Etymology of “Fascist” – Arrival

I’m probably going to have to cut down on my political blogging, just because the thought of having Trump, a person I grew up with in the Northeast, be my POTUS, is literally plaguing me. “Pinch me” seems appropriate, as I keep hoping I will wake up one morning and find Trump has been implicated in something that precludes him from actually taking office. He may have been correct about his opponents having low energy. As he fills the proverbial swamp with his alligators, where is the outrage people?  

Please boycott Trump’s businesses and the businesses of his allies. Vote with your wallet! It works a lot better than ballot voting. In fact, if we all voted with out wallets everyday, we would soon be living in a the world we dream of. We would not need politicians to get stuff done, because business would have to do it for us. Polticians are middlemen. And it would not take long. One healthy business quarter starving out our true enemies: polluters, science deniers, restaurants that serve unhealthy food and underpay their staff, and banks with billionaires for CEO’s, and they would be asking us – how can we do this better folks?

I picture a new political party, the Consumer’s Party – one based in the reality of our everyday lives. We are all consumers, Democrats and Republicans. The divide is artificial. Our founding fathers created the United States of America, but big business is actively promoting the Untied States of America. Did you notice how close those two words are, united and untied?

So today, I am going to discuss the source of the word FASCIST. It’s actually a relatively new word, but of course, all words can be traced far back in time with some logic. Here is what the OED has on FASCIST:

fascist (adj.) 1921, from Italian partito nazionale fascista, the anti-communist political movement organized 1919 under Benito Mussolini (1883-1945); from Italian fascio “group, association,” literally “bundle”. “Groups of men organized for political purposes”. Had been a feature of Sicily since c. 1895, and the 20c. totalitarian sense probably came directly from this.  As a noun from 1922 in English.

The closest word in English is FASTEN. The C in FASCIST provides the closure, the way C-words do in CLC – connected faces is how I see fascist. That is exactly what we see going on now in Trump’s cabinet choices. – Trump is building a group of men who will stick together and make loyalty to the boss more important than loyalty to Amercian ideals. Other words close to fascist and fasten is paste. 

Of course, the working class people who voted him in are not students of history, and they are about to find that their candidate had plenty of energy to get their vote for his own purposes – but since he has never made a sacrifice for others in his entire life – I dont think he is suddenly going to work to support working people. mussoThese are the same people he fleeced in his casinos. Bus trippers to him. Cattle. It takes a certain mentality to ruin lives and sleep at night. I do run into naive people who think he may change. Yes, people sometimes evolve in their old age. I hope he does. But many don’t evolve. And so far, he seems like that kind of person to me. His words and actions are still about the same they would have been in his high school days. Frankly, almost any decent person would have been a better choice than Donald Trump for POTUS. Thats an exxagertaion, but it’s not that far off.

I saw the movie ARRIVAL tonight. This is a beautiful story whose moral is “communication” or language is man’s most important tool.  I fully agree. That is the main thrust of my book, Deciphering the English Code, as you get to the end of it. What I discovered is that our languages are much more connected than we generally believe scholars included.  And though we can not predict the future with Common Language Code, CLC, we can get a sense from whence we have come with CLC. When we see how the codes in our native languages relate to those in other tongues in brings us closer together.

The best weapon we will have to deal with the problem s of the future, is some semblance of underdstanding the lanaguages of our enemies.What we can end up finding out, is that we all have a lot in common – and we have been largely sold, by the miltiary/industrial complexes, here and over there, on the idea that we are others. 

And perhaps just knowing from whence we have come, can provide the best shot for an optimistic prognosis for our future. History does repeat itself.

Which brings me back to FASCIST. Let’s keep our eye on the ball here, please! Two hundred and forty years of democracy, and 70 years without a world war can all go down the drain with one wrong move – or tweet!


Is Jared Kushner Trump’s Brain?

