Defining “Traitor” and “Patriot” in our Cyber Era. Slow-walked Impeachment

“Patriot” and “Traitor” are totally opposite concepts.
patriot – a person who loves, supports and defends his or her country and its interests with devotion.
traitor – a person who betrays a country, tradition, principle or friend.
In 1776, thirteen English colonies threw off the yoke of being governed by a king and created a unique document to govern themselves.  Our founding fathers replaced royalty with elected officials. Free and fair elections are still the main concept that differentiates the USA from banana republics and kingdoms. But now, in a cyber age, American elections must be safeguarded if we are to remain that uniquely free country. Therefore those who violate election laws should be considered traitors to our democracy and be punished as traitors. It’s that simple. 
Rudy Guiliani just said, it’s okay to knowingly use stolen hacked information to aid one’s political campaign. Trump said long ago “it all doesn’t matter if I don’t win.” Apparently, some people think it’s okay to do anything to win. To them, the ends justify the means. 
But the vast majority of actual American citizens still believe our elections are sacred and their sanctity should never be violated regardless of reasons. After all, one can always make up reasons and justifications to cheat or break the laws which govern us. All criminals their actions when they decide to break, disregard or claim they don’t know – the law.  
russia-listeningThe dictionary’s definition of “traitor” ( a person who betrays a friend, country, tradition or principle) fits Donald Trump on all four counts. The “Benedict Arnold” definition of traitor –  leaking military strategies to an enemy combatant – is not the only definition of “traitor”.
Since Trump won’t  release the interpreter’s notes of his meetings with Vladimir Putin, we can’t even be sure he has not already leaked military secrets to the Russians. Further, attacking our elections should be considered an act of war. Wars are about taking something from another country by force. there can be wars without killing. So in this cyber age, maybe we have to redefine war. The Trumps – and only the Trumps – have benefited from the traitorous activity in his campaign. Those who carried out his criminal orders, his campaign manager, national security adviser, associates and lawyers are in jail or indicted for crimes. So I see Trump as a person who went to war with our US elections – and enrolled help from our biggest enemy on the world stage. To me, that’s cyber treason. We just released a domestic terrorist after 17 years for less than what Trump did. 
Almost daily, Trump betrays our American institutions, principles and traditions. 
  • Trump betrays a very necessary American institution, the FBI,  when he says their agents are somehow evil or “bad cops” because they are doing their jobs and duly investigating the Trump Organization’s many crimes.                                                                
  • Trump and the GOP were traitors to the founding American principle of a level paying field for all citizens when they tilted the tax system to favor their wealthy donors over average and lower income Americans.                                                                                                         
  • Trump remains a traitor to the American principle of equal justice under the law. He refuses to be open or transparent with his taxes and business finances even though Congress has the constitutional right and duty to have these documents.                            
  • When Trump Jr. responded to a Russian letter offering election help with “If it’s what you said, I love it” that was traitorous activity.  A founding principle of this nation is free and fair elections. Anyone who tries to fix or tilt an election via help from foreign entities who have no natural allegiance to the USA is engaged in traitorous activity.                                                                                                                                   
  • When Trump asked Russians to hack Hillary’s emails, he was being traitorous to the American principle of keeping foreign influence out of our elections, which is obviously the smart and right thing to strive for. It is illegal to take foreign money or assistance in national elections. Why? Because this is our home not theirs.                                                                                             
  • Money laundering and stashing one’s funds in undeclared foreign bank accounts to cheat one’s government out of 500 million dollars in taxes are traitorous activities.    
  • When Trump took Putin’s word about not meddling in our elections over the word of our own National Security Agency (NSA)  that was a betrayal of our national security. It was pretty clear he did this to protect his business relations with Putin.
Patriot is defined as: a person who loves, supports, and defends his country and its interests with devotion. Trump certainly likes to make believe he is is a patriot and loves photo ops with military people. But Donald Trump was a draft dodger and is a tax evader as well. One who skirts his tax and service obligations is clearly not devoted to one’s country but to one’s own self-interests. And we all know this describes Donald Trump to a tee. ( pardon the pun) 
That last word “devotion” is important because anyone who pays taxes is financially is “supporting one’s country”. But paying taxes is a legal obligation to one’s country. paying taxes does not make you a patriot. And even there, Trump tries to skirt his tax obligations. The key word in the definition of patriot is “devoted”.  Trump has only ever been devoted to his own – not country.
America was once world-renown as the land of the free. Is America just its land and assets? Or is America also its people and their issues? A free country is comprised of  “people living on a land area within set borders, bound by laws and joined by history.”
Trump has no problem calling anyone who does not like or support him “his enemy and an enemy of the state“. He uses that term for the free press, for justices that do not rule his way, but also for those who won’t vote for or support him. When a POTUS deems more than half the citizens he presides over to be his enemies – how can he be thought of as being patriotic to his country? It makes no sense. 
One defends one’s country by defending the people that live in that country – not just its land, assets and resources. Not just half the people. Not only one’s wealthy supporters. Anyone – citizen or president – who systematically alienates about 55% of the citizens of his country – cannot possibly be defending his countrymen. Actually, Trump’s incompetence and lack of care or discipline is endangering our country and its citizens. 
So by all reasonable standards we have a traitorous, unpatriotic, uncaring, narcissistic and ego-maniacal president. And every day he is in office presents a serious risk we should not willingly be accepting.  
It’s time to put Americans first – and that means protecting Americans against what Trump still might do to keep his stolen fortune. And he will do anything for that. Remember Trump said, “it all doesn’t matter if I don’t win.”  That means World War is not off the table for Trump if it distracts us from prosecuting him. Letting Russia hack our grid so there is no election at all in November – is not off the table! Nothing is off the table for Trump. Trump is the definition of a loose cannon. 
There’s one more thing. I hear some Dems saying don’t start impeachment because it won’t help our 2020 election chances. That school of thought just gives Trump more time in office. And that means those who are okay with Trump staying POTUS for two more years are okay with taking the very same risks they fear with him in office now. It’s like they said, yeah well, he’s not really that dangerous. And that koshers Trump for 2020.
Trump and his GOP stooges must be stained forever for what they have done and for what they are doing to America – the land of the free.  That stain should be ingrained into our history books so this can never happen again.  We will need the full truth to be exposed. It’s time for hearings. It’s time for Mueller to testify. We don’t need to call it impeachment yet. But hearings will function as a slow-walked impeachment. That is what we will need to save or restore our American democracy.
And for those that worry that it won’t result in the removal of the president because 54 GOP senators may continue to defend the president, even if the majority of Americans want the truth, well at least we will have them on record for defending Trump’s criminal deeds. And maybe the GOP base will get sickened at last about what their sold out party stands for. Because they don’t stand for Americans. When the base starts to be uneasy they will pressure the 54 and then Trump is either done or he escalates our danger.
Finally, we are not the only country trending towards oligarchy. The entire world is watching to see if Americans can save their democracy. If we fail, God only knows where this world is headed. 
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About the Author:

