How to Catch Trump with His Hands in the Cyber War Cookie Jar

We may need to catch Trump in a fresh crime. The good news is, we can be sure he is doing them and will be involved in more grandiose crimes as we approach 2020.


I just heard on NPR, Zuckerburg just signed an agreement in Paris that Facebook will begin to work with police at the first hint of terrorist activity or even hate words. Previously it was deemed free speech. They only looked when people pointed things out.

The entire free world signed on with Facebook, Amazon and Google. Guess who did not? Donald Trump! He gave some lame excuse. But there is only one possible reason Trump does not to want our police notified by when terrorist activity is first detected.

This is a link to the article.


It can only be that Trump knows his “team” has worked and/or is actively working on creating online terror and hate campaigns. He knows if we facilitate the Facebook/police connection, evidence of past or  present online crimes pointing directly to him and his Russian pals – might surface.

Something that could prevent a terrorist act here and Trump won’t even sign on? It’s a dereliction of duty for sure. But let that go for a sec. We’ve got plenty of that with Trump. It’s reasonable to assume Trump is not interested in any patrolling of the internet because he and his pals have been and are planning to be involved in nefarious online activity. And he’s sort of in charge of investigations here. Trump’s like the chief of police in LA Confidential. Hard to catch. But not impossible. There are a few paths.

Plan of Action:

First I considered hiring my own internet detectives and doing it without government.  Think LA Confidential. But then I thought Zuckerberg is cooperating with European leaders they hate Trump as much as we do! So why do it from here, where our efforts can be detected?

Why don’t we or hire the European police to investigate cyber crimes there, that just might trace back to Trump and the Russians here, under the guise that they are searching for leads to protect there own countries? After all, it’s one world and for terrorists nowhere is out of bounds. A crime can be planned there and end up impacting here. Their detectives will have ample reason to be tuned into terror chatter no matter where they see it. And they may even want to help.

It’s clear Trump would not sign on to the Christchurch accord because he knows where he’s headed online in 2019/2020 – cyber war and election hacking. Trump wants nothing to do with stopping terrorism and online hate. It’s how he won – and it’s the only way he can win again. And he knows that. So that’s how we catch him – in a fresh crime.

No one is talking about Christchurch here. Its not a big headline. It should be. But its better off quiet if there is potential herein. And there may be. It’s about time our side does something truly surprising. I’m going to be asking New Zealand police to help us. And by us – I mean the real America – not this phony coupe d’etat we have in the White House. I have a connection there. I’d rather someone in the resistance tells me “we got this” so I can back off .  But this plan has got to going into action one way or another. Does the resistance even have a war room? Because Trump certainly does. That’s what his cabinet, DA and justices do for him. We need a war room – so lets rally behind one leader soon. That’s for another post.

Let me know if you think this makes sense. From a historical perspective we bailed France out in WW2 and i think they’d be happy to pay us back for that. But New Zealand is easier for a small fry like me.

The big idea is to have a private group here quietly reach out to Macron in France or Ardern in NZ and ask them to look for cyber crap here as it could impact them. A small donor group could pay for it. I think Macron or Merkel would do it. I’d be willing to invest in this. Reiner might too. etc.

And remember why we are doing this: to catch Trump and the Russians engaged in cyber crimes because we know they are doing them out of necessity. It is the only way they can win. And Trump always plays to win. Putin too btw.

We need to do our own private online hate crime investigation to catch Trump in fresh crimes – and this Christchurch affair has provided the perfect cover. And what a reveal if he his found coordinating bad things online.  He’d be done. It’s election insurance too. It’s a genuine war room plan.

Trump may have the Justice Department under his thumb – but he does not have any control over France’s or New Zealand’s  justice department! Enrolling outside help seems wise too –  evidence can be gathered quietly.

This may not be a perfect plan, and I’m sure it needs tuning. But there’s something to this idea.

I hope to hear something back. I keep thinking and trying.

I feel like we are at war and the enemies are within.

Joseph Aronesty in LA

818 423 1533

Protect Julian Assange from Donald Trump

communication sent to Therea May, London police, mayor of London

This communication is sent from Joseph Aronesty in Los Angeles CA USA. It is an urgent plea to the UK: help the USA save itself from a would-be dictator, the way we helped England in WW2.