This year a Jewish man ran for president, and was actually rejected by a significant porportion of Jews. I found that strange. There was more solidarity for Obama among blacks than there was for Bernie among Jews. Nonetheless, a Jew finally made it to the White House, Jared Kushner.
I don’t know if you see what I see in Donald Trump lately, but I see post-battle fatigue and fear. The adrenaline of running for office has left his sytem, and his body language is revealing that he is indeed a 70 year old man, with a feeling that he is about to enter into dangerous unchartered waters. He is so paranoid, he does not even want to leave his house in NYC.
With everyone potentially taking shots at him, Trump needs to know who he can trust. I mean that literally – with his life. He is no scholar, but he watched House of Cards, right? And he knows he can trust his daughter and her husband Jared Kusher.
They called Karl Rove, Bush’s brain. Well let me be the first to say this – pretty much now, Jared Kushner is Trump’s brain. And we are much better off with Kusher’s young brain than Trump’s brain.
Trump just wants to have his name memorialized – the way it is on those buildlings.
Even he knows that he is not fit for the actual job of president. He’s never had a job. Jobs involve getting up early. The 2AM tweets will have to go. He never thought he would win it, so truly, he has not prepared. It was a game-like challenge for him. He set his salesman brain on it. And great salesmen will out-perform mediocre statesmen. That is actually what happened last Tuesday.
 So now we have a nice Jewish boy in the White House coaching his 70-year-old father-in-law. I let my oldest son coach me all the time. It’s very normal. Trump will make the announcements. Jared and Ivanka will do most of the real thinking. Good!   I see already they are looking at Romney. We could do worse. If they select reasonable people to make the important decisions, at least we can avoid WW3.
Will the people who got Trump elected get real satisfaction from him? Romney, the 1% guy? Probably not. You can’t cut taxes to the rich and pay for more stuff at the same time. Trickle down has proven not to work. Why would it? The rich have generally proven themselves not to be generous. Their stooges in Congress are still there, even more of them. They stash their funds out of the country to save taxes – bankrupting the poor. Oh, the working class will know this , and probably very soon. They made a big mistake. The rest of us just have to hope his chosen people can handle international affairs.
Ironically, I was in a class with Trump at U of P. He was a senior, I was a junior. He had his homework done by someone else in the class. Paid for it. That’s OK, I guess. He was moving on and did not need a degree where he was going. I never needed my degree after I left college either. I made my way just fine with hard work and dedication to family.
There is one shoe left to drop on this Trump’s brain theory – will Steve Bannon get the boot? Bannon and Kushner should be like oil and water. Orthodox Jew and a racist. I believe Bannon is temporarily in place there now, as Trump gets his footing. When he feels a bit  more secure, I hope Bannon will be politely excused.  Kushner must be now pushing for that. Perhaps Bannon secured that position by having something on Trump? If he does not go, I will assume that is the case. We will soon see. Stay tuned.

Why Bannon Bodes So Poorly for us all

Trump is not even president yet, and the truth is that over half of Americans already think we made a big mistake. There are even folks who voted for Donald Trump as a protest vote, thinking he was going to lose, based on the polls, and now wish they could have their votes back.

People on the proverbial left would like to give him a chance, but a few of his early choices are leaving them very uncomfortable. The most forboding of those choices is his selection of Steve Bannon, president of an alt-right publication that regularly promotes nationalism and anti-Semitism. That choice is already giving the Don aggida and he must know it has made it harder for him to get cooperation in Congress. Further, Jared Kushner, his son-in-law and one of his inner voices of reason does not like Bannon for many obvious reasons, not the least of which is that he is a orthodox Jew. 

So why did Trump make this choice of Steve Bannon? There are a few logical reasons, but none of them bode well for the American people. 

#1 Steve Bannon was selected because he got Trump there and its a loyalty thing. But then  I would have to ask this some questions.  The election is over and so is campaigning. Should he not be surrounding himself with those well versed in international politics – as Trump would admit he is not a student of history? ( This is where I add in that I was a classmate of Trump at Penn in International Finance, and though he graduated, I know he paid for his homework to be done and was not “studying” in his senior year. ) Bannon seems to be a choice he has made for himself, not the American people.

So none of this is sound logic or the result of a man dedicated to work for the middle class. And so, I dont buy this as his reason. The friction with Kushner and Ivanka alone would leave me to believe he would have preferred to have kept Bannon as an outside friend he confides in. So then what follows is even more cause for concern.

#2 Steve Bannon was selected because Bannon has something on Trump! Now that actually makes sense. Trump does not need the aggida of a contraversial figure like Bannon, but Bannon is insisting, perhaps even thinking fo 2020. And that should have us all very worried. 

Which brings me to #1 – TAXES. The Donald promised that after the election he would release his taxes – or, at the right time. Well, if he did not want to hinder his chances of winning, that excuse is over. What I believe is that there are potential dirty secrets hidden in those taxes – liaiaons with shadowy Russian banks.


I even question whether Bannon actually rigged the election in the rust belt states and is holding that over Trump. I would put nothing past Bannon. And this leads me to add yet one more demand in my imaginary boycott of Trump’s businesses and the businesses of this supporters – the release of his taxes before he takes office.

Honestly, we must insist upon this not only because of the circumstances which surround Trump, but as a check and balance on a potential Manchurian candidate, now and going forward, – owing to Trump’s Russian heritage and his being in a cash casino businesses. Trump showed no decency by skirting a billion in taxes. So what makes anyone think he did not send mules to Russia with cash taped to their bodies, the way Crazy Eddie did in the 1980’s? Trump’s sister was married to the guy who defended Crazy Eddie Antar. They know this “deposit cash abroad” scheme. Later  you can borrow your own money back and use it tax free as loan as borrowed funds. It could show up as a loan from a Russian bank. Maybe Bannon knows that too. 

So please. I ask Al Franken in MN, a democratic senator if the rust belt to please examine his vote totals very carefully and report any discrepancies as evidence of election tampering. I ask that the “Trump U” case not be put off and get covered before he gets inaugurated. I ask that we all boycott his businesses cold turkey until we get the taxes published,  and the removal of Bannon. There is a site called BUYCOTT.COM. Please sign up asap and follow thru. Make this go viral asap. We  must STARVE THIS BEAST – and force a confession. 

