A Cancer Survivor’s View on Gun Sense, Politics and Nonsense

A good barometer of the viability of a society is its system of values. When values erode, the society either falls apart or is overtaken. This is exactly what happened in Rome. It’s not that “it can happen here”. It is happening here … right now.

A. I fought Hodgkin’s Lymphoma holistically for five years holistically and then two more years with Western medicine which finally got rid of all the bad cells.  Lymphoma is a systemic disease. You cannot cut it out. You need to eliminate them all, or they slowly come back. And you can’t get rid of them all in one fell swoop. Your organs can’t handle that much toxicity. And yet each single bad cell is not enough to kill a flea. So doctors try to kill them at a pace your elimination organs can handle.

B. The word CELL resembles the word SELF for a reason. It refers to one. And what we experienced in Las Vegas was ONE GUY. Even if we had Minority Report pre-crime detection bots and took him out ahead of the crime, it would not change the fact the we have a systemic disease here in the USA. And like a cancer, it’s going to kill the host body if we don’t start the healing soon.

But what is the nature of the American disease we are witnessing every day? Is it the lack of gun laws, promoted by the NRA to favor the profits of gun makers over the lives of our citizens? No. Gun love is just one place in our body that has disease.

We see its symptoms in the way the GOP undermines healthcare for our citizens in exchange for kickbacks from insurance companies. GOP healthcare, if ever implemented, would kill far more people than the LV massacre or 911. 

We also hear its symptoms reflected in the words of our heartless president who offered lukewarm support for Puerto Ricans with memes like “you are messing with our budget” or “there are a lot of business-people who support the Jones Act”. I hear it is gangsta rap, where the lyrics often refer to being rich as being as the be all end all goal in life. I see it in the way people adore big stars, and then ignore the stars in their own communities. 

The underlying disease is all one: greed. This cancer, like mine was, is now metastatic. It’s everywhere. Cutting out one infected organ will not cure us.

GREED starts with GR because it refers to a GROWTH that is out of control – which is exactly what a cancer is. 

Greed will always exist. It’s been witnessed and documented for 5000 years.  But healthy societies put checks and balances into place so that greed does not overrun their governments.  It’s popular to say “get the money our of politics”, but Citizen’s United gives money a larger voice than the citizens of our country.  Citizen’s United gives greed a platform to operate and grow here.  That’s not right or democratic. CU must go.

It’s a strange irony that the word AMERICA contains two word-parts, AMORE and RICH.  America literally means “loves riches”: Ame-rica. Maybe it’s a self-perpetuating meme. Maybe we should start using the memes “United States” and “US citizens” more than “America” and “Americans”. At least they reinforce the idea of a people united.

So, I am not that interested in this single-cell Las Vegas sicko. The coverage will go on for a while, but it is just a distraction. We should strive to cure our sickness the same way we fight a systemic cancer. It starts with recognizing the nature of our actual disease: we permit greed to govern our decisions to the detriment of our citizens.

The word GOVERN originally referred to steering used in navigating at sea: from Greek kybernan “to steer or pilot a ship”. We must steer our US governing ship with navigators who are not sold out to self-interest – or we are doomed to die as a nation. Cyber comes from that same Greek root word. Strange irony? Or something the Russians know that we don’t?

Even if we got rid of every gun in the USA, it would not end our systemic greed disease. That would be like cutting off the arm of a person with lymphoma. Sure, it would kill the bad cells in that arm – but the entire body has the disease. 

Donald Trump is a brand that symbolizes greed disease. His first campaign words were “of course you love me, I’m rich”. He learned most people have some level of greed disease from his casino-owner days. 

And as the gap between the wealthy and the poor grows here, there will be more and more bad cells acting out – out of desperation. It’s just a matter of time. It’s sort of like a negative lottery. Given time, it’s bound to happen. And it’s going to keep happening until we get money out politics or we succumb. 

Gordon Gecko said “greed is good” and somehow we embraced that mantra as a nation. That was the moment I knew we had greed disease here in the USA.  Actors like Bernie Madoff, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, climate change deniers, Martin Shkreli, the Koch Brothers – and countless others all embody and live by that sick mantra.  Even terrorists are inspired by the greed in their societies. Terrorists would not be as easy to recruit if they had paths to meaningful comfortable lives.