Trump has no choice but to try and stay POTUS for life, as he has said, because he knows that, once he is out of power, the many crimes of his lifetime are going to be exposed and prosecuted. Staying in power is now the ONLY thing Trump’s presidency is about. If Trump knew for sure there would be no prosecution of him and his organization, he would be able to step down. But he can’t know that. And he has no quit button.

So this does not end well for the USA or the world. Trump is willing to do ANYTHING to stay in power. Wars and fake crisis are on the table. And he has made it a point to suborn adequate support among Congress members, cabinet appointees and judges to stay in power – for now at least.

Julian Assange knows plenty about Trump’s dealing with Russia.. And if the USA gets Assange while Trump is still POTUS one of two things will happen.

  1. A Jack Ruby will happen and he will be disappeared.
  2. He’ll be locked away like Reality Winner. 

One thing for sure. Trump can never afford to have Assange testify against him – even after he is out of POTUS. 

So that’s where England and whoever is in charge of Assange comes in. You don’t need the USA to go authoritarian either. 

GET EVERYTHING YOU CAN OUT OF ASSANGE ASAP! I am talking about the Russian election help of course. I know you have other issues. But get these details first or as soon as you can. Consider offering some leniency for real truth if need be.

Save what you get from Assange in several secure places. Do NOT share with TRUMP or the GOP. They are now very similar to the Nazi party of the 40’s. Not to be trusted. Hopefully they won’t be in power after 2020.  So if you can keep him there until then, it may be smart.

Get what you find out re: Trump/Russia?Wikileaks to Adam Schiff or Nancy Pelosi ASAP.  They actually care about the world.

Or just leak it all out to the world. If you ask me – that would play best. Sunlight is the best disinfectant. But alas, I am just a citizen looking to help the world for my grandkids.

This is where I write.

That post on dictators vs democracies describes the real struggle on planet earth. It is the basis for hate, hunger, wars, terrorism, denial of science – all the bad things.

Exposing Trump and Putin is just as important today as it was to rid ourselves of Hitler and Stalin.

Thank You.                              

Email to Lucy Flores and Joe Biden

Copy of email sent to Lucy Flores. Joe Biden copied in.


You want an answer directly from Joe Biden and I think that is proper. But for now, I hope you will accept the thoughts of this Joe, one who is now about the same age as Biden was when he kissed your head.  Joseph Aronesty is my full name.   Now 71. I went to school with Donald Trump and, like you,  I am a staunch advocate against him as POTUS.  And I want you to look in on what I do to fight him every say. ( blog link below) 

I hope you know Joe Biden was kissing you without a sexual thought. As we get older – those thoughts don’t completely go away, but without the biological imperative, they are rare – and the setting has to be really right for that to be considered. So you have rightly said there was no sexual harassment. 

Your generation comes from such a different space than we did. But this is how it always is. We were different than our parents on many fronts as well. And like all matured generations, we usually think the new crop is missing out on a lot. My sense is that Joe was letting off a proud of you kiss – a small gift of emotion.  If you had known that, I guess you, being a decent person, would have handled this differently. So I think you missed the emotion attached to the kiss. 

It was a gift that you were obviously not prepared to appreciate. That’s how people his age will generally view this. Your rant – and regardless of its civil tone – it is a media rant now – is about your generation not being very experienced at accepting personal affection from others. It’s not “your fault”. My sense is that this is an unintended result of over dependence on the sterile world of social media. Each generation has its issues. 

And frankly, it’s part of the reason we got Donald Trump. Your rant would NEVER take root in Japan or even Europe. That’s because young people there are generally more respectful of what has come before. It’s why Marie Le Pen LOST in France- but Trump won here. Le Pen is far-right candidate who ran vs. Macron. The Russians hacked their elections too – but it did not work there. Macron won. Why was that? It’s important as all heck to learn from that.  

We now see a disturbing increased suicide rate in young people. And psychologists point to the lack of experience in exhibiting or accepting affection in the Facebook generation.  

I compare your experience ( I have 5 kids so its easy ) to the experience I had growing up. I try to break things down to simplicity, as I don’t think humans are complicated mysterious creatures. This is how I see it. 

  1. When people put their lives online, it diminishes PRIVACY.
  2. Without privacy their is no mystery. 
  3. Without mystery there is no romance. 
  4. Without romance … there is no real life. 

That’s a bit extreme I am sure. But the stats on suicide with your generation are bearing this out. Putting your lives – and now your collective brains ( Google can answer anything, why ask a person? ) had unintended consequences that Zuckerberg never thought of – or cared about. Nor does Facebook care much now. 