Ironically, this is the same strategy I have asked Black Lives Matter to adopt for years. Unified Boycott. The power of the purse. And you dont stop until you get your demands. This cuts out the political middlemen – and goes right to the bottom line of the same businesses that are buying our representative form of government. Protest is old and worn. Boycott works because the people who rig government are greedy by nature. We dont even have to boycott entire list of Trump and Trump Friend businesses. A few choice ones would do it. 

People. This is no time to sulk. We are unified now. And our 200 year history is potentially under siege by a rogue element. It sure feels that way to me. Spread the word to everyone you  know. This can go viral in a few days. We can not waste this opportunity. In 60 days, its not going to be there. And it may never come back. 



Boycott Trump – Starve The Beast – Make Demands

Regardless of your party affiliation, this is going to be four hard years Americans. Maybe we will all learn that there is really no left/right here in America. We are sold on that idea so we don’t unify and cut out all our politicians.  That way big business remains in charge, bribing both sides of the aisle they created. Maybe we will learn that we are all hostages to our government system, one side or another. That would be the proper lesson. 

But we don’t have to be docile hostages.  Protesting alone does little to change anything. What can decent Americans do? I would not give Trump  a chance to screw us. That is all he has ever done to his marks. The current system wont let him be generous, even if it wanted too. There are hands to grease, and that takes value away from the people.

But what if we could sidestep ALL sold out politicians? This is how that could be done. For now, we have to get this word out and have faith that it will work, just the way Trump had faith that his message would work. 

Number one – totally boycott anything Trump has his brand on! And also boycott any businesses of his supporters. ( List below … can be expanded .) That will drive him crazy and there is nothing he can do to stop it. A boycott will give us power over his decisions. Think about that! We can say, we’ll take the boycott off, if you will nominate Merritt Garland. But we  have to start right away and watch what happens. We will discover that we had this power all the time. Do not stop unless he nominates Merritt Garland. I would start from the get go. As of Sunday 11/13 – we should add getting rid of Bannon. That guy has no place in our government. Everyone knows that. 

I have a slogan: STARVE THE BEAST! “The Beast” is our lobbying unchecked capitalistic system.  It’s also trickle down economics, which does not work and we know it. We can call Trump “the beast” for now, as he embodies that. Keep it simple. 

Trump is not going to suddenly become a smart caring man. I would not give him an inch. We dont have the Senate or House, but his supporters can’t afford his hotels and golf courses. The idea is to hold the rigged system hostage by its purse strings. That’s the only thing this system  respects anyway. Buycott works without politicians by tugging at the purse-strings of our largest companies. It cuts out the middlemen … sold out politcians! Maybe we need a new political party, the Consumers Party.

This is a doable start list of companies to boycott

Miller Beer, Coors, Yuengling, ( Icahn) The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino, Fountainbleau Resort Las Vegas, Pep Boys, Tropicana Entertainment, Home Depot ( use Lowes etc) , Nike ( buy Adidas etc) , Fox and Friends (Fox News and those businesses which show Fox on their multiple TV’s, and don’t also show at least one one other media on their TV’s).
• Trump Tower
• Trump Plaza
• 40 Wall Street
• 1290 Avenue of the Americas
• West Side development
• Trump Park Ave. (Delmonico Hotel)
• Trump International Hotel
• The Residences at Trump National in Westchester County NATIONAL:
• Bank of America Center, San Francisco
• Trump Entertainment (casinos) (Atlantic City)
• Trump Las Vegas
• Mar-a-Lago (Palm Beach, FL)
• Trump Chicago
• Miami Beach Hotel/Trump International Beach Resort (Miami, FL)
• Donald J. Trump clothing (sold exculsively at Macy’s)
• Trump International Golf Club, Raffles Resort (Canouan Island, The Grenadines)
• Trump National Golf Club, Bedminster (Bedminster, NJ)
• Trump National Golf Club, Los Angeles (Rancho Palos Verdes, CA)
• Trump International Golf Club (West Palm Beach, FL) ON TV:
• The Apprentice
• The Celebrity Apprentice
• Miss Universe
• Miss USA
• Miss Teen USA 

That is a link to a boycott program in place. Join it.

The Achilles heel of Trump and his friends, is their desire for profits. It is now the only power we have over them. Please – will a media star comes forth and takes this the rest of the way? I am just a former classmate of Trump at Penn. My greatest asset is creative thinking, not organizing and implementing.  This idea can not fail if implemented. The other side did not give up when we elected Obama. This is doable. 



Joseph Aronesty is a U of P graduate, businessman, songwriter (soundcloud)  and etymologist. His passion is his unique way of understanding the sources of our spoken words. His book, Deciphering the English Code (Amazon), makes understanding word sources easy and intuitive for any student of English. And these days, we are all English students.