What If Trump and the Entire Executive Branch Has Been Suborned?

Written May 2017, updated January 2018 and April 2019

Whether what the Trumps did was deemed illegal by the Special Counsel, I think all Americans can agree we just can’t have foreign governments influencing our elections. The American electorate has a right to the whole truth about the 2016 election. Why? Free and fair elections has defined America since we began. We realize this can never happen again. So we have to know exactly – not approximately – what we are fighting. 


It’s been pretty obvious to most Americans that something does not feel right about Donald Trump. I don’t care what “side” you have been on. He lies right to our faces with no shame. He seems to want chaos and is a divider not a uniter. He wants to keep secrets from us. We can’t see his taxes. What is he hiding? He won’t even let us see the notes of his meeting with Putin – whom we know has nothing good in mind for the USA. What is Trump hiding?


Tax evasion is one crime the Trump family has been engaged in for over 50 years. This is now reported by the Southern District of New York. They say the Trump family has avoided 500 million in taxes. Trump’s sister, a judge, resigned April 2019 when she found out the Judicial Review Board was going to look into her taxes. The Trumps are primarily a financial crime family.

Trump knows what crimes against this country he has committed. So he knows how important it is to stay in power. Once his presidency is over it will be impossible for him to avoid justice, which will be very costly to him and his family. After all, they are primarily robbers. When they don’t pay their taxes, they force others to pay more taxes. It’s like Trump is picking all our pockets. 

So I ask you this. Why are the GOP allowing this to continue? He has even turned their once conservative agenda into right-wing extremism.  And that cost the real GOP dearly in 2018. What do they expect to happen in 2020? They can’t win an honest election almost anywhere now. So they Gerrymander and nominate candidates who run their own election boards. In North Carolina, they outright threw opposing votes into the trash bin.

There are about 200 GOP reps in the House and 55 out of 100 in the Senate are GOP. The crucial margin of 5 in the senate is enough to allow them to install judges that will rule for Trump. So it comes down to less than 10 people in this entire country that are setting the agenda for the other 300 million. And that is ridiculous.

I was exposed the philosophies of the survivors of the Great Depression growing up in NY NJ and Miami. I was exposed to them, but I did not accept them for my life. Trump did. And every now and then he leaks out little pieces of those “gems” in his news conferences.

While campaigning in Iowa in 2016 he said to a cheering crowd, “Wow. They love me. Of course they love me. I’m rich. I’m very very rich.”

This was Trump reminding himself that people can be bought. His entire administration is packed with people who either need or want more money. And if they are loyal to Trump, he will promise them “ a good life.” In fact, at the Rose Garden he barked out to Bill Barr, “I hope you have a great life. “ So getting people to align themselves with your private agenda through bribery is one ace in Trump’s game. So there’s no shortage of would-be-crooks in the Trump administration. In fact, if he finds out you are not easy to buy off, he will fire you. That’s exactly what happened to Tillerson, Sessions and Comey. No Boy Scouts can be allowed to stay on in the Trump Administration because crooks need to be aligned even moreso than honest people. One rat can sink their crooked ship.

From how many does Trump have to buy allegiance to stay in power and skirt justice? It’s about thirteen people. The swing votes in Congress, Mitch McConnell, Mnuchen, Ross, Barr, Pence and a few judges.

Think back. At some time, Donald Trump had not signed that Russian sanctions bill approved by his GOP Congress sitting on his desk for months – even though it was to his political benefit to sign it. And yet, he did not sign it. Why? There is only one plausible reason – because he could not. Trump has clearly been suborned by Vladimir Putin.

And our government as a whole does nothing about any of this because the crucial swing vote leaders are in on the deal. They all have dirt on each other. That’s why they swear allegiance each other. “Thick as thieves” is apropos. 

Trump and his inner circle soldiers (many of whom are indicted and in jail) colluded with Russian spies to try and win a federal election. – And now all are suborned and are forced to side with the Russian political agendas (not ours) as payback for services rendered. If they don’t, Putin can leak the full unabashed truth about what he knows and totally sink Donald Trump and the entire Trump GOP.  Why would Putin care?

So this president cannot and will never serve faithfully as a US president. He can’t, even if he wanted to – and there’s never been a shred of evidence that he has wanted to serve our country or was capable of serving anyone or anything faithfully. 

And this is the hardest part. It would be one thing if it were only Trump. But the entire executive brand must also be suborned. He fires the few who refuse to swear allegiance and stand on principle.

Regardless of our political affiliation or lack thereof, what we now have as American citizens, is a thoroughly dangerous security crisis. We have a coup of about 13 people who are holding the best interests of our country hostage so that the biggest thief in their circle can escape justice. And like Michael Cohen said, he does not think Trump will surrender power even if he loses the 2020 election. Myself, I am not even sure there will be an honest 2020 election. It’s that serious to Trump.

In the interest of national security, Trump should be stripped of critical powers until he shows his taxes.

The House now has the power and duty to do oversight as a check and balance to runaway power. That is 100% constitutional. Trump’s not going to supply his taxes anyway. He does not care about the law. He feels he cannot be indicted while in office. He intends to stay in office for life if he can. I’ve been saying this since the day he was elected. Trump’s been in bed with Russian money launderers since the 1980’s with his cash cow casinos.

One reason for that crime exists: tax avoidance. Until we have transparency and the full release of the Mueller report, Trump should not be allowed to pardon anyone associated with him or his campaign. He should be stripped of his war powers as well. Note that today, April 12th 2019, it is reported that Trump told a border official to break the law and he would pardon him! This is him getting caught bribing people. What you don’t realize this is how he operates every single day! Wake up! 