But social media tends to make people think in blocks without individualism. We react collectively today, like schools of fish.  We can be easily driven into the nets when impulsive reaction replaces independent thought. So your generation’s issue social media phenom has made your generation easier to influence by outside forces. If you guys don’t have enough inside force to fight it – you become easy prey to influence.

Listen. I don’t see a fire to run inside Joe Biden yet. And any candidate is going to need that fire. Still the effect of what you have done with this rant is giving Donald Trump a better chance of staying president, which I know you don’t want. So this is something you should fix ASAP. 

My generation was far from perfect. Nor is any perfect. But during WW2, my father’s generation fought and died to preserve democracy. Do you think we would have beat Hitler of we were divided the way we are today? No way!

Divisiveness was not tolerated by the WW2 generation. it was unpatriotic then and it should be now because in many ways we are back to the same place. We are fighting dictators – here and abroad. We desperately need the unified spirit of the WW2 generation back – right now! Democracy is being given away without a bullet or struggle. What a stupid waste! 

It’s not just left vs. right – it’s now women vs. men and young vs. old too. 


And you can start that healing now. You have a rare big mic moment. Don’t drop the mic . But don’t waste its power either. Use it for something good. And this goes for Joe too. 

Joe was just appreciating your spirit.  Let’s celebrate that. You guys need to talk – and then come to an agreement and stage a hug ( not a kiss ) and make-up moment. it will do a  lot for all of us – because the generations need each other. And you can show that you know that – and Joe can too. 

I figure Joe Biden is smart enough to do that if asked. So its up to you. You can reach him on this. This has nothing to do with you liking Beto or Bernie more. I still like Bernie’s fire best. And I would not bet much Biden will even run. But the generational issue will affect our solidarity regardless of who runs against Trump. And we need solidarity.  

I am fully aware that we need to be UNIFIED to win. The GOP, if nothing else, is unified. 

TEAMWORK was the watch-word of the WW2 generation. The GOP is counting on us being divided. Why help them? 

Look at  the word TEAM – and you see it hides TE AMO.     I like etymology. My book, Deciphering the English Code teaches how we can learn history and the ways our forefathers thought by analyzing today’s words.

I will be posting this email to my blog – which I want you BOTH to become familiar with.

You want to help our country save democracy? I suggest you get together with Joe, talk it out – and hug and make up – in public. Help solve this lack of affection/appreciation issue for your generation – and you may save us all. 

Also, get your life off Facebook – if you do that. 

This email is sent with love. I am copying Joe Biden as best I can as well. 


Joseph Aronesty

e-commerce pioneer, author, linguist, songwriter, father of five, US citizen

818 423 1533

( i am not private about this – feel free to reach out ) 

TEAMWORK! LUCY and JOE – we need you both to align. Young and old, man and woman, left and right – we are all American citizens. We need to get back that ASAP.

The Dems Should Run as a Team – A Team America – A Justice League 2020

We’ve got to give Trump one thing. He’s not afraid to think outside-the-box. However, because his motivations are self-promotion and self-survival – not what’s good for everyday Americans – his thought processes are circular and always point to “what’s in it for me”.  Trump’s stated motto is “what does it matter if I don’t win?”  That means Trump is willing to do anything to stay in power. And that is the danger of the Trump presidency. 

So maybe we have to think outside the box this next go ’round. We all see the multiple candidates signing up to beat Trump. It reminds me of the GI’s signing up in WW2 to save the world. But so far, only two candidates have a real shot to beat Trump – Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.

Bernie – Polls told us he did much better vs. Trump than Hillary did. He actually got a lot of Trump supporters who sincerely wanted and needed change. Bernie’s sincerity was and still is his biggest attribute. Many Trump supporters now know they were fooled by a con man. They’d be willing to give Bernie a shot to help them. Strange. But the Trump supporters need the help Bernie offers most. 

Joe Biden – Because Joe’s been there before. He’s more of a centrist –  and polls well in the Midwest. But his sincerity – seeing as he has not even entered the race – pales to Bernie’s.

Bernie and Biden compliment each other. Bernie has the young and the left. Biden had the older Democrats and the center. And we will need all of these people to beat our many formidable enemies in the Trump organization. 