A cyber war is a war of words. Our writers, reporters, techs and artists become our warriors in a cyber war. Raise Our Voices! 

Joseph Aronesty graduated from University of Pennsylvania in 1971. He earned a merit scholarship to Wharton School but transferred to liberal arts in his junior year to focus on history, literature and music theory. He was in a class at Wharton with Donald Trump in 1967: International Finance. Trump paid for his homework to get done in that class.

When the internet became viable in 1995, Mr. Aronesty created what is arguably is the world’s first click and buy e-commerce website.

Joseph is also a published songwriter, with hundreds of songs in his catalog. He now writes with musicians in Los Angeles, where he makes his home. He is an activist and some of his songs reflect a political point of view.

Protect Julian Assange from Donald Trump

communication sent to Therea May, London police, mayor of London

This communication is sent from Joseph Aronesty in Los Angeles CA USA. It is an urgent plea to the UK: help the USA save itself from a would-be dictator, the way we helped England in WW2.

Trump has no choice but to try and stay POTUS for life, as he has said, because he knows that, once he is out of power, the many crimes of his lifetime are going to be exposed and prosecuted. Staying in power is now the ONLY thing Trump’s presidency is about. If Trump knew for sure there would be no prosecution of him and his organization, he would be able to step down. But he can’t know that. And he has no quit button.

So this does not end well for the USA or the world. Trump is willing to do ANYTHING to stay in power. Wars and fake crisis are on the table. And he has made it a point to suborn adequate support among Congress members, cabinet appointees and judges to stay in power – for now at least.

Julian Assange knows plenty about Trump’s dealing with Russia.. And if the USA gets Assange while Trump is still POTUS one of two things will happen.

  1. A Jack Ruby will happen and he will be disappeared.
  2. He’ll be locked away like Reality Winner. 

One thing for sure. Trump can never afford to have Assange testify against him – even after he is out of POTUS. 

So that’s where England and whoever is in charge of Assange comes in. You don’t need the USA to go authoritarian either. 

GET EVERYTHING YOU CAN OUT OF ASSANGE ASAP! I am talking about the Russian election help of course. I know you have other issues. But get these details first or as soon as you can. Consider offering some leniency for real truth if need be.

Save what you get from Assange in several secure places. Do NOT share with TRUMP or the GOP. They are now very similar to the Nazi party of the 40’s. Not to be trusted. Hopefully they won’t be in power after 2020.  So if you can keep him there until then, it may be smart.

Get what you find out re: Trump/Russia?Wikileaks to Adam Schiff or Nancy Pelosi ASAP.  They actually care about the world.

Or just leak it all out to the world. If you ask me – that would play best. Sunlight is the best disinfectant. But alas, I am just a citizen looking to help the world for my grandkids.

This is where I write.

That post on dictators vs democracies describes the real struggle on planet earth. It is the basis for hate, hunger, wars, terrorism, denial of science – all the bad things.

Exposing Trump and Putin is just as important today as it was to rid ourselves of Hitler and Stalin.

Thank You.                              

Email to Lucy Flores and Joe Biden

Copy of email sent to Lucy Flores. Joe Biden copied in.


