The Etymology of Anthony Scaramucci

We all sense something funny about the word Scaramucci. This post will reveal why we feel that, and what it means.  Let’s start with MUCCI.

MUCCI is an Italian root word for MOUTH. The are several English words that make this clear. A SMOOCH is a kiss. There’s also MUNCH, something done with the mouth. The S-prefix denotes motion – a moving mouth is a kiss.  The S-denotes motion because of the continuing sound of SSS. Many S-words convey motion for this reason: SKI, SWIM, SHOO, SHOE, SWIRL, SAUNTER, SHAKE, SHIP, SEND, SERVE. There are hundreds.

And SCARA means exactly what it seems to say: SCARY. The SC-prefix has to do with MOTION (S) and CUTTING (C). Words like SCRATCH, SCRAPE and SCISSORS reflect that motion and cutting. And the AR sound often reflects a sort of HARD or ARDUOUS sense. AARGH! The word SCAR fits right in here as well.

scaramucciSo Anthony, I’m afraid your last name means SCARY MOUTH! And you seem to be one who lives up to that meaning, whether you knew it or not. You wanna do something about this? Let’s take it outside! Yeah. That guy.

ANTHONY has a totally different meaning. The AN prefix is the ancient Sumerian word for SKY. It evolved simply because when saying AN (AHN) there are two physical things going on. #1. AH is a large sound. #2. When you say N your tongue ends up on the roof of your mouth. So AHN is large and up like the SKY.

The THONY part is easy. The TH has evolved to be a D sound in English. The easiest way to understand that process is to say BOTTLE and notice you say D but it reads T. So leaving off the Y ending, the THON becomes DON. And we all know what a DON is in Italian. A DON is a ruler or god of sorts. ANTHONY means ruler of the sky – or a god.

So Anthony Scaramucci literally means the god with a scary big mouth. He’s no god. But he does work for a don! And he is a big-mouth. He is exactly what his name means. A man who lives up to his name. A big mouth.


Joseph Aronesty is an e-commerce pioneer, songwriter and etymologist. His book, Deciphering the English Code ( Amazon ), explains the genesis and history of English words in a way anyone can understand.


The Etymology of PUSSY POWER

Let me start this with by quoting from the Oxford Old English Dictionary’s etymology on PUSSY: perhaps from Old Norse puss “pocket, pouch”pussyhat

My book, Deciphering the English Code,  explains the P-words are very often about pushing. The reason for that correlation traces  back to our body/sign langauge way of communicating that we relied on before we learned to talk, about 125,000 years ago, in Africa. When you say PUH, you sort of project or push your lips forward a bit. So words like PUSH, POWER, PICK, SPIKE, POKE, PRICK, and POINT evolved over time because the making of a P-sound was originally linked with the idea of pushing something ( our lips ) forward.

If PUSSY is from Old Norse where puss meant pocket, you should notice that a pocket is something that is poked into pants. The sense of poking is relevant to the image of a pocket. The concepts of poking and pushing are visual images that can be used to describe the female genitalia, and it seems that is the attribute of the vulva that was indeed used to create the word PUSSY – as something to be poked or perhaps something that pushes. Either way it works, right? And it works for penis and prick too. But there’s more to notice here.

If PUSSY is related to PUSH, it’s related to PUSHY too. And there is a family of words we all use everyday and, up until now, its true etymology has not been revealed. That word family is PUSH, BOSS, BOSSY, BUSY, BUSINESS! Linguists know that the P and B sounds are closely related in sound and they will flip from language to language. In Egypt, many still say BOKER for POKER. We say PAPA but in many countries its BABA or ABAH.

So the timeline of the etymology of BUSINESS goes like this: PUSH. A person who pushes is a BOSS. If you are pushed to perform, you are BUSY. The state of being always BUSY resembles BUSINESS.( NESS as a suffix refers to the birth state of a concept. That’s a different discussion, but the words NEST, HIGHNESS and NEW and NATAL highlight that correlation.) 

Which brings us back to PUSSY. Because PUSSY-NESS or PUSSINESS means BUSINESS 

Donald Trump! I never thought that you were that good at business. My sense of your seeming success is that you stole the largest portion of your “fortune” from hard-working people who trusted that you were a decent human (which you never have been, yet) when working for you, playing in your casinos ( where you badgered skilled blackjack players when the rules in AC prohibited this, unlike Vegas), or going to your “university” or being in of one of your pageants.

So this question remains to be played out.

Who will prevail – PUSSINESS or BUSINESS?

I’m betting on pussiness. Keep it up girls!

Yeah, PUSSINESS! Very Colbert.