The way a primary usually works is: many run and those who lose just go home and continue in their current jobs. But what does that say for all the others with good messages, energies and talents in this struggle we are going through? Are their energies to be set aside? I keep thinking if Hillary had chosen Bernie as veep Trump would never had happened. That energy loss of not enrolling Bernie begat Trump. We can’t repeat that mistake. And it would be so easy to make sure it cannot happen again – right now.

Trump has undone so many of our institutions. Winning back control of our government back will just step one. Change is going to take extensive teamwork – the kind of teamwork that became second nature for the WW2 generation because they too had formidable enemies. Change will not be a one man job. Trump’s “I alone can fix this” is not going to work.  It’s been exposed as folly. Both sides can see that now.

So let’s exploit Trump’s egocentric and narcissistic weaknesses. WWII was all about teamwork.  It was our teamwork that prevailed. Had we been divided then – we might all be speaking German here now. We need that team spirit now.


Why make the primary a winner-takes-all race? Why not make this a winner-enrolls-all primary? Can you imagine the strength of that commitment? It would be a truly unbeatable union. Trump couldn’t begin to match it. What’s he going to do? Is he going to run proudly with his team of Pence, Ross, Nielsen, Barr and Kushner? Just picture that. His team is ludicrous.

So let’s announce we are all running as a team. Whoever wins will offer the others an open option to assume a suitable post in the new administration. Perhaps this has to get to Pelosi or Perez first. I will try. But if you have a bigger mic – you try too. The team starts with us anyway. I call it “Justice League 2020” – for social media promotion anyway. After all, we are also struggling for justice as well. 


So here’s an image and an outside-the-box strategy to match Trump’s resolve – which will include election fixing, ad hoc crises, cyber attacks, Russian bots and potentially last minute make-shift war efforts. 

Help me get this to all the candidates. The struggle to gain the presidency should not run the risk of dividing the democratic electorate.

Share this forward and upwards. Thank You. 



Elizabeth Warren’s Native American Issue Should Not Be an Issue

1-warrenDemocrats! We’re going to have to STOP EATING OUR OWN! Any Democratic charge against Elizabeth Warren is straight out of Vladimir Putin’s playbook: find ways to put the best people in the opposition party into hot water.

I’m sorry.  The only people Warren has to apologize to are full-blooded Native Americans themselves.  – She should do that and ask them if she has been forgiven. Knowing the Indian heart and sense of justice – they already have. Everyday Americans have no substantial dog in this show.

Elizabeth Warren must find her own way to stand up to this challenge which is truly based on something relatively trivial – her family’s identification with their distant Native American heritage.  If she continues to apologize without attacking her accusers and calling them out for their hypocrisy, she will come off as weak. That trend is beginning and she must stop it in its tracks. We’ve all made mistakes if we go back far enough. This trend is going to destroy our country if it continues.


Elizabeth, feel free to make this your own. It is written as if it were a speech made by you. America needs to hear your hallmark never quit spirit right now.   It’s about time we all call BS on the racism that’s going around like the flu these days. 

Salutations _______,  

Barack Obama is actually a person of two races  – 50% black and 50% white.  He was raised mostly by his white mother – so Obama is sort of more white than black. Yet most people think of Obama as a 100% black man – and the racists among us (including Donald Trump) have accentuated Obama’s blackness by adding “from Kenya” – which is not true. Obama is genetically 50% black, but in actuality a smaller percentage of black genes can qualify you to “be black” in America.  The actual social standard is still “can any typical Negro race features be seen”. Did you know Soledad O’Brien has one black parent? I’m sorry folks, but this standard is just weird anymore. It’s 2019 – not 1950. 

Racists use the superficial visual differences among us to shout out “you look different than me, I don’t trust you, I am afraid of you”. That is exactly the sentiment Trump promotes almost daily. And his GOP supporters have been complicit. That same racist sentiment motivated the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter and was behind the Holocaust. It underpins most of the wars on planet earth today. And it’s so superficial that it ought to be embarrassing to all decent Americans by now.  

The truth is – we humans are all mutts, mixes and mongrels on planet earth – and our racial mix should not really matter to us any way. We are all mixed nationalities to various degrees – and we all choose to identify with certain portions of that mix more than others. In my case, my family and I identified with our Native American heritage as much as our European heritage. I don’t really know why. This sort of thing starts when we are very young children. Maybe it was romantic for me to think I was part Indian. Maybe it was these cheekbones. (Elizabeth, point to your cheeks when you say that. )

My inner sense of being part Indian stayed with me proudly when I was a struggling young lawyer in America – and still exists. If writing myself in as “American Indian” has offended any full blood Native American I sincerely apologize. I received no special treatment because of this. You all should know this:  I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth. My parents barely survived on the ragged edge of the middle class. So let me now remind you of what I am not accused of.

