is still fighting for one thing: to stay in power so he is not prosecuted for his crimes, against the American people. That’s you and me. And we have to speak up now.

Fellow Americans. Fake News is dead if we want that now. Coronavirus response requires we be scientific and empathetic if we are to survive this pandemic and remain the United States of America. Donny Trump has neither of these characteristics and we all know that.

This virus will kill a lot people, much more than it had to here due to a mad king’s uncaring ineptitude, but coronavirus will also kill many of our pre-corona ways of being. The age of fake news can be one welcome casualty of the pandemic. We must welcome that death. Respect for science and expertise must rule now. If coronavirus can do that much for us, it can perhaps save the species. People will need the real facts now so they can arm themselves. Something dies. Something is born. That’s the way of nature. We must make sure something good is born from all the “death” we will experience due to a mad king;s ineptitude.

Wouldn’t it be nice if our best and brightest were solely in charge when we had health emergencies? Wouldn’t it be nice if all Americans knew that this country was doing its level best to keep us safe so our children grow up healthy?

We must all stay home. This will hit those without savings hardest. Those with money will emerge poorer as well but they will get through. People will try to game the system. War profiteering is the standard in Trump’s criminal presidency. We can’t let that be okay. Watch the GOP politicians. They are notorious during these bailout cycles.

People’s appetites for big gatherings have gone away, and probably for a few years. Live sports? It’s going to be made-for-TV only for a long while. I have no appetite to watch a basketball game during this pandemic. Do you? Trump talks like we have to get back to work, but something tells me our appetites have changed permanently, and many business models that worked pre-virus, will become permanent casualties of our changed appetites.

This is madness. Trump loves to say “nobody could see this coming”. What on earth does that mean? There were plenty of people who saw this coming. The doctors in the World Health Organization warned him In January and the first reports were in December. A grocery chain in Texas has prepared for this since January, and they are doing pretty well with it. Google it.

Donald Trump knew this virus was coming to kill us and did not think for one second about American lives. He though political games. He thought “treasure trove.” Our elected president used his criminal survivalist gut about a virus. He was in trouble with Russia. Impeachment was on the front page. He asked himself, “maybe this virus can help me?” Trump tells himself, ”I’m going down for my crimes if I’m not re-elected.” That’s what this is all about now anyway. It’s about keeping Donald Trump out of jail. And we all are suffering and our loved ones dying for this.  How crazy this is? Put Pence in charge today.

This virus does not have a soul. Like all living things, it seeks to stay alive. Coronavirus grows inside the bodies of other life forms. It originated in bats. Bats like to hang together in the dark and in large numbers. So this virus was designed to spread from bodies that hang close and it does not particularly light sunlight. Coronavirus’s shape is like a weapon. It’s a ball with spikes emanating like spokes in all directions. It sticks to cells like a sticker you pick up in the brush. Coronavirus injects its dna into other cells through the ends of its spikes. That’s how it takes over another body – cell by cell. Coronavirus deploys like a quick cancer.

If the virus stays within one person, it either kills that person or that person wins the fight and the virus is vanquished by one’s antibodies. Coronavirus is a very formidable and clever little enemy. It knows not to kill the young. They will be old in due time. It waits. It acts as a herd thinner for the weak. But that’s not perfect math. It can take anyone. That’s the singular way of our common enemy and we now have to out-think it. We’ve got the brains over this virus. We can beat anything we set our minds to. And we need a leader who really cares and is not distracted or distract-able. I’d say we deserve such a leader, but that’s not true. We have the leader we deserve now. Maybe we will deserve better soon.

Since coronavirus spreads by touching from one animal to another, if we just stay apart – especially through the summer with its light – we can outwit this pandemic and it can be almost gone before next winter. But we have a president who knows that staying apart will slow the economy and that’s not what he is there for. Trump is there to make money for the forces that want Americans to be divided and weak.

The actual job of being president requires he delegate our most serious tasks to our most serious experts. We do have those in the USA. Serious and knowledgeable experts. They saw this coming and told our president, and now he owns this.

Why is a potus like Trump so dangerous during a pandemic? Trump needs to be surrounded by people who are criminal enough to keep his crimes secrets. These inner circle associates are even allowed to do their own crimes, as long as they keep it fairly quiet and keep the others’ crimes secret. And what kind of real expert works this way?

Donald Trump wakes up every morning and remembers he needs to win another election. He knows he may have to face the music when his reign in over. Fight. Fight on. That is who he is. Like the virus he has a single purpose.

We can’t have this now. We are fighting a totally different war than Trump is fighting. We are fighting a war for our lives and the lives of our family members and Donald Trump is fighting a war to stay in power.

I am hereby calling for a bill in Congress to be advanced banning Donald Trump from officiating in any way in our war with the virus. Pence will do fine for now. Pence seems to be taking it seriously. At least he is not a disturbed man-child.

It’s time to save ourselves. We’ll need both sides unified to demand this now. The lovers and fighters. And right now. This week or many more will die than need to. Maybe someone you know and will miss. And then you won’t even forgive yourself. We have our common enemy now. Its name is coronavirus. Let’s unify to defeat the virus – left and right. And lets unify to insist on a caring empathetic president. Honestly, anyone of us could do a better job handling this crisis. Anyone of us would just let the experts handle it all and give the experts of our full support. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to do that. Just a caring soul.