There is currently neither enough confidence in Donald Trump, or in any of Trump’s cabinet members to efficiently run our government in a way that is truly focused on improving or protecting the lives of ordinary Americans. Nor are we assured that all or most of the executive branch members are not part of a suborned group of unwittingly Russian-aligned politicians, to whom we have just given the keys to our weapon systems. This is foolish and very dangerous!

We have way too much at stake here to gamble on Trump’s claims of innocence – or fake media. Both citizen and president Trump have repeatedly shown they can’t be trusted to be honorable. The facts we already know don’t add up any longer to most Americans. And we don’t have the Mueller report. And it’s clear the GOP and Trump’s administration don’t want that to get out.

We really can’t afford all this bickering anymore. It’s shameful and wasteful. In one year we have become the total laughing stock of the planet’s first-world countries. Like I said: maybe they are all suborned. And that should have all Americans worried. 

Until the Mueller investigation is public information, and we are confident Trump has our interest at heart, Trump’s war and pardon powers should immediately be taken away. Congress must now have to sole power to make war.  The sheer numbers of people in Congress will serve a safety valve in this interim period. American safety must be an extra high priority now.

We know that he knows that wars and crisis tend to shut down internal investigations. We cannot be rule out that a war or crisis will be created by Trump to keep Trump and his cronies in power. We see they are capable of doing anything for their own interests. We can’t have a suborned executive branch. And seems to be the case.

Time is not our friend here. 2019 in the real make or break year for American democracy. Waiting for 2020 is a fool’s game. The GOP believe we will sit by and wait for an election result. And they intend to fix that election – or create a situation where the election is suspended.





Dictator or President? Where Are the Republicans Who Want to Preserve the American Democracy?

compromising with foreign agents to affect an election in the USA, whether the effort is effective or not, is not legal, patriotic or moral here. It’s treason …

This blog used to be about the etymology of English words. But our country is under attack, and really all other pursuits, conversations and blog posts seem trivial right now. I figure words like COLLUDE and COMPROMISED are in the news a lot and it could be interesting to share their etymologies to all.  So then:

C-words are largely about anything a claw can do. Close, chew, crush, carry, collect, contact, chain, chase, etc. I know it sounds like a bold claim, but I have found the English C looks like a claw for a reason; the C first represented a bird’s claw because bird’s go coo and caw. Make a short list of basic C-words and sense the closure in an inordinate percentage of them.

So a CONNECTION is a connected “neck” or “nexus”. The Russians made a connection with agents here in the USA with the intent to affect the election and have a connection with the next president of the United States. We all know that much now. 

spiesCOLLUDE is a form of COLLUSION. The LUSION part refers to PLAYING. Best example word is LUDICROUS – with a sense of play in it. Those who collude, play together in some way. It’s clear there was some play or collusion with Russians, in that sense of the word.

Now CONSPIRE gets to the SPIRIT of the encounter. You can see part of the word SPIRIT hiding in CONSPIRE. To me, SPIRIT has PYRE (FIRE) in it because a spirit is like a fire burning inside you. People who conspire share a spirit. It may not be a benign spirit. But it burns inside them. And that is also what is going on with the Trumps and the Russians. They are conspiring. That’s why Trump never says a really bad thing about the Russians. Mexicans, Muslims, Democrats and actors are all somehow fair game – but not Russians. It’s called a tell in poker. But anyone with common sense can see this is going on. 

Now on COMPROMISE – it gets even more interesting. It literally means “promise together”. It means quid pro quo in that sense. It means I promise to you and you promise to me. We can’t have a president who has been compromised or is compromise-enabled. I think we can all agree on that, right? Left and right. Right?

And compromising with foreign agents to affect an election in the USA, whether the effort is effective or not, is not patriotic, moral nor legal here. It’s treason and it is not and cannot be allowed under the rules of espionage in our democracy. Not unless our democracy no longer cares if it becomes a fascist nation. Because that is what I now see as Trump’s new spiritual focus: making America beholden to him only, like a dictator does.  Like that smart cookie in North Korea, I guess too. And his friend, Vlad. Rulers have it good in dictatorships. They “can do anything”. They can grab the entire nation by its pussy. And they let you get away with it … when your a dictator. Sound familiar?

Stay ahead of Trump’s next move. He never wants to lose. That’s all you have to know. Because of what Trump has done to get elected, he knows down deep that legally becoming a dictator is really the only way he comes out not paying for his crimes at all. He’s working on that 24/7. That is his entire agenda.  He’s even got us paying for his lawyers and protection. Nothing else gets done. We’ll go broke trying to defend him. But he won’t. 

And so we continue to see Trump firing those who are not 100% loyal to him or speak about the Russian hack as if it happened for real.  He is trying to become the judge and jury for his own crimes. He now even speaks of pardoning those who have aided him in his crimes against the state. This is dictator speak folks. 

Trump is trying to legally become the first dictator of the USA. And if he gets away with it, the American democracy as we know it, may be ruined for the foreseeable future. And then Putin has really won.

putin-hockeyListen to what Putin said at some hockey game to our reporters. He said with an undeniable smirk “Trump is dealing with his government”. He said that because that is what Trump told him when he asked when those sanctions were going to be lifted. Trump said “I’m trying, Vladimir. But it’s not as easy here. I have to deal with my government and my press.” To which Putin answered, “Not me Donny. I fixed all that. You can do it too. Use your own rules, lawyers, state press. It can happen even in the USA. Then you and I will rule the world, comrade.”

And Trump took that bait, greed-monger that he is. 

Kudos to Republican Richard Painter for using the word TREASON on the news today. We need to be hearing much more of that, because that is what really happened …. here in the USA.

Where are the Republicans who want to be remembered for preserving the democracy?


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