I am not accused of faking bones spurs to get out of military service . I am not accused of cheating the federal government out of 500 million in taxes. I am not accused of working with Russians to get elected. I am not accused of visiting the dressing rooms of teenage girls when I was in my 50’s. And I am not accused of being heartless and feeling no remorse about separating young children from their parents – or creating phony universities to bilk people of their savings – or using federal workers as pawns to try and get my way.  I am not accused of lying 8000 times in the last 2 years. And I am not accused of grabbing women by their genitals.

Our sitting president is accused of all those things. And that seems to be okay with those who say I should not have listed myself as a Native American. 

(Speaking as if to Donald Trump now. ) So if you want to make a big deal about me identifying with my Native American heritage,  and call me Pocahontas – go right ahead – because most American people see through your racism now.  Their racial and misogynist blinders are off – and they are coming after you, Donald Trump – not for your pedigree – but for the actual person you are and have been. A criminal is a criminal – regardless of racial mix. And an upright citizen is still the standard of excellence here in the USA – regardless of racial mix.

History will judge us all by our actions, not our racial mixes. I stand on my record for the American people. And by the way, – though it does not concern me in any way  – your mother was an illegal immigrant. I just think the people you incite to rise up against immigrants – should know that too. 


How to Entice Trump to Step Down in 60 Days or Less

whitacreWith DEMS taking the house in January, we believe there is a quick strategy to get Donald Trump to step down as POTUS.  Trump’s corruption is now a national emergency. We should think of it that way. 
Background: Trump hates governmental scrutiny. He always has – even in business. Trump should be approached like a criminal trying to escape indictment. He will understand that. That is mainly what he has always been – and down deep he knows he is a criminal on the run. 
Plan of action: 
Mueller has plenty on Trump and his family. Potus Trump can be cornered by that evidence and be made to realize choosing to step down may be his best option.
If Trump sees there is no hope of not being exposed for his many crimes – and his family’s crimes – and it becomes clear his taxes will be releasedhe will look seriously at a quiet, private, back-room deal – as long as we go a little easy on him and his family. It does not have to be a “no” cost deal. – Just less cost. He’s going to want to stay free. He’s going to want to feel smart. We’ll have to be the bigger man – so to speak. What is said to the public may have to be tamped down. Maybe we let him cite a medical excuse. It does not matter. We all know the truth.
We think Trump can’t wait for all this to be over. Its not fun for him any more. No rallies for 500 days. Just endless investigations. He sees the handwriting on the wall. For now, he will continue to fight back. Until he sees another way, what else can he really do but fight? 
But what if we offered Trump another path? He’s looking tired. If he senses that the GOP is done in 2020 (which is true ) and they won’t have the power or will to protect him, and it becomes clear the majority of the country is against him – or even that 70% of the USA wants to protect Mueller – Trump goes back into draft dodger mode again. “Serve no one but yourself.” It is part of his family ethos to keep a distance from government scrutiny – precisely because they are cheats. 
So why even bother with “impeachment” and long processes? This is a war and we need it to end ASAP. Right now we just need to make it crystal clear to Trump that he is not going to get away with this – and that the show is over in two months anyway.
That’s why we favor keeping public pressure up with Indivisible and the #ProtectMueller meme. We need that meme to go viral and stay that way.  Then when the Dems take the house in January we offer him “the art of the deal”. 
We know some want vengeance and Trump deserves it. Our parents generation just executed traitors. But, if we want this over fast for our own good and the good of the planet we can just give Trump a get out of jail free card and ask him to step down immediately in exchange for it.  It’s a peace deal with an internal enemy. Terms of surrender, etc. We take the house and give Trump one week to surrender and step down, or all bets for immunity are off. 
We hate letting him off and are sure many other will hate that too. And the immunity deal does not have to be Scott-free. But this crisis is going to go on and on if we dont short circuit it. The founders did not imagine Donald Trump as POTUS. How could  they? We can hardly do so today! Their impeachment process did not consider what to do if an election was coordinated with a foreign enemy. Afterall, its a fair election that endows the president his powers. If a fair election did not even occur, is Trump really entitled to presidential protection? If he coordinated with Russia to win, why is he not a traitor? What does at traitorous president deserve? 
Plus we have REAL PROBLEMS to deal with here in the USA – problems that are NOT about TrumpClimate change seems number one.  Addressing climate change can’t wait two years! Science says if we delay now the planet will shortly be in a death spiral. How ridiculous we will be to our kids when they realize we let this happen over internal bickering over one sick maniac.  There is Healthcare, Border Security, College Tuition, Gun Laws. etc. So we really can’t afford to wait two years. Trump has that much on his side. We think he knows this and is acting wildly so that we actually do ask him to step down and he can ask for immunity. 
Yes, if he takes a deal, we get Pence. But Pence only Pence is not also implicated.  If Pence is “in the know” or “involved”  – we can make him the same offer. 
And then we would get the Speaker of the House and this nightmare is  all over – in January or 2020. ( Pence has no real shot to win in 2020. Actually no GOP POTUS candidate should win in 2020.) 
The price is cheap enough. Trump will take it if it can be done. We think he is signaling that he wants out and a deal. We think that is why he is stepping up the attacks on the judiciary. He wants out. He is trolling us with extra bad behavior so we are disgusted by it all and ask him to step down for some degree of immunity.
#1 We make sure Trump sees and believes the handwriting on the wall. 
The public can help with this with social media. Newscasters can help too. They have been great. Keep it up. There is real power in WORDS. Putin knew that much. We just use these new cyber methods to our benefit now. STAY VOCAL THROUGH THE CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS. Do not be lulled into a feel-good haze. 
#2 We offer him a private back-room deal to step down in one week. He cant wait. He will even think he is smart for it. Fine. 
Then in January of ’19 or ’21 we can make sure this never happens again!
This is an old school practical solution to our Trump problem.
He is waiting for the offer.  Let’s get him in a room and offer it. 
Trump wants to see what Mueller has in him to negotiate that deal.  That is why Whitacre is there now. So maybe he should find out how hopeless it is for him.
Americans are not the only citizens that must RID THEMSELVES their CORRUPT RULERS for their own welfare. BUT IF WE FAIL TO DO SO HERE, THE DICTATORS WIN … EVERYWHERE! Giving Thanks for our collective resolve to save Democracy … and the planet.
As to why we have such a dictator problem on planet earth, this post explains a bit of it.