Let’s insist Pence finish this job. He may even do a half decent job. Trump should not be allowed to talk to Pence about this in any way either. Trump and the virus must be quarantined from each other. And neither can a Kushner or any other Trump be involved with the virus response. I hear Kushner has a hand in the respirator business. Enough!

Trump can stay on as president and preside over other affairs and even run for president again. We don’t care. But we can’t have him playing a game in his mind, while running this country in a deadly serious war with a virus.

If millions die for Trump to stay on as president – you know – the way he spoke about his “good friend” Chairman Chi – president for life, – so be it for Donny. That is the character of the man holding the most important job on planet earth, at least to Americans.

This is madness. Trump is orchestrating our virus response by playing it by ear and with no regard for the lives of others. Just let Fauci make all decisions and let Pence finish the virus response.

If need be, use the 25th Amendment, but in a slightly altered way. Use it to get Trump off this virus response project. He can even stay on as president as long as he stays away from the response with no financial interest, investment or profit on anything coronavirus. Pence and Fauci can be in charge. Trump can go back and play golf. No rallies. Watch the Kushners too.

Joseph Aronesty


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In WW2 we let FDR have a 3rd term because we knew we were at war and could not afford to be divided. We can’t afford this inner division today either – but we don’t seem to know that. Dems must show the American people they can unite their party if they expect the country to believe they can unite the country. Both sides will respect that. After all, if they can’t unite the “left” how can they unite the country?

We are at war in the USA. We are at war with foreign enemies that want to exploit our riches. We are at war with Trump’s GOP party selling our rights and assets to the highest bidders. We are at war with Mother Nature, who seems to want to get rid of us for our polluting ways.  And at the same time, we are at war with each other, which makes it difficult for Americans to prevail at any effort.

I am old enough to remember first-hand the spirit of the WW2 generation. They were not the greed is good generation nor the it’s all about me generation. The greatest generation citizens resigned to do their parts to defeat German Nationalism with a spirit of teamwork and without ego. Now we have a combination of corporatism and American Nationalism to defeat. And they are about to shut the door on democracy. The moment the Senate acquitted – it was really over. Praying for votes in this rigged environment is not a plan. Hoping there will be a fair election is not a plan. It is a hope or a prayer.

Trump knows exactly how long he has to completely take this government over – from the justice department installations to the election fixing with our enemies. Trump is working every day to have our democracy be gone before the 2020 election. Why? Trump knows the term that follows his presidential term may be a prison term.

Love like a Democrat. Fight like a Republican.

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Reduce National Maximum Interest Rate to 1% During Crisis

Solving our virus problem hinges on social distancing to reduce contagion. But an economic depression that hits us like a tsunami will tax our economic system so hard it will tax our ability to maintain social distancing and optimize our healthcare response. It’s a Catch 22 – or more appropriately – a Sophie’s Choice. Let the economy go on as it was and millions will die. We’ve heard as high as ten million in the USA alone. There’s a delicate balance that has to be struck. We have to help people weather this storm. Where do we start?

There is one easy to effect and sure way to help people and companies at the same time: reduce maximum interest rates to 1% – 2% nationally by decree. That simple act would give “companies” the time they need to wait it out. That interest break would also give a lot of “people” the time they need to wait this out. Not all people for sure. But this will actually help all Americans regardless of financial status. Interest rates create financial pressure. It’s totally ridiculous for anyone to be able to collect interest above 1% and profiteer in this crisis when the Fed Rate is .25%.

This simple, charitable and wise action would set in motion the domino effect needed to help relax tension a bit for everyone at the same time. And we desperately need this relaxation.

Let me cite one example. I own a business in Los Angeles and I rent an office. My landlord, a true gem by the way, just told me not to pay the rent for April. I was going to ask, but I did not have to. Very human of him.

But he has a mortgage to pay too. If his bank rate went down to 1% that’s going to make it easier for him to continue to pass that break on to me. Every obligation, from mortgages to leases to accounts payable, revolves around interest rates. If interest rates were suddenly gone or minimized, it gives us all the time we need to wrap our heads around our virus issue and our economic depression that is inevitable if we are to keep the contagion rate down.

I did go to Wharton School and shared a class with Donald Trump. He paid absolutely no attention to what was being taught. I was no honor student, but I did learn a bit about how this all works. Interest rates are key. Mortgage rates should immediately go down to 1% across the board. It solves a lot.

I’m going to leave this here, keep it short and spend my time circulating this memo, hoping it finds its way up to people who can make this happen. Lowering our collective financial temperature will solve many of our imminent problems – medical, social and financial – in one fell swoop.


PS. I am also 99% sure that the Kushners and Trumps of the world won’t like this solution. They are landlords. They love foreclosures. It’s how they acquired a lot of their properties, on the backs of others. And they can afford to stay home and not catch the virus. They even know if they do get the bug, they will get the best medical attention. So watch as they don’t quite do the right things in the days ahead.

Get this circulating. It is very doable. Trump’s talking about “companies” because the right companies will pay him off in his foreign bank accounts for slush funds sent their way. And that is also why he has not used the National Defense Act yet. He has not found a way to get paid off for the contracts yet. He’s working on it. You can be sure of that.