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A Cancer Survivor’s View on Gun Sense, Politics and Nonsense

A good barometer of the viability of a society is its system of values. When values erode, the society either falls apart or is overtaken. This is exactly what happened in Rome. It’s not that “it can happen here”. It is happening here, right now. Continue reading

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Etymology Teaches Us Why Trump’s Delayed Responses Don’t Seem Sincere

The word “sincere” comes into English via French and Latin.  SIN in Latin means without. (sans in French) CERE means cerebral, head or thought. SINCERE means WITHOUT THOUGHT.   When Trump spoke first on Charlottesville, it was off the cuff, without … Continue reading

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The Etymology of Anthony Scaramucci

We all sense something funny about the word Scaramucci. This post will reveal why we feel that, and what it means. Continue reading

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#3 Light Words

LIGHT WORDS So if you see some logic in the theorem that some English L-words seem to be about things that are lifted in nature, and you think it is potentially non-coincidental that one lifts one tongue to say these … Continue reading

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