How Citizens Can Help Protect Mueller in a Cyber Age

Joseph Aronesty, chairman – the Manhattan Beach Political Thinktank

E-commerce pioneer, songwriter, etymologist, author, Trump classmate 1967. 

Donald Trump Compares to King George III

I have put this together for people on the left and right. If you call yourself a conservative please wade through this and think for yourself. Let’s all set the many differences is our life views aside for a moment. We need to reason together now or we will surely suffer great losses soon.

Donald Trump has openly set a course to dismantle many long-standing governmental institutions.

I have put this argument together for people on the left and right. If you call yourself a conservative please wade through this and think for yourself. Let’s all set the many differences in our life views aside for a moment. Americans need to reason together now or we will all soon surely suffer great losses.

Donald Trump has openly set course to dismantle many long-standing governmental institutions. The stated* philosophy behind this tactic is that the private sector can do the work better than the government can.  I wonder about this. In either case, the work has to ultimately be done by people. The main difference is that if work is done by the private corporation, the soul of that corporation is mainly driven by profits for ownership and investors. The people doing the actual work become expenses in their balance sheets. If projects are done with the US government at the helm, ideally we all could have a share in the profits of that work. It’s our government to share. But unless we are investors or owners, it is not our corporation to share. Not at all. Think on that next time someone tries to sell you trickle down anything. 

  • The GOP advertises this philosophy but there has been zero proof that it works for over 40 years. It appears to most Americans to be a cover-up for fattening the wallets of the super-rich, and for that there is 40 years of evidence. 

While many functions historically belong to the private sector, some clearly do not. For example, the military could be a private sector enterprise. They call people who go into the militia for pay mercenaries. But this is not the way we do military here in the US, and it’s probably a good thing.  If making war creates corporate profits, it opens the avenue for more wars. To many, it still feels like the Vietnam war was about corporate profits.