It was not always that way, here in the USA. After WW11 the rich were taxed at a much higher rate than the poor so that stored capital naturally flowed into infrastructure and education, helping us all and making us naturally proud to be Americans – or US citizens. 

The next congressional agenda is tax reform.  This Trump/GOP tax plan is purely motivated by greed. Don’t believe a word our president says about this being for the middle-class.  He is a natural born liar. He just cares about his own. His is not to be trusted as a leader. Ask yourself why their estate tax starts at six million dollars. It it were good for everyone, it would start at six hundred dollars. Fair is fair. Nothing is fair about what Trump has in mind for us. 

We must start our healing process now – but proceed slowly. If we try to do too much at one time, it can also kill us. And while kindness and prayers are fine for moral support, if they do not lead to actions, they function like a placebos. 

Disclaimer: Prayer alone does not diagnose, treat or cure any disease.

We need thoughtful caring actions to be taken. I myself see no reason why anyone should be allowed to own an automatic weapon, or more than a few firearms. But as long as greed governs in America, this is not going to change.

So I say, skip the discussion on gun rights for now and focus on voting out the greedy ones and the NRA influence in government in 2018.  

The best thing we have here in the US is national elections every two years. The next one is November 2018. We can’t afford to get distracted. We have no time to waste either. I sincerely believe 2018 is our last chance to save the ailing American society.

If for no other reason than to send out the messages that US citizens will no longer be governed by greed and that we realize greed in government is our national disease here in America, we must vote out infected ruling party members – at every level. 

We can do this. The citizens who voted for Donald Trump wanted to vote out the system. They just were so blinded by their desire for change that they did not see that Trump was a charlatan. I have forgiven them. They mostly know they made a mistake by now. So those same voters can be enrolled to do that same thing again – to vote out a diseased system. 

We must assure that greed has no place in our government. When Citizen’s United falls apart under a new regime, it will begin to turn the tide of our systemic greed disease. 

And then maybe, slowly, the way you kill a cancer, we can return to the kind America I remember as a child. It was not perfect. No society is. But it was much more inclusive than what we have now. We had a visible path to a good life here, and many of us seized that path and have enjoyed that good life. I was lucky that way.

Now, our kids don’t even see the on-ramp to that path. We have let them down terribly. I am not a big D Democrat. Don’t paint me with that broad brush. I don’t care about parties. I care about the actual people who we elect. I wish there were no parties at all. Parties are part of the greed disease problem. I am a global citizen living in America. My homeland that I love is now governed by greed. It is killing us all and we all know it down deep. All I want is better for my kids. I’d like to the healing begin in my lifetime. 

A spiritual disease is being transmitted to Americans by man a who has been  infected all his life. And its very contagious. 2018 may be the last chance to save us from greed/envy disease. It is usually fatal to societies. 


This is the campaign to win the country back in 2018. People really want to vote out politicians. Not vote in. That’s why Hillary lost, or a big part of it. Trump knew that much. Policies are important but this raw emotion must be harnessed. We use that same meme, and take the ball right back in a year.  Easy really. 

I wrote Song For Healing when I was on chemo. It helped me a lot. My way of praying I guess. It’s not all I did however. Have a listen: 



Etymology Teaches Us Why Trump’s Delayed Responses Don’t Seem Sincere

The word “sincere” comes into English via French and Latin.  SIN in Latin means without. (sans in French) CERE means cerebral, head or thought. SINCERE means WITHOUT THOUGHT.  

When Trump spoke first on Charlottesville, it was off the cuff, without much thought. Those first words came from his heart. (Heart is not quite the right word here, is it?) Later, after speaking with advisers and reading the polls, he dressed his first words up, rephrasing them to appease more people. Those second words are no longer sincere, by the very definition of the word sincere. 

Donald also fails to have honor, according to the root definition of that word.  Honor means “one word”. The “hon” in honor represents one and the “or” represents oral. It’s that simple. When a person has one word they have honor. But Trump consistently and historically has been shown to reverse the things he says be believes in. That’s not honor. He does not even know what that word means. 

So, by the truest definitions of these words, Trump has neither honor nor sincerity. And for these reasons, he is not even qualified to be a public school teacher, let alone be president.

Disclaimer: Sorry to use that metaphor my teacher friends. Teaching is super important work. But there are standards one must pass to be a public school teacher. Do you think Trump could get a teacher job after Access Hollywood was released? Not! 