You want an answer directly from Joe Biden and I think that is proper. But for now, I hope you will accept the thoughts of this Joe, one who is now about the same age as Biden was when he kissed your head.  Joseph Aronesty is my full name.   Now 71. I went to school with Donald Trump and, like you,  I am a staunch advocate against him as POTUS.  And I want you to look in on what I do to fight him every say. ( blog link below) 

I hope you know Joe Biden was kissing you without a sexual thought. As we get older – those thoughts don’t completely go away, but without the biological imperative, they are rare – and the setting has to be really right for that to be considered. So you have rightly said there was no sexual harassment. 

Your generation comes from such a different space than we did. But this is how it always is. We were different than our parents on many fronts as well. And like all matured generations, we usually think the new crop is missing out on a lot. My sense is that Joe was letting off a proud of you kiss – a small gift of emotion.  If you had known that, I guess you, being a decent person, would have handled this differently. So I think you missed the emotion attached to the kiss. 

It was a gift that you were obviously not prepared to appreciate. That’s how people his age will generally view this. Your rant – and regardless of its civil tone – it is a media rant now – is about your generation not being very experienced at accepting personal affection from others. It’s not “your fault”. My sense is that this is an unintended result of over dependence on the sterile world of social media. Each generation has its issues. 

And frankly, it’s part of the reason we got Donald Trump. Your rant would NEVER take root in Japan or even Europe. That’s because young people there are generally more respectful of what has come before. It’s why Marie Le Pen LOST in France- but Trump won here. Le Pen is far-right candidate who ran vs. Macron. The Russians hacked their elections too – but it did not work there. Macron won. Why was that? It’s important as all heck to learn from that.  

We now see a disturbing increased suicide rate in young people. And psychologists point to the lack of experience in exhibiting or accepting affection in the Facebook generation.  

I compare your experience ( I have 5 kids so its easy ) to the experience I had growing up. I try to break things down to simplicity, as I don’t think humans are complicated mysterious creatures. This is how I see it. 

  1. When people put their lives online, it diminishes PRIVACY.
  2. Without privacy their is no mystery. 
  3. Without mystery there is no romance. 
  4. Without romance … there is no real life. 

That’s a bit extreme I am sure. But the stats on suicide with your generation are bearing this out. Putting your lives – and now your collective brains ( Google can answer anything, why ask a person? ) had unintended consequences that Zuckerberg never thought of – or cared about. Nor does Facebook care much now. 

But social media tends to make people think in blocks without individualism. We react collectively today, like schools of fish.  We can be easily driven into the nets when impulsive reaction replaces independent thought. So your generation’s issue social media phenom has made your generation easier to influence by outside forces. If you guys don’t have enough inside force to fight it – you become easy prey to influence.

Listen. I don’t see a fire to run inside Joe Biden yet. And any candidate is going to need that fire. Still the effect of what you have done with this rant is giving Donald Trump a better chance of staying president, which I know you don’t want. So this is something you should fix ASAP. 

My generation was far from perfect. Nor is any perfect. But during WW2, my father’s generation fought and died to preserve democracy. Do you think we would have beat Hitler of we were divided the way we are today? No way!

Divisiveness was not tolerated by the WW2 generation. it was unpatriotic then and it should be now because in many ways we are back to the same place. We are fighting dictators – here and abroad. We desperately need the unified spirit of the WW2 generation back – right now! Democracy is being given away without a bullet or struggle. What a stupid waste! 

It’s not just left vs. right – it’s now women vs. men and young vs. old too. 


And you can start that healing now. You have a rare big mic moment. Don’t drop the mic . But don’t waste its power either. Use it for something good. And this goes for Joe too. 

Joe was just appreciating your spirit.  Let’s celebrate that. You guys need to talk – and then come to an agreement and stage a hug ( not a kiss ) and make-up moment. it will do a  lot for all of us – because the generations need each other. And you can show that you know that – and Joe can too. 

I figure Joe Biden is smart enough to do that if asked. So its up to you. You can reach him on this. This has nothing to do with you liking Beto or Bernie more. I still like Bernie’s fire best. And I would not bet much Biden will even run. But the generational issue will affect our solidarity regardless of who runs against Trump. And we need solidarity.  

I am fully aware that we need to be UNIFIED to win. The GOP, if nothing else, is unified. 

TEAMWORK was the watch-word of the WW2 generation. The GOP is counting on us being divided. Why help them? 

Look at  the word TEAM – and you see it hides TE AMO.     I like etymology. My book, Deciphering the English Code teaches how we can learn history and the ways our forefathers thought by analyzing today’s words.

I will be posting this email to my blog – which I want you BOTH to become familiar with.

You want to help our country save democracy? I suggest you get together with Joe, talk it out – and hug and make up – in public. Help solve this lack of affection/appreciation issue for your generation – and you may save us all. 

Also, get your life off Facebook – if you do that. 

This email is sent with love. I am copying Joe Biden as best I can as well. 


Joseph Aronesty

e-commerce pioneer, author, linguist, songwriter, father of five, US citizen

818 423 1533

( i am not private about this – feel free to reach out ) 

TEAMWORK! LUCY and JOE – we need you both to align. Young and old, man and woman, left and right – we are all American citizens. We need to get back that ASAP.