In the USA we have public education because those who have come before us have deemed it to be in our national interest to have well educated citizens. So I have begun to wonder whether this course of dismantling government agencies so that their functions are left for corporations to do is even legal or constitutional. Still Trump is plodding ahead with corporatism. And of course, he gets to choose who gets the fat contracts. By now its also clear he has the undeclared foreign bank accounts to accept any bribes for those assignments. That can’t be good for our nation, but it is good for the Trump family if all they care about is money . And most Americans believe that today. 

So how is this corporate direction working so far for our nation?

Trump’s secretaries of State have not made enough foreign assignments needed to adequately represent the United States across the globe. Weakening our world presence makes us less safe. Our presidents all take an oath to do their best to keep us safe.  If this  is Trump’s best, it’s incompetence – and if it’s not his best, it’s a willing attempt to sell this country out, which is also exactly what Russia, our sworn enemy, wants for America.

Trump’s secretary of Education, Betsy de Vos, does not fully believe in public education. Trump’s head of the Environmental Protection Agency is not protecting the environment. Scott Pruitt was selling out the environment the EPA was designed to protect to the highest bidders and swiftly undoing the environmental safeguards we have put in place over the last 40 years. And Trump said he was doing a great job for the economy. Yes, its a great job if you don’t really care about the citizens of this country and think of them as deficits on the balance sheet of corporate profits. 

Trump is also trying to undo Medicare, Affordable Care, Women’s HealthCare and now even the Veterans Administration is not sacred to his party. He seems to aim to stop the VA from functioning by putting incompetent or sold-out yes men in charge, setting the VA on a path to privatization. If this becomes successful, his donors can sell the VA’s pieces to the highest bidders in big medicine, stuff their pockets – and run. This will not serve veterans and they know it. He fired the head of the VA because he was actually trying to improve things for our veterans.

Trump’s party members are in effect using the corporate raider system to bankrupt the USA, piece-by-piece – and they have the undeclared foreign bank accounts to hide what they steal. They are even trying to dismantle the Post Office. And if a corporation does not stand with Trump, and buy into his plans, like Amazon and Jeff Bezos, he tries to undo them. 

All the above mentioned agencies existed before this presidency and have been in place for many presidencies, generations and in some cases centuries. These agencies exist and were formed because these agencies were deemed necessary to protect and provide for the citizens of this country that this government was designed to serve.

The people who voted for Trump did not weigh in and say we don’t want a public VA, clean air or good public education, nor did Trump run on those things. In fact, Trump’s supporters rejected Romney because he was honest and told them that he wanted more corporatism. In a democracy, a change at the top does not undo the importance of the work these established agencies were created to do for us. In an autocracy however, everything a country stands for can pivot on the whim of an authoritarian.

We have seen all this many times before in other countries, but never yet in the United States. Yet we are witnessing the piece-by-piece dismantling of the US government and and we are letting it happen. There are brains far smarter than Donald Trump behind this. They hide. Trump is just the spokesman for a wealthy, greedy, unpatriotic group of industrialists who want to profit by privatizing all the functions of the US government. And if that is not in the interest of the majority of Americans, and a president swears to do his best to protect our national interests, how can it be legal or constitutional?

Which brings me to this. What was the United States originally designed to do for its citizens? For that we need to look back to 1776. 

What Can the Declaration of Independence Teach Us?

george3The enabling clauses of the the Declaration of Independence ( in italics for highlighting) is what forms the basis for the formation of this country. The colonists list their grievances with King Henry III of England, who had been ruling the colonies from an out-of-touch distance.  This is where I please ask the fundamentalists, constitutionalists and Trump supporters – pay close attention and try to form your own independent opinion.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, …

Have the US citizens given consent to their president to stop protecting our environment? Negative! And when it comes to our liberty and our freedom, – how can “working with Russians to try to fix a free and fair election” be constitutional? It does not foster our liberty or freedom. It sells us all out.

There is very little Trump has done that has actually the consent of the public he serves.  The public was 3:1 against his tax plan, and he/they did it anyway.  He simply says things like “You elected me president, I can do what I want”, “I’m the president and you’re not”. This is not how democracy was designed to function. This is however exactly how an authoritarian oligarchy works.

The Words of a Fully-committed Authoritarian

Listen to what Putin said at a USSR hockey game to a CBS reporter. He said with an undeniable smirk “Trump is acting in accordance with his own government constitution and putin-hockeylaws”. There is a sense that Putin knows Trump is struggling with the machinations and pesky laws of a democracy. You can listen to the interview by clicking on the photo.