So Trump’s delayed consolation re Charlottesville seems insincere and his double talk ( as our parents called it ) has no honor. Without neither honor nor sincerity, Trump should not will not likely survive a full term as POTUS. And all those aligned with him will fall with him. This is why we see CEO’s bailing on DT right now. They are getting the jump on 2018. There will be no wiggling off this hook in 2018.  All aligned with Trump are going down, if he even lasts that long. 

The Etymology of Anthony Scaramucci

We all sense something funny about the word Scaramucci. This post will reveal why we feel that, and what it means.  Let’s start with MUCCI.

MUCCI is an Italian root word for MOUTH. The are several English words that make this clear. A SMOOCH is a kiss. There’s also MUNCH, something done with the mouth. The S-prefix denotes motion – a moving mouth is a kiss.  The S-denotes motion because of the continuing sound of SSS. Many S-words convey motion for this reason: SKI, SWIM, SHOO, SHOE, SWIRL, SAUNTER, SHAKE, SHIP, SEND, SERVE. There are hundreds.

And SCARA means exactly what it seems to say: SCARY. The SC-prefix has to do with MOTION (S) and CUTTING (C). Words like SCRATCH, SCRAPE and SCISSORS reflect that motion and cutting. And the AR sound often reflects a sort of HARD or ARDUOUS sense. AARGH! The word SCAR fits right in here as well.

scaramucciSo Anthony, I’m afraid your last name means SCARY MOUTH! And you seem to be one who lives up to that meaning, whether you knew it or not. You wanna do something about this? Let’s take it outside! Yeah. That guy.

ANTHONY has a totally different meaning. The AN prefix is the ancient Sumerian word for SKY. It evolved simply because when saying AN (AHN) there are two physical things going on. #1. AH is a large sound. #2. When you say N your tongue ends up on the roof of your mouth. So AHN is large and up like the SKY.

The THONY part is easy. The TH has evolved to be a D sound in English. The easiest way to understand that process is to say BOTTLE and notice you say D but it reads T. So leaving off the Y ending, the THON becomes DON. And we all know what a DON is in Italian. A DON is a ruler or god of sorts. ANTHONY means ruler of the sky – or a god.

So Anthony Scaramucci literally means the god with a scary big mouth. He’s no god. But he does work for a don! And he is a big-mouth. He is exactly what his name means. A man who lives up to his name. A big mouth.


Joseph Aronesty is an e-commerce pioneer, songwriter and etymologist. His book, Deciphering the English Code ( Amazon ), explains the genesis and history of English words in a way anyone can understand.

#3 Light Words


So if you see some logic in the theorem that some English L-words seem to be about things that are lifted in nature, and you think it is potentially non-coincidental that one lifts one tongue to say these very same English L-words, then you have one notch of proof that English is a Stone age language that has evolved into the world’s most known and influential language. I am aware that it’s going to take a lot more notches to convince many of you of this. Hang on. We’ve got plenty of notches on all the consonants.

So lets look through some English L-words that seem to be related to things lifted or lifting.

A levy lifts things up, as does a lever. A well is an elevator for water. (W+ELL) Oil (O+IL) is lighter than water; “o” is an ancient word for water with living progeny in French (eau) and cousins in English, osmosis ( water-motion ).


Light is the ultimate light thing; it has no weight either, so light is light. That’s not a coincidence. You need light to see, so look is derived from lux, a Latin relative in the lifted L-word family. Of course there is helium, which goes up – and that is supposed to come from Greek. But helium’s root source is much older than Ancient Greece; it derives from the lifted tongue employed to create an L-sound. We’ve just lost the trail back.

Light travels in a line — and so a family of linear words was spawned which now includes words like list and limbo. Scientific words like longitude and latitude were created when we became more scientific, but the relation to the core concepts of lifting and light were never lost to English L-words.

A ladder takes you up. An elephant lifts his trunk. A loft is a room on high (and not low.)  A hill takes you up. A lens lets light in. A lid seems not to have much to do with light until you think about the first known lid, the eyelid. The eyelid stops light! (li+d) And the “d” at the end of a word (or a “t”) often signifies an end, as in end and splat.

And of course, life itself is dependent upon light. Humans have known this for a very long time, and that is why these words are somewhat similar.