Putin is a dictator who often silences his opposition the old-fashioned way. He does not have to abide by a constitution. His will is the constitution. There is no democracy in Russia. We are in the process of losing that here now. 

Trump clearly wishes he had Putin’s supreme power. He has said so. He also said it might be a good thing if one could be president for life. Trump is actually working on that, step-by-step – and I get the distinct impression that the Russian help he is getting is more than just election meddling. Putin seems to be feeding him the steps he needs to take to become fascist authoritarian in the USA, like he is in Russia. I also say that because I know Trump is not that smart, nor is he a historian in any sense of that word. I went to Penn and saw him paying for his homework in 1967. We all knew he was no scholar. Like I said, other brains are behind this assault on democracy. I digress. Back on track. 

The Declaration of Independence goes on to enumerate distinct grievances which form the reasons the colonists needed to get free of King George III and English rule. The colonists complaints sound frighteningly similar to the complaints the left has against Trump today. These are quotes from the 1776 document:

The history of the present King of Great Britain is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having the object to establish an absolute Tyranny over these States. To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a candid world.

He has refused his Assent to Laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good.  – That means George III held himself above the rule of law.

He has forbidden his Governors to pass Laws of immediate and pressing importance, and … he has utterly neglected to attend to them. This reminds me of Trump dismantling the EPA and ignoring climate science.  All our citizens need and have clearly demanded that our government work to provide clean air and water.  A clean environment speaks to the right to life. 

He has refused to pass other Laws for the accommodation of large districts of people, unless those people would relinquish the right of Representation in the Legislature, … This is reminiscent of the GOP voter intimidation laws, Gerrymandering and census tampering. trump also attacks immigrants and people with brown skin.  

He has called together legislative bodies at places unusual, uncomfortable, and distant from the depository of their public Records, for the sole purpose of fatiguing them into compliance with his measures. Reminiscent of when the GOP questioned witnesses in the Mueller probe in NYC rather than DC. Fatiguing opponents into compliance is so Trump-style one would think he studied King George III. But no. Trump does not study. 

He has endeavored to prevent the population of these States; for that purpose obstructing the Laws for Naturalization of Foreigners; refusing to pass others to encourage their migrations hither, … This feels like what Trump is doing to the Mexicans and DACA kids. 

He has made Judges dependent on his Will alone, for the tenure of their offices, and the amount and payment of their salaries.  Trump repeatedly fires staff that do not bend to his will. He has affected to render the Military independent of and superior to the Civil power. He has obstructed the Administration of Justice How amazingly similar to today’s conversations this all seems to be. 

For cutting off our Trade with all parts of the world. Trump’s trade war fits right in there.

For imposing Taxes on us without our Consent: Trump’s billionaire tax relief bill fits here. And really, Americans were 75%-25% against his tax bill. He did not have our consent! 

For suspending our own Legislatures, and declaring themselves invested with power to legislate for us in all cases whatsoever. This is what the nuclear option would do to America. King George did this and Trump is asking for it.

He is at this time transporting Armies of foreign Mercenaries to …. complete works of tyranny unworthy of a …civilized nation. And these remind me of the Russian accomplices Trump worked with to gain power. Yes, you have to adjust a bit for 250 years, but not that much. 

He has excited domestic insurrections amongst us …. This is exactly what Trump does and has done since day one with his birther stance. He divides the nation into two artificial camps, weakens them both, and tries to conquer that way.  His strategy is the house divided theory incarnate. 

History does repeat itself. What King George III was a saw in the colonies was a way to make a buck without caring about the colonists. This is the same with Trump and the GOP. They view everything through the lens of their personal profits. They even try to enroll our citizens into thinking profit is all that matters in life. 

I’m going to stop this now and not recommend the course out of this for us. We all know we have to vote out the president’s party in November. That is the only way out of the Trump Error. Yes, i said error – not era. Hopefully it will be over November, in less that 200 days. We are, in that case, 70% through the Trump Error. 

It’s also worth mentioning that Fareed Zakaria just reminded us the Germany was the world’s most progressive democracy when Hitler destroyed the machinations of democracy – piece-by-piece. History repeats itself. 

I will close with this. In the later part of his life, George III had recurrent, and eventually permanent, mental illness. Sic semper tyrannus. The 2020 voters are coming! 


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